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  1. Hi, I'm a 22 handicap looking to bring it down and shoot consistently below 90 this year. I'm really struggling with my driver (too much slice). Can anyone recommend a good instructor in Boise ? Thanks ! Victor
  2. So I’ve been experimenting with a unique golf grip I saw on the golf channel. The only thing is I can’t remember if it was Jerry Kelly or Fred Funk. I get them cornfused. Basically, you take the index finger of the left hand (R-golfer) and point it into the grip. It doesn’t wrap around like a traditional grip. Then you semi overlap with the other hand. I’ve gain more distance and accuracy. I wish I could find an article on this unique grip. Please forward if you come across one.
  3. I'm really proud of the improvements I made with my swing last year, so thought I'd share. Used to be a bit OTT, now consistently inside-out, which is nice. I think my main weakness is a too-active lower body, which needs to get quieter. Looking at widening my stance, as well as continuing to work with Monte's basket drill. Main concern is losing pressure transfer, as I am distance-challenged. Any other thoughts or comments are welcome! [media=] [/media] [media=] [/media]
  4. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this new video from Clay with TSG? I’ve been playing around with a similar feel the last few months, along with an overall feeling of throwing the club down range with my trail hand, and wondered why I couldn’t find much info on something of this nature. I’ve been hitting the ball great recently (respectively for me), but can’t quite put a finger on what exactly it is that’s creating the solid striking. Just looking to dive into any similar info, so any other resources you all can share would be much appreciated!
  5. Title says it all - sounds like an awesome book but every time I look I can only find like one copy on Amazon listed for ~$150 or more. Is this some publishing rights issue? Would love to see that information be more readily available.
  6. I've gotten to a 13 HC almost by myself. Have a couple buddies who are scratch golfers and they've helped a lot. I got an online lesson with Monty Scheinbloom and I'm waiting on him to get back to me. Besides that, would it be worth me getting a swing coach to help me get to single digits? Thanks!
  7. Just got the package from The Academy. Very much similar to Manuel de la Torre without the arms mentioned. Strictly hands swing the club head. Claim to be the only one teaching the Ernest Jones Way. Apparently MDLT by changing the hands to the arms on the downswing deviated from Jones . Not going to get into a who’s better or method but does anyone adhere to Jones teachings unaltered? Anyone out here? And is there that much of difference that anyone would notice?
  8. I did the vertical line on the ball and it is straight up and down on the club face when I strike the ball. So after adjusting lie 3 degrees upright it was the right decision. Now i have to figure out why I hit the ball toward the toe in the exact same spot every time. The ball path is actually very nice with a very slight draw. Obviously if i was able to strike the ball in the center of the club face the results should be a whole lot better?
  9. I haven't posted a lot on WRX for a couple of years, but I thought I would make this post for the guys that like to work on their swings and that enjoy good instruction. As a lot of people who remember me on here, I have worked with iteach Dan for years, like ten of them. Dan has helped me immensely. I saw Dan in Feb I think this year and made some tweaks to the backswing. At the beginning of August, my son and I attended a Monte clinic in Chicago which was a blast. Monte made changes to the backswing lower body action, and we worked ob my biggest issue that always pops up which is right side bending too early. I seem to always revert back to right tilting too soon and have to fix it. I was going to be in Houston for a few days, so I thought I would hit Chase Cooper up while I was in town. I have known Chase for several years thanks to WRX and I knew he was an expert in 3D. I knew Chase had helped a couple of my buddies on WRX, @pinhigh and @Schnee, so I thought I would see if Chase could bring another set of eyes to my swing. Chase teaches at Hall Suttons brand new teaching center in Houston, TX near Champions. The facility is top notch and I will get to it next, but I felt like a teenage girl meeting Justin Bieber when I got to meet Hal. For me, Hal reminds me of the old EF Hutton commercials, when "Hal Sutton speaks, people listen." Hal couldn't have been nicer and it is pretty cool to listen to a guy that has beat Tiger in his prime, won a major, and been a Ryder Cup Captain talk about the golf swing and how to play the game. Hal has made a big investment into teaching and his place is AWESOME! In Chase and Hal's teaching bays, they have Trackman, face on and dtl cameras, GIANT screens, Swing Catalyst, 3D motion capture, everything you would want. The video re=plays the previous swing immediately with the TM numbers up etc. The software is so cool and they can bring up side by sides with a ton of tour players for comparisons. They have other hitting bays with GCQuad, and a mini "range" that has some Mevo's. They have an indoor green with slope that my guess runs around 9.5 on the stimp. The place is exceptional. They have all of the tools to make you better. As for my swing, Chase was incredible to work with. He identified my big issue just as Dan and Monte did, the right tilt. He helped me fix it rather quickly. He explained to me what I need to be doing, and sure enough, even as many lessons as I have had and as many great teachers that I have worked with, I still had misconceptions about what I wanted to do in the swing. That is not a knock on any teacher I have worked with, but more a function of me watching too many youtube videos and reading too much stuff on here that doesn't apply to my swing. I thought I wanted to lay the club way down, regain a bunch of flexion in the waist and knees, and get that "leveraged" look where the hands were low and left and the clubhead stayed way outside the hands at P8. Dan and Monte did not give me those "keys" or positions, but rather they were something I thought made swings good. I feel like I know more about the golf swing than 98% of the golfers and many guys teaching out there. But when you work with guys like Dan, Monte, and Chase, you learn how little you know compared to them. Chase cleared up all of my misconceptions, and cleaned up my action. Maybe he can post some before and after videos. I can now hit it really high again and straight. It is up to me now to not get back into the right tilt too early. Bottom line, if you are near Houston or want some high quality instruction, Chase is right up there in my humble opinion with the best of them, and I have been to the best of them.
  10. I am working on my pivot in the backswing. My feel is that when I rotate my shoulders so that the lead shoulder is over the back foot, my hips rotate freely without me trying to move them. Is this the correct feel? Will a good shoulder rotation produce a good hip rotation? Or should I feel that I move my hips? Thanks!
  11. Here's Matt Wolff hitting his "fairway finder" driver tee shot. There's so very little written in this forum regarding this shot. I want to know what people do when they're "under the gun" and/or facing an extremely narrow fairway and you still need to hit it reasonably long?
  12. 61 year old playing on a pretty challenging Pete Dye par 71 course. I have some ideas on what these average numbers are telling me, but will appreciate any insights; particularly on where you believe I might best focus my efforts for improving score. Thank you. Score 80 Fairways 50% (then GIR after fairway hit is 56%) GIR 44% (Par 3 at 37%; Par 4 at 42%; Par 5 at 61%) Putts 33 round. Overall 3 putts at 7% (and at 13% for 3 putt after a GIR) Up/Down 25% Penalty per round 1 stroke Doubles or worse per round at 2 Par 3 average 3.71 Par 4 average 4.44 Par 5 average 5.44
  13. In his instruction book he has a flat left wrist at the top. Then he says he 'drops everything' (club, arms, hands), but when you look at his left wrist approaching impact it's bowed. If he's just letting everything drop, his left wrist would be flat. Anybody got any insight into this?
  14. So been experimenting at the driving range, bought myself some athletes foot powder to see where I'm striking on the face these days. Very consistent strike pattern throughout the bag for the most part. Did try and play around with it a little but mainly just wanted to see what was what so next time at the range I know what I'm working on. Since my driver fitting is on Saturday I'll post these (3 different sets of shots). I know some of you will just say go for a lesson but I'm quite enjoying figuring things out on my own for now and the previous set of lessons I had didn't seem to work in the medium-long term. First set Second set Third set You can imagine a similar scenario throughout the bag really, until I get to the higher lofted clubs where it's slight more up on the face. Could be a simple set up fix or a swing fault who knows but thought I'd share anyways. I feel like I'm bottoming out the driver too quickly and therefore maybe hitting too up on the ball and catching it at the top but in fairness there's also a few good strikes there. Someone with more knowledge (perhaps a pro) would know better than me. Maybe tee it higher and decrease the loft (9.5) (I use the pink castle tees on the course, could go for orange) and my ball flight does occasionally look too high. Would be interested on any immediate thoughts from people. Shape wise, it's either a straight left pull miss or a slice but normal/natural shape is a fade.
  15. First time poster and long time reader! I've been playing golf for two years, I'm 28 and reasonably athletic. I've got my handicap down to 20. I've shot rounds in the low 80s when I try to focus on playing a cut or fade (or slice) for every shot on the course, eliminating one side off the tee etc. What I'm wondering and looking for advice on is should I stick with the fade OTT play with this and hopefully lower my handicap or change my swing, try to reinvent it to where I'm coming more from the inside, maybe gather some distance. I've had some lessons with a pro before and he taught me to hit a fade and taught me a workable swing where before it wasn't. I feel I have the ability to get down to 13-14 with the right advice/lessons/practice. Any advice is greatly appreciated or any advice that you received that helped you if you were in my position would be great Cheers
  16. JT does this practice quarter swing before his real swing begins. Seems like he is practicing an early wrist set? Or is this a feel thing or swing thought? And what does it accomplish? Sorry if this has been asked before.
  17. Maybe others have had similar experiences… I’ve had some good instruction over the years, and I’m a curious sort who enjoys learning some of the details of the golf swing and performance. Yesterday’s “lesson” was simple and noteworthy. Here is the context. I was in our short game area working on my basic motion for 5-25 yards. An 81-year-old club member was passing on his way to the range, and I asked him if he wouldn’t mind hitting a few wedge shots and talking me through his process. He is a former state senior amateur champ, and a guy that I played in an event last year. I watched him shoot even par in 30 mile an hour winds after getting up and down from some of the most unlikely spots. And he made it look so simple. I swear he can hit his wedge shots closer from around the green then I could if I were tossing the ball. Oh, and when we played last year he was just a few months removed from his latest round of chemo, had a pacemaker, and his eyesight isn’t so good. ?. My takeaways… 1. Whatever it is, keep it simple. He had me hit just one shot and had only one comment, but it was spot on. He said “oh my gosh, no one can hit a successful golf shot moving around as much as you do.” I loved it. Unvarnished truth (he’s a solo contractor who drives an old pick up truck, a no nonsense sort of guy). I don’t need any atta boys — and I know from observing video he’s correct and I thought I had made good progress — but with his naked eye it was so clear to him that my stability still needs improvement. 2. I commented that I just wanted to have an adequate short game, and he questioned me straight up and said why in the world would that be your goal? He said “I’m 81 years old and I can’t tell you why but I’m out here trying to get better!”. The implication was clear. At 61, he didn’t want me to give in. 3. He also reminded me that the short game is so simple athletically anyone can do it, and that problem often lies between the ears. Anyway, perhaps there are other similar stories out there but this one was pretty cool for me.
  18. I recently gained over 15+ mph in swing speed by eliminating early extension and using my legs correctly. Now, I used to early extend big time, which was caused by incorrect lower body movement. I would fire my hips and push up and onto my back foot while rotating, which made me come up and out of my swing. When I would make impact, I would be up on my toes on my back foot, my hips would be fully rotated facing the target, my shoulders/chest were turned past the ball and my arms/hands would trail behind with the club. I was basically in a finished position when I would make impact. I believe this was the main problem of all my swing issues. I focused on fixing my swing. I wanted to get in the correct impact position and use my lower body properly. I eliminated early extension, by staying down and pointing my body at the ball through impact. I used my legs to distribute and transfer my weight, while I rotated and pushed into the ground. By making this swing change, I generated an increased swing speed of 15+ mph, from 105 mph to 120+mph. I was surprised to see such a difference. I want to know why my swing speed increased based on the changes I made? Does anyone have an explanation for this? Has anyone had a similar experience? Is it just my legs or a combination of things that would cause this increase? What else would have an affect on swing speed? Please let me know your thoughts, thanks!
  19. I'm a young adult who started golf about 1.5 years ago with really minimal experience as a kid. I've gotten more than one lessons from a few pros here and there, but can't really find anyone that I gel with. What is your advice on searching for a good teacher? I have asked a few people near me who all don't know any golf pros to learn from. My main question is what are some qualities that are deal breakers for you all in a golf teacher? Also if you happen to know solid teachers in the triangle area in NC, I would love to hear suggestions!
  20. I have a big golf trip coming up in 2 weeks and I haven't been able to play as much as I would have liked due to a combination of weather and injuries. I'm looking for a basic putting drills to hammer down the fundamentals again and I guess I've never really focused on it that much. I'm currently a 6-7 hcp and I would say I knock my approach shots tight on a regular basis. I was thinking I should focus on making as many 3-4 footers as possible and then working on lag putting. Any advice is much appreciated Also, any drills or advice on short game would be helpful
  21. NOTE: If you have data you would like to share from similar products, feel free but please mention the product you used in your post. Also, feel free to sort of mimic my format down below but adjust it accordingly as different products will not have the same lingo (example: SSG has green, red, blue sticks for primary program, others have removable weights etc.) The intent of this thread is for people to post their data for this system (so hard to find in the other huge thread). Please post in the format below (and please no posts with discussion, there is enough of that in the other thread). I think this will be informative to a lot of people in more ways than one. It will be a concise thread that can show the improvement or lack of improvement for others and help people make a decision on whether to purchase and use this particular system or not, and it can also help show comparisons between people so they can compare their actual driver speed vs stick speed, things like that. This is also for me as I have been following this subject for a while and it interests me greatly. I would prefer that no posts on data using home made versions are used, but if you really would like to share it, please say that you used home made ones in your post. 1) Radar Used (PRGR, Swing Speed Radar, other) 2) Green Stick Max (max (in mph) when first started, max now) 3) Blue Stick Max (max (in mph) when first started, max now) 4) Red Stick Max (max (in mph) when first started, max now) 5) Driver speed max using same radar used for sticks (max (in mph) when first started, max now) 6) Driver speed max using high end machine if applicable. (specific machine used, max driver swing speed when first started (in mph), max now) 7) Length of time you have been training. Extra) Comments about your journey (example: Did your contact get better or worse? Did your swing get better or worse? Did you have major plateaus or injuries or speed decreases? Did you combine other things with this training to achieve your increases? etc) Edit: Added length of time, example comment and before/after driver speed. Thank you ahead of time for taking the time to post your information.
  22. My question is this sustainable to improve, and also are there top level players using woods with closed faces (all I hear is open faces)? I've done the same thing with 3 wood and hybrid, and for reference 115 mph ss. Problem was only with the woods, irons all go straight.
  23. I recall a well regarded instructor or two commenting something to the effect that they really like George Gankas and his instruction, but there were parts of it that they themselves don’t teach. The idea being I believe that there is more than one way to get from point a to point B. really more curious than anything, is there something unique about the method used by GG? Thanks
  24. So I've been in and out of the game for the last 10 years, and just recently started practicing again after a year of big weight loss. At my peak game and distance I was swinging controlled 113-115mph, able to push 123 on monitors for fun, but I was doing no favors for my lower back going that hard and tipping well over 300 pounds. My swing was really an emulation of Vijay and some phil (long deliberate tempo, club slightly past parallel, active legs and a lot of pulling with my lead arm as I'm a lefty playing righty) with natural fade. It helps to be very naturally flexible, but can be problematic with a lot of extra weight. I basically blew out my back 2 years ago and didn't pick up a club. I'm currently around 200 pounds and have found my old feel is completely gone. 2 days at the range lead to some freaky adaptations. I must have hit 50 hosel rockets with my short sticks before my first crisp hit. Its a sort of kuchar truncated backswing, but almost no wrist break or turn at the top (imagine a frail jon rahm), and none of my lead arm pull but a smooth rotation leading to consistent draws with my irons. I noticed after 10 perfect contact swings ill try to creep some old movement/feel in, and immediately hosel rocket/shank it to oblivion. I've lost enough speed that I have 0 business swinging my old proforce tour green 75x shafts stuck in 8* heads and my 3 wood with a px 8a4 cant even get airborne anymore. Im probably somewhere around 102 to 105 mph tops. That will creep back up with practice but not even kiss my old 113 without some strength training. Ordered a mavrik sz driver at 10.5* and 3 wood from callaway preowned black friday sale (cheers a club HO has returned) with rogue whites at 60 and 70g, we'll see how they go. Tldr: should I try to fine tune a new short swing or build back to my old one? I'm fundamentally a completely different swinger now, polar opposite of my past. I was always a long swinger looking for control, and now I'm short trying to regain distance. The only things that have stayed put are a strong lead grip, and my hip/shoulder rotation, as flexibility hasn't really changed, nor has my left handedness. Suddenly punching out low-mid trajectory draws instead of towering fades is a mindfudge...
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