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  1. Callaway Apex Pro 21 Irons 3-PW Project X LS Shafts 6.5 or XS Flex White and black Golf Pride grips Used but still in great condition Selling for $875 shipped. Willing to sell 4-PW for $800 as well. If anyone wants any other pictures or info, feel free to message me!
  2. Just bought a set of project x lz 5.5. They play an inch longer than the s300s that were originally in my irons. Would I be able to butt trim them an inch and not effect stiffness or swing weight?
  3. In my research, I can only seem to find Project X T (standard Rifle) shafts down to pitching wedge. What PX Rifle shaft (8i, 9i, PW…) does Vokey use when you order a GW, SW, or LW? Do they just use a PW shaft? Do they cut it differently? Planning to reshaft some Vokeys to have the shafts match those in my irons and just wanting to see what they would do from a shaft perspective if I were to order new wedges straight from them. Thanks in advance.
  4. Looking to see if anyone has ever gone with standard Project X shafts in their irons and LZs in their wedges. I’ve currently got PX 6.5s in my irons and have new wedges coming in the LZ 6.5. I typically go same shafts irons through wedges, but with all the supply chain issues and shaft shortages, I kind of got stuck going for the LZs. Anyone have experience with this combo or any educated opinions on it? Wondering if that’s a bad combo based on the expected performance of the two shafts. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hey Guys, I’ve recently thought about switching to Players Cavity Backs. Any thoughts in which irons are the best in your opinion? No specific year, I was looking into the Titleist 710CB. What do yall think?
  6. So I went and got fitted for a driver yesterday. It’s been a long time since I have played so to me my swing felt very rusty and quite stiff and slow overall honestly. After trying a bunch of different drivers and shafts I ended up ordering the Sim2 with the HZRDUS Smoke green 70 shaft. I’ve been away from golf for a long time and I am far from a tech guru when it comes to clubs I am just wondering if I made the correct choice with this shaft. To me it felt good, but it was towards the end of my fitting and after not playing for so long my hands were already hurting, not sure if was affecting the quality of swings I was putting on the ball. Anyway, my swing speed was around 123-125, ball speed 180-185. I think once I start playing more and condition my muscles for the swing these numbers will only go up. I also put the same shaft in the 3 wood I ordered yesterday as well. I’m not too concerned with distance but would like a consistent accurate shaft for my swing. Thoughts on if I made the right choice? Thanks!
  7. Just wanted to get peoples thoughts on the PX shafts. I have been playing the old PX 6.0 shafts for years and absolutely love them. I tried some lighter shafts through the years on my "Guests set" that I keep in case a guest comes and we find the opportunity to catch a quick round! I've tried a few including the KBS C Taper Lite and even the XP 95s. Long story short, I decided to experiment and tried the PXi 6.0 shafts in my set a while back. I absolutely hated them. I expected a cleaner lighter feel and they felt like a rock (maybe I mis-read what they were supposed to feel like). So, now I see all this talk and all these players playing the LZ's there's also the LS and IO shafts. I wanted to get peoples opinions here before I went out to buy or started testing (I'm obviously hesitant). I'm REALLY interested in the LZ shafts specifically but would love to hear any and all opinions.
  8. Hello all, looking for some advice I currently game the Speeder 661 Evo Tour Spec XStiff in a Taylormade Sim but swapping for a Ping G425 and was thinking about putting the Project X LZ Hand Crafted 6.5 64g shaft into play. I like my shafts around 60-65g and I have a swing speed of around 107-112mph. Are these shafts similar? Can anyone recommend shafts similar to Speeder 661 Evo Tour Spec? Thanks In Advance And happy golfing in 2021 Lewis handicap 1.8
  9. Hi everyone, If you're a Miura lover as am I, this post is for you! ** Miura 1957 Baby Blades 2-PW ** Irons are brand new 9.5 out of 10 Project X 6.0 Shafts with measuring standard length (37.5" 6 Iron) Shafts are spine aligned therefore shaft bands are not all aligned on back of the shaft Will ship with extra PX 6.0 Shaft bands Irons are 1* Flat (show slight bend marks on 2-3 irons- see photos) Grips are New Decade Limited Platinum grips- Navy and Grey Installed logo up Asking $2600 Shipped (Including insurance) NOT BREAKING UP THE SET- Thanks! ** Miura 1957 KM-008 Putter- Special Edition Black Boron ** Mint Condition 10 out of 10 Shafted with a C Taper 7 iron shaft cut to 34" playing length Standard loft and lie Blue and White Ferrule Miura Tapered Putter Grip Comes with original Miura Km-009 head cover Asking $1050 Shipped (Including insurance) * Miura 1957 Wedges 51, 55, 59 Y Grinds- Special Edition Black Boron ** Mint Condition 10 out of 10 Project X 6.0 Shafts Standard Length Standard loft and lie Grips are New Decade Limited Platinum grips- Navy and Grey Installed logo up Asking $1100 Shipped (Including Insurance)
  10. Scotty Cameron Ogio Backpack. Gently used, still in great condition $55 Scotty Cameron Peter Millar Camo Duffle Bag, gently used still in great condition SOLD Stitch Arnold Palmer Headcovers, Driver and Hybrid. Brand new never used $60/each or $100 for both Project X Hzrdus Handcrafted T1100 6.5 75g with Golf Pride MCC +4 midsize grip. Cobra adapter. Bought from a member here about a month ago and just isn’t for me. Has a scuff mark which is pictured that was on it when I got it. SOLD Scotty Cameron Camo Headcover, never used SOLD
  11. Currently game the X7's they've really helped my game. They are on the heavy side at 133g per shaft but I'm on the stronger side, haven't lost distance or swing speed, but I do feel they where me out towards the end of a round. I recently saw that Project X came out with the LS shaft...I used to play the 6.5's and I liked them. I know that PX (True Temper) came out with the LS to rival or give guys that play the X7 another shaft option. The X100's weigh 130g. So my question is, would going with the PX LS 6.5 be going too far in the other direction as far as weight go. Or should I go to the PX LS 7.0's? I have a high ball flight. My irons are the P750's and they are 1 degree strong to knock the flight down a bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  12. Excellent condition Project X Hzrdous T1100 shaft. Shaft is 44.5", 6.0S 75g with Callaway adapter and newer standard Tour Velvet Align grip. Asking $SOLD OBO.
  13. As always my price includes USPS Priority Shipping CONUS only. Trade interests are ONLY 620 mb, MP20 MB, or MP20 MMC and must be 4-P at minimum. T100 4-P paired with PX LZ 5.5 and new Tour Velvet Align mid grips. Standard length and loft but playing 1* flat. Clubs are in pretty terrific condition. $850 shipped OBO. SM8 52F08 and 52D12. Same specs and shafts and grips as the irons. The 54 shows a little wear as it’s my go to sand wedge. $200 shipped. Take it all for $990 shipped.
  14. Hello All, Update: I tried selling these before I moved to FL but I ran out of time. I'm back in Socal now for 3 days. I can meet up with any potential buyer around the OC/LA/SD area. Clubs are boxed and ready to go. I have the matching 4 iron at my place in Florida if you're interested in that as well. Price is flexible - reasonable offers will be entertained. Srixon 585 5-PW with Project X LZ 6.5 (x stiff) shafts. Standard L/L/L. These are incredible irons but I've moved on to a set of 785s. These have normal wear and tear on them from about 10-15 rounds and a few grass range sessions. They do show marks from hitting less then ideal balls at the range. Blue/Black MCC Plus4 grips. Asking $400 OBO.
  15. Received this hybrid in a trade and It just didn’t fit my eye. I could tell when i set it down. This club has NEVER BEEN HIT. Plastic still on the head. I have two shaft options for the buyer. It has a have a stiff Mitsubishi Chemical Orange shaft. Hybrid with tensei in it (started at $185) NOW $160!!!!!!! Including shipping US SOLD Barley used Taylormade m3 3 wood. No shaft. Head only. Beautiful shape. Asking $90 Cobra MIM 52* and King 58* wedges used one season with PVD finished KBS Hi rev 2.0 shafts. Just received some Snakebite wedges and was contemplating transferring these shafts into them but decided too much work. If these do not sell I won’t be too upset. Asking $120 for the pair SOLD Greyson Polos. New without tags. I was too eager for these to come in and yanked the tags off thinking they would fit like my other large polos. They run slightly bigger. Just trying to salvage some $ I spent. I will do each shirt for $45 or both for $80. One shirt looks gray in the picture but it’s a nice purple color.
  16. Currently using the LZ 6.0 120g in my irons. Typical launch is 21-23 degrees and 116-119 mph ball speed with 7 iron (i think launch is too high) and swing speed is probably 85-90 mph with 7 iron, 105-110 mph with driver. My typical shot is a high ball, and i think i'm losing a lot of distance by hitting it too high. I would like to see it come out in the window of 15-19 degrees. right now, its carrying about 160 which i think is 10 yards short of what it should be. So, in essence I have a question Would going to the LZ 6.5 make it harder for my hands to release, therefore encouraging better compression and launch? Or what other shaft should i look into?
  17. Pretty much all of the fairway wood shafts I've played in the past have had recommended tip trim instructions of the usual 0.5" trim for 3 wood, 1" for 5 wood (sometimes 7-wood these days) etc. which seems to have worked nicely in general, comparing how the shaft performs from driver to 3 wood etc.. Recently I've picked up a few Fujikura and older Aldila models that recommend 0 tip trim for 3 woods and I'm abit nervous/curious about why they do this. It's not as if the tips of the shaft are so stiff in comparison to other manufactures that they perform differently (or is it?!). Is it just a presumption that you want a fairway wood to launch higher than a driver? I'm not sure that's always the case from a shaft perspective, loft does the job for the most part. I've noticed Aldila have gone to the standard 0.5"-3 wood, 1" 5 wood or similar since being brought out by MRC. Anyway, so the question is what are peoples experiences or knowledge of why they do this? And how has if effected the performance of the shaft? Has not trimming the 3 wood shaft worked or have you had better results ignoring Fujikura etc. advice and going with the usual 0.5" trim etc? Anybody follow the no tip trim advice on shafts from other manufacturers that usual recommend trimming and had success? Any particular experience of the Fujikura Atmos line would be appreciated! Cheers
  18. Hi all! Up for sale today is the HULK! I used this for 20 balls on the range Sunday. It's a beautiful shaft, just not for me. This 60g 6.5 shaft plays at 45", comes gripped with an MCC Plus 4 Align Midsize, and has a Titliest Adapter. Come and snag it!!! Looking for $250 OBO
  19. Ping iBlades 4-PW with factory installed C Taper 130’s, yellow dot with brand new Golf Pride Tour Velvet midsize grips, shaft labels in good shape. Shafts were installed at the factory at standard length but do have .5” extensions. 5i plays 38.5”. SOLD Ping iBlade/Blueprint combo set. 4/5/6 iBlade, 7-PW Blueprint. Dynamic Gold Tour Issue 120 X100 shafts. Standard length. iBlades are green dot and Blueprints are Blue but all can be bent to desired specs by your local club guy. Brand new Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. $850 shipped. Ping G410 19* Hybrid. Very good shape with a little nick on one of the turbulators as pictured. Tensei Pro Orange 100HY TX. Standard length with a brand new Golf Pride NDMC midsized grip and an pretty cool aftermarket leather head cover. SOLD Srixon Z585/Z785 combo iron set. Very good condition irons with Project X 6.5 shafts. Labels are perfect. Irons are +.5” and 1* upright. Grips are literally brand new Golf Pride NDMC midsized. SOLD
  20. As always my price includes USPS Priority Shipping CONUS only. Titleist CB 620 Forged Iron Set 5-P PX LZ 6.0 & Tour Wrap standard grips. Standard l/l/l per Titleist. Irons in terrific condition. Price is $750 shipped. Trade interests: 620 MB w/PX (non LZ) 5.5 or 6.0 4-Pw. I will add money for the 4 iron if condition dictates. IMG_2183.HEIC
  21. Hello All, 5/30/2021 Update: Back in Orange County CA for a few days. I can meet up with any potential buyer around the OC/LA/SD area. Clubs are boxed and ready to go. I have the matching 4 iron at my place in Florida if you're interested in that as well. I'm looking to unload these relatively quickly as I'm moving and can't take them with me. Reasonable offers will be entertained. I'd love to share additional pictures and details so do not hesitate to message me for further information. 1. Srixon 585 5-PW with Project X LZ 6.5 (x stiff) shafts. These are incredible irons but I've moved on to a set of 785s. These have normal wear and tear on them from about 10-15 rounds and a few grass range sessions. They do show marks from hitting less then ideal balls at the range. Asking $400 OBO.
  22. So i did the club champion thing and ended up with replacing the standard project X 6.0 iron shafts (think they say rifle at the top, blue/grey labeling) with Oban CT-115 stiffs. Being a lighter and overall different feeling shaft, it took a few rounds to get used to them, but now that I'm dialed, I can't say I've ever hit the ball better. I've always been a pretty good iron player, and maybe an even better wedge player. But lately I'm starting to notice I can't seem to hit 85-105 LW/SW wedge shots (vokey's with 'wedge flex' shafts) as well or as crisply as I'm used to hitting them. The fact the they consistently seem to be short and left of my target (I'm LH) resemble the miss when a shaft is too much for you to get around. I'm thinking that the lighter iron shafts are making the transition to the Vokey wedge flex shafts too much to handle now, and that maybe i should replace them with lighter shafts. From my research, it seems the Obans have ~109g shafts, the vokey's have S200 DG shafts at ~130g (assuming the internet is correct), and my old 6.0's have ~120g shafts. Does it make sense to lighten the shafts on my wedges now that I have lighter iron shafts? Should i play around and install the project X's to keep the weight difference iron and wedge about 10g like my set up was before? Or maybe should I add Oban's to the wedges? Has anyone done this or experienced any of this? If so, I'm curious to hear your results. Thanks.
  23. Yesterday I picked up a set of Mizuno MP - 32s for a steal. They have project x rifle shafts but there are no flex numbers. Anybody have an idea? If I take a grip off will there be any info on the handle? The logo is a little different than current rifles, I am guessing these shafts are from the same era as the irons 2004 - 2008. I've attached some pictures of the logo and the irons just because they are so pretty. Thank you
  24. Hi All, I play A Mizuno Fli-Hi 18* driving iron with the Stock S300 Sensicore steel shaft. The shaft bent so looking for a replacement and thought to ponder a decision here. I currently play PX 6.0 in my irons. and a proforce v2 X stiff in my driver (no 3 wood currently). I have a fast swing speed, a deliberate transition, and a steep angle of attack. I love my Fli-Hi, hit it about 250 off the tee, and it's my workhorse for par 5 approach shots from fairway or rough no problem. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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