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Found 15 results

  1. I’ve been back and fourth with what shaft to use. I’ve always been fitted into the heavier shafts. C Taper 130x, Dynamic Gold x100 and don’t mind them at all I just prefer a bit more feel. My swing speed with a 7 iron is about 97-100 MPH which is pretty fast. Craziest thing is that I got along so well with the Nippon modus 120S, used them last year and don’t think I’ve ever been as accurate with a shaft. I’m being told I need to get something like a board but just love more feel. I’m also confused as to why I get along so good with the Nippon 120S over the 120x (which I have tried). I’m just checking to see if anyone has had a similar experience. Thank you!
  2. The only reason I felt the need to post this is because CC touts itself on build quality and preaches you can’t find better builds. Sadly I found something crazy when re-shafting wedges today. My buddy mentioned the step pattern looked off on his Modus 130X shafts installed in Vokey 46 and 50 clubs. Having them in every club, they looked off for the set & did not look even close to the 54 or 58 (modus 130s). In fact the modus logos were almost touching his grips? With that in mind, we decided to pull them apart and reshaft them with virgin 37.0 Modus 130X wedge shafts…. Upon disassembling, we found out these are absolutely genuine Modus 130X shafts in his wedges… just somehow the 40.0in 4 iron taper tip shafts… stepping and markings compare identically to another unstaffed one on hand. So to be clear they soft-stepped his wedges 6 times which was absolutely not shown in that build sheet. Oddly the 54 and 58 were build with the correct wedge shaft in the same purchase. This is a pretty nuts mistake to make and no “professional build operation”. I have never even seen this mistake from amateur buddies, let alone twice in a row by a brand this large. Sadly for him he played with these for a long time and it was clear the profile felt off from their other irons.
  3. Haven't done one of these in a while. I don't change clubs very often (i know... a sin) as you will see. Lucky to be a golf professional and get to play what I want so even though there are some ancient clubs in the bag they work for me. Looking to upgrade my driver and hybrid this year with some Titleist offerings but we will see. My 3 wood and putter are my bread and butter hence why they are the oldest clubs in my bag. I have yet to find another 3 wood that I can work both ways and consistently hit 285.... so why change? So here is it. My WMD's: Driver: Titleist D2 8.5° (Set on C3) w/ Matrix Ozik HD6 TP X-Stiff Fairway: Taylormade R7 TP 15° w/ Fuji Vista Pro 80 TP X-Stiff Hybrid: Titleist 712U 18° w/ Project X 6.0 Irons: Titleist 710 MB (3-9) All lofts 1° Weak w/ Project X 6.0 Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM4 (48°,54°,60°) w/ Project X 6.0 Putter: Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport 2.0 (33.5") Bag: Titleist 10.5" Staff Bag Ball: Titleist Pro V1x (#34 or #41) My Dave Matthews influence Glove: Titleist Players/FJ Pure Touch
  4. Wanted to share my experience with the modus 130 x shaft. TLDR; as a high ball and high spin player, the modus 130x shaft gave me a very low to mid penetrating ball flight, a club more distance through my bag, and equal or better dispersion to any shaft I’ve tried to date. Do not rule them out based on being a high launch shaft. About me - 41, 6’1’’, 95+ mph 7 iron ss, 115- 120 on course driver ss. playing golf off and on since my teenage years. Decided to focus on Golf in 2021 and played more than 5 rounds (26 rounds) in a year for the first time in 12 plus years. High ball (iron apex 125 feet) and high spin player. I ended the year at a 9 handicap, with putting being my weak spot. I’ve tried tour v 120x, project x7.0, dg x7, and finally modus 130x. All in ping i210 heads Up until trying the modus, my best rounds and overall ball striking were were with the px 7.0. Yardages were incredibly consistent and the ball just wanted to go straight. The knock was the apex was very high, like 125 feet high. And the px tended to get to that apex quickly and flatten out which creates problems in the wind. Also was tough to flight low. Feel was fine. The x7 gave me the penetrating ball flight I was looking for, along with the ability to control my shot shape unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The problem with them was they tend swing weight 3 points higher than the other irons and made my short irons in particular feel like sledgehammers. Very tip heavy, which lead to inconsistency in my delivery. 3 out of 5 shots were perfect. The other two left me in bad positions. Then I hit a demo club with the 130 x shaft, expecting this higher than high ball flight. After 5 shots I couldn’t believe it. Indoor trackman telling me shots were apexing at 105 ft and going a full club longer than the px or x7. Bought a set of 130x from golf works and installed them the next weekend. Outdoor testing was more of the same. Ball flight was a tad higher than the x7’s, with that same piercing flight. Gained a club of distance throughout the bag. Easy enough to flight low, and can draw or fade the ball a bit. And to top it off, they are easy to swing. One round in with them and hit my most greens in reg this season. it’s possible I may still be in the honeymoon phase (600 or so range balls and one round). Only time will tell.
  5. Selling a set of first gen TM P790s. 4-AW with Modus 120S shafts. Standard L/L/L. Lamkin UTX midsized grips. Bought these new in 2018. Faces in great condition. 7 and 8 iron soles got intimate with a couple of rocks, unfortunately. Added a few close up pictures but the scars don’t affect playability at all. $600 shipped in US. Add $20 additional of you live west of Texas.
  6. Hi guys, was wondering if anyone is playing this exact same set up(zx7/kbs x tour) ? I'm currently playing the t200 with the kbs tour x and this shaft pairs well with the heads. Looking to switch my irons for something with more feel, control and etc.. I know that the loft are way stronger on the t200, which means less spin and lower launch. Correct me if I'm wrong but by putting these in the zx7 would result in more spin and launching even higher (maybe too high?). I might be looking at changing for a less spinning shaft and lower launching, I'd like to hear what you guys are playing with the zx7(even other head doesn't matter just iron/shaft combo fast swingers) and what kind of golfer you are. Anyways I have a fitting appointment Saturday but I simply wanna discuss about it, with you my fellow golf friends, since I can't wait to order a new set. P.S: For reference I have a fairly fast swing, SS with 7 iron around 95-100mph, quick tempo, I play irons 1 inch longer and 4 upright. 2nd P.S: What are the set ups of fast irons swingers x7 ? x100 ? 6.5-7 ? 3rd P.S: I've tried so far jpx 921 SEL, t100, MP20. Edit: Graphite shaft ? MMT ? Thank you 🤓
  7. Is there a shaft option with a flex and launch profile somewhere in-between DGS300 (a broom handle) and NS Pro Modus3 Tour 120 stiff (an al dente’ noodle) in the 115-125gm range? Hitting my 7 iron (34 degree) 150-155 yards if that helps. Playing Wilson Staff Model Blades 2-PW with stock DGS300 (130gms) and mid-size grips (+12gms). Turns out when I put the grips on it messed up the swing weight pushing it down to D0 across the board, definitely feels like I’m swinging the shaft just as much as the club head. In an attempt to compensate for the heavier mid-size grips (which I definitely require) I put a NS Pro Modus3 Tour 120 stiff (114gms) in my 7 iron which got me back to a D3 swing weight. Definitely feels like I’m swinging more club head and less shaft now. Thing is when my tempo is good the S300 rewards with a piercing trajectory I really enjoy, down side being the messed up swing weight makes it harder to middle the ball consistently. The NS Pro Modus3 Tour 120’s brought back balance but launches a bit higher than I like because of their mid flex point, as opposed to S300’s high flex point. Loading and unloading the NS Pro Modus3 Tour 120’s is definitely easier but, for a ‘stiff’ shaft it feels strangely whippy and definitely produces more spin. It also hits a bit longer but I don’t care about that, my goal is control. And it doesn’t give that very satisfying feeling on pure shots that the S300’s does. Flying out for a golf vacation next week. Hoping to get this squared away before flying out. Thank you for you thoughts!
  8. Sacks Parente 54MH 9 Stripe Putter. 35in RH w/ new Golf Pride SNSR 140cc grip. Headcover included. Overall good condition with a few small marks as shown in the pictures. Asking $265 shipped. Cobra King Forged Tec Irons 2020 5-GW excellent condition. Upgraded Nippon Modus 3 Tour 130 Stiff flex shafts, factory installed from Cobra. Excellent condition Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord grips. Standard length and lie. Asking $600 shipped.
  9. Bushnell Pro XE new in box. Bought to raffle off at a golf outing that has been canceled. $515 (SOLD) Bushnell Tour V5 Shift with slope, same story. $375 new in box (SOLD) Nippon Modus Pro 120S Stiff 4-PW standard length, new iron set pulls from Srixon ZX7’s, Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips with plastic wrapping still on them, never hit. $225 OBO Mizuno MP-H5 irons TT DG S300 Stiff 4-PW Golf Pride MCC align grips, Used but still in pretty good shape. $300 OBO
  10. am freaking out a little. Help me out here I am about an 11 handicap. I have played some Ping e1 irons for the past 5 years. I got fit for these irons as I was getting more serious about golf and my swing has changed a lot since. I decided to go hit some new irons (partly because I want to get irons to support getting better and partly to get new shiny things) I zeroed in on a combo set of taylormade 790-770s. The PGA superstore suggested (in a round about way) that I get an extra stiff shaft in the set and recommended the Nippon Pro Modus 130t x. I had a Taylormade fitting session and the rep recommended the same. I went ahead and placed an order directly with Taylormade with the Modus 130 X shaft in all the clubs. Yesterday on the course a buddy of mine who is a very good golfer made a comment along the lines of “wow, that’s a lot” which just stoked my fears of me buying something “above” my game. I have in my mind that the set up being recommended is much more advanced for my game and I worry that swing weight and flex is not right. All the generic articles are painting horror stories about playing the wrong shafts. anyone have any thoughts to calm my mind? :) I am considering canceling the order and going to a local shop to pay more to have the ability to return them (TM won’t accept returns).
  11. SOLD----PRICE DROP PLUS ADDED ITEMS Up for grabs is a very nice hard to get set of Miura Y grinds. The 3 iron is not Y grind but still matches set as a blade. 3 thru P. Standard LLL. 2 rounds on the Plus 4 midsize grips on 4 thru P and 3 iron has plus 4 align standard grip. Modus NS Pro Tour 130 X Shafts in the 4 thru P and 3 iron has a Speed Step X Flex shaft. $900 shipped. Canada adds $30 for shipping. ADDED-PXG GEN 2 0811X DRIVER-$OLD. ADDED DIAMANA BF SHAFT LIKE NEW PXG TIP PLUS 4 MIDSIZE GRIP WITH 3 WRAPS. $200 SHIPPED.
  12. Hi everyone, Thanks for looking. I’m open to any offers on the items in here. Especially looking for a set of Ping G410 irons. If my prices are out of whack, make me an offer or let me know. I’m motivated to sell. All prices are shipped in the US and happy work out shipping internationally as needed. First is my Protee simulator setup. I’m finishing my basement and unfortunately losing my sim in the process. One big caveat with this is that the sensor mat is not currently working. I won’t type out all the details here but happy to share if you are interested. I’ve worked with Protee support and it is fixable but I’m attempting to sell as-is. The setup includes the mat, the putting sensor plate, the horizontal and vertical launch cameras with enclosure for the vertical, the overhead lights, and the Protee 2.0 simulator software. It’s a great system for a built-in simulator setup with tons of data collected. Listing it for $2500 now $2000 or best offer. Next is my Callaway Apex 19 Combos and all the shafts I tried to make them work. I love these irons but have come to the sad conclusion that I need more help getting the ball in the air. They are 5-PW, 2 degrees flat, standard lofts. I gamed them for the last year which for me is about 30 rounds and a similar number of range sessions. They have a little bit of bag chatter as you might expect but overall are in great shape. Currently, they have Project X LZ 105 6.0 shafts in them that are -0.25 from Callaway standard length. I also have regular Apex 9 iron with a DGS300 in it that I bought as a test, I’ll throw it in as well. $old now $old with the PXs installed, $old now $old head-only. Last, two sets of shaft pulls that I tried in the Apex Combos. Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 stiff, 5-GW (7 shafts) with Karma grips. There is a head installed on one of the shafts in the picture but that will be removed before shipping. I bought them as pulls here on the BST. $old. True Temper Dynamic Golf S300 5-PW. I installed one or two of them to test but never put them all in. There are Karma grips on the shortest 3. I bought them as pulls here on the BST. $40 If you want the irons with either of these sets of shafts, we can work something out. Thanks for looking!
  13. Srixon Z585's std l/l/l - $545 ---- SOLD Price includes std shipping to Conus 48. Hawaii and Alaska will be extra. Sorry but no international shipping. Shaft - Modus 105 R flex 4-PW, RTX 3 50/10 GW I bought these last year and never go to play them due to an injury. Played them for 18 holes this year and a couple of range sessions mostly with the 7 iron. As always the pictures tell the story as to their condition.
  14. As always my price includes USPS Priority Shipping CONUS only. Limited edition, slightly used Titleist Vokey SM7 Slate Blue Wedges. 50 & 54 Degree. Nippon Modus Pro 125 stiff shafts, Golf Pride Multi-Compound midsize grips. 50 deg 08 F grind. 54 deg 10 S grind. Only some slight marking on the 54 from a couple sand shots out of some pretty terrible bunkers. Wedges played 27 holes total. 50 is barely used. Asking $230 shipped.
  15. I recently got a club fitting for 5 and 6 iron that recommended the Mizuno MP-20 MMC with Nippon Modus 105 Stiff, 1” short. I currently play MP-32 with Modus 120, 1” short, soft-stepped once. I plan on discussing this with my fitter, but am curious what others think. I preferred the weight of the 105 during fitting, probably because that is more similar to the weight of my 120s after I removed an inch from the butt end. In order to preserve swing weight after cutting off 1”, the fitter recommended adding tip weight to the 105s since that is what I hit in the fitting in order to preserve the flex of the shaft, which differs slightly from the 120. However, couldn’t they also start with the Modus 120 and then it will be a similar weight to the 105 after cutting without the need for tip weights (which would match the rest of my set)? If I go with the 105, since I will be blending the 5 and 6 iron with my current set, should I also soft-step them like I did with my current 120s? (This would be to offset the stiffness increase that comes from cutting off 1” from the butt end). Lastly, the quote for the two clubs was a bit higher than I would like ($262/club). I was able to find the same clubs, custom built, from Dick’s Sporting Goods for $175/club, but I’m not sure how the quality of build will be from there. Does anyone have experience ordering custom builds from Dick’s or suggestions for a good place to order custom sets of the Mizuno MP-20 MMCs for a similar price?
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