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  1. As title states. Mint to New condition. Prefer head only but any shaft will do. Thanks!
  2. Like everyone else I'm here to share what's in my bag. I want to do a bit more as well by showing off where I'm starting as my 2020 bag isn't fully set, what I'm thinking of changing, my fitting, what I end up with and how it plays/played. I may go through more about myself but that might take away from the whole WITB theme. My 2019 WITB before 2020 fitting: Driver: Ping G410 Plus - 9° - No Hosel Adjustment - Weight in Draw - Ping Tour 60S - GP 360 Tour Velvet Cord Midsize.Fariway: Cobra F7 - 15.5° - Set in Draw - Weight in Back - Tensei 65S - Trimmed tip and butt - MCC+4 MidsizeHybrid: Ping G410 - 19° - Set to Flat - Alta CB 70R - MCC+4 MidsizeIrons: 4i to 7i Srixon 585 - AMT Tour White S300 - 1/2" Length - MCC+4 Midsize8i to PW Srixon 785 - AMT Tour White S300 - 1/2" Length - MCC+4 MidsizeWedges: Forget which shaft, believe it's a Dynamic Gold Stiff, shafts are unbanded. - +1/2" Length - MCC+4 MidsizeCallaway Mack Daddy 3 - 51°Ping Glide Stealth 2.0 - 56°Ping Glide - 60°Ball - Various mostly X models, went back and forth between Srixon Z-Star XV and TP5X.Putter: Edel E-3 - 36" - 150g counter balance (50g in handle, 100g grip) - Flat Cat Tak Standard - Installed sideways for claw grip. What I plan to change:Driver: The head is staying, I love the 410 Plus from the look at address, the sound, how it controls my spin and obviously the forgiveness. I'm looking at changing out the shaft, when I did my fitting last year I did a lot and well dropping extra cash for a shaft wasn't in the cards. Luckily this stock shaft actually fit me quite well so we didn't have to worry much, but I'm going back for a fitting and testing some shafts won't take long. I'm mainly looking for something I can step on the gas more, I don't feel like I can go all out with this shaft when I'm feeling good.What will go in? Well I'll leave it mainly up to my fitter, they know more than me, I just give feedback when swinging. We know the Accra TZ5 and TZ6 are front runners but something else could perform better or the current shaft. There are a few shaft that I do want to try but who knows.Fairway: This club I have a huge love/hate relationship with, some days I can't miss and will use over the driver even if my driver is good then there are days I can hardly hit this thing especially when I need it. I need more consistency with my fairway especially especially on short par 4s and reachable par 5s. The other issue is this thing is a missile, it's low and piercing flight, great off the tee, absolutely useless into greens unless they're super soft.What will go in? I haven't tested much in store as I can't find a head and shaft setup I like so I'll wait until I'm getting fitted. I have looked at a lot at address and really like the look of the SIM, coming in behind is Maverick and ST200 line. But everything the fitter hands me will be tested and this category is the biggest mystery for me in what I'll end up with.Hybrid: Not going to sugar coat it but I don't hit hybrids well, don't like the look of most at address, I also hit my irons way better and further.What will go in? I'm thinking of ditching hybrids, I'm sure I'll test a few but I'm leaning towards a driving/utility iron. I might just go with a hollow body iron like the P790 or Cobra Forged Tech in a 3i. I have enough height with my irons I don't have to worry much about stopping power but it's more for fairway finders on tight holes I can't hit a wood on and other situations where I need to go ~210-220 in the air. I think that's good for now, I'll continue next post with what I might change in my bag, why and what I'm looking at. Obviously I'll answer any questions or anything like that on my bag, why I'm doing what I'm doing with changing certain clubs and all that jazz. Shoot you can ask me almost anything if you want.
  3. Bunch of goodies up for grabs gents! No trade interest at this time. Left-Handed TOUR ISSUE TaylorMade Sim2 9.0 Driver Actual Loft: 9.7 Headweight: 200.3g (without sleeve, add 7g for sleeve). Head has been hot melted neutral. Played D3 for me with mid-70g shaft Headcover/Sleeve: Not Included Notes: COR/CT dot on face, “+” on hosel. Spec sticker included (pictured). Condition: 9/10. Hit 10-15 balls. Price: WAS $600, NOW $495 SHIPPED CONUS ONLY TAYLORMADE 2020 P770/P7MC 3-PW COMBO SET HEADS: 3-4 2020 Model P770/5-PW P7MC SHAFTS: Project X LZ 6.5 LENGTH: +.5” LOFT: Standard LIE: 2 degrees flat GRIPS: 4-PW Lamkin Tour Black Cord 58 Round/ 3 iron is a Lamkin Players Cord (same grip, but with a red alignment line (both pictured side by side). All grips are logo down. NOTES: This is a retail set custom ordered from TM. 770 heads are on back order until mid-March and 7MC are back ordered until mid-December. CONDITION: Only 7 iron and PW show signs of being hit. Used for 2 range sessions. Small ding in the back of the top line of the 7 iron (pictured). Can provide additional photos upon request. PRICE: WAS $1,300, NOW $1,000 SHIPPED CONUS ONLY
  4. For sale is my set of Mizuno JPX 921 SEL. 4-5 iron: JPX 921 Forged 6-GW: JPX 921 Tour Standard L/L/L Shafts: Dynamic Gold 120 (I transitioned to these from the Nippon Modus 120S - they’re very similar) Grips: Golf Pride Z-Cord Condition: Great shape overall. Played approx. 12 rounds with them along with some range time. I took pictures of the 8 iron and GW faces as they have the most wear. The 4-5 irons are excellent condition. Priced to sell at $800 shipped. East Coast add $25. Can ship feasibly ship to CA but need to verify cost. Not interested in trades.
  5. I wanted to take the time and right a review for a small, newer putter maker. I know there are multiple options, most of which have taken a lot of my money, but I decided to switch it up this time. I was on the search for a unique head shape but being left-handed I feel like everyone make the same putter head shapes. I spent more time than I would like to admit hunting for a putter very similar to a TP Mills Fleetwood (which he does not make left-handed). My search lead me to a small one man shop based out of Littleton, Colorado called Legacy Goods (https://www.legacygoods.com/). This putter from Jonathan’s Instagram (Legacygoodsltd) got the wheels turning in my mind. I will be completely honest what I was asking from Jonathan for a putter was a lot. Putter Specs: · 335g Headweight · 69* lie · 2.5* loft · Carbon Steel (Oil dipped/torched) · ¾ Offset · Smooth face · No stamping/no sightline · Move the hosel placement closer to the heel Communication: I emailed Jonathan on 7/09 with every request that I had above and got a reply immediately saying he able to meet all my request. I want this to be very clear Jonathan’s communication, as a small shop, is top notch. I never waited longer than a day to hear back from he…he kept me fully in the loop with small adjustments we need to make. Super super quick turnaround…putter shipped 07/28!! 10/10 Look and Feel: This putter is absolutely everything that I could have asked for. For one all of his putter come in at 350g which to me is heavy. I asked him if it was possible to create a bullet sole to reach my target weight and he pulled it off great…knocked 15grams off easy. I really cannot put into words how happy I am with this putter which feels amazing. I am just going to let the pictures speak for themselves. 9/10 Last thoughts: I want to apologize I am not the best writer/reviewer. My thoughts are you as a consumer have so many options now when it comes to putters. It is hard to narrow your choice down when it seems like there is a new putter making on Instagram every three days. However, I highly highly recommend Legacy Goods as someone to keep in mind or better yet just start the process and order a putter. He was one of the more accommodating people I have had the pleasure of working with. Not to mention his work is top notch. Highly Recommend you check him out and order a putter
  6. This set has been played by me only once, I bought them a week ago. I paid $425 total. They are standard L\L\L. I got them as I waited for my new set to arrive, which they finally did today. So my loss is your gain! Will ship to US Only - $400 shipped for anyone in the US
  7. I have been struggling with an unplayable slice with the driver, even when I let up on my power its still all over. I have filmed myself for the first time and saw how ugly my swing is. I'm new to golf and am looking to get lessons when this season starts but I would like a starting point to work on till i see an instructor. I have been comparing to some pro swings to get an idea but I don't want to get too far down the wrong road. Here are my thoughts and I look forward to yours. Thanks golfwrx - The simulator I've been practicing on shows I often have an open clubface and swing Outside-In, My current swing thoughts are to get my arms back and up on the back swing and to initiate my downswing with my hips/torso. Aside from that im not sure where to even begin. Driver swing ex.mov
  8. Fellow lefties! •Shipping from Canada so please allow sufficient time to reach destination. Always ship expedited which is roughly 6 business days to reach destination **Covid and carrier delays are out of my control** •Prices are in USD $’s and include shipping anywhere in North America •OBRO •No trades unless otherwise stated •Buy with confidence! 100% feedback on golfwrx, EBay (Tanggler) and multiple social media pages Trade List: •Putters, putters and more putters 1. Scotty Cameron Phantom x5.5 $OLD shipped •excellent condition. No dings or nicks on top line or face. Small marks on neck from where Headcover doesn’t protect it •plays right around 34” •was sent to CS for paintfill and shaft label •NO HEADCOVER (was sold separately in another post)
  9. Hello All, Update: I tried selling these before I moved to FL but I ran out of time. I'm back in Socal now for 3 days. I can meet up with any potential buyer around the OC/LA/SD area. Clubs are boxed and ready to go. I have the matching 4 iron at my place in Florida if you're interested in that as well. Price is flexible - reasonable offers will be entertained. Srixon 585 5-PW with Project X LZ 6.5 (x stiff) shafts. Standard L/L/L. These are incredible irons but I've moved on to a set of 785s. These have normal wear and tear on them from about 10-15 rounds and a few grass range sessions. They do show marks from hitting less then ideal balls at the range. Blue/Black MCC Plus4 grips. Asking $400 OBO.
  10. For sale: - Brand New In Wrapper LH Callaway Apex 21 4H and 5H (Heads Only/No Headcovers) - Price is $150 (as of 06/25)/each - If needed, I do have Diamana Blueboard Shafts w/GolfPride MCC Plus4 Grip (orange) that I can throw on at no additional cost - Buyer to pay for shipping and insurance If you need any additional pics, let me know. Let’s make a deal.
  11. 3 really awesome offerings including 2 very prized putters The prices posted are the lowest I will go. I will offer to cover shipping costs and paypal fee's for every offering #1 Lefty Unicorn Scotty Cameron Detour Newport 2 Get Yourself A Spryevo Insert And Make A Black Lefty Buttonback! Lefty inserts ready to ship May 1st from Spryevo Upgraded Black Stealth Finish Original Scotty 35" Shaft+Label Original Scotty Grip Original Scotty Headcover price dropped to 475 #2 Lefty Scotty Cameron Tei3 Newport Prior Restoration In Polymer Finish (I believe bos) Game It Now And Restore It Later Original Titleist 35" Shaft+Label Original Titleist Grip (worn) New $50 Scotty Cameron Headcover I've seen original mint models of these selling over $1200 on the trader pages SOLD #3 Taylormade Tour AD SIM Adjustable Build (NEAR MINT) ✦TM 10.5 SIM Adjustable ✦$700 Build New With The Tour AD IZ-7 Stiff ✦Standard Playing Length ✦Heavy Duty Black USA Stiched Headcover Included only 425
  12. My wife is about a week to 2 weeks from having our first boy, and I realize my plans for these clubs are going to be unrealized with what is on the way! I am hurrying to get this stuff listed so I can ship before he comes ? I try to take the best pictures to show the wear so I am not big into rating things, you be the judge. If you have questions, or want an additional photo, just let me know. PXG Gen 2 Closer 34” Stock Black Shaft. It’s in great shape. The previous owner blacked out the sight line and I liked it. You can remove it if you do not ? $250 Now $225 Shipped USPS Priority *Sold* PXG Mustang Gen 2 34” Stock Grip and Shaft $250 Shipped Priority *Sold* PXG 0311T GEN 2 4-PW W KBS $Taper Lite Stiff. The shafts were aftermarket and purchased new from a KBS authorized distributor for $50 per shaft and installed by a professional club builder. They were built to standard LLL. $1000 *Sold* PXG 0311P Irons 4-6, 8-P With Dynamic Gold 105 R300. Purchased thinking I would combo them perhaps with the 0311T’s. I am ok selling these in their set make up as 4-6 or 8-PW if someone else is also purchasing the other set $600 Shipped for the whole set Priority. *Heads are Sold* Saybien Rangefinder with Slope and vibration lock. It charges via USB. I used it all season and charged it 1 time. It has a great battery. It will include a Generic Case $ 110 now $90 Shipped Priority Shot Scope Watch V3 with GPS and Shot Tracking, Used 1 Time. Works Flawlessly. $140 *Sold* Srixon F85 5 Wood $60 Shipped Priority *Sold* TaylorMade Tour Issue UDi Standard LLL $120 Shipped Priority *Sold* Mizuno MP-20 SEL 3 Driving Iron Standard LLL $160 *Sold*
  13. Hi guys new to the forum but came here looking for some opinions. I currently game Adams a12 pro irons in a kbs stiff shaft and can clip my 8 iron about 145-150 carry but I want to get some Srixon 785/585s and the seller has them in a modus 3 120 X shaft and I’ve heard they play almost as soft as a stiff and I’m just wondering if anyone has any experience with these shafts. I really love the Look of the irons but don’t wanna sacrifice my game by jumping into shafts that are too stiff. I’m also an 8.6 handicap and play stiff shafts in my all of my other clubs
  14. For Sale: LH SIM 10.5* with Ventus Black 6X tipped 1/2”. 45 1/2”. Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT. Headcover included and club is nearly perfect. Light wear on sole. Paint is flawless. $500 LH Mavrik 3 wood head only. No marks or dings. Paint is perfect. Headcover included. $150 ebay handle is bg-chad1
  15. Set of LH Cleveland CBX2 wedges, custom-ordered. Relatively new, played only 2-3 times. Grooves are in great shape. 50/11, 54/12, 58/10. KBS Tour 90 stiff shafts. New Lamkin grips. Specs: 1/2" short, 2 degrees flat. 50* wedge SOLD! $80 per club or $150 for the remaining 2 wedges. NO TRADES, PLEASE.
  16. Ping TiSi Tec 12* strong 3 wood - asking SOLD LS3 hosel code: which is left-handed, std lie, square Playing length is ~43.5" (maybe slightly shorter) Shaft: Ping TFC 169F Tour Stiff GP Tour Wrap Jumbo grip (I may have a midsize or std to replace with at asking price) Excellent shape. Very clean overall, especially the crown. Face has the most wear. This is a tough one to part with, but it has not seen the light of day for quite a while. With that, I'm hoping someone get some use out of it! The current shaft was installed by Ping after it was sent to them by my local shop. The hosel came slightly loose on a shaft I was playing in it and Ping wouldn't re-install it. They chose to put this the TFC 169F tour which I believe is from the G20 line. I once had specs from Ping on the shaft, but can't track them down. What I'm remembering is it was mid-range in terms of torque and low-mid launch/spin and maybe in the 70g range Reply/message w/ any questions
  17. Today I have a Taylormade M6 (9 Degrees) with a Matrix Limited Edition 7x Black Tie shaft. It's in very good condition as can be seen in the pictures. If you have any Questions feel free to shoot me a message or make me an offer. Looking for *SOLD* Does not come with the M6 headcover but will be protected during shipping in another headcover.
  18. Ping IE1 iron set. 4-PW, black dot lie angle, 1/2" longer than standard. Modus 105 Stiff flex shafts. Very nice Ping gold grips. Clubfaces have minor ballmarking,scratches. I was told the lofts are one degree strong, cannot confirm that. CONUS only. Trade interests... iron sets...G30,G400, G410 yellow or green dot, CFS Stiff,AWT 2.0 Stiff, or heads only also.
  19. I'm selling two fairway woods that are barely used. I'm splitting the components up just to accommodate whichever set-up is preferable. All prices include ConUS shipping. Tracking will be provided. First club head to be sold will include a matching 915F head cover (I only have 1). I'm open to offers and I'll listen to trades. Bundles are always available for discount. Thanks! Full Club: $OLD Club Heads: Titleist 915F 3+ (13.5*) $OLD Titelist 915F 5 (18*) $OLD Fairway Shafts (OEM Titleist with original adapters): Diamana S+ Ltd (w/Dialead) 70g Stiff $OLD Diamana S+ 70g Regular $OLD Hybrid Shaft (OEM Titliest with original adapter): Diamana S+ 70g Regular $35
  20. Fellow Lefties! •Shipping from Canada so please allow sufficient time to reach destination. I always ship expedited. Roughly 7 business days for delivery *Covid/Postal Delays are out of my control* •Feedback speaks for itself •Prices are in USD $’s and include shipping anywhere in North America •No trades unless otherwise noted 1. 2021 Cobra RadSpeed Driver. $380 shipped OBRO •HEAD ONLY. Have multiple shafts if interested for extra $& •Brand new in plastic •9* (Have the XB and Draw version as well) Thank you! ️
  21. Added Bettinardi and Spider X. Here we go again, It's time to move some Taylormade and Callaway gear. Items are priced to SELL!!! I've switched back to a full bag of PXGs. 1. Bettinardi Queen B #6 with Bettinardi Jumbo grip. I bought this about a month ago on here and I just can't adjust to the grip, and I don't think installing another one would do this club justice, I'd rate it 9.5/10. Plays 34.5" $290 Shipped CONUS, not looking for trades for it. CANADA will pay actual shipping costs. 2. SOLD Taylormade Spider X Navy Blue. Spider Super Stroke 2.0 grip, plays 34". Only blemish is a small paint chip in white alignment area where it meets the face. It isn't visible to me at address, see pictures. Shipped CONUS 3. SIM MAX D Driver, 10.5* with upgraded Fujikura PRO 2.0 6S shaft, stock length, original Golf Pride MCC grip included. I am looking for the headcover and will update the listing if I find it, for now headcover is not included. $315 $290 Shipped CONUS 4. SOLD SIM 3 wood, 15* with upgraded Fujikura PRO 2.0 6S shaft, stock length, original Golf Pride MCC grip included with headcover Shipped CONUS 5. SIM 4 Hybrid 22* with upgraded Fujikura PRO 2.0 7S shaft, Golf Pride Control Core Midsize grip, stock length with headcover $160 $140 Shipped CONUS $250 Shipped CONUS for both 6. SIM 5 Hybrid 25* with upgraded Fujikura PRO 2.0 7S shaft, Golf Pride Control Core Midsize grip, stock length with headcover $160 $140 Shipped CONUS 7. TRUSS TM2 putter, 34" Center shafted model with TM Spider midsize grip and matching headcover. $150 $140 Shipped CONUS 3. SOLD Callaway Apex PRO Forged 19s, 4-AW Project X 6.0, 1* upright, stock length and loft, Golf Pride MCC Align grips. I have played these since December and they are in great shape. $600 Shipped CONUS 4. SOLD SIM 3 Hybrid 19* with upgraded Fujikura PRO 2.0 7S shaft, Golf Pride Control Core Midsize grip, stock length with headcover 8. SOLD TRUSS TB1 putter, 34" with Super Stroke TOUR 2.0 grip and matching headcover. $150 Shipped CONUS I'm not currently considering trades, but I have a weak spot for high end putters. Will consider shipping to Canada, but buyer will pay actual shipping costs. pin 2/24
  22. Some odds and ends to free space for more toys and projects. Not really interested in any trades but feel free to send me a message if you've got something cool. I think that the prices are fair but if you feel like I'm way off, shoot me a message. All prices are shipped to lower 48. Pictures should show the condition accurately but let me know if you have questions. Titleist 716 CB/MB +2 extras Currently shafted set is 4-PW - 4 & 5 are 716 CB, 7-PW are 716 MB. Also have the MB 3-iron (haven't played it in a while) still shafted to match. Additionally, I have the matching 4-5 MB head only. Confusing but it was 3-PW MB and I added the 4-5 CB and mixed the set. These are +1/4" and 2* up with Nippon MODUS 125-X (off the Tour van if you care) and Tour Velvet .58 ribbed. You can see the added lead tape for swingweight to bring them up to D3-D4 but that can easily be removed. SOLD! Titleist 714CB 2-PW with Project X (satin) 6.5 and Lamkin Fullcord ribbed grips. Specs are +1/2" and 2* up. The outlier is the 8-iron that magically snapped after a shank before I realized that I couldn't find a replacement shaft anymore so it has a X-100. SOLD! Adams Idea Pro 23* with a Nippon MODUS 125-S and Decade ALIGN. Standard specs. $60 Taylormade M1 15* Standard specs - 15* with Diamana 'ahina 60-X and Decade ALIGN. There's a high spot towards the toe where I made a bad swing on a sandy range. $75
  23. Two items up for grabs today. As usual, will ship USPS priority. First: PXG 0311T 5 - PW (note: the 9 irons is Gen2 all others are Gen1). Shafts are Modus Tour 105 stiff. Standard length, loft, and lie. Irons have seen 9 holes and a brief range session. Just moving in a different direction. Price: $699 OBO Second: 355G stainless steel Byron Morgan DH89, deep milled. 34.25” length, 69* lie and 3* of loft. Putter was originally brushed blue. Over time, patina has cause the blue oil to darken. Price: SOLD
  24. Lefties, *** All that’s left is the Project X Handcrafted HZRDUS Yellow. Who wants it? Let’s make a deal *** I have a set of Apex CF19 Irons 5-PW, AW for sale. These have been well taken care of and are in MINT condition. Shaft: Project X LZ 105 6.0 Length: +1/2” Lie: Standard Grips: GolfPride MCC Plus4 Blue (Std) Price of $650 $600 SOLD Or Best Reasonable Offer (OBRO) plus shipping and Insurance is based on the CPO and PGA Value Guide Resale Value (Low: $633, Mid: $744, and High: $856). https://valueguide.pga.com/library/35323/iron-set/callaway/apex-19/?s=2 I also have three LH Callaway tipped Driver shafts. All have a playing length of 45", GolfPride Plus4 Grips, and were purchased directly from Callaway. Shafts are in mint condition, no shaft burn, scratches or any damage. Same with the tips. AD DI-6 Stiff Price is $175 OBRO plus shipping and insurance SOLD AD TP-6 Stiff Price is $175 OBRO plus shipping and insurance SOLD Project X HZRDUS Yellow Handcrafted Price is $200 OBRO plus shipping and insurance While I have not been active on GolfWRX recently, please check my feedback. Thanks!!!
  25. Selling my custom built left-handed Titleist 716CB irons, 4-PW with Project X 5.5 steel shafts. All clubs are in very good condition with almost new Golf Pride MCC+ blue grips. Only bag chatter wear, no gashes or rust. Length = 1/4" long (ie. 5-iron = 38.25") Lofts = 2 degrees strong (7-iron = 33 degrees) Lies = standard Lofts and lies may be adjusted per request. SOLD
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