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Found 9 results

  1. Have any of you out there gamed both of these. If so, which one did you like the best and why? Long story relatively short- I used to play the Tour V(X) and I thought it was a great shaft. I had surgery on my left shoulder last year. After being released I was told to go to a "softer" shaft for "a while". I got fitted and we came up with the LZ 6.0. Its been over a year and I'm as "healed" as I'm gonna get. My issue is that the LZ is a really smooth, accurate shaft but the launch and spin are high for my liking. I took the KBS Shaft Fit and came up with the Tour V(X-again), and I took the P
  2. We're launching this deal early just for you! Now through December 2nd, THP members can save an extra $10 on top of the $40 markdowns for a total of $50 off the new NX9 HD, NX7 Pro Slope, or NX7 rangefinder. Just use the code "GOLFWRX" when you checkout!
  3. Hey guys, I'm thinking about upgrading from my Titleist AP1 710. I recently got back into golf over the past 2 years. But living in Wisconsin I'm only able to get about 20-30 rounds a year in. With approximately 6 months of the clubs in storage I was thinking I may want something a bit more forgiving and with newer technology. My current handicap is 15. I've really been struggling to hit my longer irons 6,5,4 this year. I'm just wondering if I fit more into a game improvement iron or a players distance category. Also if anyone has any suggestions. I will definitely be getting fitted somewhere
  4. Hi everyone - I'm in the market to get fitted for my first set of clubs despite playing for 10-12 years. I'll upgrade my Ping G15s that I've had for 6 or 7 years as well as my driver, which is a 10.5* stiff shaft Callaway X Hot with a neutral head adjustment I found on eBay. When the driver is on, I feel like I can do anything (keep in mind I'm still a 14 index, so take that with a grain of salt). When it's off, it's 20-40 yards off line. It makes or breaks a round for me. I can feel the shaft bending down at the top of my swing, so I'm thinking I might need an X-Stiff and lower loft, but not
  5. Time to get nostalgic here... Is there any style, brand, equipment, ball anything that you wish would make a comeback? Think back and share! As a 90s kid, the high crown visor was prevalent on the Tour. Freddie wore it and that's all I need to say about that. I know there are a few guys who still rock it but I would love to see it out there again making a statement! Stay well!
  6. Hi everyone! I would like to get a pushcart (I wanted to before COVID happened, then they all sold out before I pulled the trigger). I was curious as to if anyone has tried both the Big Max Blade IP and a Clicgear 4.0? If so, which do you like more? If you've only used one of them, can you give some pros/cons? I have the opportunity to buy a blade IP for $350 or a clicgear for 380 (or just wait until clicgear finally has them in stock to get it for retail), so I'm trying to decide which to go with. Thanks!
  7. I currently play the WS V6’s and want to switch to the Miura’s. I understand that they are a blade with a slightly bigger cavity. I don’t mind much the cavity but more the face size, the reason I don’t buy Mizuno blades is because they have such a small length face. Can anybody tell me if the faces of the Miura’s are rather small like the Mizuno blades or bigger? Love the size of the Wilson staff model blades, but the ones I have don’t have the correct shaft for me as to why I’m not gaming them and trying to sell. Thank you in advance!
  8. can someone compare and contrast these two? which one felt better, and which one had better performance for you?
  9. What are the most current wedge models for low handicap players? What about shafts? My irons are project x 6.5, what would the right wedge shaft be? Grew up playing Cleveland wedges.
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