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Found 5 results

  1. Wanted to see what folks think about practicing short game with a different ball than your gamer... I play ProV1s but just bought a bunch of PRACTICE ProV1s (https://www.amazon.com/Titleist-Practice-Balls-White-Dozen/dp/B002UHQ0C8/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=prov1&qid=1562163127&refinements=p_85%3A2470955011&rnid=2470954011&rps=1&s=gateway&sr=8-7) and they're all ProV1x balls. The box and product description says expect a mix but i ended up with 36 Xs and from what I've read in product review comments is they're pretty much always Xs (at least in any recent orders). My goal was to use these in my backyard and when i go to the chipping green on quieter days where I'm the only one out there and basically have a basket of my gamer balls (but PRACTICE versions so cheaper) to get some good practice in. Wondering what people think about practicing with an X for short game, etc. given that it is the higher spin ball and I play a ProV1 which I use b/c I need a softer ball and distance over spin given my skill level (14 handicap). I'm assuming at my level it probably doesn't matter and at a minimum, practicing with the Xs is better than range balls...but just curious and at what people think. I'm probably overthinking, but wondering if I do tons of repetitions and get use to hitting a higher spin ball around the greens if it will feel different with my gamer...
  2. Callaway Chrome Soft 4 dozen. All have never been out of the boxes. Bought this spring at pro shop but Didn’t play that much. Need to sell fast. $130. shipped ConUS Priority Mail. No trades please.
  3. Hi there, I am coaching a guy to who's gonna turn pro in 1-2 years and we've come across a problem/opportunity which I didn't foresee would happen. He has a driver clubhead speed currently of 126mph and he's currently in gym training (bodybuilding style) and then we will get on with speed training in about 3-5 months once he's built a bit of muscle, so his clubhead speed in about 6 months will be north of 130mph potentially 135mph plus, which is frightening as he hits it pure and straight too. However his biggest problem he has is spinning the ball back about 40 feet with his wedges, its insane, it just rips back ridiculously and its uncontrollable. He hits his 59 degree wedge 96 yards carry and it'll spin back 15 yards if there's even the slightest slope on the green so its hard for him to stick it close. 96 yards with a 59 degree wedge isn't ridiculous distance so it's not like he can hit it softer to reduce the spin, he's already making an easy controlled swing on it for that yardage. So today we experimented with the Titleist Pro V1x (control), Titleist AVX, Titleist Velocity. We found that the Pro V1X sure enough ripped back way out of control, funny to watch but useless if trying to score low. AVX definetely spun less but still too much, and the velocity next to no backspin but would stop dead. So the velocity definitely the best ball of these 3 for his wedges. Tested driver on 2 holes; 1st hole - AVX and Velocity went same 340 yards with 35 yards roll, the ProV1X went 315 yards with 10 yards roll, all 3 pitched within 5 yards of each other. 2nd hole (opposite direction to 1st hole) - AVX and Velocity went same 334 yards with 30 yards roll, the ProV1X went 322 with 15 yards roll. He hit a few we didn't count as weren't pure but all these above were pure so it seemed like the extra spin on the ProV1X reduced roll distance with the driver. Velocity and AVX basically the same for driver distance... My query and what I'd like help with is this; Is there a ball on the market that is extremely high compression so would give better distance for 130mph+ clubhead speed, and still be ultra low spin so the wedges have next to zero zip back on them same as the velocity. I was thinking of trying the Volvik Vivid XT (ball they use on the long driver tour) and the Pinnacle Gold (but that seems to be low compression)... Would he even lose distance with a low compression ball like the pinnacle gold? Basically we are looking to absolutely maximise distance and minimise spin. Any ideas. Thanks Paul
  4. Hey everyone, I am desperately looking for some advise and opinions. Being still quite new to the game I will start off to use only one type of ball (not what I use to find on the course anymore). To me. Lower swing, okay with wedges, good with putting, slight slice tendency so far I’ve tested: Supersoft: Too soft, very spongey-feel Q-Star: too clicky of the putter E12 Soft: quite nice but totally scuffed after 4-7 holes. Any other ideas on balls I could give a try? Urethane?
  5. I got 5 dozen of the Vice Pro Plus balls last year and loved them. As a mid handicapper they worked pretty well for me and were comparable to the Pro V1x as far as I could tell. I’ve heard of some people having durability issues but I didn’t have any problems. Anyone have a different experience?
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