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Found 8 results

  1. Anybody seen one? Can readily find them for MCA products on their website, but Aldila wasn't doing this when I recently looked. Since the Silver is similar to the classic Green profile (bump in stiffness above the tip area) and black is similar to the classic Blue profile (stiffer handle, soft mid), I wonder if the White profile is a more linear profile not unlike Diamana Blue and the OG HZRDUS Black. Pretty strong consensus that the White doesn't have any readily discernible hinge/kick points, which would indicate a more linear profile. Haven't logged a ton or rounds with my Rogue White, but so far that's my theory of what's going on with it design wise. I get along with it OK (which is typically how I mesh with very linear/smooth profiles), but still get better results with shafts like D+, Pro Orange etc.
  2. I have an Aldila Tour Green ATX 65S. According to the shaft the torque rating is 3.5. See pictures below. Wondering if this is a prototype or some other model. I've had this for a few years, so I doubt this is the "Graphene" version. According to Alida's website (https://www.aldila.com/products/tour-green), a Tour Green 65S should have torque of 3.9. I see that the TS (Tour Stiff?) has torque of 3.5. But I assume that would say "ATX 65 - 3.5 - TS", which my shaft does not. Anyone have any idea what model this is?
  3. Hey everyone. Curious if anyone plays the Aldila Tour Green or RIP Alpha, or Diamana D+ in X/TX I used to play the Aldila NV in driver/fairway woods when they came stock in clubs and always loved them. I was playing a practice round with a friend years ago or so who had a Taylormade driver with an RIP Alpha X in it and let me hit it, and I hit the straightest longest drives of my life, one after another. Could not get it to turn left (which is my miss). Picked up my Titleist driver (some short Accra shaft X that I found online) on the same teebox and hit an instant hook, switched back to the Taylormade with the RIP Alpha and hit another straight bomb. Ended up getting an RBZ driver with the old V2 Tour 76g X tipped 1/2inch and it was okay. I never liked the feeling of the head but it gave me good numbers. The V2 was fine, except every so often I'd lean on it to put a tee in the ground or an overly aggressive swing, I'd hear an audible crunch/clicking noise at the tip and always felt like the clubmaker screwed up when they tipped it. I have the V2 in my hybrid 17* Titleist and love it. I just finally bought a M5 and love it. I got some stock X Tensei in 60g and it feels light as a toothpick to me so I want to get a new shaft. Hit some great shots with it but cant feel the head/load at all. Surprisingly better dispersion on mishits than my RBZ setup but cant tell if that is the head, shaft, or both. Was looking around and haven't been in golf market for awhile since I haven't played as much but want to get back into it. Assumed they were all still $300 as usual but was shocked how cheap the Tour Green and Aldila RIP are now ($65?). Even the Diamana D+ I was looking into also is $130. Thinking about getting the Tour Green TX 70g tipped an inch, but now that I see the RIP Alpha is the same price, I am kind of indecisive. I see the Alpha is slightly lower launch/spin than Tour Green, but the Tour Green looked to have some more use on tour and even still with Jon Rahm. I like stout/heavy/no flex feeling shafts. Super tip stiff. Currently play X7 iron shafts in blades and love them. Your feedback and recommendations are appreciated! Any other questions that would help me please ask! Thanks in advance!
  4. Price drop. Only owner, used for about half a season, then spent rest of its time sitting around in spare golf bag. Please see photos for condition. Includes headcover and tool. Asking 240 shipped! Thanks!
  5. Hi, I've picked up two of the silver/ionplated Aldila NV Anniversary/2kxv Tour X flex shafts for a bargain price that I'm hoping to try in my 3 wood, both a Green 75 Tour X and Blue 70 Tour X and have a few questions. First question is how much difference in the Aldila shafts between 'X-flex' and 'Tour X-flex'? I haven't seen an 'X-flex' in the anniversary finish or a 'Tour X-flex' in the normal 2kxv so is it just the same shaft with a different finish/name?Secondly, tipping....I have a 2kxv Blue 90 hybrid shaft that is tipped 0.25 inch and is great, hence the interest in the wood shafts. The wood shafts suggest 1" trim for all fairway woods....never really been a fan of this in other shafts I've tried with similar instructions (but would hope manufacturers know best?!) as I tend to like my 5 wood to play stiffer to avoid the high ballooned ball and like my 3 wood a shaft to give me some extra launch. therefore I've always tended towards the 0.5 inch for 3 wood, 0.75-1.0 inch for 5 wood (depending on loft/length). Anybody with any experience of these tipping instruction in the 2kxv line, blue or green? Good or bad?I tend to play whiteboard/low launch driver shafts untipped and blueboard/mid launch shafts in my fairway woods tipped 0.5 inch over standard so usually 1" for 3 wood and 1.5" for 5 wood. I've also played whiteboard/low launch in fairway woods with normal tipping (0.5 inch 3 wood) with success, but usually saved for links golf/windy conditions. Currently swap between Diamana D+ Ltd 80X (standard tipping) and Kai'li 80X or B-Series 80X (both tipped 0.5 inch over standard) in 3 wood and then have a Kai'li 80X (tipped 0.5 inch over standard) in 19 degree 5 wood. Any recommendations to follow similar tipping with the Aldila? This is where I am tending towards but just wanted to check if anybody has experience with Aldila reacting differently to tipping. or whether the Tour-X flex plays much stiffer and therefore I should reconsider my ideas?!!Cheers
  6. Game Tensei Pro White 70TX plays 44 installed. SS - 115-120 Quick Tempo Looking at: Aldila Synergy Black 70TX Rogue Silver 130 MSI 70TX Mitsubishi KK XD 70TX Tensei Pro Orange 70TX Thanks!!
  7. First up for sale is an Aldila Rogue Silver 130 msi 60 tx with a Golf Pride MMC +4 grip and Callaway Adapter plays 45' $200 Next is a set of Apex MB 18's 4-PW with C-Taper Lite X flex shafts. Standard L,L,L $700 I would be open to any trades so message me however, really looking for Miura MC 501's.
  8. Are there any discernible differences other than 10 gms? I have a 70 TX, and am looking at a 60 TX. I would tip the 60 1/2" more just to stiffen the tip up even more. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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