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  1. Need to clear out some things that aren't being used. All pricing includes USPS shipping to US only and is OBO. Please let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for taking a look. Willing to trade for: MMT 105TX iron shafts (new), Clean iron sets either P770 (2020), T100S ('19 or '21), or maybe ZX7. Ping G425 Max 3W (14.5*) - Head Only w/ head cover - $240 Crown is clean - Few sand marks on face - couple light scratches on sole - overall, very good condition Ping G425 3 Hybrid (19*) Ventus Blue HB 8S (Velocore) - w/ head cover - $375 Crown is clean - Few sand marks on face - sole is clean Shaft is pure'd in standard setting Golf Pride MCC +4 Gray mid-size Mizuno ST-Z 3W (15*) Motore X F3 7S - $215 Crown, sole, and face are like new except small smudge out near toe on face - great condition Golf Pride Tour Velvet +4 mid-size Does not include head cover Titleist TSi2 5W (18*) Tensei Raw White 75S - w/ head cover - $250 Crown is clean except for small crack in paint right where it meets the face (can barely see) - Few sand marks on face - sole is clean Plays at 43" (+1") Shaft is logo down in the D1 setting (+1.5* loft - standard lie) Golf Pride MCC +4 Gray mid-size Willing to sell head only for $210 Titleist U505 4 Utility Fuji Atmos Black HB 95S - $200 Great condition all around Plays at 38-1/2" (-1/2") 2* upright 1* weak loft (23*) Golf Pride MCC +4 Gray mid-size Vokey SM8 58* 12D Wedge Brushed Steel TT DG S200 - $85 Face/grooves in good condition Small chip on leading edge of toe along with small wrinkle(?) in finish Plays at 35-1/2" (+1/2") 2* upright Golf Pride MCC +4 Gray mid-size Srixon ZX7 6 Iron Nippon Modus 3 Tour 120S - $115 Couple small nicks on sole that can't be felt - Face in great condition Plays at 38" (+1/2") 2* upright Golf Pride Tour Velvet +4 mid-size
  2. Hello, have a set of irons for sale, Mizuno MP-20 HMB 4-9 iron. They were ordered directly from Mizuno and gamed for about a season, and my flawless ball striking ensured that the centers of the faces are practically untouched. Ok not really but they show very little wear. I had a lot of fun playing these and they are absolute rockets to hit, but I have plans for something different in 2022. Some other specs: KBS $-taper 120 shafts All standard lofts, lies, lengths I have done a bit of work on them, details below: BB&F ferrules MCC Plus 4 grips (I would say these are in near new condition, and are installed logo down if that matters to you. They are installed with tape/solvent, so no blowing these off with air) custom paintfill - green Mizuno logo, and blue MP-20 stamp on the back and number on the sole. I used Testors enamel model paint so it isn’t bulletproof, but should hold up fairly well to normal wear and tear. If you would like more zoomed in face pics or any other details, please ask. I am asking $800 shipped CONUS. Not interested in trades. I also do not have the PW, and I do not have the 3 iron.
  3. Thanks everyone. Posting is now closed. Mizuno ST200 10.5˚ Head, headcover, adapter and tool only. Nice shape. Headcover basically new. Remaining items below are sold. 2016 M2 9˚ with stock Fujikura Pro 60S that plays 45.75" with original grip in decent shape. Headcover has not been used. Have original wrench. Club head is in nice shape for age. No chips on topline, no heavy wear on face. Some chips on back edge. Slight mar in white on top of driver to the right of logo. Can't really catch in a pic. Probably could polish out with compound. SOLS Toulon Las Vegas H7 flow neck. 35" Stoke lab shaft. Picked this up as backup. Basically unused. Got like new from CPO. Only some indoor putts on my carpet. SOLD Callaway Mavrik 4W 16.5˚ Even Flow Riptide 70 6.0. Very light wear. Tour Velvet Align grip. SOLD Yes! Callie. 33" with an iOmic Mid i-Classic. Grip is in very good shape. Putter has chatter and wear, but nothing too unpleasant. Nice cheap putter. Has a nice subdued two-tone finish at address between top-line and flange. SOLD
  4. Mizuno has released their ST-X 220 Fairway woods and Hybrids for 2022. Seems they have abandoned the adjustable hosel for weight [re]distribution reasons. What do you all think? Good move? Non-starter now for your game? How often do you really adjust your clubs after you get them dialed? I suppose it's down to a proper fitting for shafts [and lead tape / hot melt?] to dial in ball flight without adjustments on-club. Curious to hear your thoughts. Thanks
  5. I am a 16 y/o, with a 12 handicap and my ball striking (I have been told) is above average. Currently I am playing the Taylormade Tour Preferred MB's and I'm looking for a new set of irons. I have narrowed it down between the Mizuno MP-20s and Callaway Apex MB's. Based on y'alls experiences which is the better set?
  6. Hi- Just was fit/ordered for a set of Mizuno JPX 921 Forged and TT22 copper wedges on 11/30/21. Just was looking for people who currently game them and their thoughts, like dislike etc. I was playing 2019 PXG 0211s. This was my first time getting professionally fit in person and it was an awesome experience. With the PXG's I was playing TT Elevate 95g in stiff (over the phone fitting). After the in person fitting I was put into KBS $ Taper 130 xstiff shaft. As soon as the fitter made the change to the heavier and stiffer shaft my dispersion tightened up instantly and they felt great. It was safe to say with my club speed, my old shafts were completely inappropriate. Can't wait for the new irons to arrive.
  7. I recently picked up a set of Srixon ZX5 irons to replace my Mizuno JPX 919 Forged iron set. The PW on the Srixon’s is 2 degrees stronger than the previous Mizuno’s making close to a 25 yard gap between the 44* PW and my 50* CBX Zipcore Gap Wedge. Need help determining if it makes more sense to bend the PW weaker or bend the gap wedge strong to 48*. Thanks in advance
  8. Does anyone know when we can expect to start hearing about the Mizuno MP-22? I asked the TXG guys last live stream and Ian said that he thought that they were moving it up from the September release date of the last line. Also will the HMB be coming back? I am definitely interested in picking up a set if they are.
  9. Few items for sale today. Feel free to make offers. MIZUNO MP-5 IRON SET :: $400 SHIPPED CONUS OBO SOLD MIZUNO MP-53 IRON SET :: $300 SHIPPED CONUS Feeler sale on these, been meaning to get them refinished, but haven't gotten around to it yet 3-PW with standard l/l/l Dynamic Gold S300 shafts and some Golf Pride New Decade grips that are probably due to be replaced soonish TRUE LINKSWEAR SHOES :: $100 SHIPPED CONUS/PAIR Picked these up during True's Holiday Sale - Just not a zero drop shoe guy. Figured I'd pass on the savings to someone else Both shoes are size 11.5 - I wear 12s in Hoka and these were a pretty good comparison size-wise First pair is the True Originals in Classic Black. Worn once to the driving range Second pair is the True OG Premium in Vintage Grey. Never worn. SOLD SOLD - PICS FOR REFERENCE MIZUNO MP-5 IRON SET :: $400 SHIPPED CONUS OBO SOLD 4-PW Nippon Modus 105X shafts with Winn Dri-Tac Midsize grips Bought these to try out, but realize I don't have the consistency in my game to play them throughout the year Not sure on lie/loft, but standard length for Mizuno. If you look at the clubs, they appear to have markings from a lie machine. They come out slightly flat (probably 1*) compared to the MP53s below
  10. PayPal Goods and Services only! Always willing to negotiate and if you need any extra pictures just let me know and I can get those to you ASAP! -Mizuno MP33 3-PW blacked out irons with DG S300 shafts, brand new golf pride style grips and custom ferrules. These heads have a gorgeous blacked out finish with some wear. There is a small chip pictured on the bottom of the 5 iron that does not affect play. The irons have been bent 1 degree strong to make them a bit closer to modern lofts, standard length and lie. I took the DG S300 stickers off the shafts as they were peeling off BUT will include brand new stickers for free to the buyer in case they would like to put them back on. I’m not good enough to game these right now but wouldn’t mind keeping them as a novelty set I get refinished one day if I don’t get an offer I like. I’m pricing these at $480 shipped OBO. -Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 6S shaft with a Callaway tip. Grip is still in good shape. Measures 43.25 inches from butt to tip. Looking for $200 shipped OBO. -Brand New Callaway Rogue 4 Hybrid (21 degree) with a graphite design HY-75S shaft. This is obviously still in wrapper/never been hit! I believe this is a Japanese stock version as some of the tags on the club have Japanese lettering on it but cannot confirm that. Great opportunity to get a brand new hybrid with current technology for a much cheaper price! Willing to sell for $OLD! -Dynamic Gold 105 S300s 3-PW shafts with PXG grips in good condition and standard lengths. $OLD -Titleist Vokey SM3 54 degree wedge with 11 bounce and stock Vokey wedge flex shaft. This was bought brand new last year and used for 1 full season. A ton of life left in the grooves. Asking $OLD! -Shot Scope V2 golf watch with tags. Fully functional GPS and shot tracking watch. Asking $50 shipped.
  11. Hey All , hope everyone had a great Christmas....now it's time to offload some inventory that has built up this last year. Everything is OBO and not opposed to a good trade. Only shipping to LOWER 48 and please ADD $15 for shipping. PP and will ship insured 1. Mizuno MP53s – 3 thru PW (HEADS ONLY) ---- *** $185.00 *** Good condition and no major marks to detail Grooves look really nice and just a tad of potential browning starting to show on a couple of the short irons – I did my best to capture in the pics and can certainly send more if needed 2. TM Combo Set – P7MB & P7MC (HEADS ONLY) --- $105 per head or $385 for all four PW is the MB – should be 1 flat/1weak as of last check. You can see the slight bending marks on the sole/back/hosel. Tried to capture in pic 9 iron , 8 iron, 7 iron are the MC – should be standard L/L as of last check. There is a “splash” type look on the 9 & 8 irons which I think would be from a bunker but not 100% sure what did it. I tried to capture it and Pics tell the story 3. P770 6 (sold) and 7 irons - HEADS ONLY (2020 version) -- $105 per head or $200 for both- Standard loft/lie as of last check. The 7 iron has a tiny nick from what must have been a rock. Pics tell the story. 4. SOLD 2021 TM Milled Grind 3 Wedge CHROME---$sold– 58 degree/Low Bounce-08 Excellent condition. Used for 1 full round. Stock shaft/+4 Tour Velvet 5. SOLD. DG Tour Issue X100 4-PW pulls – 355 Taper (7 Shafts) - *** sold Very good condition, basically new Tour Velvet +4’s w/2wraps Labels are in great shape as well Played around 1/8th to 3/16th short of standard in TM 750s Measurements from grip end to tip 36 10/16 36 3/16 35 1/2 35 1/8 34 9/16 34 3/16 33 11/16 6. DG 120 X100 5-PW pulls – 355 Taper (6 Shafts) - *** $145.00 ** Very good condition with newish MCC +4s w/3 wraps Labels in great shape Played over standard length Measurements from grip end to tip 37 36 ½ 35 15/16th 35 5/16th 34 13/16th 34 9/16th 7. SOLD AMT WHITE S200 Shaft Pulls 5 - 9/PW – 355 Taper (5 SHAFTS) - *** sold Measured from grip end to tip 36 7/16 = 5 iron 35 14/16 = 6 iron 35 5/16 = 7 iron 34 ¾ = 8 iron 34 1/8 = 9/W PIC heavy 1. MP53s 2. TM Combo - P7MB & P7MCs 3. P770s 2021 TM Milled Grind 3 Wedge CHROME DG Tour Issue X100 4-PW pulls – 355 Taper (7 Shafts) - *** $180.00 *** DG 120 X100 5-PW pulls – 355 Taper (6 Shafts) - *** $145.00 ** SOLD AMT WHITE S200 Shaft Pulls 5 - 9/PW – 355 Taper (5 SHAFTS) - *** $55.00 ***
  12. How is the evaluation of the new Mizuno pro 221 iron? The blade length has become shorter than the existing iron, so I'm curious about your evaluation. Does it still feel like butter?
  13. Still trying to make some room...that I will most likely end up filling back up during the cabin fever months... Prices are shipped and PPed and reasonable offers (including compelling trades) are welcome. Please PM or email ("drpino AT gmail" ...NOT my paypal) with any questions, offers, requests for more details/pics, PP info, etc. The 765s weren't nearly as popular as the 745s nor the current crop but are super LONG with a low trajectory & spin rate. This set includes the oft-sought-after matching blade AW (51/8) and a great matching SW. Not sure there's much to elaborate on with the Eye2+s as their reputation is what it is. Don't be turned off by R300 flex as the DG SLs were notorious for feeling/playing a little stiffer to flex than normal DGR300. Relisting some items with reduced prices from the last time they were up for sale here (30+ days ago). Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays everyone! Taylormade Model: SLDR 430 TP Tour Preferred Japan/JDM Set Makeup: Driver head only w/stock OEM HC Loft: 10* Lie: Standard Condition: Pretty minty for one of these. Tiny mark (if a scratch, only in the clear coat) above the alignment mark (pictured below) really not visible at address, only if very closely examined. Price: $100 Srixon Model: Z765 CB Irons & Cleveland RTX-3 Set Makeup: 5-PW + AW + SW 56*/11* (8 clubs) Shaft: Nippon Modus 125 Stiff including SW (OEM build; SW is NOT the 125 Wedge specific version; silkscreen labels worn) Length: OEM Standard with standard progression (notes: 5i measures ~38.25" with a Mitchell CLUBLength ruler to the end of grip butt cap so ungripped/end of shaft should be 38"; AW is same length as PW at ~35.75" to end of grip; SW is ~35.25" to the end of grip butt cap) Loft: Standard Lie: Standard Grips: 5-AW Golf Pride Tour Velvet RIBBED +2 wraps; SW CP2 Pro Standard Condition: Bag chatter (backs, soles, toplines) & typical face wear; PW has a dent in the toe not really visible at address; 5i has a rock ding heel side leading edge, rock ding on hosel, and gouge out of the ferrule (all pictured); SW has a small scrape heel side sole. Grips (aside from SW) reasonably worn...yet still tacky in that typical "used TV" way. Price: $500 450 PING Model: Eye 2+ Irons Set Makeup: 3-PW (8 clubs) Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold SL (Super Light) R300 (OEM build) Length: OEM Standard with standard progression (notes: 5i measures ~37.75" with a Mitchell CLUBLength ruler to the end of grip butt cap so ungripped/end of shaft should be ~37 5/8") Loft: Standard Lie: Red Dot (1* Flat) Grips: 3i Golf Pride Tour Velvet & 4-PW Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound Standard Blue Condition: Really excellent condition considering the set's age...not overly surprising given the durability of this generation of PING irons. Grips may have a few more rounds in 'em but not much more. Price: $300 275 PING Model: i500 Irons Set Makeup: 5i-PW (6 clubs) Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 S300 Length: OEM Standard with standard progression (notes: trimmed from original OEM build of +1/2"; ProSoft vibration dampening inserts added) Loft: Standard Lie: Blue Dot at +1/2" but effectively Black Dot now at PING's "standard" length Grips: Gold Pride Tour Velvet Standard (logos down, blown on) Condition: EXC+ as pictured; as noted above, this set was trimmed back to PING's "standard" length which makes the lies virtually Black Dot equivalent. Price: $675 Titleist Model: 718 MB Set Makeup: 3-PW (8 clubs) Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold R300 Length: OEM Standard with standard progression Loft: Standard Lie: 2* Flat from OEM standard Grips: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Standard Condition: Little bit of bag chatter and some bending marks but overall great condition with excellent faces/grooves. Price: $675 Titleist Model: Vokey SM5 Set Makeup: 50.08 F-Grind Tour Chrome Gap Wedge (1 club) Shaft: Stock TT DG Wedge Length: OEM standard Loft: 50* bent to 52* Lie: Standard Grip: Stock GP Vokey Tour Velvet Condition: Really didn't use this much as I had picked up a 52 at that time instead Price: $65 Titleist Scotty Cameron 2018 Club Cameron Membership Welcome Kit $275 Complete, brand new, never used, and in original packaging membership welcome kit including tech sheen headcover, custom-designed journeyman golf bag, rubberized metal ball marker, polished steel lapel pin and metallic decal. Mizuno Model: MP-650 Driver Shaft: Accra "Tour Proto" M4 (Stiff) 75g Length: 45" Loft: 9.5* Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Standard Condition: EXC+; includes OEM headcover Price: $120 Fujikura Model: Motore Speeder VC 7.2 Tour Spec Stiff w/.335" TM TP adapter Length: 43 3/8" end to end (played exactly 44.75" in a JDM SLDR 430 head) Grip: Golf Pride MCC +4 Standard Price: $70 SOLD ITEMS Srixon Model: Z945 MB Irons Set Makeup: 4-PW (7 clubs) Shaft: Nippon Modus 105 Stiff (OEM build; silkscreen labels worn) Length: +1/4" from OEM Standard with standard progression (notes: 5i measures ~38.5" with a Mitchell CLUBLength ruler to the end of grip butt cap so ungripped/end of shaft should be 38.25") Loft: Standard Lie: Standard Grips: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Condition: Bag chatter (backs, soles, toplines) & typical face wear but grooves still great and no crazy gouges, etc. Grips have reasonable life left. Price: $OLD 2013 Custom Shop - Dancing Go Getter - Neon Yellow - New out of bag, never used - (only available if putter was sent it to be customized) $OLD 2016 US Flags (US Open) Headcover New in bag $OLD TM JDM SLDR 430: Srixon Z765s & RTX-3: PING Eye2+: PING i500: 718 MB: SM5: Scotty Cameron: MP650: Fuji:
  14. It's an incredibly nice design. It's very soft. It seems to be better than the existing Miura iron. I think it came out the best out of all the mizuno irons. Is there anyone who experienced the Mizuno pro 221 iron like me?
  15. SOLD Asking for $600 shipped(Firm, priced to sell). Please do not lowball me and No trades. Only been used on the range. Was used for 8 sessions, grooves are still nice KBS $-Taper 120S +.5" length, standard Lie angle. G-8 4-7
  16. All irons are in excellent condition as I am that person who babies irons. Let me know if you have any questions or want more pictures. All specs are listed below. Mizuno MP 20 MB 3-PW – Custom Satin Finish – $800 OBO Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X7 the chrome finish was sanded/blasted off the heads. The heads were NOT refinished. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Jumbo + 5 wraps (a couple grips are splitting at the end) All irons play +3/4” – lofts, lies and lengths are below 3 iron – 21* / 61.5* / 39.75” 4 iron – 24* / 62* / 39.25” 5 iron – 27* / 62.5* / 38.75” 6 iron – 31* / 63* / 38.25” 7 iron – 35* / 63.5* / 37.75” 8 Iron – 39* / 64* / 37.25” 9 iron – 43* / 64.5* / 36.75” PW – 47* / 65* / 36.5” Mizuno MP Fli-Hi 2 Iron – $100 OBO Dynamic Golf Tour Issue X100 Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize 18* / 61* / 40.25” TaylorMade V-Steel 15* fairway wood head – $35 OBO Finish has been stripped off the head Very small mark on top of head TaylorMade TP MB ’14 Raw 4-PW Heads – SOLD Heads are raw and will rust Ping iBlade 4-PW – SOLD Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize All irons play +3/4” – lofts, lies and lengths are below Callaway Apex MB ’18 Raw 4-PW Heads – SOLD Heads are raw and will rust Was told they are tour issue Titleist 716 TMB 2 Iron – SOLD Dynamic Golf Tour Issue X7 Golf Pride Tour Velvet 18* / 61* / 40.25” TaylorMade TP MB ’14 3-PW – SOLD Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 Golf Pride Tour Velvet Jumbo + 5 wraps All irons play +3/4” – lofts, lies and lengths are below Ping BluePrint 4-PW – KEEPING Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X7 Golf Pride Tour Velvet +4 Midsize All irons play +3/4” – lofts, lies and lengths are below
  17. For sale - all prices shipped no trades thank you Mizuno 919 tour irons 5-pw DG 120 x100 shafts. Very good shape $SOLD White Hot OG Rossie w/ stroke lab shaft. 34" mint, gray pistol grip. $225 Ping Glide 3.0 52⁰ wedge. S400 shaft. Ping wedge grip. Very good shape. $100
  18. Check my prior feedback and buy with confidence. Lets enable our hoe'ish ways together! Happy Holidays!!! Srixon z565 irons (4-GW) - Kept in my spare Sunday bag and not played very often. Minor bit of chatter, but overall in GREAT shape. Stock L/L/L with Modus 120 STIFF flex shafts. MCC+4 grips with spine installed. Asking $550 $520 shipped in lower 48 states SOLD Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal (4-GW) - Played 1 round, 4 and 5 iron still have plastic on em. Some irons never hit. Overall in MINT/LIKE NEW condition. Nippon NEO shafts in STIFF flex. MCC+4 grips. Stock L/L/L. $800 shipped in lower 48 states. SOLD!!! Project X HZRDUS Smoke Blue PVD - Has Callaway tip. 5.5 flex and new Lamkin grip. In great shape. Asking $170 shipped to the lower 48 US. SOLD!!!
  19. Mizuno pro 221/223/225 official release was yesterday here in Korea. Adding a few photos and a comparison to my current gamer taylormade P7mc 6 iron. The head is slightly larger with a wider sole. A more forgiving head that I wanted.
  20. Hello all, The basement clearing continues feel free to reach out with questions/offers Mizuno Putter and wedges Cobra wedges Taylormade Putters - Ardmore 1 and 3 The Wilson 8803 pin 11/17
  21. HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY - THANKS TO ALL WHO HAVE & ARE SERVING!!!! YOUR SACRIFICES ARE MUCH APPRECIATED. The items below includes USPS shipping within the US only. Payments through PayPal only. Not interested in trades at this time. Please ask questions before buying. Thanks for looking. Mizuno M Craft IV Putter – 34” with factory headcover, weight kit & original grip – Putter was purchased new as 35”. Played one time and realized I needed a 34”. Original grip was removed, shortened and replaced with a Golf Pride Pro Only Red Star grip. Used about 10 rounds total. Beautiful putter, but I keep going back to my center shafted. - SOLD 2nd Swing Putter Headcover – Only used a couple of rounds. Strong magnets. Heavy material. - $25.00 TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls – 1 dozen new in sleeves. Do not have the large box. - SOLD TaylorMade adapter with screw .335 & TaylorMade Golf Pride grip in excellent shape. Pulled from Diamana Limited shaft purchased from Global Golf - $10.00 (Adapter Sold) Grip only. TaylorMade RAC CGB 4 Iron Head – The shaft was broke and has not been drilled out or removed. - $35.00 PXG Wrench – Never used - $20.00
  22. For sale - all prices shipped no trades thank you Mizuno 919 tour irons 5-pw DG 120 x100 shafts. Very good shape $550 White Hot OG Rossie. 34" mint, gray pistol grip. $215 Ping Glide 3.0 52⁰ wedge. S400 shaft. Ping wedge grip. Very good shape. $100 pin 11/17
  23. Hey all, Recently picked up a used set of MP64s. I played a few rounds and the 7i shaft broke in the grip, which I thought was really strange. I've been looking for a replacement shaft but am pretty confused on how to go about ordering it. I was advised by my local shop to order a shaft on my own to save on cost. They have KBS Tour 120 stiff shafts in the set. I need 36.75in playing length (standard) with 0.355 tip. Online the 7i raw shaft length is advertised as 38.5in. Can the shop cut the new shaft down to correct length? Isn't the 0.355 tip tapered for a better fit? Would it be better to order a shorter shaft advertised for a higher iron? Do they cut from the tip or butt to make it the correct length? Sorry for the questions, I've never had a shaft brake on me and don't want to mess up the order. I just want the new shaft to match the set. Thanks!
  24. Hi All 1 ITEM LEFT FOR SALE TODAY. All prices include Shipping to CONUS MIZUNO 921 HOT METALS. 5-GW. Stiff flex. modus 950 shafts. standard loft lie length. Golf pride mcc grips. 5 iron has red golf pride tour wrap- didn’t use it so forgot to regrip that one. $old shipped CALLAWAY EPIC SPEED 4 WOOD. Stiff. Hzrdus smoke shaft. Has headcover. Standard length. $SOLD SIM MAX 3 HYBRID. REG flex. VENTUS Shaft. Standard length $OLD
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