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Found 6 results

  1. I’m looking around at all the Bay Area country clubs and it’s hard to find info on costs and whether or not I can just join or have to be invited. I’m a young (27) professional looking to join a club mostly for golf but also for my fiancée (and kids someday) to be able to use the facilities as well. Does anyone have info or recommendations on the most accessible clubs in the Bay Area? My research has shown there are a few that are completely out of reach (SFGC, Olympic, Peninsula) and some that look welcoming online but don’t offer info on the initiation fee/pricing. Any recs/info would be appreciated!
  2. 24 years old. A scratch golfer looking for a challenge to improve everyday but also in good shape. Moving to philly before next summer and have heard nothing but great things about golf in philly but need the inside scoop.
  3. Hi All, First post on here...Currently live and work in NYC but am relocating to Jersey City for work. Since I'm moving out of Manhattan I'm looking for a private club to join in the area. Looking for an affordable junior membership around $5k, no initiation fee if possible. Looking for somewhere that is easy to get out and play and practice, I have a car so transportation isn't too big of an issue. A club with food and dining is a plus, as I'd like somewhere I can hang out and meet new people since I'm new to the area. Open to hear what those in the area have to say about various clubs
  4. I'm considering joining either LMGC or OC but am having a hard time deciding which would be better for me, so I'm curious to hear from people who are familiar with both/either. A little about me: I'm 31 years old, live in San Francisco, and average 1-2 full rounds plus 3 days at the range per week. I'll outline what I perceive to be the advantages and disadvantages of each and please let me know if there's stuff I'm missing or you would think about differently if you were in my shoes, as well as which you think I'd enjoy more. **Olympic** I have a lot of friends who are members at OC so I've played there numerous times and the courses are obviously spectacular. The advantages of OC to me would be: * Having access to two extremely high-quality courses * I really like the driving range. * I also like that they have a gym since I often will do a full gym session before or after range sessions. * I already have friends who are members so there would be a guaranteed social upside and more opportunities to play with people I know I like * Overall younger, more athletic member base - more likely there will be people at similar stage in life to me The downsides from what I know would be: * The dues don't include greens fees...seems kinda crazy to me for a private club. I know this is not true when/if I get a full golf membership, but that supposedly takes 10+ years so I'm ignoring that option for now. * My perception is that the courses are fairly busy for a private course and there are a number of restrictions on use that make it so you can't depend on always being able to get a tee time on short notice or cruising through a round in less than 4 hours. **LGMC** I have never actually played LGMC but have heard great things and have been given a tour of the facilities and course. My perceived benefits would be: * Has a smaller club feel. For example, the employees and members all seem to know eachother more intimately. * Supposedly a great course and unlimited golf is included in the dues. * Easy to get on whenever you want, with very short notice * Fast rounds (I was told the average round is less than 4 hours) and not a lot of regular play on the course (the last time I was there it was 1pm and there were probably 8 people on the entire course) * Good driving range and short-game practice area * Dues seem somewhat more reasonable (I would get young exec fee structure for another 10 years, which is quite favorable) * Since I do already have friends at OC, I can already play there, so this would add something I don't already have occasional access to. The downsides to me seem to be: * The member population is mostly people much older than me. I don't mind that but I recognize I may not form as strong social bonds as I might at a place like OC * No gym - this really surprised me and is a disappointment * Locker room facilities seemed dated and pretty basic * Playing one course may get boring, especially considering I have never played it and don't know how much I would like it. As I said above, I'm curious to hear from people who are familiar with either/both of these clubs. Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance!
  5. Moving to NoVa soon and looking to join a golf club in MoCo or NoVA, everywhere out to Piedmont. Does anyone know which courses have the best jr executive rates or incentives for younger people to join? 30 years old.
  6. I am 25 fresh out of college in California. (Previous Jr member at Saticoy Country Club in Ventura). I got offered a great career in cyber security out there and move next week permanently to Dallas. Are the prices fairly decent? At Saticoy (very prestigious course) they waived initiation and I was paying $400 a month. Does that price range or slightly higher, exist for ClubCorp privates out in the Dallas area? Any info would be great.
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