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  1. Hey Guys, I’ve recently thought about switching to Players Cavity Backs. Any thoughts in which irons are the best in your opinion? No specific year, I was looking into the Titleist 710CB. What do yall think?
  2. Does anyone know if there is any difference in dimensions between the odyssey 1W and double wide models? Got my eye on an o works 1Ws on ebay as I'm looking to try something with a short slant neck and was wondering how the blade length, width etc compares to double wide models I have tried in the past. Any personal experience would be appreciated.
  3. Looking to sell this gently used Odyssey Eleven with slant neck. Recently received in a trade on here and it’s just not working with my stroke. Played one round and has been mostly carpet rolled. In excellent condition. Comes with Pingman blackout grip and stroke lab shaft. Plays at 35". Trades welcome but really looking for a PXG Battle Ready Bat Attack with plumbers neck or other similar putters so send offers. Sale price is $250 OBO shipped. Add $15 West of Mississippi. More photos available upon request.
  4. When the bags need to be sorted out to get all the putters in the right place. The before and the after
  5. Double decker Tour equipment truck (6" taller than the TM truck) debuted at RBC, Odyssey putter studio, upstairs meeting room
  6. Has anyone any experience with the 2021 odyssey dfx range and specifically the #1 shape? Looking for a blade putter that fits within the price range of the dfx and not sure whether to go down this route or go for something in the used market like the odyssey metal x milled or similar. Any feedback would be welcomed.
  7. PRICE REDUCTION!!! PUTTERS for SALE (NO Trades/CONUS Only) ODYSSEY STROKE LAB DOUBLE WIDE ARM LOCK -42" -Some minor wear on sole of putter (outside edges) -Very, Very Good Condition -Head Cover Included -Price Includes Shipping NEW SALE PRICE: $165.00 $150.00 PING Sigma G Tyne -35" -Minimal Wear -PING PP60 Putter Grip -Very Good Condition -Head Cover Included -Price Includes Shipping NEW SALE PRICE: $135.00 $120.00 PING Heppler Fetch -Adjustable Length -Putter is in Excellent condition -Head Cover Included-Good condition -PING PP59 Grip -Adjustable wrench included -Price Includes Shipping PRICE: $180.00
  8. End of season clean-out. Little bit of everything (some brand new, some lightly used). I've lowered the prices in the interest of cleaning out my bag and you're not likely to find these clubs cheaper anywhere else. Shipping not included, but I'm happy to use whatever shipping method you prefer (USPS or UPS preferred given their proximity to me) and won’t mark it up — just a pass through and will provide a copy of shipping receipt. I'm happy to answer any questions you have and/or send additional pics -- just PM me. Callaway Epic GBB 3W. Brand new, has [literally] never hit a ball. Hazardus 60 stiff. With headcover. $160 OBO $140 Callaway Epic Flash 3 hybrid (20 degree). Used for [literally] one round (3 balls hit); it’s mint. Recoil stiff shaft. $170 OBO $140 Callaway Big Bertha OS hybrids (3 and 4). Recoil stiff shafts. Lightly used but still in VERY good shape as you can see from the pics. SOLD Callaway Razr X Irons (5-PW). Project X stiff shafts. Definitely used but plenty of life left in these and the grooves in particular remain in great shape. SOLD Callaway XR16 3W. Stiff shaft. Very lightly used (a handful of rounds) and in great shape. With headcover. SOLD Callaway Big a Bertha Alpha 815 driver (head only). Gamed it for less than season so it’s been lightly used, but also in great shape. With headcover. SOLD TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 3 wood. Used, shows natural wear but no defects. With headcover. SOLD Odyssey White Ice 2-ball putter. Plays 35.5 inches. Used but good shape, with headcover (though the headcover shows noticeable wear -- can send pics). $70 OBO $60 Odyssey Versa 9 (Mid-mallet) putter. 34.5 in. Some paint scratches on the back of the head but a clean face. $45 $40 pin 11/4
  9. Last year finally got my coveted Newport 2, 2020 select 34 inch. Installed the jumbo Scotty Cameron Matador, had a small putter fitting at the repair shop, adjusted the lie angle to 72° loft angle to 3°. I played around with swing weights changing out the port weights, standard was 35 g, tried the 40 g weights tried to 30 g weights putter was really good. I went one step further and bought a birdie ball putting Mat to get absolute feedback. Snapped a chalk Line on a perfect straight level putt. 11 foot putt. I could only make an average of 47/50 putts. Usually burned the left edge twice and pushed one out to the right once. Also very noticeable was making contact with the ball very high on the face not the best sounding contact, smaller sweet spot on the Scotty. So then I bought an Odyssey Toulon Austin, I could make 49/50 with the Toulon Austin, very pure roll, right on chalk line track super accurate, the miss was just short, not enough speed the diamond milling makes the ball come off slightly less speed, very good putter. So then I wanted something with more firmness I bought the Perretti 303 stainless Cortina 2 with no weight ports, specifically no weight ports, started suspecting the weight ports on the Scotty Cameron might be causing interference with my stroke. I installed the Scotty Cameron jumbo Matador on all four putters, I put an 18 g brass plug in the grip of the KBS shaft Perretti Cortina 2, to try counter balance feel, match the feel of the Toulon, swing weight was C4 very light feel, all the putters are 350 g heads except the Toulon is 360 g. I made 50 out of 50 with the Perretti Cortina 2, repeated two more times 49 out of 50 and finally 49/50. Went back and compared another round of 50 with the Scotty Cameron and definitely noticed hook spin, still 47/50... on the Scotty Cameron halfway to the hole the ball would fall off left, turn left off the chalk line track, started perfect and would turn left halfway the hole, absolutely could see the hook spin. None of the other putters have hook spin. Finally purchased Byron Morgan 612 GSS, I wanted a timeless classic, what an amazing putter no weight ports, I put in 8 g weight in the grip butt, swing weight D0,, the balance of this putter is amazing the shaft is a little bit closer to the sweet spot of the putter face the take away is much less inside, than the Scotty Cameron, slightly less arc for some reason, the heel toe waiting is clearly slightly different, nevertheless was able to make 150/150, I basically never miss. Five sets of 10 Pro V1X. I was able to fix the Scotty Cameron by putting a 40 g weight in the toe leaving the 35 g weight in the heel much less hook spin and I have to make sure I do not take a strong arc on the inside on the take away. The differences between each putter design in the weight balance is real and you can feel the pressure on the fingertips slightly different hang forcing slightly different take away arc as well as face closing angle each putter has to be dialed in very subtly, so the Scotty Cameron is the worst performing and I chalk it up to the weight ports, so for my swing classic solid milling, with no tungsten bottom weight strangeness is preferable. Just my observations, hook spin no good, the Scotty Cameron is the longest putter head (117.5 mm) as well. others are ~114-115mm. my Scotty Cameron gets a funeral and I marry my Byron Morgan GSS 612. So once you go deep deep deep into the rabbit hole these putters do have important differences. There seems to be much more difference to the balance & weight distribution in each design. Paul Hurion has article on weight ports and hook spin, also in another article he talks about coming from the strong inside arc increases hook spin. Which is what happens with that 2020 select for me. https://www.paulhurrion.com/media/investigation-into-the-effect-of-moveable-putter-head-weights/
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