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  1. I am very much aware that this is a thread that has been posted before but I wanted to bring it up again several years later with my specific request in mind. I want to gage your guys' opinions because I have a fascination with playing older equipment in tandem with newer equipment in my bag (as long as it gets the job done). I currently am gaming a TaylorMade SIM2 Titanium 15° w/ a Mitsubishi Diamana RF 80-TX and it's only club in my bag that I constantly find myself tweaking (this is my 5th Fairway Wood Setup this year) and I honestly really want to find something that is tried and tested but also doesn't come with a heavy price tag. The setup I currently play now is like $600 all in and to be honest I don't think the performance I am getting is worth that price tag. So, in conclusion, if you guys have any recommendations for some older 3 Woods that are capable of fitting into an ALDILA NV Green 75-X and can perform in accordance with today's distance, launch, and spin standards that you consider some of the greatest of all time I would love to hear them and why you think it's the G.O.A.T. *PLEASE DON'T COMMENT THE TAYLORMADE V-STEEL. I AM AWARE OF THIS CLUBS EXISTENCE AND I DO NOT WANT TO USE IT BECAUSE THE CLUB'S KEY TECHNOLOGY FEATURE IS IN THE WOOD I CURRENTLY PLAY*
  2. Ping custom/tour built G425 MAX 3 wood. Left handed with standard GP Tour Velvet 360 grips on HZRDUS Smoke Green 70gram 6.5 XS shafts. The 3 wood is 42.75 inches long. In excellent used condition showing minimal wear used shortly by local tour pro. Headcover included, Pics indicate the condition! Price includes shipping, buy both together and save! Paypal GS only $250 each or $480 for the pair SIM 2 9* driver head. Club is in great condition with exception to 2 paint flecks on top line. It’s not a dummy mark, it’s a little shop wear. Everything else is great. No original headcover but will ship in some other PXG headcover. $275 $260 including shipping and PayPal All Sold, Thanks! No Trades
  3. I have both the Ping G425 driver and 5 wood which I love, but I've been looking to trade my 5 wood in for a 3 wood; however, I've been told the 3W MAX won't be delivered until March 2022! There is a LST version available to purchase right away and I was wondering (for those who have tried both) is there a significant difference in performance or distance between the two? If the difference is slight/negligible I'm thinking about just picking up the LST, but will have to weigh my options if the difference is noticeable...
  4. Bunch of goodies up for grabs gents! No trade interest at this time. Left-Handed TOUR ISSUE TaylorMade Sim2 9.0 Driver Actual Loft: 9.7 Headweight: 200.3g (without sleeve, add 7g for sleeve). Head has been hot melted neutral. Played D3 for me with mid-70g shaft Headcover/Sleeve: Not Included Notes: COR/CT dot on face, “+” on hosel. Spec sticker included (pictured). Condition: 9/10. Hit 10-15 balls. Price: WAS $600, NOW $495 SHIPPED CONUS ONLY TAYLORMADE 2020 P770/P7MC 3-PW COMBO SET HEADS: 3-4 2020 Model P770/5-PW P7MC SHAFTS: Project X LZ 6.5 LENGTH: +.5” LOFT: Standard LIE: 2 degrees flat GRIPS: 4-PW Lamkin Tour Black Cord 58 Round/ 3 iron is a Lamkin Players Cord (same grip, but with a red alignment line (both pictured side by side). All grips are logo down. NOTES: This is a retail set custom ordered from TM. 770 heads are on back order until mid-March and 7MC are back ordered until mid-December. CONDITION: Only 7 iron and PW show signs of being hit. Used for 2 range sessions. Small ding in the back of the top line of the 7 iron (pictured). Can provide additional photos upon request. PRICE: WAS $1,300, NOW $1,000 SHIPPED CONUS ONLY
  5. Fellow golfers! •Shipping from Canada so please allow sufficient time to reach destination. Always ship expedited USA. Roughly 6 business days •Prices are in USD $’s and include shipping anywhere in NA •OBRO •Trades, if any, are listed below TRADE LIST: -Titleist Tsi 3/4Driver (Prefer Tsi4) -LAGP 105 Putter Shaft (.355) 1. PXG Gen4 Wood Set. •Driver: 9* XT model SOLD •3 Wood 0311x SOLD •5 Wood 0311x $175 shipped •All EUC. 9+/10 •HEADS ONLY •Headcovers are included BRAND NEW PXG HAT & T-SHIRT INCLUDED
  6. I’ve accumulated too many extra clubs so looking to sell before the season ends (which is soon here in Chicago!). No trade interests aside from a Titleist TSi2 5 wood with a X flex shaft. Open to reasonable offers. All prices shipped CONUS, Canada pays actual FedEx shipping. PayPal is: [email protected] TM SIM 10.5 driver with a Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro White 60TX (Boron Tip) playing at 45.25 inches (D2.5 SW). New Golf Pride MCC White midsize grip. Great condition. Comes with matching head cover. $350 shipped OBO. TM SIM Max 3 15 degree fairway wood with a pured Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Blue 70TX (Boron Tip and pured) playing at 43.5 inches. New Golf Pride MCC White midsize grip. Great shape, some small chatter here and there, not noticeable at address. No head cover. $180 shipped OBO. Titleist TSi3 16.5 degree fairway wood with a Mitsubishi Diamana S+ (Blue) 72X. Head is near new (only played 2 rounds with it). New Golf Pride Tour Velvet midsize grip. Plays 43 inches. Great club, just sticking with my TSi2. No head cover. $OLD. Graphite Design AD-IZ 7X playing at 43 inches with a Titleist OEM tip. New Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip. $150 shipped OBO. Titleist 818H1 21 degree hybrid HEAD ONLY. Pretty good shape for a club that’s several years old. Some marks on the face from range time / shots out of the rough. Comes with matching head cover. $60 shipped OBO. I also have a GD HY 85X shaft that I can match up with the head for an additional $100.
  7. It's not surprise that PING didn't go with the G420 naming scheme and opted to go for G425. But with recent trademarks they have registered, it's looks like PING's next release will be going back to the G4X0 naming scheme by going with G430 (https://trademark.trademarkia.com/g430-90203914.html). Another interesting trademark that PING has recently registered is "Carbonfly Wrap"(https://trademark.trademarkia.com/carbonfly-wrap-90740454.html). PING are known for their "Dragonfly" structure on thier titanium crown, which allows them to keep the metal as thin as possible while still providing the required strength/rigidity. Could this mean that PING are finally going the way of some other top OEMs by using a carbon fiber crown? What's everyone's option on this and will PING loyalists miss that signature metallic sound?
  8. Hey Guys, I have taken some of these in on trades over the years, and just need to clear out my golf closet. 1.) Ping G410 LST Driver (still in plastic) with your choice of shaft. Both Shafts measure 44 inches exactly. PRICE - SOLD 2.) Ping G410 LST 14.5* Fairway Wood. In really good shape but does show a few marks on the face from sandy range balls. I took this in on trade and haven't ever gamed it as I stuck with my G425 Max. Shaft is a Evenflow Black 6.5 85 gram that is standard length. PRICE - SOLD 3.) Ping G30 Driver with stock blue Ping Stiff shaft. Note this DOES NOT come with the matching headcover but I will have a headcover sent with it. There is a small dent that has been on this driver for a very long time. I haven't hit it in years and I am the original owner. PRICE - SOLD 4.) PING G30 Driver with Stock Ping Tour 65 Stiff Shaft. This does come with a matching headcover and is still in really good condition for its age. PRICE - SOLD
  9. As a Club Fitting Professional at 2nd Swing Golf, what would you look for in your next club fitting? What numbers would you like the fitter to highlight? What would you be nervous about?
  10. All prices shipped, CONUS Sold callaway md wedges, fair conditon tour velevt grips, 56, 64 degrees. Sold for the 3 taylormade wedges 52, 56, 60 SOLD m2 10.5 degree driver with headcover and fujikura 60 pro stiff shaft rh adapter, brand new super tacky grip SOLD, m1 15 degree 3 wood with kurokage 70 fw shift shaft, great condition tour velvet grip, and headcover EBAY, rare david whitlam, gauge design face balanced putter, with headcover, new pro only series red star golf pride grip SOLD black series tour design #9 putter with superstroke grip and white hot pro putter headcover SOLD i210 ping 5 - u wedge power spec red dot, new golf pride super tacky grips, dynamic gold 105 s300 7 iron has tour velvet grip let me know if you need more detailed pics or any other info
  11. Asking as a PGA Professional coach. How much would you want a fitting incorporated into your lessons? In the scenario, the coach is not a retailer, so there is no sales motive within the context of the lesson.
  12. I like this 7 wood but want to put a heavier hybrid shaft in this club. The problem is it has a .335 tip and I can’t find anything heavy in that tip size. I was wanting to throw in a KBS Prototype hybrid shaft but it doesn’t look like that is possible. are there any good heavy options out there at .335 tip size?
  13. Hello, As there are literally tons of shafts, brands and specs out there, I was looking for some help from any recommendations I can look into and narrow down my search. (please don't tell me to get fitted, thanks. I enjoy the journey of learning more about golf equipment along the way). I am searching for a 3w (~260yds) and 5w (~230yds) shaft. They can be different. I swing my driver 117mph, I play Cobra F9 9* cranked down to either 7.5, or 8* to try to draw bias it. I'm a slicer by nature, however, I don't really have an out-to-in swing and I always use a strong grip. I therefore made my own assumption that my swing tempo isn't right for the shaft (or vice versa), or that i've got a "bad" kickpoint or too much torque. I carry between 270 to 300. (Even if i catch the center fce, it can still often go to the right) In order to control the ball better, I recently swing back slower and release it quickly and avoid taking my hands too high or over extending the backswing. I improved my swing a lot recently. I've just switched driver to Aldila Synergy Blue 80 Tx proto, which i'm informed is similar to a Tour Green, in which both have a mid kick point and a low torque either 2.8 or 3*. I'm getting a more consistend ball flight and less big misses right, becoming more like a cut now. My self analysis indicates i'm looking for mid kick, low torque, not too heavy, x-stiff shafts. Previous recent driver history: Evenflow Blue 65 R was the first one to come with my driver. It feels great, but it's too whippy for me. (mid kick 4.6 Torque) I often sliced it a lot, but had a more aggressive uncontrolled swing then. ATMOS fujikura 6s tour spec (Black?) mid-high bend and 3.4 torque - it was so-so and i didn't really have any good feeling about it. HZRDS smoke black 60g 3.5 torque, which felt rediculously stiff, weird and very hard when hitting the ball. I recently found out it's for more aggresive swingers. Earth Elements 6F5 X 69g with 4.5 torque and ?? kickpoint. I was enjoying the feel of the shaft, however, still not controllable for slicing right. This is currently in both my woods. Aldila Synergy Blue 80 Tx proto is feeling really good. it's a bit heavy and I have the option to add weight on driver head to balance the feel. Results are good on dirver. Based on my driver summary, i am looking to try to collect some recommendations for my FW woods. I currently play Earth Elements 6F5 shafts, cut down to standard 3w, 5w shaft size (no tipping etc). However, my main miss with a FW wood would be more of a hook, sometimes a slight push right. I'm concerned to again replicate my driver shaft into my woods, with tipping recommendations, since currently i don't think i can offset the head weight in my woods like i did to compensate the driver feel. I play Cobra F9 Tour FW wood heads. Based on my information, does anyone have any recommendations on what i can research or try ? Thanks.
  14. Fellow lefties! •Shipping from Canada so please allow sufficient time to reach destination. Always ship expedited so roughly 7 business days *Shipping couriers and covid delays are beyond my control* •Prices are in USD $’s and include shipping anywhere in NA •OBRO •No trades unless posted 1. Project X EvenFlow Riptide CB Shafts. $OLD shipped •Brand New. Adapters were professionally pulled •Plays PXG standard length •Driver, 3 wood, and 5 wood •No grips
  15. I am currently gaming the Ventus Velocore Blue 6x shaft in my driver and wanted to get Ventus Velocore for the rest of my woods. I got fitted but recently swapped my hybrid for a 7 wood so im trying to find the best combination. I was thinking Blue 7x for the 3 wood and Red 7x for the 7 wood. I’ve always played my wood progressively heavier, by 10g or so. I am a little concerned about playing a lighter shaft in the 7 wood, but should I even worry about this? I guess I could get a Red 8x if needed. What are your Ventus Velocore driver and wood shaft combinations? In your opinion: Should I play X or S in the woods, if my driver is X? Blue or red? Play different weighted shafts? Please let me know, thanks!
  16. The title says it all, I hate hybrids with a fiery passion. They hook, or block right because I try not to hook them. I hit my current 4 wood super straight and very high. I've contemplated going with a 15 and 18 setup but they're too similar for me. I was thinking instead that I should go with a 13.5 wood and try a 21 degree 7 wood. Anyone playing something similar? My biggest deterrent with not playing two woods in the bag was them not being different enough to justify the spot. That's why I went with the 16.5 to satisfy a middle ground. Since I can't hit a hybrid maybe a 21 and 13.5 setup is the key? Curious what you all think, and anyone who's tried it. My only concern is the gap between my 4i and the 7 wood. Currently gaming the 921 tours 4-G. Thanks in advance!
  17. I currently have the tsi2 3 wood with the av raw blue x. Im waiting on the TX to be available. I started seeing reviews for g425 3 wood and it peaked my interest to help with spin on lower strikes. I also play ping driver and have been very satisfied. I'll see if the pgatoursuperstore.com has them to hit so I can compare. I can trade the tsi2 in for the 425 at no cost. My only concern is that it looks like the rogue white and av raw orange are both made for shafts. For Titleist I can get the TX av raw blue at no upcharge. I'll post my comparison later today, but what do others think that have hit both.
  18. Have some items to move on down the road! Prices include continental USA shipping and PayPal fees. If you buy more than one item I will make a deduction for combined shipping. Not interested in any trades at this time. Prices are based on Ebay sold listings & Callaway Preowned website, but I will entertain reasonable offers. Due to high shipping costs and PayPal fees I'd rather not ship to Canada at this time unless you're willing to make up the difference. Awesome set of Callaway Epic Forged E19 irons 4-GW plus a MD Jaws raw 56 degree sand wedge. Steelfiber FC90 F4 stiff shafts, XP95 steel on the Jaws. Custom BB&F Co ferrules on all but the 4 iron. Irons are in great shape, 5 iron only hit a handful of times, 4 iron has never been on the course. Crazy strong lofts but they fly high and stop on a dime. Callaway's cost no object high tech irons. These look great, their size is well hidden by the design and they feel great. Low use Golf Pride MCC+4 grips standard size on the 6-Gap, tour velvet on the rest. This is a 9pc iron set plus the Jaws wedge, so 10 clubs total. Trying to thin the herd in my garage, so not looking for trades at this time. Well over $2k new for these, asking $750 shipped in the lower 48. Here is a beautiful Callaway Custom shop Mavrik Max 10.5 driver with Evenflow Riptide 50g 6.0 stiff shaft playing standard length. Golf Pride standard size TourVelvet grip. The orange color way is replaced with blue on this driver and gold trim. Looks fantastic. Great shape, used a handful of rounds but the PING G425 kicked it out of my bag (barely). $230 shipped includes nice upgraded Callaway Customs head cover and adjustment tool. Next up is a Callaway Mavrik 15 degree 3 wood playing standard length with an Evenflow Riptide 6.0 stiff flex 60g shaft and Golf Pride Tour Velvet standard size grip. Club is in excellent condition but has a very small nick in the paint on the backside near the hosel. Asking $140 shipped for this club. Next up is a PING G400 17.5 degree 5 wood that can be lofted up or down. Has a regular flex Ping TOUR 65 shaft and Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip playing standard length. Small bag wear mark on the shaft, tried to capture it in a photo. No head cover on this one. Asking $SOLD!!! Next are two PING G410 hybrids, 19 degree 3 hybrid and a 22 degree 4 hybrid both with Ping Alta CB 70 gram regular flex shafts with Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips playing standard length. Both include head covers and are in similar condition. Asking $140 EACH shipped.
  19. Just saw this a little bit ago on an instagram story repost by The Buck Club. Anyone got any ideas what this could be? Or seen it anywhere else? It looks EXTREMELY similar to the Sim line, specifically the OG Sim Max, but says BURNR so it's making me wonder if they're reviving the Burner family or what. It doesn't say Taylormade anywhere on it in this pic but there's no mistaking who manufactured it.
  20. I’ve been recently exploring the option of upgrading my stock shafts to aftermarket. I currently use the HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.0 in all of my woods and wanted to get recommendations on which shafts I should try. If you could explain the feel and differences between shafts, especially if you switched from the HZRDUS Smoke, that would help a lot. Thanks in advance!
  21. Just received this through a trade and tried it today. Liked it but not enough to take old reliable out. I will sell just the head as I received it in my last trade or will include the shaft for a tiny bit more head only $190 shaft and head $210
  22. Here is my current setup for this upcoming season: Driver: Srixon Z585, 10.5 Degree, Project X HZRDUS Red (62 gram) Stiff Shaft, Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Grip 3 Wood: Sub 70 Golf 939X, 15 Degree, Project X Evenflow Riptide (60 gram) Stiff Shaft, Lamkin Crossline 360 Grip Utility/Driving Iron: Sub 70 Golf 699U, 19.5 Degree, Project X Evenflow Riptide (80 gram) Stiff Shaft, Lamkin Crossline 360 Grip Irons: Sub 70 Golf 699, 5-PW (Lofts: 24, 27, 31, 35, 40, 45), KBS Tour 105 (114 gram) Stiff Shaft, Lamkin Crossline 360 Grip Wedges: Cleveland CBX, GW-LW (Lofts: 50, 54, 58), True Temper Dynamic Gold 115 Wedge Shafts, Lamkin/Cleveland Crossline Grip Putter: Sub 70 Golf Sycamore 005, 34 inch, Double Bend Shaft, Winn 2020 VSN Medallist Pistol Black I'll attach photos as well. SUB 70 Shoutout: @Sub70Golf I'm really looking forward to using this setup as soon as the weather gets better. This is my first time spending serious money on brand new clubs so I am very intrigued to test all the brand new Sub 70 Golf equipment I added. So glad I found out about Sub 70 because from all I have heard and seen is that you cannot beat their quality and prices. I was able to order my customized clubs with help from their online fitting tool on 2/28/21 and received all the equipment by 3/5/21. They send you a personalized Thank You note as well as some free gear when you purchase with them. Jason Hiland, the owner and creator, sends you his business card as well if you have questions or concerns and want to get in touch with him. I was able to order 9 brand new clubs from Sub 70 for probably half the amount I would've had to spent at a Large OEM. I'm glad I was able to support a small business that is just trying to give golfers high quality equipment for affordable prices. I'll definitely give a proper review once I have been able to play with them, but everywhere you hear and read about the Sub 70 equipment, you can't find any upset customers. So if you haven't already, I highly suggest visiting Sub 70 Golf. GlobalGolf Shoutout: I was able to get my Srixon Driver in "Very Good Condition" plus the headcover for only $160! You can tell that the driver is not brand spanking new, but it still looks like it has barely ever been used. I was also able to get some good deals on my 3 CBX wedges from GlobalGolf last year as well which is why they were able to stay in the bag. I also highly suggest visiting their site (GlobalGolf) if you need to find some golf bargains and can't afford to buy brand new clubs. Ordered that Srixon Driver on 2/28/21 as well and also received it by 3/5/21 too. The site also always has some great deals and coupons to get even more bargains. Photos:
  23. Took a set of Warbird fairways out this morning. 3+ and the 4. both have Memphis 10 shafts with the Red stripe. I can't recall if that had any indication of flex. Working with these and low lofted hybrids to see which is better for my bag this year. The course showed all effects of an early spring morning - played wet and muddy. Found that with faster swings, the Warbirds really dug deep furrows. When I backed off a bit, struck them decently, but nothing to be proud of. A work in progress. Hybrids are older Fusions with NV 85g R flex shafts, made good contact and had better results. Thanks for your sharing your experiences with these clubs.
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