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  1. Hoping someone can help, I’m potentially in the market for what’s been old reliable for years, my rocketballz tour 3 hybrid. What I liked about this was compact head and little offset. I’ve looked throughout the years and have struggled to really find anything similar, any recommendations?
  2. Hello there! Long story short: I have got a Nitro Blaster 21 hybrid. The shaft feels flimsy but it is regular. I am a beginner and I am starting out, I don't get to practice a lot though. My teacher told me I don't need to buy a new hybrid, but I saw some great deals on regular shaft hybrids. Cobra Baffler Hybrid (2005)Adams Idea A4RAdams Idea A7OSNickent 3DX IW RCAdams A12.All of them are listed on ebay approximately for 20-25 dollars (which is what I would be willing to afford). What I don't know either is the forgiveness of these hybrids, I mean, I don't know which one of them could be the best option for me. My query is: should I upgrade the hybrid or should I keep playing the nitro until it breaks? (it feels like a crappy club! lol!).
  3. Hi guys, are there any counter balanced hybrid shafts about? Im looking to keep my hybrid the same length but knock a few sw points off. Currently at d5. Thanks in advance ?
  4. Hoping for a quick sale on this one! Wilson D7 3 wood (15*) with an Accra Tour Z LS M5 85 (x-stiff). The head has been hotmelted to add swingweight to match the shaft, done at Club Champion. I had it shortened to play 41.75". This thing hits rockets that go dead straight. I just need something I can elevate a little more. New Lamkin Crossline standard grip. Comes with stock headcover that is in perfect shape. No marks on the crown, 9/10 shape. I just need to clean up the bottom of the club (those aren't scrapes, just residue from a mat) and I can remove the lead tape if you want. Looking for $85 shipped conus. I could entertain driver trades with X shafts (trying to stick with an all Wilson bag but open on drivers). Second up is a Wilson D100 Hybrid 19* 3 hybrid with a throwback NV Green 105S. This plays 40" in length with a standard Lamkin Crossline. Looking for $40 shipped conus
  5. Putting graphite iron shaft in G410 6H hybrid.. are my calculations correct I posted about wanting to try this before, but the hybrid heads I used for my calculations in that post were just to lite for it to work so never did anything. So instead of building off that post with new info and getting confused here we are with a new post. I am wanting to build a test club out in which I utilize a graphite iron shaft in a hybrid head and I believe my G410 6H is a perfect opportunity for me to do so. I utilize this for my 7 iron replacement. I am not looking for distance just for feel, consistent strike location and it to fit a yardage gap. I gravitate towards lighter weight shafts and shorter than standard playing lengths. For this test club I am wanting to build it at 37" or 36.5" inches long. I understand lie angle and SW will be effected. For this post I just want to make sure I am ordering the correct graphite iron shaft and I will address those areas at a later date. Here is my calculations: G410 6H head weight - 260g's (this includes a 20G weight in head instead of stock weight) I own Ping G700 8 and 9 irons. However I don't know the head weight for these. I called Ping but they couldn't provide any as the head screw they insert in the end of the head can vary. So I am basing this off what is the most common head weights others have posted on here. See below. I may pull the heads off the current shafts for the 8 and 9 iron just to weigh them, but haven't decided on that yet. Common head weights found: 6i - 261 / 7i - 268 / 8i - 275 / 9i - 282 / PW - 289 Based on these head weights above my G410 6H head fits right in at a 6i. So if I wanted it at a 7i (37") or 8i (36.5") length then I would need to add the following to the head - 7i 8g's and 8i 15g's. Am I correct in this calculation? If correct then I would need to order my shaft, follow trimming instructions for an 7i, and add 8g's to the back of the head (Golf works high density lead tape is what I have available). That will give me a head weight of a 7i in a graphite iron shaft set at a 7 iron length. Would adding the 8g's to the head effect the shaft flex of the shaft? Say lesson it from reg to senior flex as an example? What if I decide to go the 8i route and add 15G's to back of head? Any incite that can be provided would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. Has anyone here replaced their 4/5 wood with a low lofted hybrid (17*)? I have been struggling mightily with my 3 wood and found that I actually would benefit from a 4/5 wood from a distance perspective more. that said, i have never been a great fairway wood player but have a couple hybrids now that work well for me and for my style of golf tend to work better out of the rough, etc.... Looking for everyone's feedback on this as I will likely be replacing my 3 wood with a 17* hybrid in the near future. Specifically I am looking at the Titleist TS2 once its release as i have 2 of the 816 H1's now.
  7. Spring cleaning sale. These items have been gamed and are priced to move, but willing to entertain reasonable offers. No trades. Strongly prefer to keep items paired together as shown below, but will consider selling separate if there is interest. PM with any questions or requests for more pictures.(1) Pair of Ping G400 hybrids - $110 shipped to lower 48 for BOTH Ping G400 2 (17*) and 3 (19*) hybrids, both with Ping Tour 85 shafts (R flex). Great feel, flight, and don't want to go left. Original headcovers included. (2) Vokey SM6 56* (10 bounce) S grind - $75 shipped to lower 48 Pictures tell the story. Lightly gamed with tons of spin left. Stock shaft at stock length. Brand new Lamkin 1150 grip. (3) Pair of Vokey SM6 (Modus shafts) - $110 shipped to lower 48 for BOTH Vokey SM6 50* (8* bounce) F grind in slate grey + SM6 56* (8* bounce) M grind in black, both with Modus 125 wedge shafts. (4) Pair of Ping Glide 2.0 (Modus shafts) - $120 shipped to lower 48 for BOTH Ping Glide 2.0 50* SS (12* bounce) with Modus 105 wedge shaft + 56* ES (8* bounce) with Modus 115 wedge shaft.
  8. Hello everyone. First time discussion post for me. Hopefully this goes well. Here is what I am looking for some information on - I am a hybrid player (I actually don't have a single iron in my bag just driver, fairways, hybrids, and wedges) and I am wanting to see how a graphite iron shaft works for me in my hybrids. It is winter time here in Michigan and I want to do some experimenting. My goal is to set up my hybrids at the same playing length for the iron they are replacing and see what results I may achieve. An example would be my 5H would be set up at a playing length of 38.5" or that of a 5 iron. What do I need to know regarding this topic? For example any tipping information I should know? I have to assume that if I am using my 5H to replace my 5i then I would purchase a 5i graphite iron shaft and tip according to the manufacturers instructions and butt cut to the final playing length I want. In this case it would be 38.5". Is this a correct assumption? I also saw in a older post that head weight of the hybrid head and iron head should be compared/taken into consideration. I didn't fully understand this, but what I gathered was if my hybrid head weight is similar to that of a 6 iron head weight then that hybrid head should have a 6 iron shaft installed in it. Is that correct? Below is my hybrid head weights and the iron head weights I am using for comparison as well as the playing length I am looking to set them up at. Not sure if this is needed, but I gathered the information non the less. Look forward to getting some information on this topic. Thanks in advance for all your guys/gals help. Hybrids - 2019 Callaway Big Bertha 1. 5H / 239 g / 38.5" 2. 6H / 244.5 g / 37.75" 3. 7H / 250.5 g / 37.0" 4. 8H / 256.8 g / 36.25" Irons used for comparison - 2019 Callaway Apex 1. 5i / 253.75 g 2. 6i / 260.75 g 3. 7i / 267.75 g 4. 8i / 275.5 g
  9. Before anyone says it, I know it's best to go get fitted. For several reasons, that's not going to be an option for me at least currently. I have the 20* w/ the stock Reg-flex Fujikura Pro 75g shaft. My problem is that it feels way too light for me, which makes it really hard to hit down on it. My numbers: Carry: 200 yd Ball Speed: 130 mph Launch Angle: 16* Peak Height: 32 yd I'm 6'1" btw. Should I be playing a Stiff flex? Or, should I maybe play a longer shaft? I really love this club and want to buy the 18* version, but I really need to get a better shaft to avoid thinning it.
  10. I had my beloved Adams PRro DHy 5hybrid cave in and Taylormade sent me a Gapr Mid 5 Hybrid with a KBS Hybrid 80g Stiff shaft as a replacement. Hit it 5 times total in the simulator and absolutely hated it in favor of my Callaway XR 5iron so I'm selling it for $150 OBO. Comes with the stock Golf Pride color matching grip and headcover, literally only hit 5 times indoors. Didn't receive the tool to adjust loft up / down when they sent it to me.
  11. I am in the market for a 2 hybrid, that is adjustable I would like to drop it down as close to 15 degrees as possible. Let me know what you have for sale
  12. I currently play a 17* hybrid set to 16.25*, which is essentially my 3 wood. I’m trying to fill a gap between my hybrid and 4 iron (21*) and am considering moving the hybrid up to 18.5* and getting another hybrid and setting it at 15.5* to fill my 3 wood role. Would the difference in distance between the 2 hybrids (both 17* before adjustments) be noticeable enough for this setup to make sense?
  13. Few things to move today. Prices will be paypal FF. If prefer G/S, then add fee on top. Price will include shipping CONUS. 1. Pxg hybrid. 17*. KBS Prototype 85g X shaft. Pretty good shape. $175 obo 2. Mizuno ST 190 3 Wood. Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec Black 7s. $175 obo 3. Mizuno GT 180 3 wood. Speeder 757 x-Stiff Shaft. One of the best shafts imo. $150 obo. 4. Scotty Cameron Sunshine Custom Shop XL Mallet Cover $120 obo 5. Scotty Cameron Black Jackpot Johnny XL Mallet Cover $120 obo Thanks for looking.
  14. Hi! I'm a huge fan of the old proforce v2 100-s hybrid shafts and have them in both .370 and in .355 tips. I was wondering if there is any way of boring out a titleist 3 wood adapter to fit such a shaft as I would love to put the shaft in a three wood and maybe at a heavier weight in the three wood head to make it more similar to a hybrid! Any thoughts? Sanding down seems to be a bad option right?
  15. I have a Mizuno CLK Hybrid in the Fujikura Speeder Evolution HB 85X (I'm told this shaft is very similar to the Atmos Blue) I'm looking to replace the shaft with something still in the 75-85gram weight range. My favorite driver and 3W shafts are a little stiffer and/or heavier in the tip and also on the lighter side (65gram X in each). I'm wanting to apply similar logic to my hybrid. Any suggestions on what shafts fit what I'm looking for? I've been looking at the Fujikura Pro 2.0 75g and the Kuro Kage 80X simply because they're cheap on Ebay, however I'm not sure if they fit the profile I'm looking for. Thanks,
  16. I currently have an M3 Driver with a HZRDS Yellow 6.0 60g shaft and an M4 Tour with HZRDS Yellow 6.0 70g shaft. Looking into also getting a SIM Max HYBRID, but not sure what shaft to for it. I am wanting a low launch/spin shaft. I have a P790 UDI with a HZRDS black shaft. Should I get the same in the hybrid? Thanks for the help!
  17. Three items up for sale today: Wilson C300 20* Hybrid with KBS Proto 95S shaft. Can't believe I'm moving this club, it's so reliable and easy to hit. It's 9.5/10 condition, new grip, comes with the stylish headcover shown, and the wrench. It's 40" in length. Asking $90 shipped conus OBO.Elements Chrome Prototype Driver Shaft PT6F5. Really solid shaft I had in a driver playing 44", the shaft itself with no adapter is 42.75". New grip, 8/10 condition. $60 shipped conus OBOTEE EX9 Tour Driver Head. Very much a tour style head, nice and compact. Feels like it rockets off the face with a nice ping sound. 9* and 8.5/10 condition I'd say and comes with adapter. Looking for $45 shipped conus OBO
  18. Trying to clear out some extras before the season starts. All prices are OBO and include shipping to conus. Wilson Fg Tour F5 Fairway Wood: 17 degree head that can be adjusted 1 down or two up in loft. A few nicks and some wear on the face and bottom but works great. Comes with the shaft listed next (read the disclaimer) or just the head. Length with shaft installed is 42". I have a wrench I can include and it comes with the stock headcover. The head only is $30 and with shaft is $50. UST Axivcore Tour X Flex 79 Series: obviously comes with the Wilson F5/C300 adapter but the top of the adapter where the lofts are printed is cracked. It seems to work just fine but it might need replacing before long. Length is 41.5 from butt of grip to end of adapter. New Lamkin Crossline standard grip. If needed, I could remove the adapter. Shaft by itself is $35.Wilson M3 Hybrid: 21 degrees that can adjust up and down. Comes with the stock Aldila Phenom 85 hybrid stiff shaft. Length is 40". New Lamkin Crossline grip. I can include a wrench and it does not come with the headcover. Some wear on the bottom but the face and crown look good. $40 Wilson V6 4 iron: standard specs with the AMT S300 shaft, built by Wilson. Barely used, perfect condition. $50
  19. First thing I got is a X Forged 18* UT with a KBS Hybrid Prototype 95x shaft. Has a standard size tour velvet that is stretched down to thin it out. Asking $180 Would be willing to listen to offers for an 18* hybrid with an extra stiff shaft Also have some Stitch head covers. Two Driver head covers and Two 3 wood head covers. Each Driver $50 Each 3 Wood $40 If you would like the matching Driver and 3 wood set I would do $75 for them
  20. The clubs that I have in my bag right now are:- Callaway Epic Flash driver 10.5 Callaway X 5-hybrid Scotty Cameron Golo3 Titlest Vokey SM7 52 and 60 Callaway Apex CF19 5,7,9,P I cant seem to hit the 3 irons or 3 woods at all. What would be a good replacement to use? My pro shop recommends a utility iron, but there dont seem to be many choices out there so far.
  21. Hi, Does anyone know what a Fujikura HY hybrid shaft is? I was about to order a used JPX-900 2 hybrid until at the last moment I noticed the looks deceived me and it wasn't the Fujikura Pro 73 shaft I have in a 4 hybrid I bought a couple of weeks ago but a HY shaft. I can't find any information on the shaft online and I'd like to know the weight for the stiff shaft and if it plays and feels anything similar to the Pro 73. Thank you for your help in advance!
  22. First time long time, blah blah blah. Have learned a lot here, now would like to ask something related to my own recent struggles. With the Epic Flash hybrid just being released, the Rogue X dropped in price and still has custom options available. Good for me as I've had my eye on it recently. My question is related to shaft selection. I know, I should get fitted, right? So I went to a Golf Digest 100 Best Clubfitter and Callaway Certified Master Fitter yesterday. Hit the Rogue X 3 hybrid, liked it but wished I was getting a little more consistent distance and ball flight, and the guy basically asked if I wanted to buy the stock configuration. I asked about shafts and what would suit me best. His response was that any stiff shaft from various brands would basically be the same and that I would adjust my swing over time to fit the new club. Thoughts? The thing is, I don't want to have a different swing from my irons. I'm trying to fill the gap between my 4 iron (200yds) and 3 wood (236yds). Last year a Mizuno rep used their shaft selection tool to put me in the True Temper XP 105 S300 with the JPX 900 Hot Metal, second place was the XP 95 but the rep felt that I would be more accurate with the XP 105. Although I didn't gain much distance from my previous Adams a7 set, I'm much more accurate than I used to be. Here's a list of some Callaway stiff shaft options that have no upcharge: Aldila Synergy 60 HYB (stock option) Aldila Synergy 50 HYB Mitsubishi Kuro Kage 80 Apex Project X SD Project X Evenflow UST Recoil ES I'd appreciate any input on suggestions.
  23. Hi, currently playing a attas g7 counter balance driver shaft and I love it. So I wanted to try one in my 3 hybrid. I have a shim to make the shaft fit but I have no idea how much to tip it. I think a 3 wood head is around 200grams and my hubrid is 240. So how much do I tip to make up the 40 grams. Any help would be great. NICK
  24. Currently have the g410 hybrid with the Tensei Ck Blue shaft. I have seen some really good deals on Graphite Design Tour AD-Di hybrid shafts and wanted to know the difference. The ck blue feels a little loose to me. What is the feel and flight of the AD-DI?
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