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  1. What's In ForTourUseOnly's Bag? Driver: Titleist TSR3 9.0 Shaft: Fujikura Ventus VeloCore Black 6-X (Tipped 1") Digital Loft: 8.2 Length: 45.00" SureFit Hosel: B1 SureFit CG: Black +2g @ T1 Lie: 57.75° Swingweight: D3 Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord 60R (Logo Down) 3-Wood: Titleist TSR3 15 Shaft: Fujikura Ventus TR VeloCore Blue 8-X (Tipped 1.5") Digital Loft: 15.0 Length: 42.50" SFTSureFit Hosel: B1 SureFit CG: Black +2g @ T1 (3g Hot Melt In Toe) Lie: 55.75° Swingweight: D3 Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord 60R (Logo Down) 7-Wood: Titleist TSR2 21 Shaft: Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 9.2 Tour Spec Flex-X (Tipped 1.5") Digital Loft: 19.0 Length: 41.00" SFTSureFit Hosel: C1 SureFit CG: White -6g (6g Hot Melt In Toe) Lie: 57.25° Swingweight: D3 Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord 60R (Logo Down) Iron: Titleist U-Series U•500 4 Iron Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 Length: Standard Loft: 22° Lie: 1.5° Flat Swingweight: D4 Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord 60R (Logo Down) Irons: Titleist T-Series T100•S ('21) 5 Iron - 9 Iron Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 Length: Standard Loft: 1°-2° Weak Lie: 2° Flat Swingweight: D4 Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord 60R (Logo Down) Specs: Iron - Offset - Length - Loft - Lie - SW 4 - 2.6mm - 38.50" - 22° - 59.5° - D4 5 - 2.4mm - 38.00" - 26° - 60.0° - D4 6 - 1.8mm - 37.50" - 30° - 60.5° - D4 7 - 1.5mm - 37.00" - 34° - 61.0° - D4 8 - 1.2mm - 36.50" - 38° - 61.5° - D4 9 - 1.0mm - 36.00" - 42° - 62.0° - D4 PW: Titleist Vokey Design SM9 46.10 F-Grind Raw Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 Length: 35.75" Loft: 46.0° Lie: 62.0° Bounce: 10° Swingweight: D4 Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord 60R (Logo Down) GW: Titleist Vokey Design SM9 50.12 F-Grind Raw Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 Length: 35.50" Loft: 50.5° Lie: 62.0° Bounce: 12.5° Swingweight: D4 Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord 60R (Logo Down) SW: Titleist Vokey Design SM9 54.10 S-Grind Raw Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Length: 35.25" Loft: 55.0° Lie: 62.0° Bounce: 11° Swingweight: D5 Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord 60R (Logo Down) LW: Titleist Vokey WedgeWorks 60.06 T-Grind Raw Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Length: 35.00" Loft: 60.0° Lie: 62.0° Bounce: 6° Swingweight: D5 Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord 60R (Logo Down) Putter: Scotty Cameron Fastback 1.5 T22 Tour Tour Teryllium Fastback 1.5 T22 in Tour Black. Shaft: Scotty Cameron Stepless Steel - Tour Black Length: 33.50" Offset: 1/2 Shaft Loft: 3.5° Lie: 70.0° Head Weight: 360g Grip: Scotty Cameron - Pistolero Plus - Black Texture & Red Ball: Titleist '21 ProV1x Marking 1: "M" Initial On Side Marking 2: Black Line Over Side Stamp
  2. Sorry in advance, bit of a nit picky post here. Playing SS 120-125ish, into the low 130’s when messing around in a simulator. Looking for as low launch shaft as I can find, but I also really enjoy that loading feeling at the top. To throw in a 3rd wrinkle, I’ve also found that I don’t get along with lower balance point shafts ex: TZ5/Hzrdus Black. I’ve recently gamed Hzrdus Yellow, PO Orange, and TZ5. Yellow felt the best, but launched super high, Orange performed the best, but there’s no distinctive load. It may well be that I’m looking for a bit of a unicorn, but I’m open to opinions or reviews of shafts anyone has used. Thanks!
  3. Few things for sale, no trades. Prices includes shipping to lower 48, others message me for shipping. See pics for shaft length measurements tip to butt of grip. Ping g410 lst 9* driver head. Used but still in great condition. SOLD. - with ping tour 65x shaft SOLD - with Tensei raw orange 65 stiff 230 - with ventus black velocore 6x SOLD Blacked out Odyssey 2-ball white hot pro 35”great condition with the best odyssey insert of all time. Headcover and weights included. 300 shipped. Odyssey OG 7s with stroke lab. Used but still in very good condition. Headcover included. SOLD. DG Tour Issue S400 5-pw shaft pulls. Midsize zgrips. Pulled from Callaway Apex TCB’s. SOLD Kuro Kage XD 60 stiff with Taylormade tip SOLD. Titleist 718 AP2 50* gap wedge project x 6.0 shaft standard lie, length, and loft. Very good condition. 85 shipped.
  4. Fellow lefties! •shipping from Canada so please allow sufficient time to reach destination. Always ship expedited. •prices are in USD $’s and include shipping anywhere in North America •no trades unless listed below •buy with confidence. 100% feedback on golfwrx, eBay, and multiple selling pages online 1. Taylormade Stealth Plus Driver $500usd shipped obo NOW $OLD shipped 😀 •EUC. see photos! •9* •Fujikura Ventus Velecore Black 6S •Iomic Sticky grip •Original Headcover included
  5. Hi all, I'm quite new here but just wanted to post a brief review of the Ventus TR Black 6x for medium swing speed folks (rather than the insanely fast swings people talk about here). For perspective, my driver swing speed is a comfortable 110-115mph with a fairway finder swing being around 105-110mph. My driver head is a Ping G425 LST 9* turned up to ~9.75*. Prior to trying a few Ventus shafts, I had a made-for stiff shaft that I had to swing at 70-80% to prevent the hooks. I decided to take an expensive route of buying and trying several shafts. I first got a Ventus Blue 6x untipped (thinking tipping would make it way too stiff for me) and wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but realized it had a very strong kick and would hook every time I went after it. I didn't like the feel of such a strong kick. I then got a Ventus Tr Blue 6x tipped 0.5" thinking there was no way it would still have that much kick and my snap hook would be gone. Feel wise, I actually felt the TR Blue swings softer (or more kick) than the Blue even though it is overall slightly stiffer. I know some of you will mention that my swing flaws are the cause, and you're right. But I felt I had to change my swing too much to make it work. Finally I got a Ventus TR Black 6x tipped 0.5" after realizing that these shafts are not some insanely stiff poles that I wouldn't be able to swing. This setup is incredible. For the first time, I can really swing after a drive and never worry about a snap hook. At the same time, I feel that I can put a fairway finder swing on it and it will still get out there a good distance without too much movement either way. I also feel like I have the ability to move the ball either way if I need to, with a little fade being easier for me than a little draw. This shaft still has a very noticeable kick through impact, but in a good way rather than feeling uncontrollable. Just thought this may be somewhat helpful to those with faster swings but not ultra fast swings, since that's who I believed the Ventus Black TR was for initially. Looking back, I would have gone through a proper fitting to arrive at the conclusion I came to without spending loads on several expensive shafts.
  6. Currently at my lowest index 1.5 was around 4 before. Driver: Callaway Rogue ST Max LS 9* N/S- Ventus Black 6x 46" D4 (Midsize) Fairway: Callaway Apex UW 17*- Ventus Black 7x 41.5" D3 Not sure if this should stay. Its about 280 off the tee, when I take less than driver almost always use driving iron. Into greens if I have 260+ I should lay up... this is also the 1 club that tends to go left on me as a fader off the golf ball not my favorite thing to see. Driving Iron: Callaway X Forged Utility 21*- Ventus Black HB 9TX 39" D1 Irons: Titleist T100 2019 4-PW C-Taper 130X Standard Length/Lie/Loft Wedges: Vokey 50/12F D3, 54/10S D5, 58/8M D6 C-Taper 130X Standard Length/Lie/Loft Bored a few holes in the back of them, only brought S/W down by a point but they still feel a bit heavy. Putter: Odyssey TriHot 5K 37" Superstroke XL grip (choke up about 3") Like the feel of a little weight about the hands... like choking up in a 2k count. Bag: Callaway Par 3 Love the size and short legs, super light, fits all 14 easy. Not sure why but I prefer it to normal stand bags. Ball: Prov1 Grips: MCC +4
  7. Bouncing between shafts and IMOP couldn’t be two totally different set ups Ventus 6x w/ Stealth Plus + 8* , static weight of 320g no lead tape Diamana Limited OG 70TX , lead tape job 335 to 340 ish depending on the tape job I’m Testing Both just a shade north of 45” Ventus I want to make the Ventus work prob because its popular and I am in fear of Equipment FOMO, Ventus by Far the LONG of the LONG , 325ish Like an ICBM , carry but I am just not skillful enough to harness that power on the course. Driving range hero swing after swing where I want it to the back of the range, but on the course she’s a little bit of a wild devil, I even tried a Ventus TR 7tx , still testing Old Faithful - D+ Limited 70TX , aka heavy carbon fiber bar (Trackman was tested with 340g club weight ) See trackman below , cuts through the wind, is pretty long 305 to 315ish carry, and the most important , she’s a fairway finder , NOT the long of the long but puts me in play. Leaving 10-15 yds on the table is significant but additional power is useless less its transferable to the course. Any thoughts on how to make the Ventus more consistent set up , or I’m I jumping over a dollar to get at a nickel? The Ventus is legit , I just maybe one of those folks that need that weight to make speed with accuracy. Thanks
  8. So I went and got fitted for a driver yesterday. It’s been a long time since I have played so to me my swing felt very rusty and quite stiff and slow overall honestly. After trying a bunch of different drivers and shafts I ended up ordering the Sim2 with the HZRDUS Smoke green 70 shaft. I’ve been away from golf for a long time and I am far from a tech guru when it comes to clubs I am just wondering if I made the correct choice with this shaft. To me it felt good, but it was towards the end of my fitting and after not playing for so long my hands were already hurting, not sure if was affecting the quality of swings I was putting on the ball. Anyway, my swing speed was around 123-125, ball speed 180-185. I think once I start playing more and condition my muscles for the swing these numbers will only go up. I also put the same shaft in the 3 wood I ordered yesterday as well. I’m not too concerned with distance but would like a consistent accurate shaft for my swing. Thoughts on if I made the right choice? Thanks!
  9. Those of you drinking the Ventus Kool-Aid, what driver (or fairway) head combo have you found to work the best for you? I have a Ventus blue 6X on the way for my tsi3 and am just curious to hear about all the other combos that people are playing.
  10. Stats: Driver Swing Speed: 112 Handicap: 9 (I don’t have access to accurate launch monitor or a demo facility to test these clubs) I was gaming the Taylormade Sim 2 Max driver in 10.5 with the stock Ventus blue shaft in stiff. I gamed last years Sim Max in 10.5 with the same shaft. Since the change from the Sim Max to the Sim 2 Max, I have lost an average of 20 yards in total distance. I believe it’s due to a higher spin rate. My ball flight is a decent amount higher and my ball rolls out only a couple yards. It looks like my ball falls from the air. I also changed to a Hazardous Black Smoke RDX in XSTIFF and my dispersion got better but launch and spin seems to stay the same. I just barley switched to a Sim 2 (non Max) 9 degree with the X stiff Hazardous shaft and my total distance has increased 30+ yards in total distance over the Sim 2 Max, but like 20 yards less carry. I struggle to launch the ball high with the 9 degree Sim 2. I am not sure if this is simply a launch angle/attack angle issue or a lack of spin issue. When I do launch it high, it carries forever, but I really have to force my self to hit way up on the ball. I am debating between either a 9 degree Sim 2 Max or a 10.5 degree Sim 2. Does anyone have any first hand experience with the Sim 2 Max 9 degree and the normal Sim 2 10.5 degree? I am most interested in the spin rate difference, but also difference in ball flight and any other thoughts you have!
  11. Anyone gaming Ventus blk 8x 3w used / using Ventus red 9x or old school diamana Ltd 90tx red I like the height and easy but have trouble hitting a draw with it , the Ltd 90tx a little too low spin tried a diamana 80tx in the 3w , but wasn’t quite the right fit thinking about trying Ventus blk 8x , would love some real world input on it thx
  12. I am currently gaming the Ventus Velocore Blue 6x shaft in my driver and wanted to get Ventus Velocore for the rest of my woods. I got fitted but recently swapped my hybrid for a 7 wood so im trying to find the best combination. I was thinking Blue 7x for the 3 wood and Red 7x for the 7 wood. I’ve always played my wood progressively heavier, by 10g or so. I am a little concerned about playing a lighter shaft in the 7 wood, but should I even worry about this? I guess I could get a Red 8x if needed. What are your Ventus Velocore driver and wood shaft combinations? In your opinion: Should I play X or S in the woods, if my driver is X? Blue or red? Play different weighted shafts? Please let me know, thanks!
  13. If the Ventus Red 6s driver shaft is tipped 2 inches, it’s being considered the Ventus “purple.” Would this still be tipped 2 inches for the same effect if the shaft is being cut to 44.5 inches total? In similar fashion, how much should the shaft be tipped for the same effect with the new apex utility wood that is being cut from 41.5 to 41 inches?
  14. New member here to Golf WRX and I'm excited to talk golf during the annual "off-season" in Michigan. 🙂 I just purchased newer, used shafts for my Taylormade M5 driver and M5 3-wood. I bought them used with these shafts - Driver: Project X Evenflow Blue 65g Stiff, 3-Wood: Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 65g Stiff- a couple years ago when I was starting to upgrade my bag and realized when I got fitted for my irons this past summer that I needed regular flex clubs and wanted them to be different weight after some googling. I don't have much time to schedule a fitting for shafts. So I used online fitting tools and selectors, knowing it won't be 100% accurate but close enough. I did my research based off of my swing speed, tempo and ball flight I'm looking for, as well as, how to weight-gap the shafts between clubs and I purchased these shafts: Fujikura Ventus Red 5 57g (good for <100 swing speeds, provides higher launch) for the driver. Fujikura Motore x F3 6 (good for my smooth swing motion, mid-launch) 67g for the 3-wood. Just seeing if anybody has any opinions on these bad boys...? Hopefully I didn't make too bad a mistake. Lol.
  15. To be honest I'm a bit of a mitsubishi loyalist. I've had the CK Pro White 70TX the CK Pro Orange 70TX, Diamana D+Plus Limited 70TX, the Kurokage XD 70TX and now the Raw White 75TX.... I do not like th Raw white much. That being said has anyone gamed the Ventus Black 7X and how does it compare to the AV RW White? Thanks!
  16. Bought another driving iron head. Has anyone used a Ventus Hybrid 9 or 10tx in their driving iron? Curious as to what the launch angle is, what the flight is like and how it feels. Currently have a Mitsubishi MMT Utility 105TX in mine. Thanks!
  17. Hi all reluctantly dropping these on here Cobra Driver Shaft - Ventus Black Velocore 6X 65g from Speedzone Tour Length, Will need new grip - hard to get one of the most sought after shafts £250 OBO Adidas Tour 360 XT SL Golf shoes - worn about 10 rounds in the, going back to spikes for me just prefer them £50 had them reshafted professionally 6 months ago and have prob played 10 rounds with them ..... these have always been a back up and not my gamers if any of you follow Ryan’s posts I copied his how to paint fill etc to get a clean look If anyone wants more pics just message me looking for £400 ex shipping and will ship globally if someone wants them 4-PW v good condition nippon modus 120s shaft multicompound MMc align grips black and white bbf&co ferrules
  18. I've been accumulating this stuff for months while trying to find a driver that fixes my swing, and now need to part ways with these experiments and actually just fix my swing. Shipping included to continental US, located in central US which helps with shipping times. Not looking for a trade other than potentially a PXG proto 9 0811X. 1) SIM 10.5 new in plastic with stock/basic Diamana S shaft. HC, no tool. Bought this on ebay as a backup, serial verified by TM. Never used it. SOLD 2) Ventus Black 7x with TM adapter. Bought on this board from Birdie Bob, has a TM adapter and MCC +4 midsize. Per BB, was not tipped, measures 43.5" butt to adapter tip. Happy to measure anything else on it. SOLD 3) Ventus Black 9x, no adapter. Very rare shaft, bought on here from Victory41. Per Victory41, tipped 0.5". MCC +4 midsize. Plays short in a driver or can be used in a fairway wood, measures 42.75" to raw tip or 43.25" with a TM adapter. Tip was professionally pulled by pro shop. $285. 4) Hzrdus Smoke Black 6.5 60g. Originally from Callaway, now with a TM tip. MCC +4 midsize. Not aware of any tipping as it came directly from Callaway as part of a custom order last year, but happy to measure if needed from logo to tip or whatever. Measures 44" from butt to end of TM tip. SOLD 5) LT Zeus Proto. Bit of a unique shaft, golfspy did an article on it years ago. Bought this from the guy that owns the company here in AR as part of my original SIM fitting. Tipped about 0.5", TM adapter, MCC+4 midsize. Was told it would play somewhere between an S and X, intended to be low spin, my SS was around 110 at the time. Measures about 44.25" butt to TM adapter tip. $125. SIM: Ventus 7x Ventus 9x Smoke Black Zeus Proto '
  19. I splurged and took the leap and bought a ventus for my g410 lst. I bought a ventus blue 6x, tipped .25 playing at 46.5. Update: it is a ventus with Velocore, not an oem Ventus. Velacore is the key difference. A regular oem Ventus are not even the same shaft. Too bad they allowed the name to be used. Hit it for the first time today. Just wow!!! I've heard the buzz, and didn't know if it would live up to it but it did that and more. The extra length took a few swing to get used to, but the shaft just delivers the club every time. I never felt so confident swinging a driver. Its not the driver head either as I've tried 2 other shafts and they weren't even close. Loved the ball flight and the shaft felt lively but still very controllable. If you're think about Ventus do it. Its the best money I've ever spent in golf. If you're looking to buy a new driver Id say find a year or two older model, like the g410 lst, and just buy the head. Then get yourself a ventus. It'll be about the cost of a new driver but in my opinion a way better option. Going to put in on qcquad to see numbers, but expect to see tighter dispersion and ball speed. Also Will Peoples golf does a great job and would highly recommend for the Ventus.
  20. Looking to see if anyone has any feedback/experience with the Accra TZ5 in a 55 gram. I can find alot on the 65, but I can’t seem to find any higher speed guys that have swung the 55 in M4 or M5. Some background if needed: Currently in a Tensei Pro Orange 70TX. Performance has been ok and the stiffness isn’t overwhelming; but the linear profile and lack of a real kick point seems to cause me to flip my hands more than i’d like. Leading to excess launch / spin. Due to which, I’ve been looking for a lower launch shaft with a more distinct kick point and more feel. I’ve decided to give Accra TZ5 65 or 55 in M5. 65 would be my choice, but I know TZ5 and Tensei are on completely opposite ends of the balance point spectrum. And 55 has slightly higher BP and still weights out at 60. Thanks in advance.
  21. Currently play an XD 70TX in my SIM 2. I've been interested in the Ventus Black 7X. How would the two compare? For reference, the XD plays 45 (head installed). SS is 118. Thanks!
  22. 1. Callaway Customs Mavrik 9* driver head only Includes matching cover White/red custom paint from Callaway (pricey upcharge from standard orange stock paint scheme) No trades $OLD shipped OBRO 2. Fujikura Ventus Black 6x Velocore driver shaftTitleist adapter installedFew marks here and there from use43” with adapter will play shorter. Around 44” depending on which specific headNo trades$250 $235 $225 shipped OBRO 3. Like new TaylorMade SIM Max 15* 3 wood head Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green 70 6.5 x-stiff shaft 43” playing length BCT Cord grip Includes new matching cover No trades $OLD shipped OBRO
  23. I know the Ventus Black 6TX hasn't been out long and most are satisfied with the performance of the 6X/7X, but I'm curious to see if anyone on here has had the opportunity to try the shaft. There is little to no info on the shaft other than someone here stating @Fujikura Golf made Phil a shaft that was essentially a Black 6X tipped 2 inches so that he could play a 47" driver. From the specs it appears to have and even stiffer handle compared to the 6x. I am looking for something a little more stable to replace my Rogue White 70TX and I am debating whether the 6X will be enough for me or if I should give the 6TX a try first. I will be going longer for this build from 44.5" to 45.5-45.75". Thoughts/reviews?
  24. Callaway TCB irons 4-PW KBS Tour 120 stiff flex +1/2”, 1 degree strong Callaway Golf Pride Z-Grip Soft These are nearly perfect. Played one round with them and hit a few balls. 4 & 5 look like the never touched a ball. 7, 9 & PW maybe 10 balls. These are pristine. can send pics of faces NOW $1000 Callaway Apex TCB irons AW KBS Tour C-Taper 120 stiff flex +1/2”, 1 degree strong Callaway Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align $120 with TCB irons for $1100 Ventus Blue Velocore 7-S stiff 3W shaft 42.5” Titleist adapter; can ship without Tour Velvet 360 grip excellent condition NOW $240 Ventus Blue Velocore HB 8-S hybrid shaft 40” Callaway hybrid adapter or can ship without adapter Tour Wrap Microsuede grip in new condition NOW $135 Callaway Apex irons 4, 5 & 6 KBS Tour C-Taper 125 S+ (4), 120 S (5&6) +1/2” Callaway Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align PERFECT! Not sure 4 & 6 were even hit. 5 looks like it hit only a couple of balls NOW $360 Callaway Apex Pro ‘21 #3 hybrid 20* One round. EXcellent condition. Headcover included. Also have a #4 23* now available Now $175 or $300 For both Fujikura Ventus Velocore Black 6-S stiff 44.5” (butt to tip of adapter) Currently Callaway adapter New Tour Velvet midsize grip Shaft is in perfect condition. $OLD PING i59 irons 4-PW Left LH Modus 105 stiff. Ordered from PING; Don’t wait the 6-8 week back order, get these immediately. $OLD Hzrdus Smoke Green iM10 6.0 50gm driver shaft 44.5” Callaway adapter or can ship without adapter Lamkin grip $OLD Only trade interest: TSi1 23 degree hybrid Tour AD DI 6 -S Dynamic Gold 105 Onyx shafts stiff Accra Tour 100i or 110i shafts All items ready to ship immediately.
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