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  1. Clearing out part of the putter collection. All items priced with included UPS ground shipping and PP G&S. Thanks for looking! EVNROLL custom Hatchback ER5v - blackout Top line, plumber neck, tourtac grip 35in New carpet rolled $475 Scotty Cameron Triple Black Phantom 9.5 35 in New $1000 Scotty Cameron Jet Set Newport 2+ 35in New $850 Scotty Red Hot Roller Headcover Mid mallet used $old Scotty 2013 10th Anniversary Edition Mid mallet New $old All reasonable offers welcome
  2. This is the "I need money" to help fund a home remodel sale. No trades. First to pay gets it. 1. This is a rare 1 of 30 2022 Buck Club "Coca Cola" special headcover. Only given out to TBC's top spending members. New and sealed in the bag. $250 shipped. 2. Ventus Velocore Blue TR 6S shaft with a Titleist tip and a Golfpride Multicompound built up to midsize. This was used for 9 holes in my Titleist TSR Driver. Basically new. Plays to standard length in the new TSR drivers and no tipping. $275 shipped. 3. New sealed The Buck Club "Golden Bear" blade headcover. $150 shipped. 4. New sealed Hatch Golf "Ice Man" Top Gun Fairway Headcover: $185 shipped. 5. New sealed Hatch Golf "Ice Man" Top Gun Blade Putter Headcover: $185 shipped. 6. New Scotty Cameron Halloween Jason Headcover (sealed): $185 shipped. 7. New Scotty Cameron Japan M&G Member only wasabi warrior putter headcover: $400 shipped. 8. New Bettinardi Fairway Monopoly "300" headcover: $200 shipped 9. New Bettinardi Hybrid Monopoly "500" headcover: $200 shipped. 10. Gently Used Callaway Rogue Max LS Driver 10.5 CUSTOM shop head. This thing was used for about a dozen rounds. It was a custom shop order and is done in blue/silver/etc. It is a 10.5* loft. No blemishes other than the usual wear on the bottom. Pictures show the condition. $450 shipped for the head only.
  3. Absolutely no trades. CONUS only. UPS ground shipping paid by seller. Logan Olson Putters Logan Olson early Classic - solid copper, black headcover, black grip - $1600 Logan Olson Classic 350gms Prototype - gray headcover with red lining, brown grip - $800 Bettinardi Putters Bettinardi Tour Studio Tour B Prototype, carbon with silver PVD finish, tour stock custom headcover - $800 Bettinardi Tour Issue C05 for Mizuno - COA, refinished at Bettinardi, bullet sole, hand stamped, stock black hex headcover 34.5” - $1000 Mizuno Bettinardi C05 - refinished and welded center shaft by Ray Pennington at East Coast Custom Putters, rainbow PVD, matching headcover, blacked out BGT stability shaft - $450 Brand New Bettinardi Inovai 7.0 Center Shaft, 35" - $250 Byron Morgan Byron Morgan 008x - solid copper, neck refinished by Josey Sandy of Mackmade Putters - $750 Byron Morgan 007 - Carbon - $550 Byron Morgan 007 with sound slot/beached for Tour G Golf - Long neck by Lamont Mann of Mannkrafted Putters, nickel plate by Embrace Putters - $550 TM Spider Center Shaft New 34" TM Spider SX-74, limited release center shafted putter - $250 pin 11/23
  4. I've got renovation costs that need to be paid. ONLY trade offer is for a 4-6 (or 4-5) 545 irons (or heads). First to pay gets the item. Thanks for looking! 1. This is a BRAND NEW "pre-release" Scotty Cameron Monoblok 6.5 putter. It is 35" with grip still in plastic and will come in its original Scotty Cameron Bag. Only taken out for photos. It has not touched a ball or anything else for that matter. $1250 $1050 $950 shipped to your door. 2. This is a gently used Ventus Blue Velocore TR 6x Driver shaft. It was build by JDS Clubs. It has a Callaway adapter and plays to standard length (45.75"). It was used for about 2 months before I switched setups. This shaft is in excellent condition. $OLD 3-8. The Buck Club Top Gun themed headcovers (Top Gun "Maverick" to be exact). All are new (Maverick is already sold). Indicate which you want (pricing on each headcover below): a) Payback ($185) $175 b) Fanboy ($185) $175 c) Phoenix ($185) $175 d) Rooster ($200) $190 e) Hangman ($190) $180 f) BOB ($185) $175 9. New in Bag Hatch Golf "Ice Man" Fairway Headcover: $200 $185 shipped 10. New in Bag Hatch Golf "Ice Man" Putter Headcover: $200 $185 shipped pin 10/10
  5. For sale I have a limited edition (1/300) Scotty Cameron 2015 Masters Edition Putter, purchased directly from Berckman's Place at the 2015 Masters, commemorating Jordan Speith's first Major. The putter is brand new, has never touched a golf ball and removed from the packaging only for photos and immediately replaced. I expect this putter to only rise in value as the years go by and hoped to hold it forever, but unfortunately need to part with it for now. This is a special putter to me, and am looking for $3,500 shipped (very carefully!) or picked up in the South Florida area, but would listen to reasonable offers. Haven't seen another available, fwiw. Happy to answer any questions
  6. Cleaning up some garage items: Can ship items right away UPS or USPS. Reach out with any questions. Thanks for looking! 1.) TaylorMade Stealth + 9.0 Head = $350 Brand New in plastic = SOLD 2.) Ping G425 LST with PING TOUR 65 Stiff flex shaft. - $325.00 Ordered from PING at -3/4 inch short to play at 45 inches only hit 20 balls on the range. Like New condition SOLD 3.) TaylorMade SIM DHY 3 iron - $125.00 Graphite Design DI - 85 Stiff flex shaft Golf Pride Z cord Midsize grip Std Length 1 degree flat ordered directly from TaylorMade. SOLD 4.) TaylorMade #3 Stealth Plus Hybrid- 19.5 degree -$150 Built on TaylorMade Tour Van HOTMELT in TOE of the clubhead to reduce draw bias Nippon MODUS 3 - GOST Hybrid Shaft Stiff Flex Std Length Golf Pride MCC Teams - Grey/Red Grip Standard Size HEADCOVER included = SOLD 5.) Ventus - Black Velocore- 6 Stiff Shaft - $200 Plays 45 inches in TM driver Pured by Cool Clubs Golf Pride Z Cord Midsize grip - Brand New Great way to try out Ventus Black. Purchased on here from another GolfWrxr - SOLD 6.) Ventus Blue Velocore - 6 Stiff Flex driver shaft - $200 PING TIP Plays 45 inches in PING Driver No Tipping Golf Pride Z Cord Align Midsize Grip SOLD 7.) Ventus Red Velocore - 6 Stiff - Driver Shaft - $200 TaylorMade Tip Came directly from TaylorMade Golf Pride Align MCC Midsize Black/Grey grip Plays 45.25 inches in TM Driver No Tipping = SOLD 8.) Graphite Design - BB-6 Stiff Flex shaft - $125.00 TaylorMade Tip Plays 45 inches in TM driver TM stock grip This is an older shaft I have had for a couple years but never played it. SOLD 9.) TOUR ISSUE KIA MA - DAYTONA Putter - $150.00 35 inches Long 100% milled No insert Lamkin Deep Etch Grip Cool Tour Issue putter of TM trying some all milled versions - DEAL PENDING = SOLD 10.) KIA MA Daytona - BLACK - $125.00 Great condition 34 inches Superstroke Flatso 2.0 Grip - little older grip
  7. NEW 2022 EPON AF-TOUR Endo Forged SATIN CBs 4-PW Brand new in plastic build by Reflex Golf. Nippon Modus 115 Stiff 10th Anniversary Limited Run Shafts New release Iomic iX 2.0 Touch Grips D3-D4.5 Swing-weight $2450 ($2000) shipped NEW in Plastic - Limited EPON PERSONAL 2016 Endo Forged CBs 4-PW. Total Unicorns to find new now. Brand new in plastic with Epon QR code with weight specs on each head Nippon Modus 105 X shafts Golf Pride Mid-size grips $2150 shipped - SOLD EPON AF-305 Endo Forged CBs 5-PW 1 Sim Session, 1 Range Session, and 1 Round Built by Reflex Golf Newly released Mitsubishi Chemical OTi 105 X .370 Raw Effect shafts BB& F Wee Robertson Ferrules Iomic Black Sticky 2.3 Grips D3-D4.5 Swing-weight $1950 ($1450) shipped NEW VEGA VM-02 Kyoei Forged Irons 4-PW New in Plastic with head weight specs SHIMADA TOUR 122g X(-) Shafts Vega Grips Personal Build directly from PGE Europe $975 ($795) shipped VEGA MIZAR PLUS Forged CBs 4-PW Excellent condition Limited Run KBS Smoke Finish R Shafts $850 ($625) shipped **SOLD**VEGA VC-02 Kyoei Forged CBs 4-PW Excellent condition Accra 110i Stiff Black Shafts - Pured Blue Champ Grips $800 ($650) shipped SHAFT SETS - **SOLD** Fujikura PRO 95 Black Stiff - 5-PW - pulled from the Epon AF-305s. Golf Pride Tour Wrap Grips. Perfect and prepped. $175 shipped. **SOLD**Nippon Pro Modus 3 - Tour 115 Stiff - 6 shafts. Pulls from new Mizuno irons. Shafts are 1/2” + short. Bought on BST from WRX’r who stated them to be standard lengths. 33 7/8”, 34 3/8”, 35 1/8”, 35 1/2”, 35 5/8”, 36”. Perfect shape and prepped. $125 shipped. pin 9/16
  8. More random stuff for sale. Only trade interests would be a white Betti Monopoly Fairway cover, Bettinardi Dr/FW video game wood set, Bettinardi Transfusion Vessel Bag, or maybe a set of Srixon combo Irons with Nippon 120 S shafts +1/2". (As to the Jet Setter, please see below regarding a trade). Other than that, cash is king. First come first served! Help me pay for my trip back to the Midwest for my member/guest tournament in a couple of weeks. 1. NEW Patrick Gibbons/American Flatsticks "Chewbacca" Mallet Headcover. $165 Shipped 2. NEW The Buck Club "Tiffany Bow" Blade Headcover: $150 shipped 3. NEW The Buck Club "Tiki" Blade Headcover: $160 shipped 4. NEW The Buck Club "Pirate Treasure Map" Blade Headcover: $175 shipped 5. New Swag "Thing 5.0" sealed in bag Blade Headcover: $200 shipped 6. New Swag "Thriller 2.0" sealed in bag Mallet Headcover: $OLD 7. NEW in the bag Scotty Cameron Black Speed Shop Engine Headcover: $155 shipped 8. NEW in the bag Scotty Cameron Blue Speed Shop Engine Headcover: $155 shipped 9. NEW in the bag Scotty Cameron 2020 halloween "Horrors & Hazards" Putter Headcover: $210 shipped 10. NEW grip in Plastic Scotty Cameron 2022 Special Edition "Jet Setter" Newport 35" blade putter. Really hoping to make a trade for a 34" Newport in same condition. Since I need a price, $1100 shipped to your door.
  9. I have a 2022 Bettinardi Inovai 8.0 limited run blackout armlock putter for sale (no trades). $sold obo shipped to your door. It’s 41” long and in great shape. Blackout head cover included.
  10. Four putters, a rangefinder and set of senior irons for sale today. Price includes shipping to WOM. EOM add $10. Taylormade Ghost Spider S, excellent condition, 37", flowneck. $old TaylorMade Spider Ltd Itsy Bitsy Black, mint, 34", SS Mid Slim 2.0, flowneck $old Odyssey Exo Two-Ball Ltd Gold/Black, mint never been gamed just rolled on carpet, 35" $250 - keeping Odyssey White Hot XG Marxman, mint, GP Tour Snsr grip, 33" $old Bushnell Tour V4 slope edition rangefinder, with blue cover Patriot pack, excellent condition. Box, instruction, everything is included. $OLD Cobra Amp Cell Iron Set (5-SW), Senior Flex Graphite (53g, low kick, mid torque), mint condition; pictures in next post. $OLD
  11. Muira TC 201 - Black Iron set for Sale 4 to PW 37 inches long 7 iron - Standard Length 1 degree flat lie angle - 1 degree flat BB&F ferrules - Black/White MINT Condition. See pics attached. KBS $ Taper Shafts in Stiff Flex Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Midsize Grips Professionally built and swing weighted by The Golf Ranch, Georgetown TX. I did not apply the shaft labels onto them to keep the shafts all black. Price = $1500.00 Firm. Minor wear marks on PW and 8 iron as you can see in the pictures below. Sweet irons and love the all black look. Just not forgiving enough for the amount of golf I am playing right now. Reach out with questions and thanks for looking!
  12. Scotty Cameron Serape Noche Stand Bag Brand New Rain Cover Included $1500.00 Scotty Cameron H17 Jet Black Putter 34” Brand New $1500.00 Scotty Cameron ButtonBack CC 34” Mint Condition Club Cameron HC SuperStroke Grip $1000.00 Mallet Putters get my attention for trade bait
  13. Got some absolute beauties here. Shipping from Philly. Continental US ONLY. Price INCLUDES SHIPPING for east of Mississippi River. Add $10 for west of it. Paypal is [email protected] DM for information or to inquire. Scotty Cameron H21 Limited Release $old. Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11.5 $old Artisan 55 wedge $250 200 OBO Great wedge that was sent back to Artisan to be refinished. 36.25" with modus 115 wedge in it and BBF Co ferrule. Had DF stamped on it. Can't remember the grind or finish but could look up through Artisan if needed. Tried to get as good of pictures of both for you. Since the face was refinished by them, it the equivalent of BRAND NEW! National Custom Works 52 degree Wedge $old Taylormade Hi Toe 60.10 wedge $115 100 OBO Used for 2 rounds and minimal practice. 36" w stock shaft/grip. Just not for me. Titleist 915 H 2 HYB $50 OBO Has old 80 S blue board in it. Great club but is collecting dust. No head cover. DM for question or to inquire
  14. Really didn’t want to move this but I’m just not playing and need to thin the herd a bit. Brand new, hasn’t touched a ball. 35”, TD Pistol grip, headcover, COA, ball marker, tool, and stickers. $1400 obo shipped and PayPaled or Venmo.
  15. FS/FT: Got a couple of items for sale today shipping included in lower 48. Trades: cobra tipped driver shafts in S/X, 4-pw iron shafts 1/4-1/2 over standard or unique putters surprise me. 1st: Cobra LTD X limited edition 9* head in perfect shape has cobra headcover just didn’t beat out my LTD XLS. $old 2nd: TM 300 mini driver 11.5* head/ headcover, like the Original one better in great shape. $OLD heading to AZ 3rd: Ping PLD Prime Tyne 4 35’’ with headcover. $375 shipped 4th: Bellum Winnemore 34’’ in great shape with TP headcover $225shipped
  16. More goodies up for sale. First to pay gets them. Ask any questions you might have. Thanks for looking! 1. First up is an almost brand new set of custom made Mizuno Irons. This is a combo set consisting of 4-6 Mizuno Pro 225 irons and 7-PW of the Mizuno Pro 223 Irons. These are 1/2" long and 1* upright. They were custom built with BBF&CO ferrules (you can't get this color at the moment) as well as Midsize Golfpride Multicompound Team Grips to match. They are shafted up with the new Nippon Modus 3 115 Stiff shafts. These are taking months to build. I played two rounds with them. Zero range time. They are in excellent condition. I'm just sticking with my old clubs as I'm not playing enough right now to justify these in the bag. $OLD 2. New Bettinardi "Mighty Betti Bro" Tour Punchout Headcover. $325 $300 shipped 3. New Bettinardi "Stinger Bee" Tour Punchout Headcover: $375 $350 shipped 4. New Bettinardi "Pissed off Keiji" Tour Punchout Headcover: $350 $325 shipped 5. New Bettinardi "Mashup" Tour Headcover: $325 $300 shipped 6. New Adidas x Vice Neon Green Golf Shoe size 13: $200 $185 shipped 7. New Adidas x Vice Solar Red Golf Shoe size 12.5: $200 $185 shipped 8. New Kraken Copper Masters/Tiger Green Jacket Ball marker: $165 $150 shipped 9. New Jordan ADG4 Size 13 Sold Out Blue/White Golf Shoes: $OLD 10. New Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NXT% Masters Release Size 14: $275 $245 shipped pin 5/18
  17. Had to order my Titleist T100's with the regular KBS Tour Stiff shafts to receive them quick. I then put my Tour Lite's in as soon as I took delivery. I removed them, cut ferrules, took out tip weights and ran the epoxy down on the shaft sander. They are ready to install!! Since I got my Lite's at PUD pricing I will sell these for that price. They came to me in standard Titleist length, in .355" Tip (see 7iron raw measurement) $120 Shipped to ContUS add 3% to Paypal G&S _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Scotty is SOLD!!! Making room in the collection for a Circle T Only 1500 of these made and they are a thing of beauty, I really don't want to part ways with it but it's time to add to the collection! This putter was never gamed, shows no signs of wear and it is impeccable shape! Standard length, loft, lie. Comes with limited h21 headcover as well and its original bag! Asking $1,600 shipped to the cont. us... would also consider a circle T trade with cash on top. pin 4/19
  18. Set of TM 790 irons, two wedge sets and a single lob wedge. looking to sell as sets. if i dont have any interests after a few days, ill consider breaking up wedge sets. tons of life left in grooves ( i keep them clean and sharpe) Prices include shipping CONUS Paypal: [email protected] If you want some more pictures, let me know. easier for me to text, include cell # and ill reply faster. OG 2017 Taylor Made 790's-4-PW-0.5 inch long, 2degrees up/standard loft- tour issued x100's, brand new MCC+4 align grips, custom paint fill (GO BLUE) Plenty of golf left in these bad boys- these irons are long! $650 shipped--> BUMP $600 SM6 Vokey wedge flex shafts- midsize tour velvet grips- custom paintfil (GO BLUE!) 50-10S 56-08F 62-08M Set: $160 shipped -->Bump $150 SM7 RAW (rust) with black Onyx Tour issues S-400 shafts and midsize tour velvet plus 4 grips. Custom engraving 50-08F- "dart boy" 54--10S-"55" one degree strong- plays 54 degrees 60--04L "2mchspn" Set: $SOLD$ 60-06K WedgeWorks with KBS S-taper 125 and custom red ferrule with midsize tour velvet. This club has only been used around the house chipping balls. great shape. super soft. $SOLD$
  19. Random stuff for sale. All shipped USPS priority mail. Ask any questions you may have. Thanks for looking. 1. NIB Scotty Cameron "Couch Potato" Boise Release. $130 shipped 2. NEW limited/special edition Chick-Fil-A styled The Buck Club Headcover. These were given to the top spenders of 2021. About 30 of them out there. $300 shipped 3. NEW Golfer's Journal Black and White broken tee blade headcover. $100 shipped 4. NEW The Buck Club "Fishing" headcover. $OLD 5. NEW Patrick Gibbons Handmade "Cow" Woods headcover set (Dr/Fw/Hy): $350 for the set shipped 6. NEW Patrick Gibbons Handmade "Here Birdie Birdie" blade headcover (I believe 1 of 30): $160 shipped 7. NEW The Buck Club Austin Powers Velvet Blade headcover: $125 shipped 8. NEW The Buck Club "Tiffany Bow" Headcover: $135 shipped
  20. Selling my brothers set of Honma’s irons 4-10 TW747V please note The 4 iron is a TW737P and the 3 iron is a TW-X driving iron (his own combo set) 4-10 has the kbs tour c-taper 130X 3 iron has a kbs tour c taper limited x . Clubs are like new see pics $sold for Honma set 3-10
  21. Let's try this again...relisting original post from back in November. I received some interest but the TW irons are still available. Taylormade 2019 Masters Champion Commemorative P7TW Irons & Autograph. *SECURITY SEAL UNBROKEN* box has not been opened, the security seal is intact and the irons have not been touched since TaylorMade packaged them up. LIMITED EDITION - 1 of only 81 commemorative irons. Iron number on hosel reads 40/81 (see photo on box) Price is set at $old to the continental U.S. Box contains - P7TW Irons built to Tiger’s exact specifications (with Master’s specific additions like the green and gold dynamic gold shaft label, green Taylormade logo) - Hand-signed autographed photo from Tiger Woods himself and a letter Description below via: https://www.taylormadegolf.com/tiger-woods-sweepstakes.html?lang=en_US “Everyone remembers where they were. As golfers, we all shared in the moment as Tiger claimed his 15th major championship in Augusta. Now we’re giving you an opportunity to relive that moment and capture a piece of history for yourself with the commemorative P•7TW irons. In honor of his 81st career victory, there will only be 81 of the sets in the world and each one uniquely stamped to signal its rarity (i.e. 1 of 81). Co-designed by Tiger Woods and TaylorMade, these irons are defined by a craftsmanship that meets the demands of one of the game’s greatest ball strikers. Also, included within the limited-edition box is a hand-signed photo from Tiger.”
  22. Mizuno MP 55 (5-PW), with Tour Issue DGS400. If you haven’t read about these, the PW, 9i, 8i are “player’s cb” and then the 7i, 6i, and 5i begin to have a “v-slot cavity” while still retaining the smaller head size and address look of the shorter irons. This creates penetrating flights in the lower irons, progressing higher throughout the set. This are an incredibly solid feeling set of irons; the furthest and most forgiving of the Mizuno Forged irons (according to most sources). Tour Spec has a good review of them here: http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/mizuno-mp-55-yoro-craft-irons/ Standard across the board. $500 takes them.
  23. Clearing some extras today. Items will ship via USPS Priority. Feel free to make offers - not interested in any trades. 1st - The Buck Club Sneakerhead blade putter cover. Asking - Sold 2nd - The Buck Club Slow Players headcover in black and tiffany. Removed from packaging and on the putter rack briefly. Asking $125
  24. FOR SALE (No Trades Needed) Limited Release Scotty Cameron Teryllium T22 Fastback 1.5 Putter 34" Original Pistolini Plus Grip Original Headcover Right Handed Condition is used but is in excellent shape SOLD Shipped to the CONUS - PayPal Brand New Mizuno CLK 4 (22°) Hybrid Loft: 22° - Adjustable from 20° - 24° Length: Standard Lie: Standard Shaft: Tensei CK Pro Red 70HY - Regular Flex Grip: Golf Pride MCC - White/Black Dexterity: Right Handed Headcover and torque wrench included. This club retails everywhere for $249.99. SOLD - Shipped to the CONUS - PayPal FROM THE MANUFACTURER: New Dual Wave sole design pulls the sweet spot deeper to give you more control from all types of lies Harmonic Impact Technology is a fine-tuned head geometry for the perfect feel and feedback at impact Wave Technology compresses and rebounds at impact for greater COR and faster ball speeds Lower sweet spot location and higher MOI rating for a more forgiving hybrid Quick Switch Adapter 8-way adjustable hosel allows you to adjust loft and lie settings to customize your preferred launch Slightly wider body and flatter, lower crown
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