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  1. Sorry in advance, bit of a nit picky post here. Playing SS 120-125ish, into the low 130’s when messing around in a simulator. Looking for as low launch shaft as I can find, but I also really enjoy that loading feeling at the top. To throw in a 3rd wrinkle, I’ve also found that I don’t get along with lower balance point shafts ex: TZ5/Hzrdus Black. I’ve recently gamed Hzrdus Yellow, PO Orange, and TZ5. Yellow felt the best, but launched super high, Orange performed the best, but there’s no distinctive load. It may well be that I’m looking for a bit of a unicorn, but I’m open to opinions or reviews of shafts anyone has used. Thanks!
  2. Here's my Full OVEN bag that I got one round in with. Driver: Nike Covert Performance 9.5* Neutral UST Mamiya VTS Tour SPX Black 6S Fairway woods: Nike Covert Tour 14* & 17* Neutral VTS Tour SPX Black 7S Irons: Nike Vr Forged 3-PW all split cavity, 1* flat, Modus3 S120 Wedges: Nike Vr Forged Raw 52/10 & 58 DS Putter: Nike Method 006 Paul Casey Prototype 33" All Grips are the Golf Pride Z-Grip Thanks Nike and WRX! CT 5W - CP #2HB 2.0 - CT 3W - CP 3W 2.0 CP 2.0 3 Wood CT 3 Wood CT 5 Wood CP #2 HYB 2.0 Probably my gamer or the Black Got my wedges back Best shoes IMO! Testing out the black! New Wedge! Giving the Super Stroke a shot! Sick of missing everything left! The start of the Vapor bag!
  3. Haven't done one of these in a while. I don't change clubs very often (i know... a sin) as you will see. Lucky to be a golf professional and get to play what I want so even though there are some ancient clubs in the bag they work for me. Looking to upgrade my driver and hybrid this year with some Titleist offerings but we will see. My 3 wood and putter are my bread and butter hence why they are the oldest clubs in my bag. I have yet to find another 3 wood that I can work both ways and consistently hit 285.... so why change? So here is it. My WMD's: Driver: Titleist D2 8.5° (Set on C3) w/ Matrix Ozik HD6 TP X-Stiff Fairway: Taylormade R7 TP 15° w/ Fuji Vista Pro 80 TP X-Stiff Hybrid: Titleist 712U 18° w/ Project X 6.0 Irons: Titleist 710 MB (3-9) All lofts 1° Weak w/ Project X 6.0 Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM4 (48°,54°,60°) w/ Project X 6.0 Putter: Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport 2.0 (33.5") Bag: Titleist 10.5" Staff Bag Ball: Titleist Pro V1x (#34 or #41) My Dave Matthews influence Glove: Titleist Players/FJ Pure Touch
  4. Just did an updated custom build on my SIM Ti 5 wood. I live in Texas hill country, so I use a 2 iron on the windy days and the 5 wood on calm days. Happy to have it back in my bag. Specs: TaylorMade SIM Ti 5 wood @ 18.25 degree & 1.5 open (Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7S shaft) I have been fighting a pull, hence the adaptor setting and lead tape.
  5. 1. 2014 Scotty Cameron Select Fastback - Bought brand new and wanted a stealth blackout look, Went with Putter Spa by JRich. Again Hardly ever used since. The putter finish is great the one on the shaft does show some wear due to re-gripping at a big box store. No change in feel. Brand new Super Stroke Traxion Pistol GT 2.0 Putter Grip - Digi Camo Color. $old. 2. Mizuno T20 Wedge (Used 1 range session) , Stock Club , S400 Shaft, Z Grip, Standard Everything - No Longer Available 3. Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 7x Wood Shaft with Left Hand Taylormade Adaptor - Sparingly used, was a demo shaft, Brand new Tour Velvet 360 (+1 Wrap) Grip- $old 4. Oban Devotion 7 04 (Stiff) Flex Driver Shaft Callaway Adaptor - 75 Grams. No Tipping - Used bu in excellent condition, Pure Pro Grip - $old See Pictures for details.
  6. 3 remaining Graphite Design shafts for sale. Prices include Paypal and shipping to continental US. I will ship elsewhere but prices will reflect additional shipping fees. 1) AD-TP 7S: this shaft has about 15 swings on it. It originally had a Titleist tip on it which was swapped to a Callaway tip for an Epic Flash. The Titleist tip goes much higher on the shaft so there is a small area of tip prep area that I put silver Sharpie on (see photo below). I never noticed it standing over the ball. Obviously, if you change the tip, you may never see it again either. Anyways, it measures 44 inches, has been tipped 1/2 inch, and played 45 inches in an Epic Flash. It could be very easily converted to a fairway wood shaft with room for additional tipping. The shaft condition outside of what is mentioned is nearly flawless. It has a Golf Pride MCC black/black that is midsize and essentially new. Asking $150 shipped and can send the Titleist tip if wanted. 2) AD-HY 85X: The 3H shaft measures just under 39.5, tipped 1/4 inch, and has Golf Pride MCC black/black that is midsize with a lot of life left on it. I would say it is in very good condition with 1 season of play, few minimal bag scuffs. Callaway tip was for original Epic Hybrid. Asking $110 shipped, will take $200 shipped for the pair. 3) AD-HY 85X: The 4H shaft is right at 39.25, Golf Pride MCC black/black that is midsize also a lot of life left. This was tipped 3/4 inch. It is also in very good condition with 1 season of play, few minimal bag scuffs. Callaway tip was for original Epic Hybrid. Asking $110 shipped, will take $200 shipped for the pair. 4) AD-UT 85R: SOLD I am happy to do any basic modifications such as such as cutting to length or further tipping if needed. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like additional images.
  7. Are there any specs out on how to spot a fake black ad di shaft? I just picked one up and I wanted to be sure it isn’t fake. edit: I’ve seen lots on the Orange but nothing on the black shaft.
  8. I demo’d a Sim Udi 2 iron the other day and loved it. Although I actually got along with the stock Diamana Thump 100X it comes with, it was still launching just a bit high for me. Im looking for a lower launching hybrid shaft that still has a somewhat smooth release (not a board) that won’t fight the draw I use to knock my ball flight down. I haven’t messed around with many hybrid / driving iron shafts, so I’m looking for a little input from those with more experience. Thanks guys
  9. Pretty much all of the fairway wood shafts I've played in the past have had recommended tip trim instructions of the usual 0.5" trim for 3 wood, 1" for 5 wood (sometimes 7-wood these days) etc. which seems to have worked nicely in general, comparing how the shaft performs from driver to 3 wood etc.. Recently I've picked up a few Fujikura and older Aldila models that recommend 0 tip trim for 3 woods and I'm abit nervous/curious about why they do this. It's not as if the tips of the shaft are so stiff in comparison to other manufactures that they perform differently (or is it?!). Is it just a presumption that you want a fairway wood to launch higher than a driver? I'm not sure that's always the case from a shaft perspective, loft does the job for the most part. I've noticed Aldila have gone to the standard 0.5"-3 wood, 1" 5 wood or similar since being brought out by MRC. Anyway, so the question is what are peoples experiences or knowledge of why they do this? And how has if effected the performance of the shaft? Has not trimming the 3 wood shaft worked or have you had better results ignoring Fujikura etc. advice and going with the usual 0.5" trim etc? Anybody follow the no tip trim advice on shafts from other manufacturers that usual recommend trimming and had success? Any particular experience of the Fujikura Atmos line would be appreciated! Cheers
  10. Up for grabs tonight is a minty Callaway Epic Flash 3+ (13.5*) fairway with a Tour AD DI-6X shaft. Photos tell the story as it's seen only a dozen balls (back up 3 wood). Plays at 44" with a brand new Golf Pride standard corded Align Z Grip. Includes headcover. Shipping to lower 48. PM with any questions or inquiries. $195
  11. For sale, not looking for trades(maybe a sik putter) 1) Scotty Cameron Phantom X 8.5 Putter. New fresh out of the pro-shop, still has plastic protector on the bottom. 35" with grey pistol grip. Comes with head cover. $SOLD 2) Odyssey Stroke Lab Ten double bend. 35" oversize OEM grip, minimal use, comes with brand new head cover. $225 Shipped 3) GD Tour AD XC-7X driver shaft. Has TM 2* adapter, GP tour velvet grip. 44.25", in perfect shape. $SOLD 4) RTX-4 60* mid bounce wedge. Used a couple times but near mint. S400 TI shaft $85 obo Shipped pin 9/22
  12. Selling two sets with graphite shafts 1. Tour issue P790s 5-pw. Purchased these from reputable member on here and was told these were straight off tour truck in Japan. 5-pw has graphite design ad 95x shafts built to +1/2 over. See dots on hosel and engraving on shafts for proof. Asking $old 4 iron pictured is sold 2. Srixon 585/785 combo set with Accra 110i shafts built your play in between x and stiff. 4-pw. Asking $old Pin 9/2
  13. Hello everyone, first post in here but long time lurker.. Former D1 golfer and quit after graduation for 4 years. Gotten back into it over the past year and have really taken a deeper interest into equipment science then before when I was playing more often. Current gamer: LH Tsi4 9 degree lofted down to 7.25 (special billy bobs loft adapter) Fujikura Motore X F1 7X 46” CHS-132 Ball speed-196 Backspin-~2300 Transition- very aggressive/fast I was fit for the motore 6 months ago.. I also tested Ventus Black, VA Slay, Green Hulk, Tensei Pro white, and a speeder. After that I’ve learned I like a shaft with more kick/explosion, but want to try to keep the spin down. A mid/low profile it seems feels the best. really did not like the stout feeling of the Ventus and Hzrdus Fast forward, I’ve done well in some tournaments at my club and have a good chunk of $ in club credit to spend and want to order a couple shafts. I’ve placed an order for a graphite design ad hd 6tx, but wanted to see if there were any opinions on if there was another one out there worth ordering that gives me that explosive loading/kick, but kept spin reasonably down. I.e. Diamana zf/tb, tensei 1k white, Kaili Blue etc. Not terribly concerned with dispersion as I have a 1 iron for the narrow tee balls. I want to build out the biggest bomber I possibly can. Any feedback/opinions appreciated!
  14. 2016 update coming DRIVER NEW 2105 Big Bertha Alpha Pro 8.5 – Set to N, +1*, gravity Core Down (12g Core) ,10 grams weight in the toe, 1 gram heel. 5 grams of hot melt in center front, Raw head weight with core and 7,1 weights = 192grams. Playing length is 45" with Grip. Shaft is Speeder 757 Evolution Tour Spec X, Tipped 1" Over all weight is 344 grams, swing weight D4.5 I really wish I knew the specs to the head of this club, lie, loft, etc. Been getting some really nice Ball Speeds off the face, VERY VERY anti left, still dialing this club in (it was a gift from a family member) so I am really working on making it work. Old Driver – just an awesome awesome big dog TMAG Rocketballz Stage 2 Prototype 400cc – Tour Issue Measured head 9.2*, +2.25* open, 192.5 g raw weight + 12 grams of hotmelt , 58.4* lie, 45" Playing Length, Graphite Design AD DI 8x Tipped 1", 348 gram total weight Fairway Woods NEW 2015 3 WOOD: TMAG Rocketballz Stage 2 PROTOTYPE – Tour Issue Measured head 14.6*,+ 3.0* open, set to 1.5* open, 212.4g hotmelted head weight. 57.0* lie, 43.5 playing length, Fujikura P95x Tipped 1", swing weight D4 These prototypes, size and shape, slightly deeper face, very much remind me of my old 906f2 fairway woods. 5 WOOD: TMAG Rocketballz Stage 2 PROTOTYPE– Tour Issue Measured head 18.8*, 2.5* open set to 1.5* open, 216.8g hotmelted head, 58.6 lie, 42.5" playing length, Fujikura Tour Issue Fit-on EX Pro95xx T-30 (105 gram raw weight) Tipped 1.5", swing weight D4 Utility / Driving Iron: SANS the 5 wood: Titleist 712u 18.5*, Project X, PXI 6.5 40" playing length Irons: Mizuno MP4's w/ C taper X (pics below) – see specs below, Mizuno, though it took me having to send the irons back, nailed the specs on these club, they are SPOT on, checked by my club maker. Having the option of heavy iron heads made all the difference getting the swing weight spot on. Wedges Wedges: Vokey TVD M Grinds – 54* and 60*, C Taper X 130's (soft stepped once)(8 iron shaft), lie angle both wedges 65*, Length ='s 54* 36.00" 60* 35.75" Putter NEW 2015 - Ping Redwood Answer Black Dot (could use some cosmetic upgrades) – 35.5"(steel shaft extension from 35" ) Playing Length, Ping PP58 Grip (really liking this grip) two strips of lead tape on the bottom. Sitting out a series - Great Great putting piece, I just like a full offset putter for some reason, maybe eye dominance Putting Apparatus: Kingston KP1 Semi Raw head – Dale head / 009 shape Carbon Steel, site dot, 3.5* Loft, 72* lie, 348g head weight, Nippon Pro 149g shaft 35" playing length , 543 grams total weight, Lamkin Deep Etched Putter Grip http://www.golfwrx.c...iew-w-pictures/ http://www.kingstonputters.com/ Misc Ball: ProV1x - Need to test the new PROV's series Grips *NEW SET UP 2015* Grips: Lamkin .580 Crossline Full Cord – Caliber grips to check for consistency 5 wraps top hand 6 wraps lower hand – targeting .93 to .94" 2" down from the top of the grip Cross Line Midsized grips on the wedges – single double sided tape. Head Covers Plain TMAG Head Covers - LOVE my Rocket Tour Head covers ; Virginia Tech Color Scheme BUT I don't think they protect the club heads enough BAG - Ogio Hauler Single Strap – Plain white Range Finder – Bushnell Z6.
  15. Hello WRX! Just started getting active on here again. I've always enjoyed this section of the forum so I figured it would be fun to do one of these posts. Thanks for checking this post out! This is my first WITB a long time and lots in the bag has changed over the last few months. A few ageless warriors, some new stuff, some stuff straight off the BST, some clubs stolen from my Dad. It's something of a bizarre blend but I think it keeps things interesting. A little about me -- I'm a retired high school golfer who couldn't hack it in college. Now I'm anything between 2 and 5 depending on my location in the world and the time of the year and try to stay competitive by playing in Men's Club Tournaments when I can. Hopefully will get seriously back into tournament golf soon as well as get some solid time to practice and take a crack at some long overdue swing changes. Frankly, I'll just be happy if I can get outside. Hopefully I will be able to get outside in some better lighting tomorrow ... not the greatest lighting at this point in the evening, but in the meantime here it is: Driver: Taylormade SIM (9 degrees) Shaft: Graphite Design YS-6X (tipped 1.5") Grip: Golf Pride New Decade MCC +4 3-Wood: Taylormade V-Steel Tour Spoon (13 degrees) Shaft: Graphite Design YS-6S (tipped 1.5") Grip: Lamkin Crossline Full Cord Midsize 5-Wood: Taylormade SIM TI (19 degrees) Shaft: Graphite Design YS-7X (tipped 2") Grip: Golf Pride New Decade MCC +4 Hybrid: Callaway RAZR Tour (21 degrees) Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 Grip: Royal Grip LinkTech Cord Irons: PXG 0311T Gen 1 (5-W) Shaft: Nippon Super Peening Blue X (Soft Stepped x1) Grip: Royal Grip LinkTech Cord Gap Wedge: PXG 0311 Forged Gen 1 (50-12) Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Grip: Lamkin Crossline Full Cord Sand Wedge: Cleveland RTX ZipCore (54-12 Full) Shaft: Nippon Modus 130 Stiff Grip: Golf Pride New Decade MCC +4 Lob Wedge: Titleist Vokey Cold Forged (58-04 K) Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 Grip: Royal Grip LinkTech Cord Putter: Ping i-Seires 1/2 CRAZ-E L 45" Grip: Super Stroke Tour 1.0 Split Ball: Snell MTB X Black, ProV1 Other: Jones Utility Trouper, Bushnell Tour V2 (the one from 5+ years ago) -- eats through batteries but works like a charm, a mix of headcovers, a ton of superglue. Other Clubs Around the House: - 2017 Taylormade P790 UDI 2-Iron (17 degrees) with HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 - Adams Idea Prototype 2-Hybrid Aldlia By-You 80S (18 degrees) - Vokey 256-14 Raw - Vokey 258-08 - Taylormade R11 TP 2 Rescue (16 degrees) - UST iRod CB 110X
  16. Title says it all. Do not hesitate to reach out with questions!! Not interested in trades but will listen! -Titleist 620 mb irons, 4 through Pitching Wedge. Standard specs. Nippon Modus 105 Reg flex. I bought the P/9/8/7 in August 2020 as a combo set with cbs. Ditched the cbs early this year and ordered the 6/5/4 irons - so that’s why the serial numbers won’t match across the set. 9/10 condition. The 4 iron is brand new still in plastic never hit. Not desperate to sell…I have an old set of VR Pros that if I’m feeling like busting out butter knives, I have options. But these are way too nice to collect dust. Asking $900 shipped. -Titleist 910F 3 wood. Comes with GD AD BB. will play ~1 inch short than standard, 70gram weight range. NDMC grip are brand new, never used. $115 shipped. Note that the tip on these FWs are specific to the 910 line, so you can’t mix and match heads of recent models to the shafts.
  17. Ping G410 LST Driver 9 degrees Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7X shaft (2020 shaft) Playing length: 45.5 inches Golf Pride MCC Plus4 (standard) grip Shaft is basically brand new; newly updated 2020 cosmetics Head has normal use; Great condition Headcover included No trades please $450 SOLD SOLD SOLD
  18. Have a gorgeous mint set of the new baby blades. They are 3-PW with Modus 125X. The 5-PW are 1/4” over standard with align MCC +4 midsized grips while the 3 & 4 irons are 3/4” over standard with tour velvet grips. Only used one round. A few things to call out. The PW was refinished because the hosel was damage by some fool when bending the lie angle. The Golf Garage did the work and did an excellent job repairing it and you can’t tell there was ever any damage but the finish is very slightly different from the rest of the set. I can’t tell that there is a difference unless I am looking for it. The other item is the ferrule on the PW is very slightly separated from the head and the ferrule on the 9i is a little damaged. All of this is priced in. SOLD 2017 P790 UDI in excellent shape with a tour AD DI 95x shaft. Length is standard 40”. SOLD Brand new Project X Evenflow White T100 75g 6.5 shaft with PXG adapter. Length is 42.75” and plays 44” with head installed. Looking for $75. Brand new KBS Tour regular shafts. 4-PW. 5i shaft length is 37 3/8” which plays 3/4” over standard. Looking for $75 not interested in any trades. Please add $5 to ship west of the Mississippi. PM with any questions. Thanks for looking
  19. I’ve been recently exploring the option of upgrading my stock shafts to aftermarket. I currently use the HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.0 in all of my woods and wanted to get recommendations on which shafts I should try. If you could explain the feel and differences between shafts, especially if you switched from the HZRDUS Smoke, that would help a lot. Thanks in advance!
  20. I don’t know what it is with this driver. I’ve had it about three and half or so years. Bought it used. It had to of come off a tour bus and the specs just don’t align with my swing. I have to aim about 30 yards left to hit it where I want it to go and I’ve gone from bad hooks for a year to now really bad slices due to tweaking my swing. I can’t figure it out. I need to just pony up and buy a cheap old forgiving head to put on my Graphite Design AD IZ 6x.
  21. Pics say it all. Getting rid of gear to make room for more gear 😉 All prices are shipped CONUS only. Graphite Design AD-IZ 6S driver shaft w Ping adapter. $Sold Ping G400 14.5° 3 wood, Graphite Design AD-DI 7S. $Sold Evnroll ER2 34”, SuperStroke Flatso 1.0 grip. $Sold PXG Closer (extra weights), SuperStroke Claw grip, 34.5”. $Sold Ping Sigma2 Tyne SuperStroke grip, adjustable. Keeping Srixon Zu85 #3 20°, KBS Prototype hybrid 85S. keeping
  22. Hey fellow lefties, Im clearing out some extras! Price includes shipping In lower 48 and Canada and are or best reasonable offer Not looking for trades, thanks 1. Like new Custom Shop Scotty Cameron GOLO 34". Used for 1 round and Im trimming my collection. The overall cost of the bells and whistles on this refinish are 425$+. These weights and detail finish are no longer available at the custom shop. See pics for the beautiful upgrades. Basic GOLO cover included can upgrade to a custom shop option for Extra $. Will ship in yellow custom shop box as well 650$ OBRO 2. Brand new in plastic SIM 2 9* head. No headcover 340$ OBRO SOLD 3. Lightly Used SIM 9* Driver head. No headcover. Used for 4 outdoor trackman sessions SOLD 4.5. Lightly used Callaway Mavrik SUB ZERO 9* heads. Purchased these as club building experiments but just dont fit my game. Theyre basically in the same shape so just specify which one you need by the stickered #. No headcover for either 170$ each OBRO 6. Lightly used Callaway Mavrik 10.5* head. No headcover 155$ OBRO 7. Mint Callaway X Forged UT 18* driving iron. Used only for 4 trackman sessions at outdoor range. Was my backup so never saw any play on the course. 40.5" and comes with factory installed Graphite Design TOUR AD 95 in X stiff. SOLD 8. Mint Taylor Made RSI UDI TP 18* 2 iron / driving iron. Used for 2 trackman sessions outdoors. Added some lead tape for extra swing weight which I can remove prior to shipping if you prefer. 41" long with factory installed Graphite Design TOUR AD UT 85 shaft in stiff flex. Brand new MCC +4 grip installed SOLD 9. Mint Taylor Made SIM MAX 18* 5 wood head. No headcover SOLD 10. Mint Taylor Made SIM MAX 19* 3 Hybrid head. No headcover 90$ OBRO
  23. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there's anything off with the post. Everything listed is OBO and trades are welcome - looking for a slant neck mallet like a Toulon Atlanta. Thanks! 1) Scotty Cameron & Crown Mallet 1 - purchased this off of wrx a while back. These come stock from factory 33", but the previous owner put on a 1" extension and superstroke grip. Overall in pretty decent condition. No major flaws, but I did try to catch a little discoloration on the toe. Original head cover is included. Looking for $240 shipped/paypal - SOLD 2) TM UDI - also purchased this off of wrx. Hasn't been used much. Looking for $125 shipped/paypal - SOLD 3) TM M2 9.5 with AD-DI 6X - purchased the head from a WRX'er and shaft locally. I have no idea about the length or specs, but I think it plays a tiny bit until 45" and shaft may have been tipped by the previous owner. Head cover not included, but will ship safely. Looking for $180 shipped/paypal - SOLD 4) Taylormade Jetspeed 10.5 head. OK condition, some tape residue on the toe. Head cover is included, but it's in rough shape. Looking for $35 shipped/paypal - SOLD Looking to deal locally for these next few items (North NJ/NYC). 5) Titleist 712 AP1 4-GW - Dynalite Gold XP R300 - also purchased from a fellow WRX'er. Initially bought for my father in law, but they were too much club for him. The pics are in order from GW - 4 Iron. Looking for $260 local/paypal - SOLD 6) Titleist Stand bag - bad condition, could def use a good cleaning. Just sort of throwing it in if somebody gets the irons. If somebody wants just the bag - looking for $15 local/paypal - SOLD Ping moonlite Sunday bag - I used it for about 10 rounds and a handful of range sessions. No major blemishes, no rips/tears, no discoloration. Looking for $70 local/paypal Please reach out if you have any questions or need additional pics. Best, Alex
  24. All prices included shipping to lower 48. Let me know if you have any questios. Taylormade Sim 10.5 Graphite Design AD XC 6x - $400 $375 Head only $275 Shaft only $175 RH tip Taylormade 3 wood Graphite Design AD IZ 7x shaft - $175 $160 LH tip Taylormade 3 wood Fujikura Pro 2.0 Tour Spec 7x shaft - $100 $90 LH tip Taylormade 3 wood UST Mamiya Attas G7 8x shaft - $125 $100 Titleist 718 T-MB 5 iron AMT Tour White x100 - $100 $90 mmDD
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