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Found 9 results

  1. Hey Everyone, First, thank you for the help with this. Fairly obscure to be fair; but, might actually help someone else out someday. Looking for information regarding the places Mr. Hogan's Iron Heads were made, by year, and model. ironfinder.com is great, has visuals, by years, and by makes... but not where they were actually forged. **The goal: to find a vintage set of Mr. Hogan's irons, made in the USA, and re-furbish them. Yes, I actually plan on playing with them, and loving them, forever. Trying to get ahead of the emerging marketplace of vintage golf before its too late. Thank you all so much in advance for your help with this. Even at 36 years of age; I am familiar with the finding of these pieces of history at Goodwill's across the country for next to nothing. I can see a world where that well runs dry...
  2. I just saw the Ben Hogan released their new GS53 drivers and fairway woods. Has anyone had a chance to try them? If so, how do they compare to other manufacturers current offerings? I didn't see another thread with this discussion, if i missed it, my apologies.
  3. I was lucky enough to find a set of practically new Ben Hogan Apex Plus irons in a little shop in OKC. These were one of my favorite irons of all time. And now with this set back in the bag, I am a happy golfer! I couldn't believe the condition of these irons... looks like they were never used. They will now be in play as my number 1 set. I'll post pics when I can.
  4. I recently acquired a set (3-8 + E) of Slazenger Ben Hogan Precision Irons with matching serial numbers 102 on all the irons. I found a few topics on this set already - though no mention of the 102 serial number, assuming similar age to the 302 i.e 1957? Anyone know the difference between the 102, 202, 302 serials? Kind regards, Charlie
  5. Hey all! I'm new to the vintage golf world, and I'm looking to make my first purchase! I'm a lefty, so there isn't the greatest vintage inventory, but I found a nice set of Ben Hogan Apex from 1973 in LH. They look so lovely... but are they a good purchase? Is it possible to get them refurbished and/or reshafted down the line? Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, I found this beauty of a putter at a garage sale. Have been scouring the internet and can't find a lick of information on it. New, old, vintage, worth something ? Who knows . Makes me wonder if it's a one of a kind. Has anyone seen or heard of the Ben Hogan legend putter. With the light milled face, and the top line. It almost looks like a Scotty looking down on it . But it's gold. I quite like the feel . It's quite heavy. If anyone knows anything about it I would love to hear about it. :)
  7. So to make a long story short, I used to play competitively and am just now getting back into the love-hate relationship that is golf. I've been playing with very heavy game improvement irons for the last 9 years (Taylormade Superlaunches), and have grown substantially. I recently was fitted for a new set of Mizuno JPX 919 HMs w/ +1'' X-Stiff shafts. I also am picking up a Cobra F9 Speedback after averaging an extra 30 yards from my current 1 wood. I have space for one more club in my bag. Now here's my conundrum: I recently qualified for a league but have not owned a single wedge for 5 years (played with my 9 from around the green...). With my new JPXs, my loftiest club is the 50* gap wedge, but I am looking for one last club to finish out my bag and closeout shorter range/hazards. Considering I haven't played with a wedge in years, I don't have any preference and want to commit to a single loft and adapt accordingly. Currently, I am between a 56* and a 58*. The 8-degree jump from 50 -> 58 seems a little extreme but I like the versatility of shots the 58* can offer. I'm not planning on getting it fitted because I'm starting from scratch and have nothing to compare it to. I was looking at the Ben Hogan Equalizer and the Cleveland RTX 4. Leaning towards the Equalizer because it is a fair amount cheaper and is purchased/shipped straight from their website. If you were to only play with one wedge 50-60* loft, what would be your preference and why?
  8. In need of a new putter and want to try something different. Anyone ever try a Ben Hogan Putter???
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