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  1. 585 iron set. 3-PW. Standard loft,lie. One inch longer than Srixon standard length. 39" 5 iron. 37" PW, 9 iron. Modus 105 stiff flex shafts "splined". Lamkin Midsize Plus grips,still feel tacky The grip is thicker under the left hand. Some ball marking on the 7 and 8 iron, rest of the irons are very clean. $675 TYD, CONUS only. 3 iron only, $140. Will sell 3 iron only after 4-PW is sold. Heads only, $565 TYD CONUS only. 3 iron head, $125. Would sell 3 iron head only after 4-PW heads are sold. Trade interests... Ping G series Blue,Yellow,Green dot iron sets,
  2. Pics say it all. Getting rid of gear to make room for more gear All prices are shipped CONUS only. Graphite Design AD-IZ 6S driver shaft w Ping adapter. $Sold Ping G400 14.5° 3 wood, Graphite Design AD-DI 7S. $Sold Evnroll ER2 34”, SuperStroke Flatso 1.0 grip. $Sold PXG Closer (extra weights), SuperStroke Claw grip, 34.5”. $Sold Ping Sigma2 Tyne SuperStroke grip, adjustable. Keeping Srixon Zu85 #3 20°, KBS Prototype hybrid 85S. keeping
  3. Just joined WRX and am loving the site so far for sure! Picked up the sticks for the first time in over 10 yrs back in June...one of the only positives of this COVID time has been the extra time to re-learn the game, and I’ve been bitten by the golfing bug Big Time! My previous clubs were all entry-level, low quality, and outdated, so upgraded my whole bag piece by piece over the last 5 months and am finally at the point where I feel good about my set-up and can’t wait to pick some courses appart next season!! Here’s my WITB: Driver: Cal
  4. Hi guys, was wondering if anyone is playing this exact same set up(zx7/kbs x tour) ? I'm currently playing the t200 with the kbs tour x and this shaft pairs well with the heads. Looking to switch my irons for something with more feel, control and etc.. I know that the loft are way stronger on the t200, which means less spin and lower launch. Correct me if I'm wrong but by putting these in the zx7 would result in more spin and launching even higher (maybe too high?). I might be looking at changing for a less spinning shaft and lower launching, I'd like to hear what you
  5. Up for sale Minty Srixon ZX5/ZX7 Combo Set with Nippon Modus Tour 105 Stiff shafts and Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Midsize grips. Set is 5-PW. All clubs standard length and lie. 5&6 - ZX5 with 1 degree weaker loft to align gapping. 7,8,9,PW - ZX7 with standard loft. Ordered them brand new with the above mentioned customization. Clubs have only and only 1 round on them. Pics tell the story! Price is $OLD! No trades. Let me know if you have questions!
  6. hi guys, just looking for some advice. Should I hang on to my MP-5's or possibly upgrade/switch I love the look and feel, they are also quite hard to find nowadays. I like that they are MB but forgiving. Any suggestions on models similar to this? Could be MB or Muscle Cavity. Open to all brands. Any suggestions would be great. I'm a 7.7 index
  7. @easyyy added more pics with comparison photos with T100 and older Srixon models here... I have tested both the Srixon Zx7 and ZX5 and I am VERY impressed. The feel of the ZX7 is one of the best I have ever hit. Kwok said they bend like butter and told me the ZX7's are 1020 carbon forged by Endo. Looks like Srixon swing for the fences using soft 1020 and back to Endo to do the forgings. Went to find out more and he was right. Not many are using 1020 and certainly Ising Endo to do the forgings. The feel off the face is incredible. Watched all the reviews on YT and same fin
  8. Here is my current setup for this upcoming season: Driver: Srixon Z585, 10.5 Degree, Project X HZRDUS Red (62 gram) Stiff Shaft, Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Grip 3 Wood: Sub 70 Golf 939X, 15 Degree, Project X Evenflow Riptide (60 gram) Stiff Shaft, Lamkin Crossline 360 Grip Utility/Driving Iron: Sub 70 Golf 699U, 19.5 Degree, Project X Evenflow Riptide (80 gram) Stiff Shaft, Lamkin Crossline 360 Grip Irons: Sub 70 Golf 699, 5-PW (Lofts: 24, 27, 31, 35, 40, 45), KBS Tour 105 (114 gram) Stiff Shaft, Lamkin Crossline 360 Grip Wedges: Cleveland CBX, GW-LW (Lofts: 50,
  9. I have a hunch that the current ZX utility is less forgiving than previous models. I’m basing this on the thinner sole and placement of tungsten in the centre, which I believe would reduce MOI. Can anyone confirm?
  10. Hi! Long time lurker, first time poster here. Hoping to find out if anybody has a cost effective way of getting my hands on some wedge length miyazaki Kuala 8 stiff IFC 6554. I'm in the UK and not too keen on paying extortionate import taxes on ebay. I currently game Srixon Z565's, with these shafts in, 5I-PW which I love. I would like to complete the set including the 50*AW & 54*SW. Seen them used online but with the Nippon N.S PRO 980GH DST's in. I have the same lofted Cleveland RTX 588 Rotex 2.0 plus the 58*. I'm a mid handicap
  11. Hey fellas, need some input here: Currently game the P750's with TT DG X7's. Standard length. I've had them what will be going on three years or my third season with them. I personally love them. Now all that being said, I have thought about just reshafting them. My swing has gotten smoother to wear I was thinking of putting TT X100's in there. But a reshaft will run $300-400 once it's all said and done. Now I could sell them and just pay the difference for new clubs. So to sum it up, do I reshaft or get new irons? Was thinking of th
  12. Hey Guys, I’ve recently thought about switching to Players Cavity Backs. Any thoughts in which irons are the best in your opinion? No specific year, I was looking into the Titleist 710CB. What do yall think?
  13. 1. Taylormade Spider X Navy Single Bend 34 inches Mint Condition - Comes with headcover - Lamkin Grip - $OLD 2. Srixon Utility ZU 85 - 4 iron 23 degrees - UST Mamiya 95 F4 (Stiff) Shaft - Mint Condition - Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip - $OLD shipped and paypal G&S included Price is CONUS and shipped via UPS. If shipping to Canada - can discuss price and shipping options.
  14. Hello All, Up for sale are a few items. I'm looking to unload these relatively quickly as I'm moving and can't take them with me. Reasonable offers will be entertained. I'd love to share additional pictures and details so do not hesitate to message me for further information. 1. Srixon 585 5-PW with Project X LZ 6.5 (x stiff) shafts. These are incredible irons but I've moved on to a set of 785s. These have normal wear and tear on them from about 10-15 rounds and a few grass range sessions. They do show marks from hitting less then ideal balls at the range. Asking $450.
  15. Srixon 785 4-9 (DG TI S400) / Z-Forged 7-9 (DG TI S400) PRICE: $500 - Standard Length/Lie - Golf Pride MCC Black/White Grips - Gamed Last 6 Months - ZU65 and 585 Sold Srixon 785 3 (Veylix 988 X) / Srixon 785 4-PW (Recoil Proto 125 F5) / Vokey SM7 52/56/60 (Recoil Proto 125 F5) PRICE: SOLD Offers welcomed but mainly looking for cash as I really don't need anymore golf equipment.
  16. My wife is about a week to 2 weeks from having our first boy, and I realize my plans for these clubs are going to be unrealized with what is on the way! I am hurrying to get this stuff listed so I can ship before he comes ? I try to take the best pictures to show the wear so I am not big into rating things, you be the judge. If you have questions, or want an additional photo, just let me know. PXG Gen 2 Closer 34” Stock Black Shaft. It’s in great shape. The previous owner blacked out the sight line and I liked it. You can remove it if you do not ? $250 Now $225 Shipped USPS Prio
  17. I recently had to change out a tip adapter in my Fujikura six xlr8 driver shaft and discovered a strange material that was in the tip end of the shaft. Can someone please help identify what type of plug (tungsten, lead, liquid tungsten, etc.) I found? I have attached a few pictures. The metal is in a few pieces because I had to cut the tip which ended up cutting this material that was at the end of my tip as well. Also, any suggestions on where to purchase something similar to match the swing weight of my old driver shaft that had this material? The new shaft (same model) now feels way to lite
  18. Hi guys new to the forum but came here looking for some opinions. I currently game Adams a12 pro irons in a kbs stiff shaft and can clip my 8 iron about 145-150 carry but I want to get some Srixon 785/585s and the seller has them in a modus 3 120 X shaft and I’ve heard they play almost as soft as a stiff and I’m just wondering if anyone has any experience with these shafts. I really love the Look of the irons but don’t wanna sacrifice my game by jumping into shafts that are too stiff. I’m also an 8.6 handicap and play stiff shafts in my all of my other clubs
  19. Srixon Z585's std l/l/l - $545 ---- SOLD Price includes std shipping to Conus 48. Hawaii and Alaska will be extra. Sorry but no international shipping. Shaft - Modus 105 R flex 4-PW, RTX 3 50/10 GW I bought these last year and never go to play them due to an injury. Played them for 18 holes this year and a couple of range sessions mostly with the 7 iron. As always the pictures tell the story as to their condition.
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