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Found 7 results

  1. Anyone tried this Own Your Golf Game program? I kept seeing ads on Instagram and Facebook so I signed up. Seems like a good value and I've found it very helpful (while killing time at work LOL) but I'm wondering what anyone else's experience might be.
  2. Things have gotten rather bleak this season (no guff, Chet!) and I'm considering quitting golf altogether. I don't know how to enjoy the game anymore. I'm turning to you guys for guidance, and wondering if anyone has ever been in a similar headspace and what they did / if a break was the right choice. For background, I'm in my early 30s and a fairly strong former multi-sport athlete. I started playing seriously four years ago and I'm currently playing off a 21. My biggest issue has always been the driver. I started taking lessons in June of 2017 because I only drove the ball around 200 yards and was very inconsistent. Since then I've dedicated myself to the game. Read books, structured my workout around golf. I got serious about lessons, and at this juncture I've taken 43 hours of instruction with a grand total of eight instructors. I've taken the bulk of these lessons with two coaches, one who I worked with last year for nearly 30 hours and another this year for close to 10. For the last three years I've practiced multiple times per week, year round. I've lived and breathed golf, and I thought I was on the right path many times. But the reality is my handicap has not changed since I started playing again. The swing I learned from YouTube videos in 2016 has created the same scoring results as dozens of hours of instruction, hundreds of hours of practice, and thousands of dollars invested. I try to practice the right way -- I don't just beat balls, I do drills, I go slow. But the result (off the tee especially) is still anyone's guess. And to boot, I feel like a chump who got taken for a ride by instructors. It's made me think that I'm either a.) always destined to suck, and although I see tons of people with more consistent ball-striking swings who aren't pros, I won't get to be one of the lucky ones who has that or b.) golf coaches are squeezing me because I'm so obviously desperate to be good. What's made me think about quitting recently is the fact that I just can't live in the trees anymore. I can't spend my entire round looking for every single tee shot. I don't want to play every hole defensively, where I draw my 5 iron out of the bag before I've put my driver back in because I know my second shot is going to be a 60 yard puncher. For the love of god, I just want to find the ball off the tee. This complete anguish over every tee shot being a roulette spin sucks, and it ruins the game, enough to where the score doesn't matter as much anymore. Case in point -- I shot 88 at my home course last week, and I had a legitimate shot at being near 80. But I had just one par on the back nine and tripled 17 to finish with a 47 out. I came home all smiles because I'd only hit 3 "bad" tee shots on the back nine, and even those I was able to get out of trouble on. Meanwhile, I shot 87 at the sister course last week -- my second-best score ever -- and I was pissed. All because 11 of 18 tee shots were in other fairways, way under trees, stuck in brambles, or otherwise unplayable. I scrambled like a god, and Arccos had my putting handicap at +6.2, thus the great score, but the whole round was a headache. I hated it. I just don't want to play like this anymore. I went through the pain of finding a new instructor this season, one of the most highly-rated in my state, and even after hours of instruction he's still just telling me to do the same drill over and over again and my body just will not cooperate. I've got a closed clubface at the top of the driver swing, and because my last instructor told me to "swing inside out" I now drop my hands at the start of the downswing, making direction all kinds of squirrely. There was so much excitement for me at the end of last summer. I thought I was putting the pieces together, and that what I would work on all winter would be getting more compression and forward shaft lean, removing my flip at the bottom of the iron swing. But instead it's completely fallen apart, and even after more instruction I feel no closer to being "good". The ironic part is, all I want now is to poop the ball down the middle of the fairway and play bogey golf. But 95-105+ rounds keep sneaking up on me, all because I can't hit a driver or a fairway wood to save my life, and it's starting to feel like no instructor will ever be able to tell me how to do so. COVID is hard. Golf has felt like some kind of escape, both in the time spent on the course and the mental concentration needed to play it, thus allowing the rest of the world to melt away. But now it's just another stressor to add to one of the most difficult times in any of our lives. My optimism and dedication has dissipated, and now I don't think I'll find a swing coach that can teach me how to not swing like an amalgam of Top 10 YouTube Swing Tips You NEED For More SPEED and POWER!!! I'm so angry after every range session. I'm so angry after every round. It's been 18 months of near-weekly lessons and thousands of dollars, and it just doesn't seem worth it. I don't want to give up. I don't want to be a quitter. And when you play good, it's just so. damn. good. But right now, that feeling has been few and far between. This is a very long, whiny post but god if anyone is going to understand this crap it's got to be you guys. Any support, tips, instruction, or offers on my clubs would be appreciated. Low ball offers accepted.
  3. It's not as extreme as it sounds, but my golf swing has grossly regressed to the point where it feels like I don't remember how to swing a club properly. Long story short, I started golfing last September and began by taking lessons from a PGA regional trainer of the year. I and others think he is a great instructor. He got me up to speed quickly, and between a lot of deliberate practice and playing 4-7 times a week (often 36 holes a day), I went from a 110 player to a 90s player and a couple months back even breaking 90 multiple times. I was playing great. Then I got a driver crash course, was striping my driver and was really putting together some great rounds for the short time I've been playing. My swing flaw had been slicing the ball right (as with most new golfers) from not turning my club face over. I stopped cupping my wrists at the top of my back swing, being mindful of keeping my wrist flat on the take back and keeping the toe pointed to about 11 or 12 oclock. This is where my issues seemingly began. I started to then lean my shaft forward and taking on a stronger grip in order to allow the club to close more quickly at impact and to get more compression on the ball with the down swing. It worked impeccably for a bit. I was hitting my irons further and straighter than ever, getting around 140 yards with my pitching wedge and being able to hit everything well. My hybrid was my "go-to" safety club for long fairway shots. Fast forward. Now, I can no longer hit my hybrids, can't even put the face on the ball, all my driver shots are essentially topped ground balls. It's atrocious. Looking at my swing videos, my swing path, ball placement, tempo, all look good. But I have such an overly strong grip, that I have my club shaft leaned forward so far my grip is almost out in front of my stance. Obviously that is creating a huge issue with every non-iron in my bag because I am delofting the clubs so much, I'm taking spin off the ball and for the longest irons/woods I am hitting them way too low (or unable to hit them) to be productive. I know how to grip a club properly, but I just cannot seem to train myself to go back to the proper neutral grip and swing method. I've comensated by just running with this bad grip, holding tight, and swinging thru my irons. It's gotten to the point where I can only play an entire round with my irons because I can't hit anything else, and I'm hooking my irons hard left if I swing too fast or hit them off a tee. I am not sure how to correct this. Gripping the club in front of me with a proper grip and minimal shaft lean feels foreign, and I cannot take a club back and then swing and make contact with a ball without reverting to my incorrect overly strong grip with forward shaft lean. After a few swings I just revert to it because I give up toe-ing balls off to the right skipping across the ground, and gain satisfaction seeing crushed straight iron shots even knowing this is not sustainable. I just went thru shoulder surgery (unrelated) so I can't do anything more than chip and put right now anyway, but I'm lost as to how to correct this. My thought is that when I'm given the go-ahead from my doctor to take full swings, I should just take lessons again as if I've never golfed before and essentially re-learn to golf with the proper technique, and I'm sure the learning curve will be much shorter. But I just wanted to know if this has happened to anybody before and how you fixed it, or if anyone has any recommendations on how to get back to proper form otherwise. Before surgery I went back to my original instructor, who told me I needed to weaken my grip and take some forward lean out, I was just unable to actually do it in my two hours of lessons with him and 4 hours of practice on my own. I also saw a separate instructor, a friend who works at Golftec and worked with me for free. He said the same, but we were unable to correct it as well. I'm at a loss and would really appreciate any help or advice anyone can offer. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Gents, I won a GolfTEC package at a local golf fundraiser in Madison, Wisconsin. I have read enough about GolfTEC to understand that finding the best instructor is key to getting the most out od the process (as is the case with any lessons). Does anyone here have experience with GolfTEC in Madison (Middleton) that can advise me on who to request? Thank you for any help you can offer.
  5. (Putter Service Announcement) Need to practice your alignment while at home. Take a look at this throw-back video. https://www.seemore.com/info/video/ - hide the red dot and seeing the two white lines) at address you are able to "look" down your intended line and "train" your eyes and body to what your alignment should feel like. Having the line on the ground will ensure that you are set-up and square to your target line. A SeeMore putter is the only putter that offers you the ability with RST to set up in the same posture, same set-up, same ball position, same loft and learn to make the same putt for EVERY putt. If you can't be on the putting green to practice, WATCH this to help SEE your line and make your own at home. ENJOY and stay safe. #sharethis with your friends and make a video to send to us! Find your SeeMore triangualtor here - https://www.seemore.com/accessories/training.html
  6. [Click HERE to Listen and Subscribe ](http://www.buzzsprout.com/318260 "Click HERE to Listen and Subscribe ")- So you want to feel what it’s like to win on one of the world’s top tours? Before, during, and after? Or how to even get there in the first place? In Episode 9 - "The Putting Couch" Podcast, Steven Tiley ~ CHAMPION ~ talks!! You do not want to miss this amazing journey of self-analysis, self-assessment, self-belief, and self-control in this riveting discussion with our good friend Steven Tiley, Winner this week of the European Golf Challenge Tour event Le Vaudreuil Golf Challenge. Steven goes into amazing detail, sharing his emotions, his strategies, and his physical and mental challenges brought on by the intense pressure of going wire to wire to win a life changing event on tour.
  7. Here are 7 episodes which we suggest every new listener go back and listen to as a great way to get a feel for the Putting Couch. These are real human interest stories plus a primer on the SeeMore brand, sponsor of the Putting Couch. And then we’d suggest listening to the balance in groups, starting with Pat O'Brien lessons, and Dr. Bob Winters mental game insights, Industry News-Makers and finally our Global SPi Instructors and Fitters.Episode 2 - The Myths & Basic Truths Along with Straight Back-Straight Through vs. Arc-to-Arc StrokeEpisode 5 - Special 20 Year Anniversary '99 US OPEN: Mike Hicks ~ Caddy to Payne Stewart: A friendship and playing partnership for all time.Episode 6 - SeeMore Global Putting Ambassador Pat O’Brien looks back at the '99 US Open & his relationship with PayneEpisode 9 - Steven Tiley - Winner - Challenge Tour - Le Vaudreuil Golf ChallengeEpisode 12 - Meet Damon Green, One of the Top PGA Tour Caddies For Over 20 Years - MASTERS WIN 2007Episode 20 - All About SeeMore and Why Everyone Should Be Using a SeeMoreEpisode 21 - Brandt Jobe, 2 time winner on the PGA Tour ChampionsSpecial Guest on The Putting Couch Pat O'Brien is the Director of Instruction at Lakewood Country Club in Dallas, TX and is SeeMore Putter Company’s Global Ambassador. O’Brien – putting instructor to Zach Johnson, Vaughn Taylor, Andrew Landry and many other top PGA Tour and developing players, has been teaching putting and the SeeMore System around the world for more than 20 years, ever since he watched his good friend the late Payne Stewart first benefit from the SeeMore putting system to win 1999 US Open and lead the PGA Tour in putting statistics that year.Listen to Pat on the Putting Couch: Episodes 6, 10, 14, 19 and 24. Dr. Bob Winters is one of the world’s foremost experts on performance improvement and in this episode he shares insights on how players of all levels can improve their putting through understanding the role that great confidence, great attitude, and great training and preparation play. It only seems that putting is about 90% mental and 90% physical! Dr. Bob will have you understanding so much about your own putting game that you will feel that he is talking right to you!Listen to Dr. Bob. on the Putting Couch: Episodes: 8, 11, 15, 18, 22 and 25.BELOW ARE WAYS TO LISTEN AND SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST:PuttingU: https://www.puttingu.com/category/articles/ - (**breakdown of every podcast into categories for easy listening.)Apple: https://apple.co/2LgWalkSpotify: https://spoti.fi/2Uns57SStitcher: https://bit.ly/33R0pLMiHeartRadio: https://ihr.fm/39m4FnB "The Putting Couch," presented by SeeMore Putter Company, is a podcast where any golfer can listen to anything and everything about putting. Putting is 40% of the game and the fastest way to lower scores. You will be amazed at how much you learn from these podcasts! Sit back, relax and listen to some great and fun information. "The Putting Couch" is the first golf podcast exclusively devoted to all things Putting. At the end of every podcast we ask that you rate and give a review!
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