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  1. I know everywhere online says it is an Oddyssey Versa Jailbird, however if you look at the lead tape on the bottom you can clearly see the design of an O-works jailbird mini. While this would mean that it was a painted Jailbird mini, the putter face is the size of a normal Versa Jailbird (the mini is 75% the size of the Versa) as well as the microhinge insert. My assumption at this point is it is a custom large version of the jailbird mini, with custom paint to match. Does anyone have any definitive info as to its size (Is it just a jailbird mini?) Wyndham Clark also uses this putter. Apologies for the long weird post, I went down a rabbit hole and didn't get any answers. Thanks.
  2. His downward trajectory seems to be accelerating. His comments after today’s Second Round at The Player’s were brutally honest; chasing speed, distance and in his own words, “to the detriment of his swing.” He sounds officially lost and man enough to admit it. That’s a good place to start. I was going to post some stats but let’s start here. Where does he go from here? Can he get out of it? Do you see big changes coming; coach, caddy, swing back to what it was or something different? He’s under pressure; his own and apparently Bryson’s. This is Golf WRX after all...is Rory done? Have at it.
  3. This is the jfrank bag as it ends 2022 and goes into January 2023. 2022 has been a good year of golf with some nice rounds at TPC Sawgrass, TPC San Antonio, Canyon Springs, World Woods, Atlantic Dunes, Heron Point, LPGA, and Old Corkscrew. FSGA 4-Ball win at Vanderbilt. Two eagles this year. Hit #17 green at Sawgrass three times. The bag has evolved with some drivers and wood changes, along with a putter commitment. WITB January 2023: Bag = Ogio Octane Carry with Bombs Driver = Ping G410 Plus - 10.5 degree with Tensei CK Orange, 60g Stiff, Neutral weight 3 Wood = Adams XTD 13.5Ti - 13.5 set at 15 degrees, with Matrix Red Tie 7Q3 70g Stiff Absolutely love the huge velocity slots on top and bottom, plus the weighting - have hit a couple 260, but can also top it. Hybrid/Rescue = TaylorMade Rescue 2011 - 3h, 18 degrees, Aldila RIP TM-TP-HB 85 grams Stiff Irons = TaylorMade SIM Max - 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, P, A (21.5deg-49deg) KBS MAX 85g Regular Steel Shafts Little too much offset for me now, but I hit some good shots with these over the past couple of years. SW D0-D1. Sand Wedge = Cleveland CBX2 - 54 degree, 12 degrees bounce, Dynamic Gold 115 Wedge Lob Wedge = Cleveland CBX2 - 58 degree, 10 degrees bounce, Dynamic Gold 115 Wedge Putter = Ping Scottsdale TR - Custom CF insert, Golf Pride Pro-Only Cord 83g Grip, Black, Pb Love the feel of this one. My backup is a TM Rossa Daytona. My handicap is down to sub-15 and my ball striking is improving enough to where I believe I need to make a move to Players Distance irons in 2023. Looking to see if I can make the leap to a Ping i230, Titleist T200, Srixon ZX5, etc. - let me know what you think. Also considering a change to a traditional 58 degree LW for a more narrow profile when opening the blade. I'm staying committed to this driver and putter! I will make some other posts about my 6 drivers and 12 putters throughout the year. jfrank
  4. I was almost certain tiger was wearing an Icon Black during The Match last week; the brown heel and metal clip above the heel really looked like those old icons. What threw me off was that the uppers seem to be footjoys Tarlow style cap toe look. Albeit they seem to have a bit less brogue + leather patterns which I find clean. It seems like Nike cannot prototype something with the same level of stability/support tiger can get in these FJ models. I have to think going back to icons was a calculated decision based on how they: 1) resist twisting to supports his leg and recent foot issues 2) have a deep/firm base under the insole which is compatible with his (undoubtedly custom) performance insoles 3) may have a traction pattern reduces slippage and foot/leg movement I am not sure Nike & Tiger are actively making a shoe (or at least making progress on one) if he has moved onto a prototype Icon Black from FJ. Thoughts? photo taken during a live stream at the PNC Friday 12/16.
  5. Work was done by company based in San Diego, O’ Hare Milling. Highly recommend you send your putter there. My wife’s initials stamped on the heel, my son’s initials stamped on the toe, and my dog’s stamped on the face. The shaft is now gloss black. Pained the entire putter head a nice satin black. Gloss black sight lines. White paintfill on the neck. Silver paintfill on the initials. Cavity dots descending from black, to silver, to white. Same descending paint in the logos, on the sole. A deep milling pattern on the face was done. Lastly, a spot weld on the face where “Scotty Cameron” was and a translucent black tour dot was put in its place.
  6. The Putting Couch Podcast presented by SeeMore Putter Company is a podcast where any golfer can listen to anything and everything about putting. Guest will give their insights on putting instruction, the science behind different types of putter heads and even will tell great TOUR stories. Sit back, relax and listen to some great and fun information. "Click HERE to listen" and feel free to give us your feedback at [email protected] Thanks!
  7. I'm curious to hear if others think Spieth likes his UA ensemble he wears head to toe.... If so, does he perceive it looks good? Or provides superior performance? Have been trying to figure this one out for awhile, maybe I missed it (I haven't looked very long to be honest) but did he sign some multi-year deal early in his career that forces him to wear only UA? I like Jordan and he seems like a very good steward of the game and its traditions, and he's appears to be humble and respectful (especially lately, I was happy to see him win again!) But I cannot for the life of me figure out why he doesn't get out of this UA deal!
  8. Any advice for a first time Master's Patron? Long story short, back in 2019 I was wonderfully granted the opportunity to purchase 4 tickets to the Tuesday practice round of the 2020 Masters. The tickets were claimed by myself, my wife, and my in-laws, and the trip was set. Then covid happened and now my tickets are good for the 2022 Master's. No problem, still glad I'm able to go. The only hang up (if you want to call it that) is my wife and I had our son in Nov 2020 and I would love more than anything to take him along. So now I'm going to have 4 tickets and 5 people. I know lottery winners have to have a ticket no matter of age, but is there any possible way around this? Is it possible to purchase an extra ticket while we're there? My family is understanding and my mother in law said she could stay behind but I'd rather have everyone there if possible. If we can't, are we allowed to exit and re-enter using the same tickets? Any tips/advice would be much appreciated. I read up on the master's website all the FAQ's but I'd rather get personal experiences and advice. Thanks!
  9. I just picked up a 2019 Scotty Cameron For Tour Use Only Staff Bag. Any one else use one? If you have one, post pictures of yours in the comments, i'd love to see what you guys have.
  10. 13 Americans in the world top 20. Only 4 Europeans in the world top 20. It reminds me of the 90's and early 2000's. American golf resurgence or European golf stagnation?
  11. Store 👇🏻 https://nontouruseonly.myshopify.com IG 👇🏻 @nontouruseonly Just wanted to put a post out there for a new brand idea I had. it’s in its infant stage, but got the site and products up and running. Some examples attached and more on the site. Any feedback from would be greatly appreciated. If you like what you see feel free to purchase which is also greatly appreciated. Not 100% sure if this is ok to post here. If not, could someone point me in the right direction in where to post.
  12. Headed out to LA for the Super Bowl from the East Coast and popping into Scottsdale for a couple rounds and Friday at the WM (riding solo before connecting with the girlfriend in California.) Any spectating tips? I haven’t purchased a ticket yet so probably waiting until the morning of to see if premium (Member’s Club, 16 SkyBoxe, etc.) open up on third party sites but intend to walk the course as well as socialize. I’ll probably aim to get there between 8:30-10 and spend the day. I know it’s cliche but are the 16 general admission bleachers a nightmare to get into on a Friday for a few pairings if premium tickets aren’t feasible? Anything I should do there besides have a good time? Any experience input is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hello All, Have any of you heard of or played the Trading Players platform? It treats the tour like a stock market, IPOs are available for the tour roster and players earn performance bonuses paid as dividends aside from price appreciation/depreciation in their individual stock price. Xander Schauffele is an interesting example from last weekends AT&T Byron Nelson. Although he did not win, (after barely making the cut on Friday night), he went on the boil Saturday and Sunday and yielded a 20+% return on just a 48 hour investment. This seems to be a more long term gaming proposition and a nifty alternative to single day DFS or traditional wagering, has anyone tried it? Apparently they are offering a chance to learn on the fly without having to make an initial deposit like gambling platforms, staking paid subscribers with a notional $100-$300 in credit to play, allowing you to keep what you win and no penalty if you lose. I love the idea, they have an NFL market as well, but I love the flexibility of playing something that can stretch beyond the daily time horizon, to the seasonal and perhaps yearly/career time frame to take positions on the up and comers on tour. I saw this on twitter. Cheers! HM
  14. Hello Fellow Lefties! •Shipping from Canada so please allow sufficient time to reach destination. I always ship expedited USA. Roughly 7 business days to reach most destinations •Prices are in USD $’s and include shipping anywhere in North America •Prices are OBRO. No Reasonable offer refused TRADE LIST: •Project X LZ Blackout Iron Shafts, 5.5 or 6.0 •Mallet Putters 1. Piretti 801R Tour Only GSS Putter. $1,500 $1,400 $OLD! shipped Retails for $2,500 + $350 finish •9+/10. Light sole marks •Nano Black with Chromatic Bronze hosel and weights •Black KBS CT Putter Shaft. Plays 35” •Golf Pride Pro Only Red Grip Piretti Elite Weight Kit and Tool Included
  15. Son's of pga tour players John Daly and Tiger Woods. From what we have seen John daly II and Charlie Woods have some pedigree. Will any of them become pro and if they do, who will have a better career on the pga tour?
  16. Ok, so last night I discovered the USGA Channel on my Roku. What an incredible library of old golf event footage. US Open's, Women's Opens, Amateurs... all the old television footage of these great events. I started on the US Opens. They have the actual tv coverage of every final round and playoff going back to the mid 60's. I started at 1968 with Trevino winning at Oak Hill. I'm now on 1972 with Nicklaus winning at Pebble Beach. I think I know what I will be watching for the next week or so while I wait for all the snow to melt.
  17. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.golfchannel.com/news/rory-mcilroy-elected-pga-tour-player-advisory-council-chairman-2021%3famp Looks like Rory is the first Non-American to be elected to the position. Nothing short of a good selection. Agree? Disagree? It will be interesting to see the tangible impacts he makes in the role.
  18. Kevin Na's What's In The Bag? Specs are on the front-page as well- https://www.golfwrx.com/645178/kevin-nas-winning-witb-2021-sony-open/ Driver- Callaway GBB Epic (9 degrees) Graphite Design Tour AD GP 6 TX 3w- Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero (13.5 degrees) Mitsubishi Diamana RF 70 TX 5w- Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero (18 degrees) Mitsubishi Diamana RF 80 TX Hybrid- PXG 0317 X Gen 2 (19 degrees) Graphite Design Tour AD DI 95X Irons- Callaway Rogue Pro (4), Callaway Apex Pro 16 (5-PW) True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Wedges- Callaway Mack Daddy 4 (54), Vokey Design prototype (’18) (60-06K ) True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Putter- Odyssey Toulon Madison Grips- Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus4 Ball- Titleist Pro V1x
  19. Noticed these in one of the 2020 Shriners picture threads today (Tues #1) in Wyndham Clark's bag. 0211 FB (Gen 2?) irons. On first glance, an improvement over the original 0211's looks-wise IMO. Anyone have any more info? What's the FB stand for?
  20. GolfWRX is on the ground covering the PGA Tour Sanderson Farms Championship. Please post any comments of observations in this thread... 2020 Sanderson Farms - Tuesday #1 Wyndham Clark's PXG Blackjack putter - 2020 Sanderson Farms A few Bettinardi's at 2020 Sanderson Farms Kelly Kraft - mini WITB - 2020 Sanderson Farms Bettinardi custom Kobe putter - 2020 Sanderson Farms Titleist TSi4 Driver Photos- In hand pics Richy Werenski's- September 2020 LA Golf TPZ 180, 135 & 105 putter shafts - 2020 Sanderson Farms Cameron putters @ 2020 Sanderson Farms Fujikura Ventus Blue hybrid shafts - 2020 Sanderson Farms
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