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Found 12 results

  1. When looking back in the last 5-10 years, it goes without saying that the orange light saber is popular on tour. Guys have used the Graphite design Tour AD DI for years and seems to still have an extremely loyal fan base. Looking through what seems to have just as much buzz recently is the Ventus lineup. I currently have a Ventus black in my driver and cannot say I would even be interested in trying other shafts at the moment because I love it so much. Take that devout following of equipment and mix it with on of the the most finicky clubs in the bag, the 3 wood, and I feel like decisions can become very personal. I wanted to ask if there are any out there with experience with either of these shafts in the 3 wood and ask... is there a winner? Curious what other have felt have been the top 3 wood shafts aside from these 2. Some guys like to tinker and swap clubs in and out but the 3 wood has to be one of the hardest in the bag to replace. Whats the go to shaft for everyone out there?
  2. I know this is an older shaft, but I've loved it in a variety of clubs and setups. I have a few pulls, but am unsure how much they have been tipped. Does anyone have a measurement of an untipped shaft to some part of the graphics that I can use to compare to my shafts? I contacted Fujikura, and unfortunately they didn't have this measurement on file anywhere... Thanks in advance!
  3. For sale is a Fujikura Ventus Blue 6S for a Titleist driver. This was built by a professional club builder using an OEM Titleist tip. Please note this will play just a hair over 44.5 inches. Overall in great shape and please reach out with any questions.$225 Shipped and Paypalled
  4. Ok Fujikura, guess the cat's out of the bag. Where's the info on this shaft Shibuno won the British Open with? Was looking into getting a Evo IV for my son but waiting to see what the Evo VI is all about.
  5. Hello all I've been searching around for possibly getting a new shaft for my Cobra f9 driver. Seeing if anyone out there has any recommendations on a good shaft, not expensive. I'm looking for a stiff shaft with a low-mid launch and low spin. Nothing high spin or high launch. Been just looking to see what others have out there as shafts they have tried out with that combo. Been reading a lot about the Fuji Atmo black 6s shafts, which is a low spin, low launch shaft, but don't want it to be too low. thank you, Derek
  6. Hi, Does anyone know what a Fujikura HY hybrid shaft is? I was about to order a used JPX-900 2 hybrid until at the last moment I noticed the looks deceived me and it wasn't the Fujikura Pro 73 shaft I have in a 4 hybrid I bought a couple of weeks ago but a HY shaft. I can't find any information on the shaft online and I'd like to know the weight for the stiff shaft and if it plays and feels anything similar to the Pro 73. Thank you for your help in advance!
  7. Anyone have experience with these two shafts side-by-side? I've got a Kuro Kage XD TX tipped .5" currently and love it. But, given the buzz surrounding the Ventus I can't help but wonder. Curious if anyone's hit them together and see much of a difference in numbers?
  8. Looking at buying an 8.2. Everyone knows these are the Motore Speeders, my question is are the one's that say 'Tour Spec"- 8.2 TS's and the ones that don't say Tour Spec just regular 8.2's. Or are they all Tour Spec regardless.
  9. Was on the range at my club, and, the pro was out with the Tour Edge guy hitting the new stuff due out 2/1/2020. The Pro offered for me to hit the clubs, I guess to get an average dudes opinion. I failed in being a WRXer, I don't have any pictures or even the name of the new Tour Edge line. I was just focused on hitting them and seeing what happened. The color scheme looked a lot like the current EXS line. Driver head was elongated a bit like the Callaway fusion with a glossy black finish. Looked nice. Comes in 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees. I hit the 12 degrees which had the lightweight shaft in it - Fujikura Air Speeder 40 R. I currently use a Ping Tour 65 stiff which works well in my 10.5 G400 Max. Fujikura Air Speeder specs look nothing like something I would like. 45 gms; high-launcher; R flex; and 8.0 degrees of torque! As you may expect, I just bombed high draws with this thing. Felt good, didn't feel too light and was sufficiently stable. They had a made-for Ventus 6s, which, to me felt less stable. And, a Smoke 6.0 which was too much shaft for me. The Fujikura Air Speeder clearly worked, but, now I am baffled. I know much of the height came from the 12 degree head versus my 10.5. But, I am shocked how well I hit it and how good it felt. Head scratcher.
  10. Picked this shaft up off eBay for my G400LST to match the Fuji Pro 73 in my fairway, but the markings differ and it says KURO 75. Anyone have an idea what this shaft is and what I can expect?
  11. Disclaimer - I take extremely good care of my equipment by cleaning my clubs religiously after every round. I like to include pictures of any major blemishes as well as show the groves on an average club. For Sale Today: 1) Taylormade Si 2 irons. These clubs were only used for one season. The set is standard length, loft, and lie. The clubs come with Golf Pride CP2 Pro grips and Project X 95 5.5 shafts. The set is 4-W. Note: all the groves are in extremely good condition. I recently hit a rock with the 8 iron and damaged the toe of the club. In addition, the badge on the back of the 7 iron is missing. I have contacted Taylormade Golf to ensure this will not affect performance. $300 shipped CONUS 2) Fujikura Motore Tour Spec 8.8 HB X flex. This club was professionally pulled from an 818 hybrid at standard length. The club comes with a Midsize Golf Pride Multicompound Align grip. $60 shipped CONUS 3) Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec Blue X flex. This club was also professionally pulled from a 510U Driving iron this season. It has never been hit. Brand new condition. $70 shipped CONUS I am not interested in any trades. Thanks for looking!
  12. Hi all, I was fit into the Atmos Blue TS 6S a few months back at my local club champion and have been loving the straight, mid-flight BOMBS. Last weekend, I convinced my friend to finally (after 6 long years of playing generic, beginner clubs) get fit for proper clubs, and ended up getting a free driver fitting on the side while I was waiting. The fitter present at the time fitted me into a Ventus 6S at the end of my session as my carry and ball speed increased with the shaft, and now I'm a bit conflicted. What would you say are the similarities / differences between the two shafts? Should I be considering the Ventus as well? Also, any thoughts on the Tensei Pro Orange? _On a side note - friend has since received his spanking new set and is in LOVE! _ **TL;DR - Always get fitted for your clubs if you're going to be dropping $$$ one way or another** :D
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