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Found 22 results

  1. $8 shipped Used for my Bio Cell, I think it fits the Fly Z series as well.
  2. Cobra King Pro MB/CB combo set 3-6 irons in CB 7-9,Pw in MB Shafted with KBS C-taper 120S These were ordered at stock L/L/L but I can not confirm the specs Grips on the 4-Pw are MCC 4+ midsize in grey 3 iron has the stock tour velvet 600USD$ shipped from Canada. I would consider trades for... -Titleist irons -M5 driver -Taylormade Spider tour (black) -open to other options
  3. I just bought a set of Cobra Forged Tec irons (the older model, not the 2020 model) from eBay through quickgolfshops. At the time, I had tunnel vision and was just really excited, but as time has gone on and I started reading stories and reviews, I'm afraid these clubs might be fake. The main thing I have noticed is that the distinct King lettering on the club back that should be orange, is not colored, but a silver color in the pictures. the rest of the photos look promising, but I am highly skeptical at this point. I dont know how to add pictures on this post ( I will if someone can instruct me how to). Should I cancel the order or wait to see how they look when they arrive?
  4. I'm looking for Cobra f9 driver weights, 18g. Anyone have one laying around they are looking to unload?
  5. When you buy a new club, do the grooves always look perfect? Silly question, I know. But I recently purchased a Cobra F9 hybrid from RockBottomGolf and there were 3 places in the grooves where it wasn't smooth - there was something visible to the naked eye. They were the same color as the grooves, but it looked like metallic shavings that had settled into the groove. Hard to explain. I showed it to a friend (and fellow club ho) and he agreed its not normal. Customer service was fine, they took it back and offered to replace it. I just received a replacement and this one has one mark on grooves. I haven't purchased a Cobra since 1995 (my first driver) and have never noticed anything like this on any clubs I've purchased -- in the last 18 months alone I've purchased Callaway woods and hybrids, Mizuno MMCs, Edel irons and wedges. Even two "Like New" purchases from Callaway Pre-Owned didn't have issues with grooves. I was thinking about going to the PGA TSS tomorrow just to check what new clubs look like. Not sure if this is a Cobra issue, an RBG issue, or bad luck. I'm hoping the WRX community could help tell me what I should expect from a new Cobra.
  6. Hey guys, I'm curious if anyone knows the when the upcoming cycles are for all the major manufacturers? TaylorMade, Titleist, Callaway, Ping, Cobra? Looking to pick up some new irons, however, I'm not really a fan of any of the current lineups. Thanks!
  7. Cobra Speedback F9 - Yellow Atmos Blue 6S stiff flex shaft Headcover and wrench included ** In the 1st pic, that is not a scuff mark/ball mark on the head. That came from an alignment stick in my bag that I forgot to take out before my round. Not noticeable at address and does not affect play ** $325 shipped to lower 48. Only trade interests would be an M5, M6, Epic Flash or G410 ![](http://i716.photobucket.com/albums/ww165/ogfive12/new%20sale/Internet_20190426_080804_3.jpeg_zps35qwp0lh.jpg "") ![](http://i716.photobucket.com/albums/ww165/ogfive12/new%20sale/Internet_20190426_080804_5.jpeg_zpsxga7iy2w.jpg "") ![](http://i716.photobucket.com/albums/ww165/ogfive12/new%20sale/Internet_20190426_080804_2.jpeg_zpsq9gofjvt.jpg "") ![](http://i716.photobucket.com/albums/ww165/ogfive12/new%20sale/Internet_20190426_080804_1.jpeg_zpsf9ci3af9.jpg "") ![](http://i716.photobucket.com/albums/ww165/ogfive12/new%20sale/Internet_20190426_080804_4.jpeg_zpsdgyhx2ps.jpg "")
  8. Full disclosure...Bought these from Vicmartz02 in mid February. I have not hit a ball with them but decided to keep my 745's as I'll have a short season. Vic played two rounds with them and two range trips. The 8 iron and PW have been hit the most and these things are in mint shape. Specs: 3-PW -- 3 and 4 irons are CB -- 5-PW are MB KBS $ Taper 120 Black PVD Shafts in Stiff Flex 2 degrees flat -1/4" Short Golf Pride Tour Velvet with Cobra Connect Grips I paid Vic $550 so looking to get $550 shipped (I'll eat the fees and the shipping) mbatmank is also my eBay 271 transactions 100% feedback
  9. Moving to the new MP20s so... All pricing including shipping Drivers & Hybrid include head-covers. 1. King Forged CB/MB Combo 4-PW KBS $ Taper 125 Shafts Align Standard Grips $750 shipped 2. King Wedges 50 54 60 KBS $ Taper 130 Shafts Tour Velvet Grips $300 shipped 3. F9 Speedback Driver Heads Only 9* is slightly used - $200 10.5 Avalanche is Still in Plastic Face - $250 4. F9 Hybrid Head Clean 19 Degrees $150
  10. Hello! I recently bought the Cobra F9 in the color yellow and in this color the head is alot shinier than the arctic one. Is there anyone who knows if I could customize the top of the head myself with some matte finish? To get it to look like the white one? I am used to the F8+ look but I guess I could get used to the more shinier look, but it would be a fun project to try :) Thanks in advance.
  11. COBRA golf has released their newest utility clubs. Is there any feed back on it vs its competition?
  12. I am looking to get a new driver here in the next few days. I am currently using a Taylormade R7 Superquad from 2007 that I bought second hand and I think its time for an upgrade. Right now I am considering the following, Taylormade M6 Taylormade M2 Callaway Rouge Cobra F9 Speedback I am between these options because I have heard good things and they are all currently at similar prices, aside from the M6 which is a bit more. Please let me know if you have any experience with these drivers and which one you would go with. If you have other suggestions I am open to them but I don't want to spend above $350. Thank you.
  13. I have a few questions about how removing the Cobra connect grips from a set of Cobra forged CB/MB irons and how it will affect swing weight. If there is another post about this, please point me in the right direction, I have searched but I can't find one. I am about to order a set of Cobra forged CB/MB irons, but I do not want the Cobra connect grips, I want to standard tour velvets instead. I will also be getting heavier shafts than the stock option (tour X-stiff 130g vs. the $-taper 120g), and I know that will change the swing weight also. How will removing the Cobra connect grip affect swing weight and overall length? I know that the cobra site says the connect grips add about .25"Should I get the shafts .25" longer to make up for the loss of the .25" on the connect grips?According to the cobra page, the 4-9 play at D2 and the pitching wedge plays D3 with the Cobra connect grip installed. I don't really want the SW to change from that. Has anybody had any experience in the effects of removing Cobra connect grips?
  14. Hi everyone, It's unusual for me, but i am close to treat myself. After 3 long year of doing 40h of work + college in industrial electronic + family, i decide that i work hard enough to buy something for me. Love my J15cb, but i have never been fit for them. So, i am gonna set a iron fitting. And one of the set that i always loved is the cobra king forged cb/mb. I must say that i am not a fan of the black finish, Would prefer something more traditionnal. Does anyone know if Cobra have planned to release an update of these irons in 2020? Any info?
  15. I got an adapter free from a friend after a shaft broke off near the top of the adapter. I drilled it out, hit it with the honing bit and assumed I was good to go for install but for some reason I cannot get the shaft (Tensei Pro Orange) to go more than a 1/2 inch into the adapter. Does anyone have any thoughts? I’ve done plenty of club building and adapter installs but this one has me totally stumped. The interior truly looks completely cleaned out.
  16. 2020 Cobra King Forged Tec Irons 4-GW Nippon 1150 GH Tour Stiff Shafts Have been used for an handful on indoor simulator sessions and one nine hole round outside. Very, very minor wear to these $825 OBO
  17. Hello all I've been searching around for possibly getting a new shaft for my Cobra f9 driver. Seeing if anyone out there has any recommendations on a good shaft, not expensive. I'm looking for a stiff shaft with a low-mid launch and low spin. Nothing high spin or high launch. Been just looking to see what others have out there as shafts they have tried out with that combo. Been reading a lot about the Fuji Atmo black 6s shafts, which is a low spin, low launch shaft, but don't want it to be too low. thank you, Derek
  18. Selling my F9 Speedback Driver. Head only. I'm a visual guy, not a fan of it at address. Bought it on impulse. Haven't hit any balls with it yet. Has an OEM adapter with the new graphics instead of the old. Looking for $325.00 willing to negotiate Included: - Driver - Head cover - Wrench - Ferrule
  19. Can anyone compare these 2? Looks, feel, offset, etc? I'm looking at these as I can get them for cheap. I'm leaning towards the cobra because i can get x7 for shafts through cobra. Thoughts, and thanks in advance!! Hope all is well.
  20. Hello I know everyone will get on me and say go get fitted and all that, but wanted to just get some feedback. I have a Cobra f9 driver, stiff shaft (Atmos Black 6s) and sometimes when I swing regularly, about 103-106, it can go pretty left when teeing off. Sometimes I kinda slow my speed down to maybe 99-101 and can hit it fairly straight, but the slowness kinda throws me off a little, out of rhythm. If I were to try an x-flex, would that make the ball go more straight or a little more right when I swing my normal speed? I know sometimes whippy shafts can tend to make drives go left, or sometimes hook left, in my case. Any advice would be awesome! thank you, Derek
  21. I have recently brought an F9 driver, SZ 3 wood and 5 wood. I have adjusted the loft settings to suit me and was wondering how tight you have to tighten the bolt? I recently went to a custom club fitting session for my SZ's fairway woods and the guy looked at my driver and said it was too lose and tighten it up and when doing so, made it click 3-4 times. On my next round I used the driver for a number of holes and on the 10th I heard some "clicking". On close inspection I noticed the shaft had 3 cracks just where it meets the head. Now when adjusting my fairway woods I do not want to have them too tight or too lose, do I spin untill I hear a click or just tighten? Many thanks ?
  22. $170 shipped Adjustable all the way from the 16-19 degrees. The 2-3 F7 Hybrid is an extremely rare find...lots of 3-4 hybrids out there but few 2-3. Cobra F7 2-3 Hybrid -- 16 - 19 degree loft -- Upgrade Aldila Black 85 Hybrid shaft -- Stiff flex -- Play length 41.25” -- Includes headcover and wrench Has been used for a year. Face is is excellent condition and there are no sky marks.
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