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Found 21 results

  1. Good Evening, Only Trades would be strong lofted hybrid SIM or Apex or Alike all prices include shipping, add $5 if west of the ole Mississippi River , only shipping to the CONUS 1st is a ping tour shaft 80X 43.25" no tip included just needs to be prepped $25 OBO 2nd is a Cobra ONE Utility 4iron Project X 6.5 Steel 38.25" $130 OBO ( if i can find it i can include the senior flex recoil graphite shaft it originally came with LMK)
  2. I am currently playing with the Titleist AP2 712 set 3-P with a stiff S300 shaft. I don't use drivers yet, but want to extend my distance a bit more than the 220 yards with my 3 iron, therefor I thought of getting a 2iron as I like playing with my long irons. Deciding between the Titleist U510 Grafite Hzrdus smoke Black 80 shaft S or a Mizuno MP20 HMB with Nippon Modus 3 130g X-Flex Schaft 2 iron. I don't know if the shaft of the U510 would fit me as I am a steel player with a heavier shaft, and a non objective comparison between the mizuno and titleist is hard to find.. Any recommendations ? Thank you!
  3. Anyone else have issues with their Gaprs? I've used mine for only 27 holes. The club looks like it's been through WWIII, the back is all chipped up and look what happened to the face after maybe 8-10 balls hit with the club! I have a faster than average swing speed, but nothing outrageous. Did I get a lemon or is anyone else experiencing these issues with the Gapr line? I need to decide if I'm going to exchange this club, get a refund, or find another alternative driving iron.
  4. Purchased a Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro White 100HY TX and trimmed it 1/2" on both ends, plays 41. I installed it in my 3 iron. Primary use is off the tee...it feels too light and not stiff enough. Was wondering if anyone would recommend me going with a heavier steel shaft such as a C-Taper, PX 6.5 or a UST Recoil Iron shaft? Thanks!
  5. Tensei Pro Orange Hybrid 100tx Tensei Pro White Hybrid 100tx PX HZRDUS Black Hybrid 6.5 85 UST Mamiya Recoil Utility 100F5 If there's anything else you guys think would be worth a shot let me know! SS 117-122 any given day KK XD 70TX Driver Diamana D+Plus 80TX 3w TT DG X7'S irons
  6. Slightly used P790 2 iron with UST Recoil ES 780 | F4 Shaft. Stiff shaft with a little higher launch. Great club and in great condition. Asking $160. PM with any questions, thanks for checking it out!
  7. Srixon ZU85 18* 2 Hybrid 2h Utility Iron UST Recoil F4 Stiff Graphite shaft. Bought this a month ago and realized I don't have the swing speed to hit it consistently. Asking $130 + whatever actual shipping is. No trades.
  8. Let me preface by saying yes, I wanna be like Brooks Koepka But I recently bought the head only of a Vapor Fly Pro 4 iron. I intend to bend it 2 degrees strong to lower the flight. My question is: Would I go with a heavier graphite iron shaft or a stiffer hybrid shaft? I had the Vapor Fly Pro 3 and installed a (you guessed it) Fujikura Pro Tour Spec 115i. I made a nice profit on it. This one would be for personal use as I need one for my gaps and something else off the tee. For reference: I game 750's with DG Your Issue X100's Tensei Pro Orange 70TX in my driver and KK XD 80TX in my 3 wood. Any input is welcome. Thanks!
  9. I have an Aldila tour green 105tx hybrid shaft to put into a DI. Im not sure if I should tip it or play it straight in. It will go into a 2 iron (~17*). I havent actually bought the head yet. I had this setup in a P790 UDI before but the shaft broke and I sold it. I do not know how much the original shaft was tipped but it was amazing. I loved the bullet low launch of the UDI but if I mishit it or hit it high on the face then it didnt perform well at all. So how much do I tip the shaft and what DI head should I get?...
  10. Needing a new driving iron and shaft. Previously had a TM P790 3 iron with a DG X100 TI installed. Wasn't a fan of it. So of course I sold it. Curious as to what I could put into a Cobra KING Utility? Tensei CK Pro White 70TX in my Driver DG X100 TS in my irons Thanks!
  11. Hey y'all, I was wondering if I could get any input about setting up a driving iron - thinking about ordering a taylormade p790 UDI and was wondering what shaft to go with, or if anyone thinks any other driving iron is better. For background, I currently play 13 clubs with driver, 3 wood, then 3 iron, and my 3 is a scratch sb-1 blade, turned down 2 degrees with C-Taper X130s in all my irons. Wondering what would be a good shaft to go with for the UDI, as I feel like the X130 might be too much. Let me know any thoughts y'all have about this if you feel like it. Thanks
  12. Black Hzrdous 6.5 shaft. I've probably played ~10 rounds with this club and just can't get the consistency I want. $190 shipped.
  13. COBRA golf has released their newest utility clubs. Is there any feed back on it vs its competition?
  14. I've been running quite a few clubs through my SkyTrak lately, looking to set my bag up for perfect gapping, and found the Rogue X 4i, when paired with a lighter weight graphite shaft and played around 39.75", is head and shoulders above any other combo I've tried thus far. It's the longest, straightest "iron"/ hybrid combo I've ever hit, and it has enough bounce to bent stronger if desired(stock 18.5*). Just thought I'd share this in case anybody is looking for a good option. Carry on...
  15. TaylorMade p790 UDI for sale. Hzrdus Black 85 6.5. Standard length, loft, and lie. Golf Pride NDMCC white/black grip. Club was used only a handful of times. Asking $165 shipped. PayPal is preferred.
  16. I have never played a driving iron or utility iron before. I recently joined a club that is relatively short and narrow with a ton of water and I feel like I could use a placement tee shot club. I have noticed many of the other members carry a 2 driving iron. Any suggestions or opinions on this? I would meed something moderately forgiving as I have never been a great long iron player.
  17. This is my first post on golf WRX. After playing competitively in middle and high school (TYGA/ NJGT/ AJGA) I quit golf to pursue other things for about 5 years. I've recently come back full force as I am now late in college and needed a hobby. After around 3 months of practicing a lot and taking lessons I would say my HC is around a 9-10. I have assembled a pretty solid set buying used clubs on Ebay that I was familiar with, however, there is a new driving iron craze that I am interested in. I find myself hitting 4 iron off the tee regularly -- maybe 3-4 times a round. I play Adams mb2 4-GW KBS Tour 130 x irons. They have some offset and decent blade length, but in the end they are still blades. I used to play the Adams Pro a12 irons and absolutely loved them -- I still think they are softer than the mb2 and I love the PVD finish. I want a a utility iron that can be used off the tee or to hit into par 5s. I average around 280 with the driver and often hit a few out to 300 so this club will definitely be used on par 5s going for 2 (I hit a 3 iron around 225). Do you think I can get away with using an Adams pro a12 3 head? I think it is forgiving enough, I just wonder how much distance I would lose compared to a hollow head TMB. And if I went with a TMB, will the ball stop if I hit a green from 220? I already purchased the Tour AD DI 95X driving iron shaft since I play the AD DI in my hybrid (2 hybrid, 235 yrd club). Also, have any of you fairly long hitters removed a 4 iron in place of a 3 iron that you use as a driving iron and long iron? Currently I am considering this bag layout: Driver 280 yrd (total, avg) Adams Fast 12 LS 9.5 Mitsu Fubuki alpha 60g stiff 3 wood 260 yrd total Taylormade M3 17 HL GD Tour AD BB 7X xstiff 2 hybrid 230 yrd carry Adams Pro Mini 18 GD Tour AD DI 105 X hybrid xstiff cut down 1/4" (40.25") -- sometimes I catch this club right and can hit it 250 so I get nervous hitting it into greens 3 utility iron 215 yrd carry Adams Pro a12 GD Tour AD DI 95X driving iron shaft xstiff cut to 39.25" (this is the club in question) REMOVE 4 iron (205 yrd carry club) 5 iron 195 yrd carry Adams MB2 KBS Tour 130 x ------ GW 50degree 120 yrd carry Adams MB2 KBS Tour 130 x 54 degree 107 carry yrd 8 M grind Titleist SM7 wedge flex 58 degree 94 carry yrd 12 D grind Titleist SM7 wedge flex putter Odyssey #7
  18. All speeds/distances below are using SwingCaddie SC200 (and over several swings). Okay, so here's what I have on the top side of my bag and the average distances (from range): * Ping G Series 10.5 Driver - Carry 215-230yds | Swingspeed SS 93-96mph * Ping G Series 14 degree driver - 195-210yds | 91-93mph * Srixon ZU85 2-iron 18 degree - 193-199yds | 89-91mph * Titleist 818H 3 Hybrid 21 degree - 189-195yds | 90-93mph * Ping i210 4 iron 21 degree - 180-186yds | 85-87mph I bought the 2-iron after a BRUTAL week a month ago where i could not hit my driver/wood at all but irons were good, so figured it was a good emergency club to have to drive with in case those yips ever came back. But for the last month (after a good lesson) my driver has become increasingly reliable and the 2-iron hasn't left my bag. I live in southern california, so rarely play in links-style conditions where typically 2-irons are necessary. I hit the hybrid probably the most consistent, so my thoughts are if i got rid of the 2-iron, i could replace it with a higher lofted hybrid that could get me around 160-170 (i'm not great with my 5 iron at the moment). TL;DR With gapping the way it is above, should i just sell the 2-iron?
  19. Happy Friday! All prices are shipped CONUS. Not looking for anything particular in trades but always willing to listen. Thanks for looking! Bettinardi Headcover - $35 718 T-MB 3 Iron TT AMT Tour White S300 Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Standard size - $90 Callaway Apex 3 20 degree Kuro Kage S 80HY Lamkin Crossline Oversize - $75 Odyssey oworks 7 tank 38 inch counterbalance -$120 Pay asking and pick any grip shown
  20. A few things for sale today something for righties, and lefties!! Everything is open to offers. Cash is king!! 1). Titleist U500 2 driving iron. This club is basically brand new I used it for a range session, and found out I like my other one better. There is a project x evenflow 6.5 shaft in it. To my knowledge it is all standard length, and lie. I am looking to get $225 shipped out of this one. 2). Second thing we have is for the lefties. Another driving iron, but this one is a TMB 4 iron. This club was used for a handful of rounds, but well cared for. Has a project x LZ 5.5 shaft. Looking to get 125 shipped out of this. 3). Last thing for sale is a brand new Scotty Cameron hybrid headcover. As you can see from the picture it is still in the original packaging. I bought this on a whim, and don't really have any use for it. Looking to get 110 shipped.
  21. I just got my set of 0211s and new 0811XF driver yesterday. Can't wait to hit them.. Onto my issue, I have my M4 3W and then my 0211 4i. I want a driving iron for off the tee in instances where my 3 wood is just too long or too high of trajectory. Heroes Program through PXG has been great to me so far with their customer service and everything, so was hoping to stick with them for this. The GEN1 is only $95, and the GEN2 at $295 is more spendy but is it worth it? Any other better options? Thinking about the Srixon or the TM as well, but as I said the PXG program has so far been great..
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