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Found 20 results

  1. JT does this practice quarter swing before his real swing begins. Seems like he is practicing an early wrist set? Or is this a feel thing or swing thought? And what does it accomplish? Sorry if this has been asked before.
  2. Fellas and ladies! I'm in a dark place right now with my wedges. My short game around the greens and <50 yards out has been absolutely atrocious. I'm playing at an 8 index right now and everything else has been fine (to my standard) but I'm losing soooooo many strokes when I'm missing the green on my approach shots. Hosel, thin, chunk, you name it. Does anyone have any recommendations for a couple lessons catered to the short game only? Anywhere in the greater Houston area. Thanks in advance!
  3. For those of you who have managed to gain any significant distance with their driver, how did you accomplish it? Strength work? Reduction of spin? Change of equipment? Other? I have a shocking swing for my driver, which comes from compensating against a vicious slice, something I will be looking to reconstruct this summer, and I figured whilst I am at it, I could do with a little more distance, as I only carry 200 yards on an average day. Just wondering what has worked for you all, and what I could look at.
  4. I've recently been on a quest for speed during lockdown here in the UK. Taking pages from the Bryson playbook, speed sticks and max speed training on trackman. I have hit a plateau recently, just curious to see if any of you guys have had success gaining speed. What feels/training techniques/methods have you guys had success with?
  5. Anyone have any advice for a teaching pro down in south MB // Pawley's Island area. Am at DeBordieu and desperately need some help. I'd imagine they have a good teaching pro(s) but also Caledonia, True Blue, and several others are pretty close, so any advice appreciated!
  6. NOTE: If you have data you would like to share from similar products, feel free but please mention the product you used in your post. Also, feel free to sort of mimic my format down below but adjust it accordingly as different products will not have the same lingo (example: SSG has green, red, blue sticks for primary program, others have removable weights etc.) The intent of this thread is for people to post their data for this system (so hard to find in the other huge thread). Please post in the format below (and please no posts with discussion, there is enough of that in the o
  7. When talking about the generalization of ball position, there are really two tactics: -Moving the ball position based on the club. The ball moves up or back in the stance depending on the club, while the stance stays the same. or -Keeping the ball in the same position for every club. The ball stays in the same spot every time, but the width of the stance narrows or widens depending on the club. How do you position the ball and why?
  8. I haven't posted a lot on WRX for a couple of years, but I thought I would make this post for the guys that like to work on their swings and that enjoy good instruction. As a lot of people who remember me on here, I have worked with iteach Dan for years, like ten of them. Dan has helped me immensely. I saw Dan in Feb I think this year and made some tweaks to the backswing. At the beginning of August, my son and I attended a Monte clinic in Chicago which was a blast. Monte made changes to the backswing lower body action, and we worked ob my biggest issue that always
  9. I'm really proud of the improvements I made with my swing last year, so thought I'd share. Used to be a bit OTT, now consistently inside-out, which is nice. I think my main weakness is a too-active lower body, which needs to get quieter. Looking at widening my stance, as well as continuing to work with Monte's basket drill. Main concern is losing pressure transfer, as I am distance-challenged. Any other thoughts or comments are welcome! [media=] [/media] [media=] [/media]
  10. I'm a young adult who started golf about 1.5 years ago with really minimal experience as a kid. I've gotten more than one lessons from a few pros here and there, but can't really find anyone that I gel with. What is your advice on searching for a good teacher? I have asked a few people near me who all don't know any golf pros to learn from. My main question is what are some qualities that are deal breakers for you all in a golf teacher? Also if you happen to know solid teachers in the triangle area in NC, I would love to hear suggestions!
  11. I recently gained over 15+ mph in swing speed by eliminating early extension and using my legs correctly. Now, I used to early extend big time, which was caused by incorrect lower body movement. I would fire my hips and push up and onto my back foot while rotating, which made me come up and out of my swing. When I would make impact, I would be up on my toes on my back foot, my hips would be fully rotated facing the target, my shoulders/chest were turned past the ball and my arms/hands would trail behind with the club. I was basically in a finished position when I would make impact.
  12. So I've been in and out of the game for the last 10 years, and just recently started practicing again after a year of big weight loss. At my peak game and distance I was swinging controlled 113-115mph, able to push 123 on monitors for fun, but I was doing no favors for my lower back going that hard and tipping well over 300 pounds. My swing was really an emulation of Vijay and some phil (long deliberate tempo, club slightly past parallel, active legs and a lot of pulling with my lead arm as I'm a lefty playing righty) with natural fade. It helps to be very naturally flexible, but can be proble
  13. Does anyone have any instructors they'd recommend in NH? I'm in the Concord/Manchester area, but would certainly drive a bit for a solid teacher.
  14. I have seen many golf tips showing how the left wrist should be bowed to allow the club face to be square while shaft is leaning forward in the impact position. (i.e. since hands are further ahead of the ball at impact , then club face would be open if left wrist is not bowed). However, they always talk about this and show this ONLY with irons and talk about how pros do it and it also has the effect of de-lofting the IRON. What I don't understand is what are you supposed to do with driver/woods? If you de-loft those in the same way it looks really strange (like the clubs are not meant to
  15. Quick background...I moved to Texas after graduating college and picked up golf as a hobby. Always watched it growing up but was a basketball and tennis player. Golf replaced those sports for me when I moved; it became a passion. When I started, my goal was to break 100 -- after right around 18 months of practicing and playing nearly every day and learning everything on YouTube and message forums, I became a scratch golfer which I never thought would happen. After that, I stopped practicing as much because I had reached what I thought was an impossible goal. Then I tried to push myself and was
  16. I have a big golf trip coming up in 2 weeks and I haven't been able to play as much as I would have liked due to a combination of weather and injuries. I'm looking for a basic putting drills to hammer down the fundamentals again and I guess I've never really focused on it that much. I'm currently a 6-7 hcp and I would say I knock my approach shots tight on a regular basis. I was thinking I should focus on making as many 3-4 footers as possible and then working on lag putting. Any advice is much appreciated Also, any drills or advice on short g
  17. I've been playing more golf than usual this summer and have started to develop some pain/discomfort in my left hand (I'm a righty)around my thumb and palm. After doing some research online, most of my symptoms match up to De Quervains tendinitis. I notice the discomfort most at impact (I take some pretty healthy divots). I know its a long shot, but does anyone have any experience with this issue and have you found any solutions or relief? Would I benefit from a change in grip?
  18. Maybe others have had similar experiences… I’ve had some good instruction over the years, and I’m a curious sort who enjoys learning some of the details of the golf swing and performance. Yesterday’s “lesson” was simple and noteworthy. Here is the context. I was in our short game area working on my basic motion for 5-25 yards. An 81-year-old club member was passing on his way to the range, and I asked him if he wouldn’t mind hitting a few wedge shots and talking me through his process. He is a former state senior amateur champ, and a guy that I played in an event las
  19. My question is this sustainable to improve, and also are there top level players using woods with closed faces (all I hear is open faces)? I've done the same thing with 3 wood and hybrid, and for reference 115 mph ss. Problem was only with the woods, irons all go straight.
  20. I recall a well regarded instructor or two commenting something to the effect that they really like George Gankas and his instruction, but there were parts of it that they themselves don’t teach. The idea being I believe that there is more than one way to get from point a to point B. really more curious than anything, is there something unique about the method used by GG? Thanks
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