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Found 6 results

  1. All prices are with shipping in CONUS. See below for prices Scotty Cameron Circle T T10 Buttonback, Tour Deep Milled face. Putter is in a rare charcoal mist finish, with antique white sight line. Putter was originally 34" (I believe - its been a while), and was extended professionally to 35". Putter currently has a Winn AVS mid-sized pistol grip on it (not shown), which I can leave on, or install/include any the grips pictured below (SC Pistolero is jumbo). I can also send with no grip if you'd like. We can figure it out. Putter includes installed 20g circle T weights Dancing Circle T Head Cover - never used, brand new SC aftermarket 10g and 15g weights, and hand and ratchet wrenches - from BillyBobs Golf, brand new I would like to move the putter, HC, grips, weights, and wrenches, together, as I have no need for them - for the Circle T with installed AVS, Titleist grips, weights and wrenches, and Circle T head cover - $3,750.00. $3,500.00 Note that I have found T10 buttonbacks on here and eBay for less, however, I have had a VERY hard time finding a deep milled, with this finish and the antique white sight line. Broken down putter would be $3,500.00 $3,250.00, HC $250.00, Weights and wrenches $50.00 2 Project X HZRDUS T1100's with Callaway Adapters - 1 Tour issue. The following are the specs for the shafts: 44"/65g/6.5 X Flex, untipped/stock Callaway COG adapter/GP NDMC midsize grip - $210.00 $200.00 43.5"/75g/6.5 X Flex, tipped 1/2"/Tour Issue Callaway red dot COG (flatter lie)/ GP NDMC midsize grip - $225.00 $210.00 1 Tour Issue Callaway red dot COG (flatter lie adapter) - $25.00
  2. Looking for some input on a new driver shaft. I currently play the Kuro Kage Tini 60x. I swing 125+. This shaft is very straight but I feel like I'm not maxing out distance wise. Pretty sure my spin rate is too high. Although I've not been on a launch monitor in years. I have the original HZRDUS black in my 3 wood which I love and can hit 300 at times. But I tried the smoke black in my driver and hate it. Thinking the Black in my driver but its getting expensive guessing. My ball flight is medium. Any suggestions are appreciated
  3. TRADE ITEMS I WANT OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD (But please send any and all offers!) Vokey TVD K Grind 58 / 60 Vokey Low Bounce K Grind 58 / 60 Vokey Links K Grind PXG Gen 2 0811 X PXG Gen 2 0311T Irons Accra TZ6 65 Accra TZ5 65 / TZ5 75 Accra RBZ 382 / 472 M5 Ping G410 Plus 10.5 Ping G410 LST 10.5 Taylormade M6 10.5 Tour Velvet Cord Grips Tour Velvet BCT Cord Grips Bettinardi Putters (Flow neck preferred) - BB0 / BB8 etc etc Byron Morgan Putters (flow neck preferred) - DH89 / 611 / 615 / 612 etc etc Bettinardi Small Mallet or Large / Wide Blade Vokey SM7 RAW Bettinardi BB0 Texas Tea Finish - Plumbers Neck - Sound Slot - Putter is used, but in very good condition. But please see pictures to show condition. Comes with a White / Green Headcover from an older model. I measure 34 inches straight down the shaft. Super Stroke 1.0 Flatso Grip. I love this putter. My favorite Bettinardi. But I score better with a mallet unfortunately. $750 OBO TPT 17 MKP MT SW Fairway Shaft - Used. Wanted to try this, but I had trouble controlling it in my G400 fairway. I measured it to be 41.5 inches No idea how to price.... $200 OBO Mitsubishi Tensei Pro White 80 TX Fairway Shaft - Left handed Ping G400 / G / G30 Adapter - Measures 41.75 inches by itself. $205 OBO HZRDUS Smoke 60 6.0 Driver Shaft - Cobra connect in the grip. 43 13/16 inches by itself with a grip. $90 OBO HZRDUS Red 105 6.5 Hybrid / Driving Iron Shaft - 38 3/8 inches by itself with grip. Used. Tip shows that it has been pulled twice, but I never had issues with it. Some extra epoxy on there. $145 OBO Taylormade Spider Tour Red Slant Neck Putter with Sightline - Shows some use from normal play. A few marks on the top, no idea where they came from. $155 OBO Callaway Exo Indianapolis S - Slant Neck Putter - Headcover - Very good used condition. $115 OBO Taylormade Aeroburner TP Mini Driver Head - 14 Degrees - Good used condition. Shows some signs of wear on the bottom and top of the face. $80 OBO
  4. WRX'ers - Just got my HZRDUS Green today and figured I'd grace everyone with a quick review. **Player Profile ** SS- 118-120mph HDCP - 3 Transition - Quick I'm long time T1100 fan (6.5, 65g), I was fit for it when I got my G400 Max a little over a year ago, but the HZRDUS Green looked so good I had to get one just to give it a play and see what it was about. I ordered the 60g 6.5TX (untipped). Observations - I hit about 40 balls with it plugged into my G400M and it the biggest thing I took away was that it wasn't nearly as "harsh" as I expected. Maybe it was due to the (Hulk) marketing, but I went in expecting it to be a true anti left telephone pole. Compared to the T1100 it had a lot more "feel" that I expected. That might end up being a controversial take, but I had not hit hit any of the Smoke line shafts before this one, so maybe the Smoke profile is a bit more "active" than the original HZRDUS. I felt it load and unload much more than I do my T1100, especially right through impact. To make another PX comparison, I had given the Even Flow White T1100 a few tests earlier in the year and I couldn't stand how active that profile was and how much I felt like I was going to hit dead hooks on the way down (even though I didnt, but it's how it felt). While this was more active (IMO) then the HZ T1100, it was NOTHING like the Even Flow. It was still unbelievably stable and I had no fear really going hard at it. When I made my best swings, it produced my normal 6-8 yard cut. Another thing I wanted to note was how much of a difference going from the T1100 counterbalance to a traditional weighting was. Especially in a head as light as a G400. I def lost a MPH or two on the SS, but after a few swings I remembered how much I actually like the traditional weighting (I played an original Whiteboard for all my college days). But just as a datapoint - you can 100% feel the difference between counterbalance vs traditional. The ball flight was very good, I wasn't on TM or FlightScope, but I could tell the spin #'s were very similar to my T1100, which I know on a good day for me are right around 2000-2200rpm with my G400M. All in all, the visual performance was very close to my gamer. If I had to pick one thing, it likely was launching a little bit lower. Thats about it - I'd like to get on a LM next and do a hard #'s compare, but overall it performed great and it has a very good shot at staying in the bag. After the first 10-20 swings, I got used to the extra feel over the T1100 and actually began to really love having a little more "activity" in the profile. I had always felt you had to sacrifice one over the other (stability vs feel) and this shaft I believe finds a really good medium. Also, the green PVD finish is irresistible. cheers.
  5. Just wanted to pass along a deal I saw: Golf Deals and Steals has new uncut PX HZRDUS (not Hand Crafted) Red, Black, Yellow, & T800 models available in various weights and flexes for $70. You can get them with TM tips or no tip.
  6. I own a Cobra F9 driver at the moment. I play it at 8.5* with a Hzrdus Yellow 6.0 shaft. Before that i played a Callaway Epic SZ, and i must say the Epic was a longer and better driver than the F9. Not going back to Epic SZ (newer is better), so wondered what experience people have with the M5 (better still if you have hit the F9)? Is it a bomber? My spin number with the F9 is way to high - about 3500 rpm.
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