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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, total newbie, no idea about golf or equipment, I found an old club (looks very old! the handle is wood, like a cane) it says J Shannat Special Niblick on the metal bit (think it’s an Iron?) and a swing trainer that says it’s a Revball??? I think the trainer might be from the 60’s/70’s? I found these in the house I bought which hadn’t been changed since the 60s. Can anyone tell me what they are and if they’re valuable? going to put them on eBay but don’t know what to put them on for! thank you I’m advance for your help - now with pics, sorry didn’t know how to add first time I posted!
  2. Hello all, looking for some advice I currently game the Speeder 661 Evo Tour Spec XStiff in a Taylormade Sim but swapping for a Ping G425 and was thinking about putting the Project X LZ Hand Crafted 6.5 64g shaft into play. I like my shafts around 60-65g and I have a swing speed of around 107-112mph. Are these shafts similar? Can anyone recommend shafts similar to Speeder 661 Evo Tour Spec? Thanks In Advance And happy golfing in 2021 Lewis handicap 1.8
  3. Hi guys new to the forum but came here looking for some opinions. I currently game Adams a12 pro irons in a kbs stiff shaft and can clip my 8 iron about 145-150 carry but I want to get some Srixon 785/585s and the seller has them in a modus 3 120 X shaft and I’ve heard they play almost as soft as a stiff and I’m just wondering if anyone has any experience with these shafts. I really love the Look of the irons but don’t wanna sacrifice my game by jumping into shafts that are too stiff. I’m also an 8.6 handicap and play stiff shafts in my all of my other clubs
  4. Tdougs

    Spider Tour

    Hi All, Who is using a Spider tour putter? Have you tried the X or EX, if so how did you find it vs your Tour? Tony
  5. Morning all. I'm hoping you can be of some help in the States at least, to explain just what I've got on my hands here in the UK. I'm a bit of an American nut when it comes to golf clubs, specifically Cleveland stuff, although I love the EV Snake Eyes stuff too. I bought what I thought was a BeCu Cleveland Designed by Ben Crenshaw Putter off UK Ebay a few years ago. I love it and use it often. But I'm still not 100% convinced it's legit. It LOOKS like a bona fide BeCu napa putter from Cleveland, although the patina isn't quite right. (It doesn't seem to get darker over time - I should point out that I've not cleaned it at all with anything like Coca Cola). Also I've seen quite a few bona fide Cleveland Designed by ("CLASSIC") BeCu putters over the years (_ but not once a BeCu Cleveland designed by "BEN CRENSHAW" putter. Not one, although I've seen plenty of NON-BeCu Designed by Ben Crenshaw Putters. The grip looks legit. The shaft looks legit. But is this a fake. Or copper plated??? Or a real BeCu putter? And from what year? 1987? Much later? Any ideas please, thanks in advance. Doug in Scotland.
  6. Had a number of years without playing and have been trying a few options at the top end of my bag between 5 iron and 4 wood. I started playing with blades and generally always leaned towards more traditional looking clubs, preferring irons with limited offset, not too thick of a top line etc. I have always found it hard to love a hybrid, weirdly apart from the Ping G20. They’re ugly and far from traditional, but for some reason when I was playing previously I loved them and am struggling to find anything else I like. Not surprisingly it seems no-one makes anything like them now. Has anyone got any experience of liking and moving on from G20 hybrids?
  7. Hi all, I'm a first time poster so this question has maybe been asked before but does anyone know the specs of the stiff shaft in Titleist 980f fairway wood. It's the stock shaft and is a 4375 which is an Aldila shaft i think? I'm still gaming this 3 wood and it's genuinely the last club i'd think about upgrading but I'm looking to try and pick up a 2nd hand 5 wood with a similar feel. Thanks
  8. I know the WHS has been done to death, so apologies. But hopefully this will be some useful info for everyone. Im trying to compare the difference between play in the US compared to the UK. Ive never played in the US, so all my assumptions are rumours and heresay!! In the UK, we play competitions/tournaments everyweek. The format is 95% singles, and of those its a fairly even split between stableford and stroke play with a tiny proportion of maybe 1 a year being gross score wins. The competitions are normally played from the 'competition' tees, normally the longest on the course. These tees are normally not allowed to be used outside of the weekly competition. The competitions are generally well supported with around 30 percent of the membership (100 - 200) players everyweek. Depending on the club YMMV. Winning scores are normally around 6 under, or 42 points, with the outliers being 39 or 45. There are virtually no sandbaggers and practically zero ego handicaps in the weekly comps as its very hard to manipulate your handicap down. Particularly as until recently the only way to easily maintain your handicap at all was to play in competitions? Prizes for the weekly competitions are normally vouchers in the region of £50 for a win. There are annually 2 or 3 open competitions at each club that allow players from other clubs, these are normally doubles better ball affairs and are a magnet for sandbaggers, particularly are prizes are bigger (up to 300 / 400 in vouchers or equipment) and due to the format handicaps are not effected by good scores. Despite this they are normally well supported as the entry fee is normally less than a quarter of a green fee. So how does the US compare? My understanding is that organised competitions are much rarer with only 3 or 4 a year. At these competitions the scores are normally much better than in the UK, as evidenced by the frankly ludicrous scores at the pebble beach pro-am. It seems that sandbagging is much more prevalent? Are entries as high? And does the average golfer, one keen enough to post on a golf forum, play in competitions? Im trying to make an assessment as to how the WHS may effect competitive play in the UK over the next few years? As its very similar to the US system I assume the competive landscape is a result of the handicap system?
  9. Have a Neo Ghost that I have updated in the past via the bushnells igolf app. Recently this has stopped working, I get asked to download the installer, which installs, trys to run and then says download the installer.... infuriating Have tried a variety of browsers, have tried different connectors, have cleaned cookeis and cache, have uninstalled and reinstalled.... Have tried on a Windows7 and Windows 10 machine and got same problem! Support at L1inc.com is pretty woeful Has anyone got any ideas out there, would be much appreciated..
  10. Out of the game for a few years so not very well informed when it comes to equipment post about 2015. Need some advice on putting together a bag for 2021. If I’m playing regularly enough later in the year I’ll go for a proper fitting and look at new clubs, but for now it’s the second hand market. This is what I have and am happy with at the moment: Driver - Original TM M2 - 265 carry Srixon z745 irons - 4-P Cleveland rtx 2 cb 50 Vokey sm5 54 and 58 Love the driver, irons and wedges but I need help filling the gap between irons and driver. 4 iron is around 190. I’m confident with it in terms of consistency of striking, however I feel like I’d be more confident hitting a something higher launching into a green where I need to stop it. My gaps also get small here, my 5 iron is 182, so 5 yards more here would be good. So I’m open to changing the 4 iron. So in summary I guess what I’m looking for is higher and slightly longer 4 iron (190 club) and then two clubs to fill the gap between the 190 club and driver. I’m not actually too bothered with gapping at this end of the bag and don’t care too much if the yardages overlap, the two use cases I have in mind at the moment are: 1) From the tee when driver isn’t the option For this case I probably want something in the 210-240 range with premium on control. Don’t mind this being something that is flighted lower. 2) Something I can hit high from the fairway and possibly rough Needs to be longer than the 4 iron or it’s replacement and give me confidence to hit into greens where I need some height and stop. Doesn’t need to go more than 220. Not too many occasions I’m that far away and would be looking to hit a green. Any suggestions on clubs to look at, or alternative thoughts on how to set up this part of the bag are much appreciated. Cheers
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