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Found 16 results

  1. Does anyone have these shafts? Care to give any feedback on initial thoughts, performance, etc.? I have Modus Tour 105 S, this may be a stupid assumption, but I didn't know if I should go up to an X or TX in the MMT's? Is a graphite 105g shaft softer than a steel 105g shaft? I have so many questions. haha Thanks!!
  2. Folks who have tested TSi3 and SIM2 drivers head to head - which performed better for you? Which did you prefer on looks / sound / feel? Shaft / head combos? Which did you ultimately decide on?? Posting this out of curiosity since I'm saddened by how well SIM2 outperformed my TSi3, which I love. I've had no complaints with my TSi3 w/ Tensei CK Pro Orange 60TX for ~7 months now, but I signed up for a Taylormade fitting event at my club thinking I'd just check out SIM2 for fun. To my dismay, SIM2 w/ Ventus Black 6x posted identical launch and spin numbers, just with +7mph faster ball
  3. Since Mitsubishi owns Aldila, it appears they are recycling previous shaft lines by repainting them and giving them a different name. If you take a look at the specs between the two shafts, they are identical, down to the torque, weight, kick point and even butt diameter. The specs charts are a copy/paste. They are even re-using some of the same marketing images in explaining what the shaft is supposed to do to increase launch angle. Russ Ryden on golfshaftreviews.info did an EI profile of the Ascent and he stated, "I looked back through the library of Mitsubishi designs and fou
  4. Gamed - Diamana D+Plus Limited 70TX - AV Raw White 75TX - HZRDUS Black 6.5 - Tensei Pro Orange 70TX How does or would the Trono compare? thanks!
  5. I’ve been recently exploring the option of upgrading my stock shafts to aftermarket. I currently use the HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.0 in all of my woods and wanted to get recommendations on which shafts I should try. If you could explain the feel and differences between shafts, especially if you switched from the HZRDUS Smoke, that would help a lot. Thanks in advance!
  6. Received this hybrid in a trade and It just didn’t fit my eye. I could tell when i set it down. This club has NEVER BEEN HIT. Plastic still on the head. I have two shaft options for the buyer. It has a have a stiff Mitsubishi Chemical Orange shaft. Hybrid with tensei in it (started at $185) NOW $160!!!!!!! Including shipping US SOLD Barley used Taylormade m3 3 wood. No shaft. Head only. Beautiful shape. Asking $90 Cobra MIM 52* and King 58* wedges used one season with PVD finished KBS Hi rev 2.0 shafts. Just received some Snakebite wedges and was contempla
  7. To be honest I'm a bit of a mitsubishi loyalist. I've had the CK Pro White 70TX the CK Pro Orange 70TX, Diamana D+Plus Limited 70TX, the Kurokage XD 70TX and now the Raw White 75TX.... I do not like th Raw white much. That being said has anyone gamed the Ventus Black 7X and how does it compare to the AV RW White? Thanks!
  8. https://issuu.com/mitsubishichemicalgolf/docs/mca-mca_2021-catalog-v9.3?fr=sNWU3YjI4MTIzMzI Haven't seen this posted elsewhere; apologies if others had already found this. New Tensei 1K is in there! Fujikura: https://fujikuragolf.com/2021-catalog Aldila: https://issuu.com/mitsubishichemicalgolf/docs/mca-ald-catalog-2021-v8.3?fr=sNWZlYzEyOTM4ODM No Synergy Green...again.
  9. Currently game the AV Raw White 75TX but I've heard good things about the Ventus Black 7x. I know the Ventus Black has been out a good while now. I've been swinging the tensei well but not great. For reference I play X7's in my irons and I play the Diamana D+Plus 80TX ony my 3w. What are the big differences between the two shafts. The White 75TX and the Ventura Black 7X? If there's another shaft that's comparable feel free to drop it in the comments. Thanks!
  10. Couple items today - 1. Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 9° head, used but excellent condition. No marks at all on the crown. $125 shipped 2. Tensei Blue AV 65 Stiff fairway shaft. 41.5”. $55 shipped
  11. Random lot of stuff here today. All prices are shipped To CONUS and OBO. Thanks! John Byron Dale Head copper special project. 2001 #39/300. Measures 35.5” from end of grip to middle of the head. All original with shaft grip and California flag Headcover. Really cool putter and in great condition. $250 Clay Long Prototype 303 stainless with copper inlay. Even if you’re not familiar with Clay Long, you probably are familiar with many of his designs and clubs over the year. One that definitely stands out is the putter Jack used to win the 1986 Masters. This is a cool putte
  12. No trades at this time - Please message me with questions Additional pictures upon request All prices OBRO unless otherwise noted Shipping as noted PayPal and CONUS only please Titleist U-510 Utility Iron 18* 2 iron, Tensei Blue 80 Stiff, Standard Loft and Lie Blue Golf Pride Multi-Compound +1/64" Brand new last week - took it to the range once and it is just not the correct fit for me so I am back to reordering. Zero marks and looks like it was just taken out of the packaging. REDUCED - $210 plus actual shipping
  13. Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro White 60gm Stiff Flex - Tipped a 1/2 inch. Lamkin Cord Grip Titleist Tip Plays 45 Inches $OLD VA Composites Nemysis 75gm Stiff Flex Velvet Cord Grip Titleist Tip Plays 45 Inches SOLD Titleist Mid Staff Bag Never Used $OLD ***No Trades*** Titleist Linksmaster Used at the range 3 times. $OLD ***No Trades*** Seamus Headcovers Driver and Fairway Used twice. $45 Each or $80 for Both. ***No Trades*** VA Composites Raij
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