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Found 6 results

  1. I'm self-fitting at home on Skytrak and lightweight shafts just seem to work best for my swing, and recently, the lighter/stiffer the better. I've got a new Phenom 50TX that I'll either be trying in a 5w or driver soon. Who else here prefers a lighter fairway setup opposed to the usual 70-80g ones?
  2. I'm a 5 hcp and I pride myself on being a pretty good ball striker. My problem throughtout the years has been with fairway bunkers. I catch them either heavy or thin, neither produce very good results. Recently during a round I received a tip from a playing partner that he uses. He said choke up 1/2" and focus on the front of the ball. I always focus on the back of the ball on every other shot so this was different for me. After trying this I found I'm hitting the ball either flush or slightly thin which is okay in a fairway bunker. Just a simple trick and I've completely changed my mentality when in the bunker. Hope this can help those who struggle like i did.
  3. Is there a standard width of mower stripes on fairways? I realize that not every course uses the same machine to mow, so there's probably some variance from course to course. If that's the case, is there a general width? I played on a course that had 8 strips on pretty much every fairway, lined by trees. Hence, the name of the course is "Iron Masters" in Pennsylvania.
  4. Got fit a few years ago into a M1 driver with a Kuro Kage XT 60X, and it has worked out really well for me. When it was time to get a new fairway, I went again with a M1 17* head and put a KK XT 70X into it. Unfortunately, this hasn't worked out as well as my driver - some days I hit it great, others not so much. I've got a Jetspeed tour issue fairway head kicking around that I've never used, and I think I want to stick a shaft in there and give it a go. Question is what shaft. Could try the XT again, but considering other options a. just to have something different to hit and b. that are cheaper. At various points previously I've been fit into a RIP Alpha and a Whiteboard, so maybe one of those? Saw a RIP Phenom NL on eBay that was intriguing. Black Tie? Something else? 110ss, fairly aggressive transition, trying to eliminate the left side, KK XT 60X works for me in the driver, don't want to break the bank on this shaft experiment. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Couple nice items up for grabs Very nice Ping G stretch 13* Head - $100 '16 Taylormade M2 16.5 with AD DI 7X - $135 Head has some cosmetic damage on crown. Awesome condition F9 with Atmos black 7S shaft - $310 All prices are OBO. Would trade for a G410 Driver/Fairway
  6. Driver - Black DuraLeather - MSRP $34.99 3 Wood - Black Standard Leather - MSRP $44.99 5 Wood - Black DuraLeather - MSRP $34.99 all 3 have been used sparingly and are in excellent condition...no rips or holes... lets do $80...its basically buy 2 get 1 free!
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