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Found 13 results

  1. Anyone tried this Own Your Golf Game program? I kept seeing ads on Instagram and Facebook so I signed up. Seems like a good value and I've found it very helpful (while killing time at work LOL) but I'm wondering what anyone else's experience might be.
  2. A lot of folks are putting their swings up, and that's awesome! As a user who loves to look at folks' swings and give unsolicited (unhelpful?) advice, I'd recommend a few things that'll really help you: First, maybe don't do stills. The swing is a motion, and looking at stills doesn't really tell the story. It's also unnecessary! C'mon man, you have a film studio in your pocket! Additionally, I see folks shooting their swings at the wrong angles. While someone with a good eye can look past this, most folks are going to give distorted advice based on distorted info. Here's a video that'll help you with this: With down-the-line shots, I like to have an alignment rod right under my hands. When the rod is straight up and down in the camera screen, that's a good sign. I personally recommend buying yourself some alignment sticks (you can use driveway markers from the hardware store if you're feelin' econo). Per the video, I agree that the Selfie Golf device is the best. It's durable as heck and worth the money: SelfieGOLF® Official Store - Record & Analyze Your Golf Swing
  3. Understanding the correct use of MOi in a putter. See below. Click to view the mini Giant FGP and mini Giant DF.
  4. I've been working with a coach for about a year now and it's time to make a change. However, I'm not sure what the best way to evaluate instructors is. There are so many of them locally and they all sort of say the right / same things over the phone. My inclination is to simply bite the bullet and get a lesson or two from several that I think might be promising, then see if the "feel" they give me turns into "real". My experience thus far has been that learning a swing is more about communication style than anything -- do they say something that makes sense to you that you can then replicate in practice? If so, then that's the one. Methodology in selection and how you found "your guy" would be great.
  5. I’m looking around for quality instructors in the Littleton area near Denver CO. Anyone know of some good instructors that won’t break the bank? Thanks!
  6. After two months of quarantine, a degree in Physics and a passion for the golf swing and getting better. I have discovered certain lies that we, as golfers believe will help us hit the ball farther, straighter or more consistently. No matter how good I can be hitting the ball, once I hit a bad shot and start thinking and adjusting technique, your game is doomed. From the moment someone swings a golf club for the first time, h/she begins to believe certain things, movements, positions that will help, fix, cure their golf swing woes. The problem is that most of the techniques out there, if not all of the them, have nothing to do with the most efficient and consistent way to swing a golf club. If this were so, then the pros would never "lose their swing," and the average golfer would be able to break 80 no problem. This is not the case until now. The discovery I have made has allowed me to hit the ball crazy good. 50 years old, 145 lb and hitting my 3-W 300 yards. I am interested to hear what you guys think is the worst thing you might have ever believed about technique and swinging the golf club. What do you think is a lie you are believing you thought helped you golf game, but in fact destroyed it.I'll start. FINISH THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT . . . The worst golf tip I thought was a good one was (TO SHIFT MY WEIGHT ON THE BACK SWING AND SHIFT IT BACK ON THE DOWN SWING)
  7. Live and play in Maine. Our off season is typically November through mid-April. Golf buddy and I are brainstorming taking a trip near March or Feb and participate in a golf school some where warm. Looking for suggestions. Parameters would be that we will both likely be accompanied by wives and young children who will want to do other things (like sit on a beach and do nothing). Ideally the golf schooling aspect of this would “appear” to our wives as incidental to the trip as a whole, so staying at a facility would be tricky unless there is more there than golf.
  8. Curious what the community's opinion on what many consider Textbook Alignment with the whole railroad tracks versus someone who consistently aligns left or right of the target? Not saying one is better than the other but will I guess you can say Inproper Alignment but consistent hinder a player from every reaching a higher potential than someone who aligns the traditional way?
  9. Just took up golf in September but have been playing and trying to get better like my life depends on it since. So I started out with a few lessons off the bat with a great instructor out here in Scottsdale, Michael Lamanna, who was a PGA Regional Instructor of the Year at one point. Great guy and working with him really accelerated my learning curve, it is the best money I’ve spent and I saw the results of my work with him nearly immediately. So I started playing some actual rounds of golf with my two buddies who are single digit handicappers, my first round with them I shot 128....fast forward a couple months and I’m shooting around 100 regularly and finally this past month or so I’ve been breaking 100 regularly shooting in the mid-90s, and last week put up my personal best score of 89. Then all of a sudden, it was like I’d never swung a club before. Didn’t know if my grip was too tight or too loose, couldn’t square the club face, is it my set-up, my tempo, my head positioning, who knows. So I recognize I hadn’t seen Michael in a while. I immediately schedule a lesson with him. Come to find out my grip had gotten out of wack, I’d started coming over the top of the ball with my swing path, was gripping the club way too hard, just a slew of bad habits had developed from not continuing my practice at the range and only playing rounds. Within 30 minutes I’m making great contact with my irons again, and I ended up working with him for 2.5 hours today. We worked until my finger blistered and the blister popped, then we taped it and kept going. By the end of the lesson I had my good swing habits re-honed and was hitting my irons better than I’ve ever hit them. Just wanted to share that for anyone who might be going thru a slump, very thankful I found a pro to work with who could get me back on track so quickly. Not going to let so much time pass before our next session together.
  10. what's up everyone. I'm not really sure where to go at this point so I'm looking for some advice from anyone that is willing to give it. My 5 year old son loves golf and is pretty good for his age. I'm not just saying that cuz I'm his dad. he hits the ball well and putts okay. he loves playing in "tournaments" already and asks to go play almost everyday. my problem at this point is that I already feel like he could be benefiting from an actual coach. I feel like I have tried to help him with his putting a ton and for whatever reason I cant convey my point enough for him to understand what I'm saying. In my personal experience from being coached in other sports, some times when your parent tells you something it might not come across as well as if it was coming from someone else, like a coach. I guess my question is, am I over thinking this or is a coach at this age something I should actually be considering? I understand he's only 5 but if this is something that he wants to work at and its something he likes doing, I would like to help him in anyway I can. thanks in advance!
  11. (Putter Service Announcement) Need to practice your alignment while at home. Take a look at this throw-back video. https://www.seemore.com/info/video/ - hide the red dot and seeing the two white lines) at address you are able to "look" down your intended line and "train" your eyes and body to what your alignment should feel like. Having the line on the ground will ensure that you are set-up and square to your target line. A SeeMore putter is the only putter that offers you the ability with RST to set up in the same posture, same set-up, same ball position, same loft and learn to make the same putt for EVERY putt. If you can't be on the putting green to practice, WATCH this to help SEE your line and make your own at home. ENJOY and stay safe. #sharethis with your friends and make a video to send to us! Find your SeeMore triangualtor here - https://www.seemore.com/accessories/training.html
  12. Hi Gents, I won a GolfTEC package at a local golf fundraiser in Madison, Wisconsin. I have read enough about GolfTEC to understand that finding the best instructor is key to getting the most out od the process (as is the case with any lessons). Does anyone here have experience with GolfTEC in Madison (Middleton) that can advise me on who to request? Thank you for any help you can offer.
  13. I have decided to dedicate 2019 to getting my game back to where it used to be. I'm looking for another eye in the process of developing a plan. I'm also very new to the area, and do not have a great lay of the land. My question is who you would consider the best instructors in the area? I'm looking for someone that keeps things simple, but embraces technology as well. I do not mind driving a bit so the search is not limited to just the Connecticut area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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