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Found 9 results

  1. Hey Guys, I’ve recently thought about switching to Players Cavity Backs. Any thoughts in which irons are the best in your opinion? No specific year, I was looking into the Titleist 710CB. What do yall think?
  2. SOLD----PRICE DROP PLUS ADDED ITEMS Up for grabs is a very nice hard to get set of Miura Y grinds. The 3 iron is not Y grind but still matches set as a blade. 3 thru P. Standard LLL. 2 rounds on the Plus 4 midsize grips on 4 thru P and 3 iron has plus 4 align standard grip. Modus NS Pro Tour 130 X Shafts in the 4 thru P and 3 iron has a Speed Step X Flex shaft. $900 shipped. Canada adds $30 for shipping. ADDED-PXG GEN 2 0811X DRIVER-$OLD. ADDED DIAMANA BF SHAFT LIKE NEW PXG TIP PLUS 4 MIDSIZE GRIP WITH 3 WRAPS. $200 SHIPPED.
  3. Hi everyone I recently bought a mint set of Miura CB 1007's. Problem is, I need a shaft which is difficult to find in my region (Canada). The set was 5-PW so I tracked down a 4-iron head (and still need to get a shaft for it), but the shafts are DG TI X100 "CPT" which is weighted lighter than the normal X100's (120 instead of 130) and more importantly has a softer tip which creates a MUCH different feel. The shaft is only sold in the Asia markets. To be honest, I do prefer the stiffer feel of the regular X100's, but these are still pretty good and would only require buying a single
  4. 1. NEW Miura TB/CB combo set. I put these together myself and fully intended to game. These are BEAUTIFUL and all components are brand new - $1,600 Shipped OBO - 3-8 in Tournament Blade, 9-PW in Cavity Back - DG X100 AMT Shafts (3 iron is head only) - Golf Pride Z Cord ALIGN grips - Custom gold ring ferrules - Standard L/L/L 2. Mint Taylormade 2017 M1 15 degree fairway wood - SOLD
  5. Saw these on the bay. Had to snag them for $500. Are these the miura full cavity nike prototypes? They look a whole lot like them. I know they're not the clubs they are listed as. Any responses would be appreciated! A little beat up but nothing a little refinishing can't solve! Also, how much do these normally go for? Thank you all have a great day!
  6. Have a gorgeous mint set of the new baby blades. They are 3-PW with Modus 125X. The 5-PW are 1/4” over standard with align MCC +4 midsized grips while the 3 & 4 irons are 3/4” over standard with tour velvet grips. Only used one round. A few things to call out. The PW was refinished because the hosel was damage by some fool when bending the lie angle. The Golf Garage did the work and did an excellent job repairing it and you can’t tell there was ever any damage but the finish is very slightly different from the rest of the set. I can’t tell that there is a difference unless I am looking for
  7. Hi everyone, If you're a Miura lover as am I, this post is for you! ** Miura 1957 Baby Blades 2-PW ** Irons are brand new 9.5 out of 10 Project X 6.0 Shafts with measuring standard length (37.5" 6 Iron) Shafts are spine aligned therefore shaft bands are not all aligned on back of the shaft Will ship with extra PX 6.0 Shaft bands Irons are 1* Flat (show slight bend marks on 2-3 irons- see photos) Grips are New Decade Limited Platinum grips- Navy and Grey Installed logo up Asking $2600 Shipped (Including insurance) NOT BREAKING UP THE SET- Than
  8. Just wondering if these Miura Wedges are authentic. I found a local seller selling this set for a suspiciously low price.
  9. Miura CB-301 (4-PW) With KBS Tour C-Taper Lite 115 X Shafts (+.5'') Amazing set of irons that have only been hit on the range a handful of times. Absolutely no dint or dings as they had iron covers on them for the brief time I have had them. The shafts are pulled and have standard size cord grips as pictures show except for the 4 iron (clearly shows MCC +4 grip). (shafts are half in over standard). $2750 AUD Miura TC-201 (4-PW) (heads only) Have not been used, came straight from Japan.
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