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Found 19 results

  1. warning. this is unsettling information. i risk having the equipment manufacturers cabal "bury me on the back 9", but i feel its my responsibility to shine a light on this. anyone who has been playing golf for more than a decade will remember a time when headcovers were shaped like golf clubs. they were form fitting, appropriately sized, and were visually appealing. nowadays, all headcovers are shaped like loose fitting sandwich bags; however, they are not meant to cover your lunch. they are still intended to fit on the business end of a golf club! did you ever ask yourself.... "why?!" why would all manufacturers simultaneously start making ugly poorly fitting headcovers and encourage us all to believe this is the next fad. here are the possible theories i have come up with. i believe it could even be a combination of them. #1 the non-fitted sacks are much cheaper to produce. so they are technically giving you a headcover when you purchase a new club, but rolling in all the extra cash they are saving. #2 ugly sock style headcovers have no padding in them. this makes it more likely that a club will get damaged and you will buy a new one. #3 if they make headcovers look like they did 50 years ago, they will be able to rewrite peoples memory of what a "standard" length driver shaft used to be. everyone will think drivers were always 45" long, and they can start lengthening shafts again. that way they can keep selling you "the furthest hitting driver ever"......again. #4 OEMs have been secretly buying up huge tracts of legume farms. soon there is going to be a big push for cart girls to start selling boiled peanuts on the course. manufacturers are making sure headcovers function as the perfect sack to buy and consume huge amounts of their boiled peanuts. #5 the earth has recently been overtaken by a super powerful race of aliens that feeds on elastic bands. the government has approached the heads of all major OEMs and told them they need to stop using elastic in their headcovers so it could instead be used to feed the aliens. ...for the good of all humankind ! i have a few more theories, but i think these are the most likely. also note: in an effort to throw people off the trail, japanese manufacturers have continued to produce "normal" fitted headcovers. that way people think they are still available. however, they all are covered in giant skulls, coy fish, hello-kitty, or feudal Japanese floral patterns. they are so visually unappealing that nobody will ever actually buy them. however that is enough to give the impression that normal headcovers are still available and throw everyone off the scent of the larger conspiracy. be safe out there everyone. may your tinfoil hats fit tightly.
  2. Fellow lefties! •shipping from Canada so please allow sufficient time to reach destination. Always ship Expedited USA. Ships out within 1 business day •prices are in $’s and include shipping anywhere in North America •all items are obo! Don’t hesitate to ask! •no trades unless listed below •100% positive feedback on golfwrx, eBay, and multiple selling pages on social media Happy Holidays to you all! 2023 SWAG Jason Skull Putter Limited Release, Sold out in Seconds $OLD OBO shipped •Brand New, In Plastic •35” •standard lie and loft •NO Headcover but will be protected during shipment *Have Swag Midnight Defaced Joker Headcover if your interested* ADD $200
  3. I have long debated whether https://dormieworkshop.com headcovers are worth its price. They are all, if not most, above $100 and thats basically a new wedge LOL. So it took some thinking before spending to get headcovers for my 5 wood and hybrid. But my buddy beat me to it and got some for my birthday earlier this year and let me tell you something..It is expensive BUT the quality is like nothing ive ever seen before in a headcover and ive owned quite a few headcovers. It took like 1 month-ish till i got the headcover due to covid back then but also since their headcovers are handmade!!! The leather quality is amazing, the packaging was great, and they smell like a brand new Louis Vuitton Bifold wallet straight from the store, meaning to say that you can tell the quality is great. Side note: My driver headcover is not from dormie workshop, it is from PINS AND ACES, another great headcover brand that is good quality and their service is amazing. I think it was around $30 and its called the graffiti i think. These are my headcovers:
  4. I have a brand new Ping G410 Plus Driver 9.0 degree with a Ping Tour 75x shaft. Club has never been hit and still has wrapper and stickers. I don't have the original headcover but will include a Ping G400 headcover with the sale. Asking $300 $250 shipped OBO conus. Thanks for looking.
  5. Ordered three head covers from them on Feb 26 but received no email acknowledgement or order confirmation. They promptly took my Paypal money. Have left numerous emails and voicemails with Customer Service and with their CEO Adam. I see their products all over the Internet so I know they were legit at one time. But now it looks like they are out of business (but still taking customer payments). Wondering if this is just business incompetency or fraud or something else. Anyone have a recent experience with them?
  6. Scotty Cameron Ogio Backpack. Gently used, still in great condition $55 Scotty Cameron Peter Millar Camo Duffle Bag, gently used still in great condition SOLD Stitch Arnold Palmer Headcovers, Driver and Hybrid. Brand new never used $60/each or $100 for both Project X Hzrdus Handcrafted T1100 6.5 75g with Golf Pride MCC +4 midsize grip. Cobra adapter. Bought from a member here about a month ago and just isn’t for me. Has a scuff mark which is pictured that was on it when I got it. SOLD Scotty Cameron Camo Headcover, never used SOLD
  7. Fellow golfers! •Shipping from Canada so please allow sufficient time to reach destination. Always ship expedited USA. Roughly 6 business days •Prices are in USD $’s and include shipping anywhere in NA •OBRO •Trades, if any, are listed below TRADE LIST: -Titleist Tsi 3/4Driver (Prefer Tsi4) -LAGP 105 Putter Shaft (.355) 1. PXG Gen4 Wood Set. •Driver: 9* XT model SOLD •3 Wood 0311x SOLD •5 Wood 0311x $175 shipped •All EUC. 9+/10 •HEADS ONLY •Headcovers are included BRAND NEW PXG HAT & T-SHIRT INCLUDED
  8. Selling Mavrik Max LH driver head only. 10.5 degrees. Used for one season. Still in great shape. Will also include head cover and wrench. Don’t make me go to eBay $160 shipped in CONUS
  9. Hey everyone, I have only just started looking into scotty head covers and I have come across an orange circle T, I have my suspicions (hence the post) about the head cover but I want to hear the thoughts of a more trained eye. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance! https://imgur.com/a/wSkKxLR
  10. So..heres my setup..nothing too complicated but it gets the job done really well. I am currently a 10.4 handicap, shooting around low 80s from about 6850 yards. I basically got tired of my game improvement irons and decided to get rid of them shovels and get something more player's-irons like but still having forgiveness and workability. Tried out a lot of clubs and got fitted for new irons... Driver: Taylormade M4 10.5* w/ Mitsubishi Tensei CK Orange 60 Stiff Shaft 5-wood: Ping G400 w/ Alta Stiff Shaft 4-Rescue: Taylormade SIM2 Tour Rescue w/ Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw Blue Stiff Shaft 5-PW: 2020 Taylormade P790 w/ Nippon NS Pro 950GH Stiff Shafts and MCC Align grips, 1* flat, 1* weak lofted Gap Wedge: 51* Titleist Vokey TVD M grind Sand Wedge: 56* Titleist Vokey SM7 10S Lob Wedge: Cleveland RTX-4 9FULL Putter: 2020 Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 **Read Below Honestly, I love these clubs. I hit them well and they perform exactly how i wanted them to. I had tested a lot of irons from Mizuno, Taylormade, Callaway, Srixon, and Ping at a PGA Tour Superstore but the P790s really shocked me with the feel and flight. Taylormade came to my golf course and did a fitting session open to locals and i signed up since it was free and i wanted to get fitted for P790s. I was hitting the P790 7-iron about 205 yards on average with the ns pro 120 shafts but the ball flight was low and about 4000 rpm spin. But after changing them to something lighter and higher launch (ns pro 950gh) i had the results i wanted: about 6400 spin and carried 185 yards. Upon changing to these irons, i broke 85 for the first time a month after putting them in my bag and have been happy ever since. My driver headcover is from Pins and Aces and they are AWESOME. For the price, best headcover in the game, really high quality and stylish i would say, great company. I would like to get a dormie workshop headcover one day but thats when i will upgrade my driver, which is not in the near future. I love my driver, it is pretty consistent and carries about 285 yards. Its not super long but it gets me in the fairway. My 5-wood is my ultimate tool in long par-5s, it carries 250 yards and this thing is like a canon. I suck at hitting woods except for Ping woods. On address it looks amazing and aspires confidence. The newest club in the bag is the SIM2 tour rescue. I was surprised to get this club since people say its hard to hit bla bla bla and i should get the SIM2 max hybrid instead but i keep on over drawing the SIM2 max hybrids cuz i feel like they look awfully closed-face on address. This rescue is amazing...low ball flight, carries 220 yards and great for getting out of thick roughs. Thats pretty much it for my WITB..my wedges are pretty good, they get the job done. I love the RTX-4 cuz they are really spinny. Vokeys and Vokeys, we all know what they can do, no mistakes there. The Putter is relatively new but it works really good. I previously played a super soft taylormade putter which ends up short on my misses but the scotty really gives an extra push and my missed become inside two feet past the hole which is what i want. Nothing feels like a scotty but i would also take that with a gran of salt since putters should mainly look good on your eyes and it all depends on your own feel. ONE LAST THING... i always use Nike golf shoes because i feel like theyre sporty and not boring like FootJoy (no offense) but the thing with Nike golf shoes is that they are not as good quality as FJ and nowhere as comfortable as FJ. So overall, FJ actually wins in comfort among any other brands. HOWEVER....... Rory Mcilroy's new nike shoes just popped up on the nike website and your boy gotta cop. AND LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING.....NIKE....YOU FINALLY DID IT....no joke its one of the coolest, sporty yet classy golf shoes nike has come up with in recent years (in my opinion)...and guess what??? THEY ARE SUPERRR COMFORTABLE...PICS BELOW... the leather is screaming good quality and the laces make them look classy and i love the fact that it is really simple.. just white with grey accents. And i like these soft spikes better than the ones on the infinity tours. Awesome shoe Nike!!! FEEL FREE TO COMMENT...LET ME KNOW IF YOU LIKE OR DISLIKE AND MAYBE I COULD GET SOME OPINIONS FOR RAIN GEAR AND GOLF APPAREL. THANKS!!
  11. Up for sale is set of LH TaylorMade 2021 P770 irons 4-PW. Irons are shafted with KBS FLT 120 s-flex shafts and gripped with Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360. Irons were purchased at the beginning of 2021 and used for about 3/4 a season. IRONS $OLD Also for sale are some SWAG headcovers. All covers are sealed in their bags minus the Blackjack set. That was opened to see if the random jack hybrid was in there. Price includes shipping within CONUS. Swagatha Punk (Mystery Box) - $150.00 Booster Blade - $125.00 TurboMan Blade - $125.00 White Elephant - $125.00 Blackjack woodset - $525.00
  12. Loaded with options!!! - 8” single pocket Alistair - up and down 7" zippered valuables pockets near handle. - leather Water bottle holder - Key fob clip INSIDE BALL POCKET - Smaller leather zippered pocket inside the ball pocket for tees - 11" zippered pocket right of ball pocket Bag is made of Camel Ballistic and 2 shades of brown leather. Matching material for the headcovers Very durable bag with a lot of leather accents and trim. USED 1/2 A SEASON AND IN VERY GOOD CLEAN SHAPE. WELL TAKEN CARE OF. See photos ATTACHED BELOW.... Asking 700 shipped... NO TRADES.
  13. I'm thinning the herd, and I've got some great stuff. Ship only to CONUS, no trades please. Prices negotiable (within reason), PM me. Taylormade SIM MAX 15* 3w, Fujikura Ventus 6 Regular hard-stepped to firm. 1/2" short, Lamkin grip. Hit only a couple of times. $230 firm. Titleist TS2 25* hybrid with KBS Tour Prototype Hybrid 75 shaft, regular flex. Shaft has been pured. Just the shaft retails for $175. $225. Odyssey Stroke Lab V-Line, 32" in 7/10 shape. $100 SOLD! Odyssey Stroke Lab 9 putter, 33", 8/10 condition, Lamkin Sink Fit Grip. $125 Ping Vault 2.0 Anser Dale, 32" with adjustable PP62 grip. Bent 1* upright. In 9/10 shape. $150 SOLD!
  14. I've been buying headcovers from this company for a while because they have great sales around the holidays and majors. This is the best one I've seen yet, had to pass it on. I really like using their divot tools and they are on sale for only $15 which crazy in my opinion! https://www.americanputtercompany.com/collections/holiday-sale
  15. I’m looking for a right handed mallet putter headcover. New if not in good shape.
  16. I have a set of these and they are nice heavy wool and well constructed IMO. Set of 3 animal head covers (various styles) from Sunfish- $59.99 on the bay. Per the listing - The set includes the following Driver knit headcover Fairway wood knit headcover Hybrid / utility wood knit headcover Details Handmade Driver knit headcover fits all drivers including the 460 cc drivers Elastic knitted into the fabric at the bottom and under the head of the driver for a firm fit Made from 100% New Zealand wool They also have the tartan barrel head cover sets for $69.99 and other items on sale too.
  17. Long story short, I recently had the opportunity to reach out to Sunfish and their customer service folks and I want to share my thoughts and give loads of credit where credit is due. In my many years, I honestly have never dealt with a company that is more committed to making sure their customers are well taken care of and happy with their products than Sunfish. They took a genuine interest in helping me, replied promptly to my emails, and just went way above and beyond any normal expectations I could have had. P.S. Their knit head covers are thick and made from 100% wool yarn. I have one of the animal ones and it has held up perfectly through the first season. I have enjoyed it so much that I now have more on the way! If you are considering their products and have never dealt with them before, for what it is worth, I give them four (4) thumbs up! (Two just didn't seem like enough) Kudos to Ya' Sunfish and many thanks!
  18. Several headcovers for sale. All are lightly used. 1. Seamus Snowtrooper Driver Headcover SOLD 2. Fore Ewe Driver, Fairway, Hybrid Headcover set. Pinehurst #4 stitching. Color is cream and burnt orange - $155 - NOW ASKING $140 for all 3 3. JuJu Hybrid Headcovers. Gray with red. $30 each or take all 3 for $65 NOW ASKING $50 for all 3 4. JuJu Hybrid Headcovers. Red and black stripes. $30 each or take both for $50 NOW ASKING $25 for 1 or $40 for both 5. Sunfish Fairway Wood Headcover. Black and orange. $25 NOW ASKING $20 paypal only, will consider trades for Stitch Headcovers.
  19. Selling an O Works #1 putter with standard specs, playing 35”. Black and white sight lines on top to aid alignment. Super Stroke Pistol GT grip. Head cover included. Sole and face in excellent condition. Played for 2 seasons. $79 shipped to CON US.
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