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  1. Hey Folks The last few weeks I have been poor with the driver and three wood off the tee. I played in a scratch cup here in ireland over the weekend and shot one over my handicap and that included a treble bogey and double bogey due to lost balls off the tee. I have got numerous lessons and have gone from 18 to 11 handicap in less than two years with little play last year. I have been hitting my irons and wedges well but i feel i may be swinging a little inside with my driver and results in a hook I have purchased alignment rods and I have tips for my swing from my coach , would it be wise for me to spend a few evenings on the range with my driver and three wood I normally only hit irons and wedges on the range and mess around the practice greens as they used to be my weaker areas and I kinda neglected practising my woods Any practice drills would anyone suggest for driver practice Greetings from Ireland
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