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Found 9 results

  1. JT does this practice quarter swing before his real swing begins. Seems like he is practicing an early wrist set? Or is this a feel thing or swing thought? And what does it accomplish? Sorry if this has been asked before.
  2. I've recently been on a quest for speed during lockdown here in the UK. Taking pages from the Bryson playbook, speed sticks and max speed training on trackman. I have hit a plateau recently, just curious to see if any of you guys have had success gaining speed. What feels/training techniques/methods have you guys had success with?
  3. NOTE: If you have data you would like to share from similar products, feel free but please mention the product you used in your post. Also, feel free to sort of mimic my format down below but adjust it accordingly as different products will not have the same lingo (example: SSG has green, red, blue sticks for primary program, others have removable weights etc.) The intent of this thread is for people to post their data for this system (so hard to find in the other huge thread). Please post in the format below (and please no posts with discussion, there is enough of that in the o
  4. When talking about the generalization of ball position, there are really two tactics: -Moving the ball position based on the club. The ball moves up or back in the stance depending on the club, while the stance stays the same. or -Keeping the ball in the same position for every club. The ball stays in the same spot every time, but the width of the stance narrows or widens depending on the club. How do you position the ball and why?
  5. I've been looking at some of Jake Hutts Instagram posts. In the downswing he says the arms do nothing. How do i get that feel? I know there has to be some impact from the arms, but where does it happen? He says it happens in the release, so at what point in the downswing will that release happen?
  6. Hi guys, sorry if this is a dumb question, ive struggled to find information to answer this question. Ive been recently working on having my swing more rotational and held off to get better contact but im wondering how to shape shots with this. I notice sometimes after I release the club, it will be pointing pretty far left almost like I’m trying to nip a wedge with a lot of spin. I think I do this when I start to hit the hosel when I finish more centered or even right of target line. This then causes my longer clubs to bleed right. Am I right thinking I need the club to be pointin
  7. I recently gained over 15+ mph in swing speed by eliminating early extension and using my legs correctly. Now, I used to early extend big time, which was caused by incorrect lower body movement. I would fire my hips and push up and onto my back foot while rotating, which made me come up and out of my swing. When I would make impact, I would be up on my toes on my back foot, my hips would be fully rotated facing the target, my shoulders/chest were turned past the ball and my arms/hands would trail behind with the club. I was basically in a finished position when I would make impact.
  8. I have seen many golf tips showing how the left wrist should be bowed to allow the club face to be square while shaft is leaning forward in the impact position. (i.e. since hands are further ahead of the ball at impact , then club face would be open if left wrist is not bowed). However, they always talk about this and show this ONLY with irons and talk about how pros do it and it also has the effect of de-lofting the IRON. What I don't understand is what are you supposed to do with driver/woods? If you de-loft those in the same way it looks really strange (like the clubs are not meant to
  9. My question is this sustainable to improve, and also are there top level players using woods with closed faces (all I hear is open faces)? I've done the same thing with 3 wood and hybrid, and for reference 115 mph ss. Problem was only with the woods, irons all go straight.
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