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  1. Hi l, just picked up 2 x100 lite driver shafts, one for a tour issue M3 and a tour issue M4 3 wood. Just fancy trying steel and I am useless off the tee. Currently playing diamana 70tx. So my question is. How much do I need to tip them to play standard X. And help would be great. Thank you
  2. First of all, thank you for reading and responding to my thread! I am looking to get a new driver as the one I have was a hand-me-down from a friend (in other words, never fit for me). I have done a driver fitting with PXG and found that the 12 degree, adjusted down, 0811 X Gen 2 driver with 2 tungsten weights back and 2 forward. Shaft was the Fujikura Evo II 757x. This combo got my spin rate up to around 2300 rpm, landing angle around 34*, and carry to 273. However, this is a expensive combo and I am hoping to stay under $600 for a new driver. I have tried the ping G410 with an evenflow black 65g at a demo day, but do not have LM data. I also have tried the Callaway Epic Flash and Epic Flash sub zero with the Tensei AV blue 65g and found that I like the feel of the sub zero better. Again, I don't have LM data for these. My question is, what am I missing and what should I be looking for? I know the low spinning heads with a mid launch and mid spin shaft tend to work better, but I don't know other shaft/head combos i should try. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated and I will try to find somewhere locally to try them. Unfortunately, I do not live near a major market that would have a high end fitting studio, so I am mostly limited to fitting carts at a local shop or pro shops. General questionnaire ( A must for all fitting) **How often you play in a month? ** 3-4 times/month. **How often you practice in a month?** 1-2/week so lets say 6 times/month. **How consistent do you think your swing are in a scale 1-10 ( 10 being the best )? It won't matter good or bad consistency.** I'd say about an 8. I consistently strike the ball in the center of the club face. Smash factor consistently around 1.48-1.5 **What is your handicap now? What handicap system are they/you using?** I was a 13 at the end of December. I had just started really focusing on scoring and probably play closer to a 10 now. Working on keeping that trend towards single digits. GHIN. **What is your strength on your game? Driver? Iron? Wedge? or putter?** Iron and wedge play. Never really been confident getting off the tee (hence the post about a new driver) and I really need to work on my putting to eliminate the dreaded 3 putts. Driver fitting questionnaire: **1. What is the club existing set up? ( loft, shaft, flex, swing weight, length, etc ) As detail as possible please.** 9 degree Tayormade R11s with Aldila RIP Phenom 65g stiff shaft. Standard length. Driver set to the "higher" loft setting, weights are toe biased to prevent my miss of a low hook (right hander). I also have the bottom weight set to "O" for open. **2. What type of swinger are you ( smooth or quick tempo swinger )? Loading factor on your swing? Heavy or light loader?** Smooth tempo. Currently gaming KBS C-Taper lites in my irons and have a Project X Evenflow Black 75g shaft in my 5w **3. On a scale 1-10 how consistent is your swing? where is your striking ability?** Consistent. Smash factor consistently around 1.48 to 1.5. **4. What is the the problem w/ the existing set up?** Currently spinning the ball too little, <2000 rpm, and hitting it too low. Losing carry distance with ball speeds around 165 and club head speed around 110. **6. Have you ever had a launch monitor session before? What brand of LM (flightscope LM is one of my best recommendation)? ( swing speed, launch angle, ball speed, spin rate, Swing path,Attack angle, side spins, etc?) These numbers has to come from the existing club or the club that you are trying to fix or buy. IMPORTANT & A MUST! DO NOT POST IF YOU DON'T HAVE A COMPLETE LM DATA.** swing speed: 110 mph, launch angle ~10*, ball speed: ~165 mph, spin rate: 1800rpm-2100rpm, landing angle around 20*, carry around 265 yds. I have an inside out swing plane that I work to straighten out. When I do this well, I can hit it straight. **6. What are you trying to change or achieve on your new set up?** longer carry and hopefully longer rollout as well. I also want to hit more fairways but that is honestly a personal problem not an equipment problem. **7. What is your shots tendency on mistakes when you are not playing so good? Do you have any problem missing a shots on the face of the club? where?** Low hooks are my miss. When i try to compensate and correct this, i can overdo it and end up with some big fans off to the right. **8. What is your shots tendency (ball flight) that you like when you are playing good?** Pretty straight off the tee when I am hitting it well. I usually try to hit a cut when I am hitting it well which currently appears to be more consistent. **9. If you have to pick, what ball flight is more comfortable for you to hit...High or low? Draw or Fade?** Low fade or high draw. Tough call. **10. What type of course condition you are playing most? Where are you from?** NW Florida. I play anywhere I can. **11. Body build and postures? height? etc.** Tall and Lean, 6'-2" and 170 lbs. Athletic. **12. What is your glove size? What is the length of your wrist to longest fingers and length of your longest finger? (Left for RH golfer and vice versa for LH golfer)** S/M and 7 3/4" **13. If you have to be honest, who your swing look like on PGA tour? at least who do you like it to be?** Justin Rose.
  3. I just saw the Ben Hogan released their new GS53 drivers and fairway woods. Has anyone had a chance to try them? If so, how do they compare to other manufacturers current offerings? I didn't see another thread with this discussion, if i missed it, my apologies.
  4. Hey Folks The last few weeks I have been poor with the driver and three wood off the tee. I played in a scratch cup here in ireland over the weekend and shot one over my handicap and that included a treble bogey and double bogey due to lost balls off the tee. I have got numerous lessons and have gone from 18 to 11 handicap in less than two years with little play last year. I have been hitting my irons and wedges well but i feel i may be swinging a little inside with my driver and results in a hook I have purchased alignment rods and I have tips for my swing from my coach , would it be wise for me to spend a few evenings on the range with my driver and three wood I normally only hit irons and wedges on the range and mess around the practice greens as they used to be my weaker areas and I kinda neglected practising my woods Any practice drills would anyone suggest for driver practice Greetings from Ireland
  5. Things have gotten rather bleak this season (no guff, Chet!) and I'm considering quitting golf altogether. I don't know how to enjoy the game anymore. I'm turning to you guys for guidance, and wondering if anyone has ever been in a similar headspace and what they did / if a break was the right choice. For background, I'm in my early 30s and a fairly strong former multi-sport athlete. I started playing seriously four years ago and I'm currently playing off a 21. My biggest issue has always been the driver. I started taking lessons in June of 2017 because I only drove the ball around 200 yards and was very inconsistent. Since then I've dedicated myself to the game. Read books, structured my workout around golf. I got serious about lessons, and at this juncture I've taken 43 hours of instruction with a grand total of eight instructors. I've taken the bulk of these lessons with two coaches, one who I worked with last year for nearly 30 hours and another this year for close to 10. For the last three years I've practiced multiple times per week, year round. I've lived and breathed golf, and I thought I was on the right path many times. But the reality is my handicap has not changed since I started playing again. The swing I learned from YouTube videos in 2016 has created the same scoring results as dozens of hours of instruction, hundreds of hours of practice, and thousands of dollars invested. I try to practice the right way -- I don't just beat balls, I do drills, I go slow. But the result (off the tee especially) is still anyone's guess. And to boot, I feel like a chump who got taken for a ride by instructors. It's made me think that I'm either a.) always destined to suck, and although I see tons of people with more consistent ball-striking swings who aren't pros, I won't get to be one of the lucky ones who has that or b.) golf coaches are squeezing me because I'm so obviously desperate to be good. What's made me think about quitting recently is the fact that I just can't live in the trees anymore. I can't spend my entire round looking for every single tee shot. I don't want to play every hole defensively, where I draw my 5 iron out of the bag before I've put my driver back in because I know my second shot is going to be a 60 yard puncher. For the love of god, I just want to find the ball off the tee. This complete anguish over every tee shot being a roulette spin sucks, and it ruins the game, enough to where the score doesn't matter as much anymore. Case in point -- I shot 88 at my home course last week, and I had a legitimate shot at being near 80. But I had just one par on the back nine and tripled 17 to finish with a 47 out. I came home all smiles because I'd only hit 3 "bad" tee shots on the back nine, and even those I was able to get out of trouble on. Meanwhile, I shot 87 at the sister course last week -- my second-best score ever -- and I was pissed. All because 11 of 18 tee shots were in other fairways, way under trees, stuck in brambles, or otherwise unplayable. I scrambled like a god, and Arccos had my putting handicap at +6.2, thus the great score, but the whole round was a headache. I hated it. I just don't want to play like this anymore. I went through the pain of finding a new instructor this season, one of the most highly-rated in my state, and even after hours of instruction he's still just telling me to do the same drill over and over again and my body just will not cooperate. I've got a closed clubface at the top of the driver swing, and because my last instructor told me to "swing inside out" I now drop my hands at the start of the downswing, making direction all kinds of squirrely. There was so much excitement for me at the end of last summer. I thought I was putting the pieces together, and that what I would work on all winter would be getting more compression and forward shaft lean, removing my flip at the bottom of the iron swing. But instead it's completely fallen apart, and even after more instruction I feel no closer to being "good". The ironic part is, all I want now is to poop the ball down the middle of the fairway and play bogey golf. But 95-105+ rounds keep sneaking up on me, all because I can't hit a driver or a fairway wood to save my life, and it's starting to feel like no instructor will ever be able to tell me how to do so. COVID is hard. Golf has felt like some kind of escape, both in the time spent on the course and the mental concentration needed to play it, thus allowing the rest of the world to melt away. But now it's just another stressor to add to one of the most difficult times in any of our lives. My optimism and dedication has dissipated, and now I don't think I'll find a swing coach that can teach me how to not swing like an amalgam of Top 10 YouTube Swing Tips You NEED For More SPEED and POWER!!! I'm so angry after every range session. I'm so angry after every round. It's been 18 months of near-weekly lessons and thousands of dollars, and it just doesn't seem worth it. I don't want to give up. I don't want to be a quitter. And when you play good, it's just so. damn. good. But right now, that feeling has been few and far between. This is a very long, whiny post but god if anyone is going to understand this crap it's got to be you guys. Any support, tips, instruction, or offers on my clubs would be appreciated. Low ball offers accepted.
  6. Excellent condition, no scuffs, scrapes or dings. Was told it was hotmelted neutral but never weighed it. Great feel with this combo! Shaft and grip set to -1* setting. Never bothered to get a wrench since they’re different than most. Grip is standard, headcover included. PayPal only, shipping included CONUS only. Thanks!
  7. I play the Diamana D+Plus Limited 70TX and I'd say 75% of the time it's freaking nails. Low spin fade, comes out low, rises up a bit then drops back down. Average carry is 275-280 ish. Before this I had the CK Pro Orange 70TX and it was arguably the best shaft I've ever hit. I just didn't want to pass up a chance to get the Diamana at the price point I got it at. The orange was a low spin beast, looked like a knuckle ball coming out, but they would go 300-310 dead straight every time. I had the M5 with the Orange and the SIM with the Diamana. My siwng hasn't changed (granted I'm not swinging it great right now). What would be the main difference between the two shafts. Thanks!
  8. Hey guys, I dont see much love for Honma products on here (talking mostly about the Tour World Series), I myself have Honma TW737V Irons and TW747 Driver. They both feel amazing but not so consistent on the driver. Tell me what you guys have in mind about Honma TW products!
  9. just played my first full season with my driver after having the cor increased and it worked I gained 5 - 8 mph of ball speed. I was starting to lose some distance with age and my buddy who I used to be even with was getting past me too often and my ego couldn't handle that so I did the hot drivers thing and I'm back with him and past him most of the time.
  10. Hi all. I currently play an old Speeder 757 Tour Spec S-Flex shaft, as pictured. I still absolutely love this shaft in my driver. My question is, what is most comparable to it today, or that I could purchase in the last few years, not only for driver replacement, but also 3 wood, and 3/4 hybrid shaft options. Not looking to replace the driver anytime soon, but if I had to. Also, if anyone knows the specs on this shaft, would be great to know for comparison down the road. Appreciate the help.
  11. A little background: I used to play quite often while I was in school, but now that I am married and working I don't get out nearly as much as I would like. I'm a baseball player and my swing reflects it (consistent fade and the occasional slice). Roughly an 11 handicapper. I currently am still swinging the Cleveland Hi-Bore XL that I've had for about 10 years now. My last couple times out I've noticed a significant loss in distance in my drives (down to about 250 from previously 280); and so I think it may be time to get a new driver in the bag. After doing some research and seeing what I could get on a budget (roughly $200), I had it narrowed down to last years models Cleveland Launcher HB and Mizuno ST180. I can get both of them for about that price point. I went into my local Austads to try them out (they showed available on their website), but they didn't have either. So instead I tried this years models. I started with a Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo (stiff flex and 9.0 deg). After my first swing, the sales guy said he could already tell I needed an extra stiff shaft, with my speed being around 113mph. He then set me up with the Mizuno ST190 with an extra stiff and 9.5 deg. After a few swings he had me try the Callaway Epic Flash with the weights set all the way to fade. Here's what I found: I hit the Cleveland the straightest and farthest (longest about 301 and avg about 290). The Mizuno was second best with a bit of a draw and distance averaging about 280. The mizzy felt the best off the face. And in dead last was the Callaway. I hated it. Hooked no matter what I did (which shocked me considering it was set up all the way for fade). And distance consequentially was down 260-270. Just felt terrible all around. I'm not nearly a good enough golfer to understand any of the other numbers; so distance, trajectory, and feel is all I really focused on. So now I'm seeking some advice. Anyone that has or knows anything about last years Cleveland Launcher HB and Mizuno ST180... which one would you recommend for me? And my next question. Do I really need an extra stiff shaft? My swing speeds ranged 105-113mph today. I'm wondering if I'm just used to the stiff flex in my current driver that switching to the extra stiff while testing caused the draw and hook (I've never had a draw or hook before)? I was really hoping to just buy a driver as is, and not have to pay the extra to swap out the shaft.
  12. First up we have an original Scotty Cameron Newport TeI 3. This has been re-finished by the Custom shop (original finish, no sight lines) and has new shaft band sticker and USA Custom Shop nylon headcover. Blue Iomic midsize grip. Length is 35", standard loft/lie. Asking $350 shipped. Second, we have the White Hot Pro #3. This is the second generation model. plays 35" and has the same Iomic midsize grip (in black). Stock Odyssey headcover included. Asking $100 shipped. M6 9.0 Driver Head - used for 1/2 season. Great condition, no sky marks / scratches, as seen in the pics. Asking $200 shipped M6 5w (18*) - used for 1/2 season. few more scuffs on the face given that its a fairway wood, but in good overall condition. Asking $150 shipped.
  13. Hi everyone - I'm in the market to get fitted for my first set of clubs despite playing for 10-12 years. I'll upgrade my Ping G15s that I've had for 6 or 7 years as well as my driver, which is a 10.5* stiff shaft Callaway X Hot with a neutral head adjustment I found on eBay. When the driver is on, I feel like I can do anything (keep in mind I'm still a 14 index, so take that with a grain of salt). When it's off, it's 20-40 yards off line. It makes or breaks a round for me. I can feel the shaft bending down at the top of my swing, so I'm thinking I might need an X-Stiff and lower loft, but not sure. Swing speed is usually anywhere from 120-126mph, so distance isn't an issue. Really looking for consistency. Can anyone provide suggestions as to what to look for in a new driver? I don't know much about the differences between certain models. Any help is seriously appreciated! Quarantine is a killer, so trying to learn as much as I can while stuck chipping and putting in my basement. Thank you!
  14. I have made a massive improvement in iron and wedge play using the "hammer the nail into the ground" concept to pinch the ball crisply and am very happy with contact and ball flight improvements. Curious to know if anyone that uses this concept also applies it to driver or putter and if so, did you need to make any adjustments? I am firmly in the skills/intentions camp over whatever technical thoughts I used to think (e.g., low and slow, smooth transition, etc) and I am still ironing out what works for me with driver and putter. I have heard tennis backhand for driver (lefty golfer right hand dominant) and was curious to see if anyone else conceptualized the various shots in golf to "skills." I feel like throw the club at the ball or throw the club to your target are a couple others. Just interested to know what works for people that I may be able to try out.
  15. Hi all, Last spring I bought a Cobra F9 10.5* (turned down to 9.5) with the Evenflow White T1100 60g 6.5 shaft. This was to replace a Titleist 915D3 9.5* with the Diamana White 70X. While 2019 was my best season of golf ever (made my club's tournament team, handicap down to 0.3, etc) the driving game has still left a lot to be desired. Driving as always been a weaker part of my game and probably doesn't squash my wish to tinker. I didn't get fit for the F9 (I know, I know...), but the initial honeymoon went well, Accuracy and Distance seemed on par with the 915D3. Didn't feel like an up-grade, more of a side-grade. My fairway-finder swing is fine with the current set up. However when I try to get after one and bomb it, it feels like the shaft makes it very hard to time and feel/control the face. Unless I hit it a little high on the toe, it feels short and spinny (even out of the true middle). My normal ball flight has always been a 5-10yd fade and the current setup has been sending several shots drawing/hooking left. Swing speed around 2 years ago was 113-114 and carry distance was ~270. That carry distance is basically the same today so I assume I'm still around 113-114mph. I've been looking at the Atmos TourSpec Black 7X and the 70g version of the Evenflow White to compete against the 60g Evenflow. I'm mainly looking at these since they can be picked up somewhat cheap from Cobra. Would either of these shafts be better than the other at generating even lower spin/launch? Would either of these shafts behave/feel similarly to the Diamana White 70X? Any other suggestions or ideas out there? Thanks!
  16. So I picked up this banged up X-Hot 9.5* head with a snapped shaft from the local refuse centre recently for a couple bucks. Looks like the shafts been run over or something, and the head dragged along for the ride. Trying to figure out: 1) Will the scratches/gouges in the face and/or dent on the side affect how it plays? 2) Is there a simple way sans-shaft puller I can salvage the adaptor? Obviously the shaft is toast so I’m not worried about damaging it in the process. Figured the few bucks was worth it for the adaptor alone, so no harm no foul if it’s all kaput. Cheers ?
  17. Hi everyone! I am currently a college freshman who wants to become a golf club designer. I have worked as a club fitter and repair person since I was 17 so I know a lot about the golf industry and that his how I realized my passion was to be the one designing clubs. I was wondering if anyone had an idea of who I can contact at the major brands to help answer some questions for me about how they got into the business and what they do. I really appreciate any help you can give. Thanks! Katie
  18. Hello all, I would like to hear your opinions on how technologies surrounding golf clubs - specifically drivers (all other feedback is welcome) - has advanced in the past decade or so. Personally, I feel like adjustable hosels have been the only industry changing revolution. Launch monitors almost fall into this category. I accept that the new materials and manufacturing processes are improvements, but have they really made that much difference? Happy to be persuaded otherwise. Thanks!
  19. Package deal of 2 Nike Drivers and 4 total shafts. I would like to sell it all together. Since everything needs an individual price $55 for each shaft and $75 for each driver head. Nike Covert 2.0 Tour and Nike Vapor Driver heads, Diamana S+60, Speeder 757, Fubuki Alpha 60, and Kuro Kage 60 all X flex Package deal $170 Great way to experiment with new shaft combos Obviously the Volt Vapor head has a big scratch on it. Does not effect play-ability but that's why it is so cheap in this deal
  20. Cobra Speedback F9 - Yellow Atmos Blue 6S stiff flex shaft Headcover and wrench included ** In the 1st pic, that is not a scuff mark/ball mark on the head. That came from an alignment stick in my bag that I forgot to take out before my round. Not noticeable at address and does not affect play ** $325 shipped to lower 48. Only trade interests would be an M5, M6, Epic Flash or G410 ![](http://i716.photobucket.com/albums/ww165/ogfive12/new%20sale/Internet_20190426_080804_3.jpeg_zps35qwp0lh.jpg "") ![](http://i716.photobucket.com/albums/ww165/ogfive12/new%20sale/Internet_20190426_080804_5.jpeg_zpsxga7iy2w.jpg "") ![](http://i716.photobucket.com/albums/ww165/ogfive12/new%20sale/Internet_20190426_080804_2.jpeg_zpsq9gofjvt.jpg "") ![](http://i716.photobucket.com/albums/ww165/ogfive12/new%20sale/Internet_20190426_080804_1.jpeg_zpsf9ci3af9.jpg "") ![](http://i716.photobucket.com/albums/ww165/ogfive12/new%20sale/Internet_20190426_080804_4.jpeg_zpsdgyhx2ps.jpg "")
  21. Been playing the same 9.5 i20 driver for quite a while now, love the look, love the feel, however it's probably about time to try something new. Was looking into a TM M2 with hzrdus smoke yellow 60 6.5 but before I commit I was looking for some community input considering a full fit isn't really in the cards right now and I'd also prefer something I can get at under 250 USD.
  22. Anyone ever toyed with the idea of putting a 1 iron in the bag and playing it over the big stick? Is it sexy.... no haha but I would be curious how a round would change playing a long iron over the driver. I know it can get me into more trouble off the tee if it isn't a good day. I just picked up some good looking Miura MB-101 long irons and am curious if anyone else had played without the driver in the bag.
  23. So i picked up a couple shafts basically just to tinker and ordered the Callaway advance adapter the tour strong and tour flat. Picked up on tour ad VR 6x and fujikura motore F1. Just want some feedback on the adapters and how anyone liked them. Also does the tour strong open up the face alot dropping the loft down 2*? I typically like a open face driver profile. I just placed the order for the adapters today so not in hand yet. Any feedback would be great. Thanks in advance
  24. Hi guys, I've just bought a Callaway Epic sub zero driver head and i'm looking to find a shaft that works for me. I don't have the facilities or money to try new clubs and shafts, which is made worse by being a lefty. Having not had a driver for 3 years i don't have anything else to go off apart from my M2 3 wood which has a Reax 65g x stiff in it and my previous Adams XTD driver had a HD6 red tie stiff. I was wondering if anyone had some recommendations? Swing speed: 105 - 110 Transition: medium/fast
  25. Up first is a 2016 M2 10.5 with an Accra Dymatch M5. I don’t have a ton of info on this club as I got it from a mini tour friend that got it from another player. It’s in great shape and is a great mid spin setup. Hasn’t been hit for maybe 6 months so it’s ready for a new home. Looking for $150 for the setup. Will ship with a G400 headcover or for $20 extra I will send with the Rose and Fire headcover pictured (mint condition) Next is an Odyssey 7s black. 36” with a Superstroke 2.0 grip. Used a handful of rounds but I prefer my Piretti blade. Looking for $140 for this flat stick. I will look for the stock headcover but for $30 extra I will include the Rose and Fire mallet cover pictured. Also in great shape. PM me for any additional pics!
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