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  1. Hi all welcome to my first ever WITB on here, I'm a 3cap who has just been recently diagnosed with arthritis in my hips and elbows , so a full change to graphite happened In the bag Driver: Cobra F8 9* aldila NV blue 65 3 wood : Taylormade Aeroburner tour issue 15* Fujikura PRO 85 playing 42" Utility: Ping G400 crossover 19* Alta 85 Or Titleist 712u 18* KBS proto hybrid 85 Irons: Nike Vapor Pro combo 4-pw Project X graphite 6.5 Wedges: Nike forged 50* , Nike engage 54*& 60* Aldila NV 105 multi comp Putter: Nike Method 001 flowneck (Oven) Ball :Chromesoft X Note: my 712u and 50 not in pictures, in pro shop getting loft and lie checks
  2. Current WITB (5/27/23): Titleist TSR3 9.0* w/ Fujikura Ventus Black 6s Titleist TSR2 16.5* w/ Fujikura Ventus Black 7s Titleist TSR3 19* w/ Fujikura Ventus HB Blue 8s Titleist T200 4-iron w/ Fujikura Axiom 105x Artisan 720HM 5-PW w/ Nippon Modus 115x Artisan 50* S-grind w/ TT Dynamic Gold S200 Artisan 56* SB-grind w/ TT Dynamic Gold S200 Vokey Wedgeworks 60* LBK-grind w/ TT Dynamic Gold S200 Scotty Cameron Tei3 Newport Two ========================================= long time club addict here, ever since I was a junior golfer (lived through the TM bubble shaft era). got pretty active on BSG when it was around, also spent some time at TSG and of course, here on WRX (I think my original account closed during one of the overhauls). took a break from golf starting ~2005ish and recently picked back up end of 2022, so this bag is a bit of a time capsule from where I left off. will be following up with how I've updated my bag (dangerous combo of now being a working adult with the same junior golfer obsession 😆) as for my game, used to be scratch, now probably around a 7-8 handicap. driver swing speed cruises around 105 and up to 110 if I try to really step on it. ball speeds in the high 150s, occasionally touching 160, definitely want to try to improve on this as a personal goal. End of 2022 Season bag: Driver: Titleist 905S 8.5* w/ Graffaloy Blue Pro S. There's something magical about this combo, even being the shaft snob that I am, this performed so well off the rack I never thought to upgrade it. 3-wood: Taylor Made V-Steel 15* w/ Speeder 757X I recently read some TM marketing material that referenced "not your dad's old V-steel", that made me feel nice and old 😅. Always loved the Speeder 757 shaft and the TP graphics were a cool touch (yes it's a real speeder) 2-9-iron: Titleist 690.MB w/ DG X-100 Forged muscleback Titleist were always my grail (my bag was heavily influenced by Tiger). These were a "tour issue" set that I ordered through a pro, weighted to D4. 48/56/60: Vokey 248.06, 456.14, 260.06 The 456.14 has a unique shape but I've gotten so used to it, probably my oldest club in the bag. I remember the 260.06 was a special pickup as I had really wanted raw wedges but at the time Vokey did not offer any to retail until this line was released. Putter: Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport 2 My ultimate prized possession as a junior golfer, gifted to me by my late grand uncle, who also introduced me to the game. Was able to get it stamped at the shop through Jim at TableRockGolf (back when they were one of few exclusive SC distributors) and some other oldies I can remember gaming: Drivers Titleist 975J (UST ProForce, GD YS-7, GD Purple Ice) Nike SQ Taylor Made r580 tour issue (Speeder 661 Tour Spec) Callaway Steelhead Plus Taylor Made Firesole Fairways/Hybrids Titleist 970 Titleist PT Taylor Made Burner Taylor Made Rescue Mizuno Fli-Hi Callaway S2H2 Irons Mizuno T-Zoid Pro-II Nicklaus Air Bear
  3. Hey Guys, I’ve recently thought about switching to Players Cavity Backs. Any thoughts in which irons are the best in your opinion? No specific year, I was looking into the Titleist 710CB. What do yall think?
  4. Thought I’d share what’s currently in our bag: Me Driver- Ping G430 Max Fwys- ping G410 (3&5) Irons- (5-pw) Miura KM-700 with MMT shafts Wedges- MG3 (52*) MG3 TW grind (56 & 60) Putter- 2014 SC Squareback My son Driver- TM Stealth Fwys- TM Stealth (3&5) Hybrids- Stealth (4&5) Irons - 6 irons P7mc. 7-PW p7mb putter- Spider thanks for looking
  5. The new Miura CB-302 looks so clean. They’ll release pictures to the public next week!
  6. Can someone take a look, bought these from a local shop for 3k with MMT shafts that's not on the Miura's authorized retailer list. Not sure how good counterfeiting technologies are, but I'm guessing there's no way these can be verified.
  7. I have a set of Miura tournament blades 4-P which I bought used, back in early 2021. As far as I could find, they were discontinued well before that, but I'm not sure the exact year range they were produced. Being a model that's been discontinued, it's kind of hard to find and verify from pictures of the tournament blade the differences there may have been of this model from year to year. Since then, I recently came across another set of tournament blades but this time 3-P and they were in the limited black finish. However, the PO said he had the finish stripped which gave them a fairly unique, raw finish look (which by the way I'm not sure if I like or not). After further inspecting the set side by side with my originals, I noticed a couple differences which is where I need help authenticating... #1. After the gold Miura logo and the word Miura, there is a trademark symbol on all of my irons from the first set----no trademark symbol on the black finish set #2. On the back of the heel close to the hosel, it says Forged on my first set----on the black finish set it says Limited Forged------This i've been able to see other examples of black finish tournament blades and they also say limited forged. I assume this is because it was actually limited production, but nonetheless still a difference. On a different note, I've seen a lot of people say that the finish from that time period, similar to many other company's black finishes, doesn't last long especially on the sole and the face. Now Miura does a QPQ black finish which I've heard is more durable but I reached out to them and they said it's done during the forging process so they do not accept clubs to get "refinished". Does anyone have any recommendations of companies who do a great job in a black finish that's trusted and fairly durable? I see a lot of companies who do it for putters but not irons. Thanks for the help! I will include some photos for reference
  8. Miura CB-801 Y Grind 4-PW w/ Miura Custom Ferrule Shafts - KBS Tour Stff Grip - Miura Lamkin UTX cord Loft - Standard Lie - Standard Length - Standard I think we all know how Miura does it! Each club is individually made upon ordering 🙂 Excellent condition, 4 rounds and a few range sessions. $1300 shipped. Trades considered. Please PM.
  9. Some goodies for sale! 1. Miura CB 801 4-PW with KBS Tour S. - Miura Lamkin UTX Cord Standard grips - Miura Custom Ferrules - Standard Length - Standard Loft - Standard Lie I ordered these directly from Miura Dec 4, 2020. They were built and arrived a month later and could not play them until May, had a month long lock down and gamed them since so they're in great shape. There is some bag chatter and some marks on the face as the range session I had was [email protected]#$% garbage range so a few tiny face marks that don't affect play whatsoever but I must disclose. PW has the most wear. SOLD... shipped via FedEx. Trades welcomed for other irons - TM P790, Ping i210, etc... stiff flex only please. 2. Scotty Cameron The Art of Putting Newport - 35" length - Scotty Cameron grip - Scotty Cameron original headcover. Awesome putter! SOLD.... shipped via FedEx. Trades also welcomed for another putter
  10. 3 High End Goodies Pre-Priced at my rockbottom. I will cover all shipping costs+paypal fee's. #1 Miura Y Grind Full Blades ($2000 Build) ✦3i-Pw Irons ✦Very Clean ✦3i-Pw Miura Covers ✦KBS 120 Tour's Stiff-Flex ✦New Golf Pride Grips ✦Standard Length 🔥only 1200🔥 -------------------------------------------------- #2 SIM Max Tour Issue #3 Hybrid ✦$185 Tour AD DI-85X Upgrade ✦Mint ✦Standard Length 🔥only 250🔥 ------------------------------------------------- #3 Mavrik Pro #3 Hybrid❌SOLD❌ ✦$185 Tour AD DI-85X Upgrade ✦Mint ✦Standard Length ------------------------------------------------- Thanks Guys.
  11. Hello, I’m curious if others have contemplated the following when building a new bag… Do I go high tech or the pure heritage route? That question makes me think about my emotions and thoughts towards the game of golf. Am I gonna get the best clubs ever few years or buy a set once a decade? Do I go Miura MB 101 or 2021 Titleist T100? The Miuras look and feel special where the T100s will be old news / tech in a few years. I’m torn between using tech to make golf easier vs chasing the perfect swing because my clubs demand it. Do I buy the best tech wise or do I buy gear with the most heart / soul / heritage? These two bags, to me at least, say a lot. Bag one Ping Hoofer bag Titleist T100 Vokey Wedges Titleist Driver / fairway wood Bag two Shapland Sunday Bag 2.0 Miura MB 101 Miura wedges Is there a simple / pure driver and fairway wood out there? I guess after writing this I see that I’m trying to build a “timeless” golf bag…one that’s still going to have soul after 5 years. Thanks for reading 🤙
  12. Driver: 9.5 Degree Taylormade M2 with 16g aftermarket head weight. Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec Black 8 TX, butt cut to 44.5”. 3 Wood: 15 degree Taylormade M2 with Aldila 70 TX shaft. Irons: (21 degree - 47 degree, modern traditional) Miura CB-501 3i, 4i. DG S400 shafts. Miura MB-001 5i-PW. DG S400 shafts. Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM8 52 (bent to 51) and 56. Standard wedge flex shafts. Putter: Taylormade Spider Ball: Snell MTB-X What just left the bag: Ping Anser CB’s 3-PW, 52, 56, 60. Ping i500 3i power spec driving iron. Pending additions/changes: grip updates, adding 5W.
  13. Few items that I am going to be listing today. -Miura Forged 3 iron head that has never been hit. I was thinking of adding it to my 4-PW but am going to go 7 wood instead. Asking $105 shipped. SOLD SOLD -Cobra F9 avalanche white head. 10.5 degrees. No sky marks. This club has been well taken care of. I tried to take a picture that showed the face in the worst possible lighting for transparency. This driver is what i would consider one of cobras best in the last 5 years. Asking $75 shipped SOLD SOLD -Ping G10 1 hybrid 15* customized Halloween theme with x stiff orange Aldila NVS shaft. $65 PRICE DROP shipped SOLD SOLD -Customized hybrid cover Jack Skellington from Rawide Golf that has NEVER seen daylight yet. $90 now $75 -Ping G400 3 wood with x stiff ping tour shaft. Club is in beautiful shape. I’m sticking with my 5 wood instead! $150 shipped now $135 SOLD SOLD -Taylormade tsi udi 3 iron 20* with stiff ust 85g shaft. I took paintfill out to give it a unique clean look. Asking $90 now $75!!! SOLD SOLD
  14. So I don't really know a lot about golf clubs, but I saw this deal on Ebay for a set of used Miura which I know are crazy expensive for like 600, so I want to know if they are fake or legit. Here the link https://www.ebay.com/itm/165105345124?hash=item26710ba264:g:zKcAAOSwyG9g3nlV
  15. New to the site, and hope im not posting in wrong place! but the sites been very helpful as I build a dream JDM set for my podcast. I was wondering / looking for opinions outside TSG and other companies in works with these brands, what are some y'all favorites, dream sets. I've started my base with a set of the new KM-700 Miura's and a Benock Putter and some Kyoei Wedges. Been looking into the Honma TW757, Baldo Corsa, and Ryoma series Drivers/FW/UT's... has anyone played any the new TW757 or tested them out. same for the Baldo Corsa BC 458 performance driver and Ryoma Maxima... and their FW/UTs or are there some other brands y'all like over ones I named. like I said, mostly looking build a dream set for the podcast that I can get fitted into and cherish. always been a Callaway man, but content is king these days as we continue try make content people will love to follow.
  16. I acquired a set of Miura’s a little while back that have 2 stampings on them and I was hoping someone could give some information on them and the value of them, the 3 iron did not come with the set though, I bought that separate from 4-P. I’ll attach some photos of them too. Thanks in advance.
  17. Anyone who is serious about maximizing consistency knows about swingweighting, and usually has it done by a professional club-builder. But what about calculating an anticipated weight before having a club built? How are we supposed to guess (rhetorical)? Obviously, it's great to know an experienced club-builder or two. However, I want to start a forum for people to share the weights of individual clubheads from specific models and manufacturers. It's reasonable to expect there would be small differences, and much of this information is not available on manufacturer or brand websites. I've attached a PDF containing an example of standard weights (see Page 2), but if you read through the whole packet you'll see how even a small variation in mass can lead to potentially noticeable differences, so it may be important for serious players to verify what the masses of particular clubheads are supposed to be. This can also be helpful in avoiding counterfeits or clubheads that have been illegally altered. My initial question is, does anyone have the head weights of the TaylorMade MB irons -- 2010, 2011, and 2014 -- numbers 4 and 2? Trying to determine how hard-stepping will affect these swingweights. As a secondary, I assume that the Titleist 716 MB weights are probably exactly the same as what is listed in the attachment, but if anyone can show that they are different this would be welcome information. Someone took my gram scale, and I keep putting off getting a new one -- but when I do I'll be happy to post the information I gather. Swing Weight.pdf
  18. Hi All, Selling my Limited Forged Miura irons. I picked up the new 901s. I wanted to keep these but have to make space. These are definitely a gem and in incredible playing condition. These are hard to price because you honestly can't find these anywhere anymore but I am negotiable. I'll start at $1,100 including shipping CONUS. I can ship to Canada but we would need to discuss shipping price. Iron specs: Standard L/L/L 5-PW If you follow this link, you can find all the loft and lie information - https://thegolfcoastonline.com/collections/left-hand-limited-forged-black-blade Shaft - Stiff KBS Tour 90 Grip - Like new corded golf pride grips - about 2 rounds played with these grips. If you want more photos, videos or have any questions, send me a message and I'll be happy to help. Cheers, Johnathan
  19. Greetings all, I was checking out the clubs at the local golf shop when I stumbled upon the used wedge section. Looking for a deal on a anything, I stumbled upon a black Miura 56 degree, something I have actually never seen in person. It looked to be in good condition, minus some rust on the face and sole. I was not sure if this was suppose to be there due to my lack of Miura knowledge, but was not bothered by it as raw wedges are pretty common. Looking at the price tag, I was not shocked at first seeing $50 dollars for a used wedge, and I finished shopping and headed home. Curious, I was looking online at MIura wedges and saw the retail price and couldnt belive my eyes. I knew they were expensive, but >$300 was wild to me! After seeing this, I went back to the golf shop to make the purchase. After getting home and admiring the work of art I had in front of me, I decided to do some research on it. Unfortunately, it does not look like a currrent wedge offering and past models are hard to find any information on. If someone can help provide any history on the club, that would be appreciated. Grated, its real...
  20. Hello I'm looking at these two 2 irons but Im not familiar with how to tell if they are miura forged. I know some rac cbs and mbs were. Please let me know what you think! Also looking at this MacGregor PCB that I have seen was miura forged as well. Thanks!
  21. Hello everyone, my first post here, would greatly appreciate help from some of you if you can - debating about buying the clubs attached, price seems to be good but not sure if they are real deal or fake? (I dont see any type on the golf club, there is only the "forged"). Maybe older line? Many thanks - Jan
  22. SOLD----PRICE DROP PLUS ADDED ITEMS Up for grabs is a very nice hard to get set of Miura Y grinds. The 3 iron is not Y grind but still matches set as a blade. 3 thru P. Standard LLL. 2 rounds on the Plus 4 midsize grips on 4 thru P and 3 iron has plus 4 align standard grip. Modus NS Pro Tour 130 X Shafts in the 4 thru P and 3 iron has a Speed Step X Flex shaft. $900 shipped. Canada adds $30 for shipping. ADDED-PXG GEN 2 0811X DRIVER-$OLD. ADDED DIAMANA BF SHAFT LIKE NEW PXG TIP PLUS 4 MIDSIZE GRIP WITH 3 WRAPS. $200 SHIPPED.
  23. Saw these on the bay. Had to snag them for $500. Are these the miura full cavity nike prototypes? They look a whole lot like them. I know they're not the clubs they are listed as. Any responses would be appreciated! A little beat up but nothing a little refinishing can't solve! Also, how much do these normally go for? Thank you all have a great day!
  24. Just wondering if these Miura Wedges are authentic. I found a local seller selling this set for a suspiciously low price.
  25. Miura CB-301 (4-PW) With KBS Tour C-Taper Lite 115 X Shafts (+.5'') Amazing set of irons that have only been hit on the range a handful of times. Absolutely no dint or dings as they had iron covers on them for the brief time I have had them. The shafts are pulled and have standard size cord grips as pictures show except for the 4 iron (clearly shows MCC +4 grip). (shafts are half in over standard). $2750 AUD Miura TC-201 (4-PW) (heads only) Have not been used, came straight from Japan. $2750 AUD -Appreciate your time in looking at these fantastic irons that carry the famous name of Miura. Handmade forged irons from the forging house of Miura in Japan says everything. I have attached a photo of the box the irons were delivered in so please do question the authenticity. I'm also not interested in trades. POSTAGE WILL BE AT BUYERS COST. Thanks and happy golfing.
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