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Found 15 results

  1. I bought a Toulon Austin putter lastweek (model 2017). There are some little dents in the putter. I know you can remove them, has anybody some tips to do this as best? Thanks already for your tips
  2. Up for sale are a few putters I've had that are taking up room or just don't fit my putting style. Frankly I'm not making any putts but I'm tired of "pushing the rope" with these. Prices are in USD and include UPS Shipping. I'm not looking for any trades at this time unless it's a Flightscope Mevo Plus. Toulon Madison- 36" with Iomic Grip. No shaft extension. Original headcover is included. Excellent condition only used about 4 times. Asking $350 $300 Ping Vault Voss- 35" with PP62 Grip. Shop worn and never gamed. Only used this for a few practice sessions but I'm just not a blade putter guy. Asking $270 $210 Taylormade Spider X Satin- 35" Superstroke Pistol GTR 1.0. Shop worn never gamed. Again only made it to the practice green maybe twice. Asking $250 $195
  3. First update 1,000,000 years! 🙂 All new for 2022! See the up date starting on Page 23! R11s Driver w/Speeder, RBZ 3w, Forged Milled TM putter First big change to the bag for quite some time! New Level wedges and Irons on page 20! New pictures 4/25/2012 page 4!!! Newer pictures 3/22/2013 page 5!! Spider Blade 12 putter added 5/31/2013!! SLDR, DA-22 Ghost Added 11/5/2013 SLDR Driver, 3w, 3h, 5h added after #insideTMaG trip 12/12/2013 SLDR 4h, Motore Speeder 7.3 TS and Tour Issue Ghost Tour Daytona 2/21/14 Tour Preferred CB irons 4-AW w/Nippon NS Pro 950 Stiff 2/28/14 RSi 2 irons, R15 TP, AB TP 3HL and 3 TP Hybrid 1/2015-2/2015 What's in the Bag 8/26/2016 New driver and Milled Grind wedges 3/1/2017 Kia Ma Weight Kit available thru your TM dealers (they have to call) Putter head up to 355g, 200g shaft and Mid-size Iomic White.
  4. Share your putter collections and leave suggestions for what I should look into next.
  5. I recently purchased a new Odyssey Stroke Lab putter and I’m not sure if I’m going to get used to the feel with the 30g counterweight in the butt end. Has anyone removed the counterweight and notice any improvements in feel? I’m considering removing the counterweight and replacing the 77g stock grip with a heavier grip (maybe Golf pride’s 90gram Pro Only cord green). This would result in a 17g decrease in the grip/butt area, so the swing-weight would increase if i’m not misunderstanding. I play a 33” so I don’t think this increase in the swing weight would be an issue (considering Odyssey doesn’t maintain the same sw for different lengths). But I assume extra weight spread along the grip area affects swing-weight differently than weight in the butt end? So is ditching a counterweight with SL shafts ill-advised, or would it be fine in terms of feel + performance? I’m certainly no club tech, so let me know if I’m off base on anything here, I appreciate any insight. Also, can the counterweight be reinserted if I wanted to revert back to the stock setup?
  6. Anyone know what the stock weights are in the 360g Toulon blade putters (2022 Chicago model)? I believe it says two 15g gram weights on Callaways website, but I’m not confident that’s accurate for all the models (wouldn’t be the first time that they listed incorrect specs). I’ve seen a couple threads saying it’s two 10gram weights for the blades, but they didn’t seem too confident. Does anyone know for certain? The kits are expensive so I want to make sure I purchase the correct weights Update: Just talked to a customer service rep and he said 10g weights with the steel shaft, 15g with the stroke lab. Hopefully that’s accurate, but I’ve had a different customer service rep tell me the head weighs 360grams for both steel and SL shafts….
  7. Got a couple extra items to sell. Loved the look and feel w Srixons just hit my other set a little better. My loss ur gain. Will be out of town this weekend but can ship Monday. 1) $old Srixon ZX5/7 combo set modus tour 120 stiff. Standard length 1* flat. 5/6 irons are zx5, 7- P 2) $530 847 customs shop Toulon San Diego with stability tour shaft and tour snsr grip 34”. Does not have a headcover but can add a headcover from Patrick gibbons for cheap.
  8. 2016 update coming DRIVER NEW 2105 Big Bertha Alpha Pro 8.5 – Set to N, +1*, gravity Core Down (12g Core) ,10 grams weight in the toe, 1 gram heel. 5 grams of hot melt in center front, Raw head weight with core and 7,1 weights = 192grams. Playing length is 45" with Grip. Shaft is Speeder 757 Evolution Tour Spec X, Tipped 1" Over all weight is 344 grams, swing weight D4.5 I really wish I knew the specs to the head of this club, lie, loft, etc. Been getting some really nice Ball Speeds off the face, VERY VERY anti left, still dialing this club in (it was a gift from a family member) so I am really working on making it work. Old Driver – just an awesome awesome big dog TMAG Rocketballz Stage 2 Prototype 400cc – Tour Issue Measured head 9.2*, +2.25* open, 192.5 g raw weight + 12 grams of hotmelt , 58.4* lie, 45" Playing Length, Graphite Design AD DI 8x Tipped 1", 348 gram total weight Fairway Woods NEW 2015 3 WOOD: TMAG Rocketballz Stage 2 PROTOTYPE – Tour Issue Measured head 14.6*,+ 3.0* open, set to 1.5* open, 212.4g hotmelted head weight. 57.0* lie, 43.5 playing length, Fujikura P95x Tipped 1", swing weight D4 These prototypes, size and shape, slightly deeper face, very much remind me of my old 906f2 fairway woods. 5 WOOD: TMAG Rocketballz Stage 2 PROTOTYPE– Tour Issue Measured head 18.8*, 2.5* open set to 1.5* open, 216.8g hotmelted head, 58.6 lie, 42.5" playing length, Fujikura Tour Issue Fit-on EX Pro95xx T-30 (105 gram raw weight) Tipped 1.5", swing weight D4 Utility / Driving Iron: SANS the 5 wood: Titleist 712u 18.5*, Project X, PXI 6.5 40" playing length Irons: Mizuno MP4's w/ C taper X (pics below) – see specs below, Mizuno, though it took me having to send the irons back, nailed the specs on these club, they are SPOT on, checked by my club maker. Having the option of heavy iron heads made all the difference getting the swing weight spot on. Wedges Wedges: Vokey TVD M Grinds – 54* and 60*, C Taper X 130's (soft stepped once)(8 iron shaft), lie angle both wedges 65*, Length ='s 54* 36.00" 60* 35.75" Putter NEW 2015 - Ping Redwood Answer Black Dot (could use some cosmetic upgrades) – 35.5"(steel shaft extension from 35" ) Playing Length, Ping PP58 Grip (really liking this grip) two strips of lead tape on the bottom. Sitting out a series - Great Great putting piece, I just like a full offset putter for some reason, maybe eye dominance Putting Apparatus: Kingston KP1 Semi Raw head – Dale head / 009 shape Carbon Steel, site dot, 3.5* Loft, 72* lie, 348g head weight, Nippon Pro 149g shaft 35" playing length , 543 grams total weight, Lamkin Deep Etched Putter Grip http://www.golfwrx.c...iew-w-pictures/ http://www.kingstonputters.com/ Misc Ball: ProV1x - Need to test the new PROV's series Grips *NEW SET UP 2015* Grips: Lamkin .580 Crossline Full Cord – Caliber grips to check for consistency 5 wraps top hand 6 wraps lower hand – targeting .93 to .94" 2" down from the top of the grip Cross Line Midsized grips on the wedges – single double sided tape. Head Covers Plain TMAG Head Covers - LOVE my Rocket Tour Head covers ; Virginia Tech Color Scheme BUT I don't think they protect the club heads enough BAG - Ogio Hauler Single Strap – Plain white Range Finder – Bushnell Z6.
  9. Fellow golfwrx’! •Shipping from Canada so please allow sufficient time to reach destination. Always ship expedited USA so roughly 6 business days *Covid and courier delays are out of my control* •Prices are in USD $’s and include shipping anywhere in 🇨🇦/🇺🇸 •OBRO •100% feedback on golfwrx, eBay, and multiple selling pages on facebook 1. Toulon Atlanta Putter. $OLD shipped •like new condition 9+/10 (one small mark on toe. Hardly noticeable. See photo •33” w/ Camo SS Flatso 2.0 Original headcover included
  10. Leave the specs down below to the signature 🙂 there's a free slot waiting to be filled. Still need to fill the 100-120 gap: Callaway MD4 54* comes up short sometimes, the 50* and 52* must be bent or odd-lofted, because they don't quite make it much farther. GW goes too long to 130, it's basically the same as my PW. Took out the 2-iron since it's pretty comparable between the 5W and 4i. Rather fill up on the lower end. The wear on the irons is pretty disappointing after about 6 rounds. At least i seem to be hitting them fairly well ? haha.
  11. Looking to sell or trade Odyssey Toulon Las Vegas, 35" StrokeLab shaft. Stock loft and lie. Includes Toulon and Odyssey "Make It Rain" head covers. Have one outdoor putting session and a few indoor sessions only. Sticking with StrokeLab White Hot OG 7 until the next experiment finds it's way into my bag. $315 $300 Shipped CONUS. Would consider similar putters or G425 2 or 3 hybrids
  12. As much as it pains me selling my extra putter. $300 OBO Toulon Austin 35” with stroke lab shaft, headcover, standard weight, and t40 additional weight kit for those who like heavier putters.
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