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Found 10 results

  1. Does anyone know if launch conditions overall stiffness, bend profile change much between the two? Also, what is the difference between the XT and the XTS?
  2. I've got an M4 Driver with a shaft that I really like. I'm looking to upgrade to a SIM Max D but want to keep the shaft I've got in the M4. Does anyone know if that is possible? I know that I could change it out with the M6 D-Type, but since the SIM Max D is a couple generations difference, I'm curious.
  3. I was watching on PGA TL, and they showed Gary on the tee box and it looked like he has switched from his Accra RPG to a Graphite Design shaft. It looked like it could have been the IZ, but that guess is purely based on the Orange Tour-AD logo.
  4. I just can't help upgrading my bag with all this free time stuck at home. And honestly, the purchase is done and i'm bored, so thought i would get everyone's opinions on my recent purchase, hope nobody minds!! My current driver was a Ping G Driver 10.5* with Stock Stiff Atmos Driver 55g Carry would be around 235-250 typically on the range using SC200 to monitorMisses typically would be overdraw or snap-hooky to the leftDriver swing speed: Around 104-111mph (yeah yeah, i'm working on consistency! lol) NEW Recent driver purchase: Cobra F9 Speedback 9* with fujikura ATMOS Black Tour Spec 6 (i believe this is 65g) Thoughts? Do i have the swing speed to handle the new bad boy?
  5. Three items up for sale today: Wilson C300 20* Hybrid with KBS Proto 95S shaft. Can't believe I'm moving this club, it's so reliable and easy to hit. It's 9.5/10 condition, new grip, comes with the stylish headcover shown, and the wrench. It's 40" in length. Asking $90 shipped conus OBO.Elements Chrome Prototype Driver Shaft PT6F5. Really solid shaft I had in a driver playing 44", the shaft itself with no adapter is 42.75". New grip, 8/10 condition. $60 shipped conus OBOTEE EX9 Tour Driver Head. Very much a tour style head, nice and compact. Feels like it rockets off the face with a nice ping sound. 9* and 8.5/10 condition I'd say and comes with adapter. Looking for $45 shipped conus OBO
  6. Tour AD DI 7X for sale. In very good to excellent condition. Asking $175 or trade for a low/low shaft in X or TX
  7. Hello all I've been searching around for possibly getting a new shaft for my Cobra f9 driver. Seeing if anyone out there has any recommendations on a good shaft, not expensive. I'm looking for a stiff shaft with a low-mid launch and low spin. Nothing high spin or high launch. Been just looking to see what others have out there as shafts they have tried out with that combo. Been reading a lot about the Fuji Atmo black 6s shafts, which is a low spin, low launch shaft, but don't want it to be too low. thank you, Derek
  8. I recently put an AD DI in my G410 hybrid (95 x) and my 3 wood (7s) and I love both of them. I currently have the HZRDUS Smoke Black in my driver and it performs well but I do not love the feel. I was wondering what flex of AD DI would be best. SS is between 105-110. I have looked at older threads and some people said the 6s and the 6x are completely different and play differently depending on tipping. Any advice would be real helpful!
  9. I'm looking at picking up a couple shafts, one for my driver and one for my UDI 2 iron. I've heard a lot of great buzz about the Paderson shafts and their price point is something that I can afford. There isn't much feedback here in the forums, so I was hoping to get a little more information before pulling the trigger. I'm a relatively high swing speed player (115-125), so user reviews with similar swing speeds would be appreciated. I would love to get a full fitting, but I already have a driver head and I don't really want to pay a fitting fee. I am open to other shaft options as well. I've reached out to Paderson directly about what shaft should work best, but I want to get a sense of quality and any first hand experiences. Unfortunately there aren't any fitters close by who offer their product. As well I like to play my 2-iron a little shorter, (4-iron length). Would you recommend using a hybrid shaft or stick with a regular iron shaft. Thanks
  10. Getting rid of my failed driver and 3 wood shaft experiments. Not looking for trades at this time and all prices include USPS shipping. MAKE SOME OFFERS! 1. Tensei PO 70TX - hair over 43" grip to tip. Played 45" in my Rogue. Tipped 1/2". Had the grip and tip removed by PGATSS. Asking ~~$250~~ $240 2. Fujikura Atmos Black 8TX - just under 42.25" grip to tip. No tipping. Golfpride z-grip full cord. 1 time pull out of a Rogue 3-wood and a bit of the paint came off the tip, depending on what you put it into you might not even see the paint chip. See pics for condition. Asking ~~$170~~ $150 3. HC Even Flow Black 6.5 75g - 42.25" grip to tip. Unknown tipping but from tip to bottom of EF daimond is 23". Midsize cp2 grip and Ping tip. Asking ~~$140~~ $120 4. HZRDUS Black 6.5 75g. 44.5" grip to tip. Tipped 1" with Callaway tip. Lamkin UTX grip. Asking **$OLD** 5. HZRDUS Yellow 6.5 76g. 44.25" grip to tip. No tipping with Callaway tip. Stock Callaway multi-compound grip. Asking $75 Pinned 5/15
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