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Found 9 results

  1. Recently bought RTX 4 wedge set I want to sell. $300 for the whole set.
  2. While the PGA tour coverage is on rain delay I figured I might as well clean my clubs before tomorrows competition, and while cleaning the clubs I figured I should problably snap some photos and create a WITB while the sticks are clean. So here's my WITB. most specs should be in my signature, but feel free to ask if you wondering about anything! Threw in some pics of my soon completed recreational set and some putters as well. Enjoy!
  3. I was searching Global Golf and came across the 4.0 wedges for this line from Cleveland. I even found a couple on Ebay. I searched Cleveland's website and didn't see anything on their for them. As a fan of this line (owner of Smart Sole 3.0 C wedge currently, and previous owner of S wedge) I am intrigued by what I saw on Global golf. They now have a G wedge (50*) to go along with the C (42*) and S (58*) and are stating "new aggressive milled groove that will generate better spin performance from any conditions". That statement right there is what got me intrigued as that was the issue with the S wedge, little to no spin. Same can be said for the C wedge as well. Curious if anyone out there has info to pass along on these new wedges. Being a high capper I am a fan of this line as they are great for those who lack good wedge play.
  4. Hi All Has anyone got hold of the Cleveland RTX Zipcore? If yes, keen to know thoughts from a perspective of weight and backspin Regards
  5. Rhodas

    My new putter

    Cleveland Huntington Beach 6.0 Thoughts?
  6. So to make a long story short, I used to play competitively and am just now getting back into the love-hate relationship that is golf. I've been playing with very heavy game improvement irons for the last 9 years (Taylormade Superlaunches), and have grown substantially. I recently was fitted for a new set of Mizuno JPX 919 HMs w/ +1'' X-Stiff shafts. I also am picking up a Cobra F9 Speedback after averaging an extra 30 yards from my current 1 wood. I have space for one more club in my bag. Now here's my conundrum: I recently qualified for a league but have not owned a single wedge for 5 years (played with my 9 from around the green...). With my new JPXs, my loftiest club is the 50* gap wedge, but I am looking for one last club to finish out my bag and closeout shorter range/hazards. Considering I haven't played with a wedge in years, I don't have any preference and want to commit to a single loft and adapt accordingly. Currently, I am between a 56* and a 58*. The 8-degree jump from 50 -> 58 seems a little extreme but I like the versatility of shots the 58* can offer. I'm not planning on getting it fitted because I'm starting from scratch and have nothing to compare it to. I was looking at the Ben Hogan Equalizer and the Cleveland RTX 4. Leaning towards the Equalizer because it is a fair amount cheaper and is purchased/shipped straight from their website. If you were to only play with one wedge 50-60* loft, what would be your preference and why?
  7. Up for sale are a bunch of wedges that hopefully will get you closer to the pin than your current gear =) All wedges will ship USPS Priority Mail within 48 hours of payment. Of course feel free to make offers on multiples. Will give the heads a hot water/soap bath before sending out, so please ignore any grime/small dirt spots. 1) Vokey 200 Series Black Nickel 50* with 8* of bounce. Just a bit of discoloring but grooves are super solid. Original grip which is slick, and Dynamic Gold Wedge shaft. $45 2) Vokey 200 Series Black Nickel 52* with 8* of bounce. Slightly more used than the 50* but still in awesome shape. Original grip which is slick, and Dynamic Gold Wedge shaft. $45 3) Cleveland RTX-4 52* with 10* of bounce. I got this new, used for 3-4 rounds + very limited practice. Initials in black on the back. Will clean grooves but outside of some finish loss it’s in great shape. 2* up. Project X LZ 6.0 shaft and newish Tour Velvet Grip. $60 4) Cleveland Precision Forged Raw finish. 58*, bent to 59* with low bounce. 2* up. DG Wedge shaft and serviceable CP2 Grip with 2 extra wraps under (I believe). $35 5) Cleveland CBX 58*. Used for 1 season with limited practice. Standard loft/lie. Golf Pride Decade grip in Midsized that will need to be replaced shortly. Graphite Rotex Wedge shaft! $55 6) Vokey 200 Series Chrome 60* with 4* of bounce. Again, limited usage here, just some scratches on the back of the clubhead, but grooves are great. Original grip which is slick, and Dynamic Gold Wedge shaft. $45 7) Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind 60*. 2* up. Stock KBS Tour-V shaft. This was my gamer for 2 seasons but also, limited practice. Some finish loss on the sole, but grooves are still fine. CP2 Grip with 2 or so extra wraps. $39
  8. Looking for a maintenance tip to replace the screw in my Srixon765 driver head. The head torques on and off the head fine but when attached there is a gap between the shaft and the top of the hosel. I talked to Srixon/Cleveland and they suggested replacing the washer set (which I have) BUT I can’t get the screw removed from the driver head…just spins. I’m pretty sure it’s not threaded but is it as simple as just ‘popping’ the screw out with some force from the down side? (hammer and punch?) Or is there a special tool I need to remove this screw? This seems like an easy fix...I just don’t want to wreck a great driver. Thanks for the assistance!
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