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  1. Sorry for the screenshot but oouuuuuu girl! Currently use a P790 Black 3i as my driving iron and it's the best club in my bag currently. I did try and buy just the 3 iron online but TM will not let you get the 3i without getting the 4-P. *But if anyone out there can get the 3i by itself let me know!
  2. Good evening, Hope everyone is safe and doing well. I have a few items for this evening, looking to find some good homes for some extra Nike gear I am not using. I am going to make the descriptions as short and sweet as possible, if anyone has any interest please feel free to DM for further information. All pricing is shipped to the US only....thanks in advance for looking. 1.) Nike VR Pro Combo Heads- These were purchased here off the BST, I just ended up not doing anything with them. Overall the head are in great shape, the 3 and 4 iron are the pocket cavity, 5,
  3. Bunch of odds and ends for sale today - Message me with any questions or offers. I was limited on pictures I can add to the listing, so please DM if you want more pics. Prices include shipping, but add $15 for anything east of the Mississippi. Thanks! 1. Scotty Cameron Select Squareback - 35 inches - Standard loft and lie. Removed red dots from the face and filled them in with black. Also added 25g weights. Comes with original headcover & grip - $SOLD 2. Taylormade M6 3 wood with a Tour AD-DI 7s shaft. Standard TM length &
  4. Up for sale is a set of Titleist 714 AP1 irons. Set includes 5 through the W2 which is 52 degree. True Temper XP 95 shafts in the 5-P, and True Temper XP 105 in the 48 and 52 degree wedges (all R300 flex). Grips are Golf Pride Tour Wrap, and clubs are 1/2 over standard and play the following lengths: 5 - 38.5 6 - 38 7 - 37.5 8 - 37 9 - 36.5 P - 36.25 48 - 36 52 - 36 I did not put the shaft bands on when I built these but I still have them and will include them. Price is $325 plus my cost to ship to you via USPS. I build clubs so length co
  5. 3 Awesome Items. Prices are the lowest I will take. I will cover shipping costs & paypal fee's for each item. #1 2021 Epic Max Tour AD Edition ($749 Retail) 10.5 Epic Max Epic Themed Tour AD SZ Stiff-Flex Epic Themed Tour Velvet 45" Playing Length only 500 #2 Scotty Cameron GSS Studio Newport Mid (Tour Used) Exceptionally Rare GSS Studio Newport Mid Circle T Shaft Circle T Studio Headcover Scotty Cameron Dual Balanced Grip ($125 grip by itself) Approx 36" Playing Length SOLD #2 Macg
  6. As happy as I am to be the proud new owner of a set of Mavrik irons, their stronger lofts have presented me with a bit of a gapping issue and purchasing problem. I need some advice. The loft of the PW in this set is 41 degrees (per their spec sheet). The loft on my next highest-lofted club, a Titleist Vokey SM5, is 52 degrees. I use it as my Gap Wedge. My dilemma is this: Should I opt for 1) The Mavrik's A-Wedge option, with a stock loft of 46 degrees (this is the same loft as the PW i previously used) -or- 2) A wedge specific product (Vo
  7. Heard Gen4 sticks about to be released!!!!!!!!
  8. Callaway Apex Pro 16 irons, special editions Ryder Cup S400 tour issue shafts, Golf Pride Dual Compound Align standard size grips, standard loft and lie - $500.00 OBO..
  9. Set of 3-PW r7 irons. Very good shape. Have Bassara 55 x5ct flex lite shafts with midsize grips. Asking $200 shipped ConUS. NOW $175
  10. 1)Mizuno Mp20 MMC 4-5/ MB 6-P, KBS $TAPER 130x, std loft/length 1.5 upright. played for 6 rounds. $800.00 shipped 2)Titleist TSi3 16.5 Fairway with 6.5 70g RDX Black. $250.00 shipped 3) TM MG2 52/58 WEDGES wS200 shafts, Std Loft,Length, 1°Upright $150.00 shipped
  11. Hey Golfwrx- Looking for Ping G25 irons. Specs: Irons: 4-W or 4-G Shaft: Stiff or x-stiff Length: 38 or 39 (ideal) 5 iron Dot: Black or close Would also consider heads only. Thx!
  12. Up for sale is a great set of Srixon ZX7 irons 5-PW. I've played 4 simulator rounds, 6 actual rounds, and warm up range sessions. They're great sticks but I'm going to stick with my Vega VDC-01s. I am not looking for trades. $800 OBO Specs C-Taper Lite Stiff Standard length - 37" 7 iron Standard loft 2* flat Lamkin Sonar+ Midsize grips Custom Boyd Blade & Ferrule (BB&F) Boilermaker ferrules Hit me up with any questions. Thanks for looking!
  13. 585 iron set. 3-PW. Standard loft,lie. One inch longer than Srixon standard length. 39" 5 iron. 37" PW, 9 iron. Modus 105 stiff flex shafts "splined". Lamkin Midsize Plus grips,still feel tacky The grip is thicker under the left hand. Some ball marking on the 7 and 8 iron, rest of the irons are very clean. $675 TYD, CONUS only. 3 iron only, $140. Will sell 3 iron only after 4-PW is sold. Heads only, $565 TYD CONUS only. 3 iron head, $125. Would sell 3 iron head only after 4-PW heads are sold. Trade interests... Ping G series Blue,Yellow,Green dot iron sets,
  14. Please PM reasonable offers. No trades please. 1. Taylormade 2020 P790 Heads Only 4-PW. These we lightly used and are still in great shape. SOLD! 3. Taylormade SIM2 Rescue/Hybrid 19.5* with very little use Standard L/L/L Hzrdous Smoke Blue 6.5 Shaft SOLD! 4. Jordan V Grey Size 12 Worn a few times. Still in great shape and always cleaned by the locker room staff after use. SOLD!
  15. Mizuno MP 55 (5-PW), with Tour Issue DGS400. If you haven’t read about these, the PW, 9i, 8i are “player’s cb” and then the 7i, 6i, and 5i begin to have a “v-slot cavity” while still retaining the smaller head size and address look of the shorter irons. This creates penetrating flights in the lower irons, progressing higher throughout the set. This are an incredibly solid feeling set of irons; the furthest and most forgiving of the Mizuno Forged irons (according to most sources). Tour Spec has a good review of them here: http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/mizuno-mp-55-yoro-craft-irons
  16. SPRING CLEANING! All prices are OBO (No matter what shipping is an additional $15 for East of Mountains I am west coast and Its expensive to ship East) Mizuno MP62 3-PW (S300) Standard L/L/L WiTHDRAWN Taylormade MC/MB Forged (4/5, 6-W) X100 SL Standard Loft and Lie +1/2" for Length Asking $225 shipped Callaway Mixed Set Apex 14, Apex Pro Black Dot, Apex MB (4, 5-6, 7-PW) Standard L/L/L ASKING $SOLD shipped 4 Iron is the OG Apex with a 6.0 Project PXi shaft 5-6 is Apex Pro '19 Black Dot with AMT x100 White shafts
  17. am freaking out a little. Help me out here I am about an 11 handicap. I have played some Ping e1 irons for the past 5 years. I got fit for these irons as I was getting more serious about golf and my swing has changed a lot since. I decided to go hit some new irons (partly because I want to get irons to support getting better and partly to get new shiny things) I zeroed in on a combo set of taylormade 790-770s. The PGA superstore suggested (in a round about way) that I get an extra stiff shaft in the set and recommended the Nippon Pro Modus 130t x. I had a Taylormade fit
  18. Asking $950 Mizuno JPX 900 Tour/MP 18 Iron Set 2* upright Rifle 6.0. JPX Tour 3 - 7 iron MP-18 8-PW Precision Rifle 6.0 frequency matched shafts D3 Swingweights throughout Golf Pride MMC Blue grips in perfect condition MP-18s have some light bag chatter but all irons are otherwise in like new condition See original build sheet in photos 5D0625ED-0D8C-445A-9EE0-45E13451C121.heic CD38046A-4163-4AD2-B171-361813D3BB25.heic 08D5AD97-10B6-4D8E-A63F-FEEA6692E139.heic E853BDEC-92B3-4E54-881F-265177453C80.heic 6649B7A0-8BAF-4CED-BF65-94A5863AB4A7.heic D3
  19. 5-PW PXG 0311P Gen3 Iron Set with Aerotech Steelfiber i95cw Regular flex shafts & PXG Lamkin grips. +1/2" longer than standard & 2* flat lie angle. Excellent Condition. $1,300. $1,200 <<SOLD>> Graphite Design Tour AD DI-6 Driver Shaft with Titleist Surefit Adapter & 360 Tour Velvet grip. Stiff/Regular (SR) flex. 44.5" raw length which results in a 45.5" length Titleist driver. Mint condition...hardly used. Note that Titleist installed the shaft in the "4" position on the SureFit adapter as the default position. <<SOLD>> $200 OBO
  20. What's up everybody? Happy Masters Sunday. One set of irons for sale today. I got these in February and I have probably 7 total rounds in them. These have bag chatter but they are clean. I will let the pictures tell the story. I had dreams of being good enough to play these and those dreams were shattered. Looking to get $SOLD SRIXON ZX7 5-PW, RIGHT HAND, MODUS TOUR 105 R FLEX, STANDARD LENGTH, GOLF PRIDE TOUR VELVET GRIPS, *I GOT THESE 2 DEGREES UPRIGHT AT CARLS GOLFLAND AFTER RECEIVING THEM* Let me know if you guys need anything else. First to paypal the $ gets them.
  21. Sales in CONUS, not interested in trades. Mizuno MP69 irons. 3 through PW. Rifle Flighted 6.0 shafts. Mizuno standard length, 1 degree flat. Lamkin grips. Excellent feeling clubs. $269 + 25 shipping Taylormade 300 Forged irons. 3 through PW. Rifle Flighted 6.5 shafts. Standard length, lie, loft. Golf Pride Decade grips. One small ding in the PW sole (see picture). $159 + 25 shipping. Cleveland RTX4 60 degree/6 low bounce wedge. Golf Pride tour velvet grip, True Temper wedge shaft
  22. Selling my custom built left-handed Titleist 716CB irons, 4-PW with Project X 5.5 steel shafts. All clubs are in very good condition with almost new Golf Pride MCC+ blue grips. Only bag chatter wear, no gashes or rust. Length = 1/4" long (ie. 5-iron = 38.25") Lofts = 2 degrees strong (7-iron = 33 degrees) Lies = standard Lofts and lies may be adjusted per request. SOLD
  23. Does anyone have these shafts? Care to give any feedback on initial thoughts, performance, etc.? I have Modus Tour 105 S, this may be a stupid assumption, but I didn't know if I should go up to an X or TX in the MMT's? Is a graphite 105g shaft softer than a steel 105g shaft? I have so many questions. haha Thanks!!
  24. Both Sets 4-W. TM set heads only.650obo for PXG and SOLD for TM heads. TM heads have a good bit of browning but can still catch a fingernail in all grooves, 4-7 p750 and 8-pw p730. PXG 4-6 0311P and 7-w are 0311T. Bought the PXGs on here but found a set I like the look of just a tiny bit more. Will ship ASAP after purchase. Make me an offer!
  25. I have a set 4-PW of Muira forged Taylor Made RAC MB ZTP irons off the tour van and has just been built with Brand New Dynamic gold tour issue x100 shafts and brand new golf pride multicompound black/black grips (3 layers and logo upside down) The heads have very little wear marks on the face and are in excellent condition! There is also a 3iron head only available for extra or for someone interested. I am putting these on eBay as well so make sure you snap these up before they’re bought! The likelihood of finding a set of these in the same condition is ve
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