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Found 19 results

  1. I'm an extravert (not obnoxiously so, but I enjoy being around other folks), and typically golf with guys I know, including trips to different courses and regions. I have one of my closest friends hails back to my college days, however, who lives in Phoenix. I would like to go out there and stay with him and play some decent courses in the area, but he has no interest in golf whatsoever. Do any of you routinely play as a single on nicer courses? Do they typically place you with a group? Is it harder to get on as a single? Are there any keys for making a trip as a single more enjoyable and doable? I appreciate any ideas and anecdotes you can offer based on experience!
  2. I am driving from battle creek, MI to pick up a few buddies from midway , then Ohare - Question is, how much delay in traffic should I expect? Its about 2 hr 45 to get to Midway from my place - I have never driven around Chicago, some local advice would help 🙂 I just want to give myself enough time but not be early to the airport. This will be around august, leaving at approx 630/7 am for context. his arrival is 1015A
  3. Up and barely moving. Driving down to San Antonio/Randolph AFB's golf course aka Randolph Oaks GC. Called yesterday as a single, told to be there between 7-7:15am and they'd get me out ASAP. I *think* an old military buddy and I played there back in '96 on a long three day escape from a -40* weekend in Michigan. Pictures and discussion this afternoon. $18 walking for 18! Got the new to me Sunday bag loaded up for the stroll.
  4. I have been looking for some good deals on golf package in Charleston SC. We have a group of 12.
  5. I got the Player III Vessel golf bag. Did i overpay for it? Yes, most definitely cuz i live in Indonesia. Is it worth it? Yes! If you been meaning to get one, just get it...
  6. Recently made the trip to play Pine Dunes just South of Frankston, Texas and was inspired to start a thread about how unique it is. Easily one of my favorite Public Golf Courses in Texas. Rankings: Golf Digest - 4.5 Star Rating Golf Digest - #6 on America's Best New Upscale Public Courses, 2002 Golf Digest - Best value in America, 2004 GolfWeek - #1 Resort Golf Course in Texas, #46 in the US, 2018 GolfWeek - #1 Golf Course to Play in Texas, 2018, "Best Courses You Can Play" Golf Magazine - Honorable Mention as "One of the Top Courses You Can Play" Golfweek - #1 course in Texas (2010-2012 & 2014-2018) A few holes seem to be worth highlighting: Hole 2 - 348 Yard Par 4 The Par 4 Second Hole presents an early birdie opportunity with a reachable Par 4. The green has significant sloping, like many others on the course, to give the hole some teeth. Hole 5 - 501 Yard Par 5 The Par 5 Fifth Hole offers an option for golfers to take their tee shot left with 249 yards of carry over a natural sand dune waste area, enabling players to reach the green in two shots whereas if they elect to go right of the split fairway it will be a guaranteed three shot hole. Hole 6 - 254 Yard Par 3 The Par 3 Sixth Hole has the most elevation change as it was was carved into a natural hill. At least 50 feet of drop, by my estimation. The green naturally slopes from right to left towards the water hazard left of the green, which seems to be well out of play except the entirety of the hole slopes towards that hazard. A Par here is an excellent score. Hole 11 - 605 Yard Par 5 The Par 5 Eleventh Hole is every bit of 605 yards as the fairway ends at 307 yards out where natural sand dunes separate the split fairway. Many elect for something less than driver as it will be a three shot hole regardless of how far you can hit your tee shot. Only the absolute longest hitters out there can reach this one in two from the championship tees. Another hole at Pine Dunes where Par is a great score. Hole 15 - 344 Yard Par 4 The Par 4 Fifteenth Hole is another reachable Par 4 as it plays shorter than 344, doglegging around Pines. One can lay up here if they have a particularly good round going and want to protect their low number, but I otherwise encourage players to go for it here. It plays even shorter in length than the reachable Par 4 on the front if you can carry the Pines on the left. Hole 18 - 512 Yard Par 5 The Par 5 Eighteenth Hole is a masterful finish. Sharp dogleg right around a sizeable water hazard. One can have 160 yards or less into the Par 5 with their approach, but this requires a tee shot with more than 272 yards of carry to clear the hazard. A long drive is not necessary to reach the green in two as it would be advisable to play this tee shot left of the hazard unless you are confident in carrying your drive 280+. That is all carry, not roll. As a final note I would like to add that a part of the charm of Pine Dunes is its absolute isolation. It is worth the journey to arrive at such a unique piece of golf property. A real Texas Golfer's dream. Peter Kennedy on Hole 5 at Pine Dunes July 2022:
  7. I'm headed to Vegas for 13 days for work and have a few free days. I'm interested in playing Cascata and possibly doing the double down deal with Rio secco. Can anyone provide insight on if Cascata is worth it to play? I've played wolf creek and Bali Hai. Shadow is closed for maintenance. So any opinions on Cascata would be great
  8. I'm getting mixed reviews from buddies who have played all 3. Some recommend Princeville while the others say it's overrated and underwhelming. I hear Poipu is great and our Airbnb is right next to it. Makai would be about an hour drive but that's no problem. Would love to hear some opinions
  9. I will be in Portland in March and have one day to spare for a round of golf. Where should I play? I am ok to drive a bit out of town if necessary. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  10. Hey all, I'm heading to Houston in three weeks with some buddies from the Northeast since they are trying to escape the cold and Houston was warm (other than this week!), cheap to fly to, and had a lot of affordable places to stay. We are hoping to play Friday, Saturday, and Sunday AM so any recommendations for the best courses to play for a range of handicaps (don't want anything overly penal) looking for rounds at $100 or under. We are staying in the Heights Neighborhood, so anything within 45 minutes is preferred. Thanks!
  11. I'm getting mixed reviews from buddies who have played all 3. Some recommend Princeville while the others say it's overrated and underwhelming. I hear Poipu is great and our Airbnb is right next to it. Makai would be about an hour drive but that's no problem. Would love to hear some opinions
  12. Wondering if anyone here has played in Aruba recently. Will be going down later this year, and I'd like to know how far in advance I should make the tee times. Looks like there's only one 18 hole course and a 9 hole course on the island, ideally I'd like to play both.
  13. Taking my first (short) trip to Scottsdale at the end of October. I only have time to play two courses. I don't know the courses down there other than the biggies like TPC and Troon North. After perusing the usual review websites I decided to play TPC Champions course and We-Ko-Pa. I only have about a 17 handicap so I welcome any feedback on whether or not these courses are too hard for me from the whites given the fact that I've never played desert golf before. Any better suggestions for a first timer? It's not like I can't go back and try others if I enjoy desert golf.
  14. Hey all, I am taking a trip down to Miami (south beach) in July for for a bachelor party. We are all avid golfers and would like to get a few rounds in. Does anyone have any recommendations on courses we should play when we are down there? We wouldn't mind "splurging" on at least one round. Thanks!
  15. Heading to Bandon Dunes on Friday to play all courses. I am curious what tees everyone plays from and why. I am a 1, but the guys I am playing with are 4, 10, and 12. Driving distance ranges from 260-290 in the group. Any suggestions on tees for different courses? I want to be challenged but also want everyone to enjoy (They prefer playing the same tees). I would prefer to play the same tees and know it can be tough from the greens as well, so curious about other experiences. Thanks for any input!
  16. So I'm staying at the Encore at Wynn. My buddy has played all the courses in Vegas including shadow many times. Cascata looks amazing, but I hear the newly renovated Wynn course is top notch. And with green fees at only $250 as opposed to $350 at Cascata I'm seriously considering trying the Wynn. The pros would be no travel as I'm staying on property. But I would love to hear from anyone who's played both and just get some opinions/advice.
  17. 22nd annual golf trip approaching fast, headed to Birmingham to "home base" and have lots of golf planned... 4 guys, from 3 states, all traveling with no familiarity with the courses. We are a HIGHLY competitive group of friends and I'm looking for local knowledge... Hampton Cove - Highlands, Ross Bridge, and Capitol Hill - Legislator are the "trophy" rounds, the rest of the golf (Sweetens, Pursell Farms, Oxmoor, the old Bham CC) is just gambling and having a good time. Highlands is the match play day and I play my opponent straight up, we've been friends for over 30 years and our skill has varied, he's currently a 0.8, I'm a 5.8, the match is always competitive. Haven't played on bent greens in forever, anyone play these tracks recently, fast, slow, sloppy, firm? Rough gnarly or do they mow it down for pace of play? Ross and Legislator is a 36 hole points based quota trophy between the 4 of us, based on only our scores in this event so you have a year to get better or worse... Just hoping to focus my final prep on what matters most, I've already mapped the courses and found my lines and all the things any self respecting golf nut would do in trip preparation ? The 2020 Rona Rochambeau begins this Saturday, assuming the hurricane doesn't flood us out!
  18. Currently I spend a week and a half every month in Chicago on the North Shore for work. Normally play 2 rounds during each trip in the late spring to fall which equates to about 12 rounds. Does anybody have any information on Non-Resident memberships for the North Shore. Any place north of Evanston. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I looked at the courses out West and they are just too far from where I am. Thank you in advance!
  19. I'm looking to do a little golf outing with the boys this June to State College, PA, and I'm wondering what the vibe is like at their university courses while the campus is (relatively) quiet in the summer. What's the vibe like in June? Is it relatively more/less busy? Easy to get tee times for two foursomes? Are there a lot of State College locals that play it, or mostly just college kids? I'll have a big group with varying ability levels, so I'm looking for something that has a bit more of a muni feel versus an upscale public/private course.
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