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Found 16 results

  1. Just wanted to get some feedback on this idea and logo I made for my www.NonTourUseOnly.com brand/project I’m building. This would be the Non Tour Use Only “Tiger” logos. Could go on hats, Tshirts, or polos. (These aren’t actually on the hats yet, just resting on them for illustration purposes.) Any constructive feedback would be appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Hello everyone, First time poster long time reader of GolfWRX. I’m aware this has been done many times before, but I thought I would still share my journey putting a complete 1997 Tiger Woods Master set together. I’ll be doing most of the gear modification locally here in Orange NSW ether myself or at my local pro shop, aside from any modification to the putter. I’m yet to decide on how I’ll handle that, I’m not sure I’ll let the quest for perfection compromise the value of a classic putter. But with that said, it’s only as classic/famous as it is because of Tiger and this event. I’m unsure of the lengths the Scotty Custom shop would go to in respects to the shaft he used. On that topic and having read rpmaroon thread on the Wilson Head Speed shaft, throws a massive spanner in the works. But seeing Tigers putter didn’t have a shaft band during the 97 Masters and with Tiger not replying to my messages, it makes it very hard to 100% know what shaft he did use that day. If someone knows without a shadow of a doubt then could they please share your findings. I’ve seen a few threads on here with building Bore Thru Woods and the like so GolfWRX will play a big part in this build. I’m not a great Golfer and only took the sport up again after 10 years off because my 9yo son told me he was keen to give golf a try. He’s now 10yo and loving the game. The idea of building this set came from a conversation my little brother and I had regarding catching up on the Murray River “located half way between where we both live here in Australia” to play a round using a classic tour level set of clubs for a laugh. I’m not 100% sure but I think my brother was thinking a Tiger-slam set but he was also talking about a Vijay Singh 2000 Masters set, to change it up a little. The first couple of purchases towards the build have been made and I’ll update everyone once they arrive. After they show up and I post some photos my spending will need to slow down a little until my wife starts talking to me again and our funds pick back up lol. Talk again soon, Hoff.
  3. I've been looking at this hat on eBay etc and just saw it pop up on Nike.com and in the app. https://www.nike.com/t/heritage86-tiger-woods-golf-hat-xFhrMP/DA3317-010
  4. Okay everyone, we all know this was gonna happen eventually. With the baby goat teeing it up, I bet many are wondering what he’s gaming. Ive been looking over all of the social media post from today and this is what I’ve been able to determine so far. Driver is a Taylormade Sim with an Evenflow Riptide CB in it. Id say either the 4.0 or 5.0 40g. He has some type of Sim fairway wood. Irons and wedges I haven’t been able to figure out the type, but definitely looks like some type of graphite shaft. For the flat stick he’s got a Spider X with a blacked out ping grip, just like the old man.
  5. The title says it all Golfwrx, should I wear Pants or Shorts for my Round? We will be teeing off in the early afternoon & will be walking. Normal thought would be Shorts but this is Oakmont… Thoughts? Thanks!
  6. Would you pay this much for a club and actually use it? Limited Edition Scotty Cameron Laguna Two 1st/500
  7. Son's of pga tour players John Daly and Tiger Woods. From what we have seen John daly II and Charlie Woods have some pedigree. Will any of them become pro and if they do, who will have a better career on the pga tour?
  8. Ladies and Gentleman, The 2020 Masters is finally underway! To show the appreciation we have for our record number of bidders and consignors, we are offering FREE appraisals on your pieces of golf memorabilia. The Golf Auction has THE golf auction of the year with 1,500 lots of collectibles to choose from ending Masters Sunday November 15th at 9 PM ET. The eclectic offering includes clubs, bags, Masters, flags, autographs, balls, player memorabilia and many other one of a kind items. You can see the auction at: https://thegolfauction.com/Catalog.aspx Simply post a picture of your item of golf memorabilia below and the experts at The Golf Auction will take a look at it, give you some additional information that you might not know about it and an estimate of what you might receive from your collectible if it was put up as an item in a future auction of ours in front of our world-wide bidders. Other questions we have for you are: 1. Who do you think will win the 2020 Masters? 2. What item would you like the winner to sign and what value would you put on it? We started the appraisal session off with our first lot: Bobby Jones Signed Personal Print on Board Portrait Gifted to Personal Assistant Jean Marshall JSA ALOA Bobby Jones inscribed the gift to Jean, and on the reverse is the following from Bobby: "Jean, I am immensely complimented by your treatment of my picture. Much love, Bob. Nov 6, 1968." Robert T. Jones Jr. was The Masters, from building Augusta National Golf Club the way he envisioned doing it to starting the "Invitation Tournament" in 1934. This took place four years after his 'Impregnable Quadrilateral' Grand Slam year of 1930 in which he won the US Open, US Amateur, Open Championship and British Amateur. Jones' early retirement from competitive golf shortly followed. Appraised value: $4,000+ The Golf Auction
  9. I just picked up a 2019 Scotty Cameron For Tour Use Only Staff Bag. Any one else use one? If you have one, post pictures of yours in the comments, i'd love to see what you guys have.
  10. For sale are a pair of Nike golf shorts and three Nike polos (two of which are Tiger Woods polos). Shorts are both size 34 with an inseam of about 11". All sold. Black Nike Golf shorts sz 34. $15 plus shipping: SOLD Gray Nike Golf shorts sz 34. $15 plus shipping: SOLD Nike Tour Performance polo sz Large. $15 plus shipping: SOLD Gray Nike Golf (Tiger Woods) polo sz Large. $20 plus shipping: SOLD Orange Nike Golf (Tiger Woods) polo sz Large. $20 plus shipping: SOLD
  11. TM P-7TW Irons, New in Box. Pictures say it all. Major Tiger collector set here. 3-PW, “Tiger Spec”. I was lucky enough to snag one of three sets my club got, as these seem to be pretty rare. The only clubs that left the box were the 6 & 7 upon purchase (needed to feel these babies in hand). Beautiful set. Priority Shipping. TM P-7TW 3-PW RH Standard Length Tiger Spec Lie Tiger Spec Loft TI X100 Shafts $OLD
  12. I just purchased a new set of irons, it is the P7TW set. It comes with the Project X Rifle 6.0 shafts but I was fitted for Project X LZ 6.0 shafts. So I am going to be buying a set of shafts to swap it out with. I am noticing that some LZ shafts are .355 and some are .370...honestly the clubs haven't arrived yet, the sale page didn't have this info, and even if I did have the clubs I'm not sure I'd know the size. Would anyone else happen to know what size these specific P7TW clubs come in or does it vary? Was also hoping that I could get some shafts ordered before the clubs arrive so they can arrive around the same time. Any help on this is much appreciated, I have already tried google. Thanks! P.S. for anyone curious, these clubs are amazing. I had a club fitting and the guy was reluctant to even let me try them but of course the blades caught my eye at how good they look and he let me try a few. I tried a Srixon and a Titleist blades briefly (can't remember the models) and they weren't anything to be excited about for me. This one however I was hitting better and further than anything else I had tried including non bladed heads. Also, the way it slides through the grass if you hit it just a little fat is great. I am a 10.5 handicap but I don't play very often anymore, to give you an idea. But yeah highly recommend a club fitting and don't be afraid to try the blades. Last time I tried a set of blades (7 years ago) I couldn't hit em and assumed they were all like that.
  13. The title says it all: Do these run true to size or a little smaller or a little bigger? I normally wear the Nike Golf Flat Front pants & have found they run true to size.
  14. The title says it all Golfwrx, I Really Need Help or Suggestions to get the Stains Out of these Nike TW Practice Shorts. I washed & dried them normally & this is what happened( I did spray some OxiClean Spot Cleaner but have never had this happen before. Any thoughts or suggestions b/c these shorts in my size & this color are Extremely Rare to find.
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