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  1. Both sets are in excellent shape. Let me know if my price is off. Thanks. Epon AF505 4 to PW, Oban CT steel shaft 100 R Plus steel shaft, customized ferrule, MCC Plus 4 mid size grip (less than 10 rounds) purple and gold for Lakers. Pured shafts Pictures tell the story, backup set, not really played. This is easily over $3k set with $100 Oban shaft upgrade. BTW, some of the stickers have fallen off, I took most of pure sticker off too. But nothing affects the play Asking for $1500 obo shipped Epon AF305 6 to GW, True Spec Pured Mitsubishi chemical 90g graphite shaft in STIFF flex, MCC Plus 4 mid size grip, Pured shafts Pictures tell the story, this is my playing set. I do have a brand new 5 iron AF306, newer version that I can include but it is brand new and has FUJIKURA graphite shaft in 90g at additional cost. Asking for $850 obo shipped
  2. Miura MB101 heads only for sale. Set is 4-PW. I have never hit these irons, but a few of them have been hit before. I pulled the shafts for my gamers. I believe they are all standard L/L but you'll want to verify after build. The 7 iron shows the most use and has been used for a range session outdoors. The 8, 9 and PW have seen a few balls outside, nothing more. The 4,5,6 have never been hit from what i can tell. Regardless, i don't think there is going to be any issues with condition. Let me know if you need more pictures of anything, they look much worse in these closeups than they do to my eye. Build these to your spec! $500 off for the 7 iron range time. $1670 Photo order is 4 to PW. Taper Tip .355 Shafts. Hosel OD for ferrules is .540. I can provide head weights if needed. Next up is a set of used Srixon ZX5 heads. Standard L/L on them. These were played and do show some bag chatter and some wear marks on the face. Let me know if you need more photos. Anyone that has played modern Srixon know how soft they are, these are not mint and the price reflects that. $500 OBO Picture order is 4 down to 7 and then 8 down to PW. Taper Tip .355 Shafts. Hosel OD for ferrules is .530. I can provide headweights if needed.
  3. EPON AF TOUR CB IRON HEADS 4-PW in Excellent Shape just minor scratching and small dings(professionally pulled) $850 $525 Shipped CONUS If you need more pictures just let me know. Pics don't do them justice. NO TRADES AND REASONABLE OFFERS ONLY. ALL PRICES ARE SHIPPING IN CONUS pin 1/24
  4. All prices include shipping and PayPal G&S. Not really looking for trades at this time. Happy to send more pics or info. 1. Oban Devotion Tour Reserve 75 05 No tipping...Titleist adapter...plays at 45.5" in Tsi2 Golf Pride Tour Velvet (+1) I am original owner and shaft has about 20 swings in it that occurred during testing at range. Had it built a few weeks back with adapter professionally pulled from a Titleist fitting shaft. $205 $185 2. MannKrafted Mann Made AX1 Mid Mallet Materials/Finish: Carbon steel with black oxide Length: 34.75" Head weight: 346.4 Loft and Lie: 4 and 70 Offset: about 1/2 to 3/4 Notes: This was a passion project for me and Lamont nailed my request for a GoLo M3 style putter. The looks, the feel, the craftsmanship are all awesome. The only problem is that I cannot square it up as well as my other putters given the toe hang and my stroke. Looking to get back what I spent, and as others have said before me, I won't be too sad if this doesn't move. $725 $675 3. FJ Premier Series - Field Size 14 Worn for two rounds but they're a half size too big. I even ordered thicker socks to try to make 'em work...womp. $130 shipped
  5. All prices include shipping and PayPal Not really looking for trades at this time. Happy to send more pics or info. Selling two Oban Tour Reserve shafts today. I am original owner and each shaft has less than a dozen swings in it that occurred when I did testing today after having them built this week. Both have new Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips (+1) 1. Oban Kiyoshi Purple Tour Reserve 75 05 No tipping...Titleist adapter...plays at 45.5" in Tsi2 SOLD 2. Oban Revenge Tour Reserve 65 04 No tipping...Titleist adapter...plays at 45.5" in Tsi2 SOLD
  6. 2014 Titleist Endo Forged Vg3 Type E irons,6-PW, Mitsubishi Shafts, regular flex, Iomic grips. These are long, soft and forgiving. IMO better than AP or T series irons….$275 Callaway Legacy Black Driver Heads, 9 degrees. I have 2 of them…..$100 each Pin 12/4
  7. Brand New TM Star Wars Driver Head Covers, Ball Markers, hats and a pouch from Japan! Also have a bag towel. Only have 1 of each item in the photos. All these were a limited run in Japan. Head Cover - $100 Each Darth Vader- Sold R2-D2 C3PO Storm Trooper BB8 Towel- $65 Each Pouch- $60 Ball Marker Set- $90 Each Rebel Alliance- Silver Jedi Order- Gold Hats- $90 Each Grey Curved White Flat brim *all prices include shipping.
  8. NEW 2022 EPON AF-TOUR Endo Forged SATIN CBs 4-PW Brand new in plastic build by Reflex Golf. Nippon Modus 115 Stiff 10th Anniversary Limited Run Shafts New release Iomic iX 2.0 Touch Grips D3-D4.5 Swing-weight $2450 ($2100) shipped CONUS NEW in Plastic - Limited EPON PERSONAL 2016 Endo Forged CBs 4-PW. Total Unicorns to find new now. Brand new in plastic with Epon QR code with weight specs on each head Nippon Modus 105 X shafts Golf Pride Mid-size grips $2150 shipped - SOLD EPON AF-305 Endo Forged CBs 5-PW 1 Sim Session, 1 Range Session, and 1 Round Built by Reflex Golf Newly released Mitsubishi Chemical OTi 105 X .370 Raw Effect shafts BB& F Wee Robertson Ferrules Iomic Black Sticky 2.3 Grips D3-D4.5 Swing-weight $1950 ($1450) shipped CONUS NEW VEGA VM-02 Kyoei Forged Irons 4-PW New in Plastic with head weight specs SHIMADA TOUR 122g X(-) Shafts Vega Grips Personal Build directly from PGE Europe $975 ($795) shipped CONUS VEGA MIZAR PLUS Forged CBs 4-PW Excellent condition Limited Run KBS Smoke Finish R Shafts $850 ($625) shipped CONUS **SOLD**VEGA VC-02 Kyoei Forged CBs 4-PW Excellent condition Accra 110i Stiff Black Shafts - Pured Blue Champ Grips $800 ($650) shipped SHAFT SETS - **SOLD** Fujikura PRO 95 Black Stiff - 5-PW - pulled from the Epon AF-305s. Golf Pride Tour Wrap Grips. Perfect and prepped. $175 shipped. **SOLD**Nippon Pro Modus 3 - Tour 115 Stiff - 6 shafts. Pulls from new Mizuno irons. Shafts are 1/2” + short. Bought on BST from WRX’r who stated them to be standard lengths. 33 7/8”, 34 3/8”, 35 1/8”, 35 1/2”, 35 5/8”, 36”. Perfect shape and prepped. $125 shipped. pin 9/16
  9. SOLD Rare like new..set of Miura QPQ TC201/MB101 Combo 4-PW with Nippon 10th Anniversary 115 S Shafts 1/2 inch over and BB&F Co. ferrules custom built by the The Golf Station in Euless, TX These had no Loft & Lie adjustments made and have standard Pure Pro grips. 37 1/2 Inch 7 Iron. Asking $1,800 firm...no trades. I have $3,400 in these but need to move these to help offset unexpected home repair costs. Ship to CONUS only. Let’s get these sold!! Come on you know these are and will look great in your bag. As you know you can't get these anymore from Miura until 2023...if they decide to run another batch of these. pin 7/18
  10. More great items here. My track record is well established. Nice gear here and if it is a fit for you, it is unlikely you will find a better price. PM with questions or offers. Prices include shipping within the lower 48 states. I will send anywhere in the world but for other destinations we’ll just need to work out shipping. PXG Gen4 combo 5-6 0311T, 7-W 0311ST – As mint as mint can be. Have not been taken on a course. Xtreme Dark finish. I ordered these from PXG. The 9 iron and PW are 1 degree strong. Set blends very well. The ST heads are beautiful and very playable. Other than two strengthened lofts, set is standard L/L/L. True Temper Tour Elevate stiff shafts, stock PXG grips. This set with current discounts is just under $1,100 delivered. Buy this beautiful set for $750 shipped. PXG 0211DC 4-G, Mitsubishi MMT 80g graphite shafts. This is the full 8-club set. All standard L/L/L. In nice shape. Light wear and the faces look great. Great price at $350 shipped. Bridgestone Tour B X-CB irons, 4-P plus separate 52 degree wedge. Project X Rifle 6.0 shafts with BB&F ferrules. Grips are standard except for the 52, which has a jumbo grip. These are fantastic irons and are in nice condition. I have two sets of these clubs and am selling the ones with the stiffer shaft. I stick to 5.5 in the Rifle shafts. Another 8-club set. $325 shipped. Bridgestone J15DF irons – 4-PW. I acquired a partial set of these clubs and then filled in with separate buys to complete the set. It is now a full set. All but the 7 iron are shafted with Dynamic Gold Pro s300, which is the stock shaft. The 7 iron has a Steelfiber 95 stiff shaft. These are powerful irons with hollow long irons, but they still have a compact look. One of the more underrated players distance irons out there. Stock grips on five of the clubs. $250 shipped. NOW $200 shipped. Srixon 765/965 combo – 4-8 765, 9-PW- 965. A lot of players love the 765 except for the short irons and this combo takes care of that. These irons have been played but have years of life left and this set comes with an excellent shaft – Project X LZ 5.5 (115g). Ping standard grips on this set. Take them for $275 shipped. SOLD! Ping G400 SFT 10 degree driver w/TWO shafts. Excellent condition and this is a great driver. Playing length is 45 1/4 and I am including two shafts – a Ping Tour 65 stiff and a HZRDUS Yellow 75 6.0. Original headcover included. All yours for $200 shipped. SOLD! Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Notchback putter – Comes with Stability Tour shaft and counter-weighted Super Stroke grip. Plays at 36 inches. Black mist finish. I acquired this in a trade but the flow necks don’t work for me. If you want a Cameron with a Stability shaft for a great price, here it is: SOLD! Honma TW-X 4 iron w/Nippon Modus 120 stiff shaft. New in plastic. Grip still in plastic. Excellent replacement for traditional 4 irons. Harder to find with this shaft. Can’t beat the price on this stick. It still has the retail $175 sticker on it. Buy it for $100 shipped. NOW $75 shipped. Callaway GBB Epic 5 wood with Oban Kiyoshi 75g 04 flex (stiff) shaft – This is the og Epic fairway, which is adjustable. Comes with a premium, fantastic fairway shaft. Standard length. I am pricing this based on the value of the shaft and am essentially throwing in the head. Comes with a generic Callaway head cover. SOLD Cobra F9 adjustable 3-4 wood w/Graphite Design AD-BB 8S shaft – Another premium shaft. This fairway wood performs and sounds great and the shaft is great. Will include a Cobra F8 head cover. Crown looks excellent, light wear on face. See photos. Standard length. Again, the price is really based on the value of the shaft. I have a few of these BBs and really love them, selling one of the extras. SOLD PXG Gen4 combo: PXG 0211 DC Bridgestone Tour B X-CB Bridgestone J15DF Srixon 765/965 Ping SFT 10 degree driver/2 shafts Cameron Notchback w/Stability Tour Honma TW-X 4 iron Callaway Epic 5 wood/Oban Kiyoshi Purple Cobra F9 3-4 wood w/GD AD-BB 8S
  11. Tour department SS3 putter, . $sold Set of Callaway TCB raw/oil can irons heads 4-AW, $sold Miura CB1008 heads, 6-PW very lightly used. $old pin 6/30
  12. 2 Unicorn Head Sets These are the original 1018 forged with artsy style iron #'s (not the mass produced grind models) Forged in Japan and handground by either Jeff or Don at the time These will rust/patina with use EZ1 5i-Pw (9.5/10) Tour Raw 1018 Forged 0.370 SOLD EZ1/AR1 Combos 4i-Pw (9.5/10) Tour Raw 1018 Forged 4,5,6 EZ1 7i-Pw AR1 0.370 SOLD
  13. Mizuno MP 55 (5-PW), with Tour Issue DGS400. If you haven’t read about these, the PW, 9i, 8i are “player’s cb” and then the 7i, 6i, and 5i begin to have a “v-slot cavity” while still retaining the smaller head size and address look of the shorter irons. This creates penetrating flights in the lower irons, progressing higher throughout the set. This are an incredibly solid feeling set of irons; the furthest and most forgiving of the Mizuno Forged irons (according to most sources). Tour Spec has a good review of them here: http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/mizuno-mp-55-yoro-craft-irons/ Standard across the board. $500 takes them.
  14. 3 Japan Only Iron Sets All Purchased In Japan And Very Rare! No Price Gouging Here Took Pics Yesterday Sorry About The 6/24 Date Instead Of 6/25 (mods) #1 Taylormade TP CB (Miura Forged?). They Sure Feel Like It. These are what the new P7MC's are designed from 4i-Pw Dynamic Gold S200 Stiff-Flex Some lead tape still on 5 iron cavity (can easily be removed). Just wanted people to know it's not scuffs/damage SOLD #2 Honma TW-BM Sakata Blades 5i-Pw Stiff-Flex S200 SOLD #3 Nike Vapor Fly Pro's 5i-Pw Stiff-Flex N.S Pro JDM Models (Smoke Chrome) POSSIBLY PENDING
  15. No Trades. Clubs ship USPS priority to the continental US only. All grips are +1/64 oversized. All lengths are ungrpped length on a Mitchell ruler. All specs can be seen in the pictures. 1) Mizuno JPX 921 Tour 4-pw,gw. Shafted with Graphite Design tour AD-DI 95 Stiff Shafts. Clubs have been used for a few range sessions and for 18 holes. Tour velvet 360. $old shipped and PayPal’d conus. 2) Epon AF-505 4-pw,aw. Shafted with aerotech Steelefiber 110 stiff flex Shafts soft stepped once. 4 iron is shafted with a Steelfiber 95 stiff. Clubs show little to no wear. Tour velvet 360. $old shipped and PayPal’d conus. 3) James Patrick JP Premier wedges. Shafted with dynamic gold AMT white s300. $old for the pair shipped and PayPal’d conus.
  16. MIURA PP/CB-501 BLACK BORON, MC-501s (SOLD) and CB-501s (SOLD), VEGA VM-02s (VDC-01s SOLD), FOURTEEN TC606 (SOLD), GRINDWORKS MB-1(SOLD) UNITED PREMIER MB(SOLD), +++ SEVEN 2016 CB (SOLD) and KYOEI KK CBs Selling a few really (but really) nice builds along with a couple of limited production JDM (KYOEI KK, SEVEN CB) sets. Have plenty of additional individual pics that can be DM’d to anyone interested in more specific details. Sets built by Reflex Golf will have Swing Weights that start at roughly D2.5-3 for 4 iron and end at D4-4.5 for PW. All heads have been protected with with head-covers or bubble wrap while boxed. Any heads that were tried on range/simulator/or those used in minimal play were protected by head-covers while in transport or in bag. Prices are Shipped/Insured - CONUS ONLY **SOLD**BRAND NEW - MIURA MC 501 Forged Irons 4-PW (see last pic for build pricing direct from Miura) KBS $Taper Black PVD S+ 120 shafts/5-PW .355 ACCRA ‘Pured’ Black 110i Stiff Shaft - 4 Iron - bought new separately IOMIC Red/Black Moebius Grips 5-PW/Custom Ferrules Custom Red Paint Fill in MC-501 Stamping on 4-PW Built by Reflex Golf Compare at $2800+ for similar build now - plus MC-501s are backordered $1900 - **SOLD** **SOLD**BRAND NEW - MIURA CB 501 Forged Irons 5-PW NIPPON MODUS Matte Black/Red Limited Run 105x Shafts .355 Miura Lamkin UTX Grips Heads bought new from Usher Golf Built by Reflex Golf $1250 - SOLD NEW* - MIURA BLACK BORON PASSING POINT Forged 4/5 Irons Black Boron CB 501 6-PW ACCRA iSeries Eco Green 125X (-) Shafts .355 Custom Ferrules/Green Iomic 2.3 Grips Heads bought new from Usher Golf Built by Reflex Golf *8 iron hit < 12 times on range/sim - with sole and face sides taped $1550 **SOLD ** NEW* GRINDWORKS MB1 Forged - Muscle-back Irons 4-PW MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL MMT Black 105TX Shafts IOMIC Green 2.3 Grips/Custom Ferrules Built by Reflex Golf *7 iron hit <12 times in range/sim -with sole and face sides taped $1150 SOLD **SOLD** NEW* - UNITED (PGE Europe - Kyoei) PC-01 Forged Irons 4-PW SHIMADA VWS-100 (130g) shafts OEM United Grips *Irons are brand new, 2 heads have basically insignificant ‘single spot’ chatter (5, PW) Purchased directly from PGE Europe $450 SOLD NEW in Plastic - VEGA VM-02 Kyoei Forged Irons 4-PW SHIMADA TOUR122g X(-) Shafts .355 Vega Grips Personal Build directly from PGE Europe $1150 **SOLD**AS-New* - VEGA VDC-01 Kyoei Forged Irons 4-PW PRICE DROP SHIMADA PRO 126g Stiff Shafts (Parallel .370) Vega Grips *A few irons were hit during a single range/sim session No chatter, no damage of any kind Purchased ‘as built’ directly from PGE Europe $900 SOLD NEW* KYOEI KK Forged CB Irons ‘sold out’ 4-PW Arakenma Grain Body Texture/Kurozome Black Dye Finish - can rust like a raw iron OBAN Oi ‘TOUR RESERVE’ 108 gram X(-) Shafts ($115-$130 per) IOMIC LTC iX SA Red/White Grips Built by Reflex Golf *7 iron hit <12 times on range/sim with sole and face sides taped $2800 **(SOLD)** 2016 LIMITED EDITION SEVEN GOLF CB Forged Irons 4-PW NIPPON MODUS Black Matte/Red Limited Run 105S Shafts IOMIC Moebius Red Grips/Custom Ferrules Custom Translucent Red Paint Fill 25 Sets Produced - latest release (2021) is >$5K for similar build 8 rounds played in-total - zero rounds/range hits since Modus Black ‘re-build’ by Reflex Golf (originally shafted with Nippon Modus 130s) Irons are undamaged in any way - zero chatter; zero out of groove area ball marks and super minimal groove ball marks on a few iron $2900 SOLD **SOLD**FOURTEEN GOLF TC-606 Forged Irons - 4-AW (8 Irons) MITSUBISHI RAYON Kuro Kage TiNi ‘Low Balance Constant Mass’ 105 Stiff Shafts IOMIC Custom 2.3 Gray/Orange Grips/Custom Ferrules Built by Reflex Golf - $2300 to build 3 Rounds/Range sessions Irons are 99.5% - minimal markings on a couple heads/zero chatter $950 SOLD pin 1/25 pin 2/7 pin 2/15
  17. Many consider these irons to be best ever. Both sets are the Bridgestone TourStage TS-202’s. Endo forged carbon steel that are buttery soft, long and forgiving. 1)Set one is 4-P/S with regular flex graphite shafts and new Super Stroke tx1 midsized grips. The P/S is the V7000….$275 2)Set 2 is 5-PW, regular flex graphite with Bridgestone cord grips…$225 SOLD pin 7/6 pin 7/13
  18. Looking to unload some various wedges and a 4 “utility” iron. Prefer cash, but would be interested in trades for a Ventus hybrid shaft. All prices include shipping and are pretty firm, but open to reasonable offers. First up, some silky smooth feeling Fourteen wedges, -54/10 RM 21 wedge w/KBS C-taper 130x shaft SS x1, no grip. Standard length and lie, 1* strong. Great feeling and performing club, a few scratches on the sole and minor face wear, lots of life left. Asking $50 -60* FH Forged V1 wedge*head only* amazing feeling wedge that spins a ton around the greens. Standard, I believe these play with 12* of bounce, this head is 1* degree strong so specs should be 59/11 with standard lie. Sole does show signs of wear but plenty of lie left in the face. Asking $60 Next up a Cleveland Gap wedge and Callaway Sand Wedge -Cleveland Zipcore 50/10 wedge, mid grind w/DG AMT tour white X100 shaft (no grip). Standard length, lie angle is 1* flat, loft is 1* strong. Club has only been lightly used, sole and face are in great shape (the face pics show some shadow on the face but there is no browning or rust on the face, only light ball marks). Asking $100 -Callaway MD5 Jaws 54/10 wedge, S grind w/DG AMT your white X100 shaft (no grip). Standard length and lie, 1* strong loft. Club has only been used for ~4 rounds and some range balls. Face shows light marking from balls but is otherwise like-new. Asking $110 Lastly, -Cobra F9 Speedback 4i “utility” w/Tour AD IZ 9S hybrid shaft. Shaft is tipped 0.5”, plays like a S+. Standard loft and lie, club plays at 39.25”. Head and face are in great shape, Club has had very minimal use. Asking $old
  19. Well I think I am a serious golfer, but now as serious as quitting golfing. Some of the stuff below I don't really know the value, so I compared mine with eBay or other places, if my price is way off, please let me know. Very picture heavy. Priced in US dollar. *Everything will be shipped from Canada, yes we r the north. Shipping cost included. But duty/tax, if any, will be buyers responsibility. 1. Miura CB 301 (4 to 6) and MC 501 (7 to be) combo, 7 clubs. MCs are bended to fit standard l/l to match CBs, grips are midsize, bbf ferrules, steelfiber i95 shafts, ask for $OLD shipped. 2. Miura MGP-B4 JPM putter, 35inch length, still in plastic wrap, never outside, everything comes original, 1 of 300 limited edition, only found one for sale on eBay in used condition. Ask for $1200 $1150 shipped 3. Miura MGP-M3 JPM Putter, 35 inch length, never on course, only carpet roll, perfect condition, 1 of 300 limited edition, ask for $1000 4. PXG 0311P 5 to p iron set, Mitsubishi mmt 80g stiff shafts, midsize grip, gamed but in mint condition, will ship in original box and will include receipt from PXG, length is 1/4 inch longer, but standard loft and lie, ask for $1400 $1350shipped 5. Mizuno JPX 919 forged 5 to GW with 18' sand and lob wedges, and a free 2 mizuno old iron, the shaft for the set is ust recoil f3 flex, the wedges (2 18') are factory default shafts and 2 iron shaft unknown. For total of 10 irons, shipped and will ship with Mizuno box, will not split the set, sorry. SOLD 6. Honma TR 20 460cc driver with original head cover and tools, comes with two shafts, one is Oban kiyoshi white 6 stiff (04) and Graphite Design DI 6 SR flex, take any one shaft for SOLD shipped, can also sell the shaft alone for a piece 7. Titleist CB 620 4 to pw iron set, dynamic gold 105 s300 stiff shafts, midsize grips, standard l/l/l, SOLD 8. Vega alcor Wedge set, 52/56/60, to be honest, hate to let this set go, they feel so soft, steelfiber i95 stiff shafts, midsize grips, gamed, I am asking $SOLD shipped As you can imagine, I need cash, not really interested in trade. Here come pictures:
  20. All pricing is set to SELL FAST so it’s firm. 1.) RARE 100% milled STX XForm 1 mint Don’t be shy, this putter is WAY cool and made extremely well 33’ SOLD 2.) RARE Oakley Outpace Prizm mint, worn 1x $85.00 shipped 3.) RARE Machine M10 Adjuster 1st Run mint putter tape on sole SOLD XXI0 H4 20* super clean 40’ D3 REAL Fuji Atmos Tour Spec 8s Blue $125.00 shipped 1x PRICE REDUCTION...$105.00 Ping Rapture 40.5 D6 with light Winn grip SOLD Yamaha RMX 17* 5 wood mint burgandy leather Gripmaster 43.25’ D4 $125.00 shipped 1x PRICE DROP...$110.00 first to PayPal gets club, will send via FedEx Ground with tracking. Used clubs in fantastic condition, ALL SALES FINAL. Thanks, BB
  21. First up: MODART R51C - $400 - Just as I was starting to play consistently, boom comes a baby. The baby is amazing, but also means I gotta hang up my bag for a while. Ever since I discovered how much of a better putter I was w center-shafted putters, I have become quite the collector. This MODART R51C putter is so so nice and putts so true. It has a nice weight to it and feels so solid at contact. I never wanted to part ways w this putter, but now I gotta find her a new home. $400 takes it, shipped within CONUS. next up: Yamaha Inpres RMX D2 ladies driver in 9*. - $225 - bought this for my wife right before she got pregnant. Still has the plastic wrapping on it. MSRP of $1000!!!! $250 takes it, shipped within CONUS
  22. Cleaning out some random goodies, will ship out within 24 hours usually as long as i have boxes for everything. Will describe the items the best I can and include pictures to reflect. Feedback was 100% here and on eBay. Will met up in SoCal if that is easier. Thanks. *I love trades so shoot me offers, worst i say is no. I do like cool Iron heads, maybe a Hybrid with an X shaft or just the head, balls, Scotty stuff..etc..... cash is king tho!:) 1) Ping Sigma G Tess : Getting rare to find! 8802/Napa style head is super smooth to put with. 34" , black dot. Would be very comfortable saying this is a 8/10. thing looks nearly new. grip is the original Ping Pistol, shows just a tiny bit or wear. $130 shipped 2) Exotic CBx Hybrid 20* : Aldila 85H-X Shaft, Tour Velvet grip. The club, shaft, and grip are BRAND NEW! I already have this exact club and do not need 2 lol (or do i...) Cant say anything bad about this club, LOVE mine to death! $110 shipped 3) Bridgestone j15 MB 4 iron : True Temper DG shaft. This club is like new, maybe used 3 rounds and a range session. Grip is Tour velvet, like new as well. SUPER clean club and goes a mile but I switched to the CB versions. $75 4) Scotty Shaft : No idea what it came off of, selling as is. Shaft is 34" and still has Super Stroke 3.0 no taper grip with a 50g interchangeable weight in it. Has a Scotty sticker on it, which is in great condition. No peeling. Sorry, do not have any idea where it came from, but I feel someone could use it. $35 shipped to you. 5)Callaway BackPack. New with tags. $40 shipped. Light grey. 6) IX Spa Golf shirt. XL New with tags, never worn. Lime green stripes, 'EGBAR' logo but that is in Green so does not stand out a lot. $25 shipped
  23. SOLD! This set is used to be fancy, but it’s older, and rarely used, just like your wife. Taylormade JDM TP Forged 4-PW with Nippon 120 Stiff. Standard length/lie/loft for you purists. They’re delightful and total hammercocks back in the day when most of you were just nipple sippers trying to get a few more fruit snacks at church. I don’t want any of your trades; they all suck. Even if you’re convinced I’ll think otherwise, I promise, you’re awesome trade still takes it in the two hatch. SOLD $435 shipped or best offer in the US America. SOLD
  24. Miura MB-5005 Miura Giken All standard loft and lies except PW is 46* not 47* (1 degree strong) Shafts are custom blend that I built up myself and work very nicely I build all my irons this way. 4I and 5I are Modus 105S 6I-8I are Modus 120S 9-PW are Modus 125S (Soft stepped) All irons shafts are FLO'ed (better then Spined). BB&F Ferrules (Galactic Series Star Wars Themed) and custom Paint fill. $1500 OBO Also have the 3 Iron head only if interested (brand new $175) $1650 with 3 Iron head OBO All Grips are Golf Pride VDR Logo Down (3 Wraps Low, 2 Wraps Mid ,1 Wrap top to soften taper and promote a larger low hand grip feel very similar to MCC+4) Grips are in great shape less then 10 Rounds (and taken care of).
  25. UPDATE 10-9: Really appreciate all the love , quick sells for the driver and jacket. Now lets get the irons sold, please feel free to message me offers, I'd love to sell them here rather than ebay. Thanks! Like New EPON AF505 Iron Set // $SOLD SHIPPED OR BEST REASONABLE OFFER Set make up: 4,5,6,7,8,PW (MISSING THE 9 iron hence the lower price. Willing to break these up so let me know) Nippon Modus 105 Stiff Standard length loft and lie NO1 standard sized white grip in excellent condition This set was $3200 brand new and sells for around $1500 on ebay. I have heavily discounted this set due to the missing 9 iron so anyone could purchase it via Epon dealer or ebay etc. Like New EPON AF503 Iron Set // $SOLD SHIIPPED OR BEST REASONABLE OFFER 5-PW RH Standard length, loft and lie Very high end upgraded Mitsubishi Rayon OT i85 Regular Flex Shafts // $100 per shaft upgrade NO1 grips NOTE: Excellent condition. Please review the detailed high res photos for exact conditions. This set was $2800+ when purchased new and still go for $1000+ on ebay. This is my back up set I'm selling due to the fact that I just picked up the AF505's so these simply did not get used. Brand new in wrap Titleist 913 D2 Driver Head Only // SOLD SHIPPED OR BEST REASONABLE OFFER 9.5 loft RH New Without Tag Titleist BV Vokey Footjoy FJ HydroLite Waterproof Jacket // SOLD SHIPPED OR BEST REASONABLE OFFER Size Small Footjoy Dryjoy's Hydrolite Mens Small Full Zip Golf Rain Wind Jacket
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