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Found 12 results

  1. I've been experimenting between these two shaft weights and flex and didn't know if anyone else had experience with this? I have some stiff KBS shafts and am starting to think that moving down a flex may produce better launch numbers. Is there a noticeable difference between soft stepping the 120 or just straight inserting a 115 besides the weight? I've tried various shafts and it seems like this weight range is right for me was interested in anything else I would expect to see. Thanks WB
  2. Anyone else ever snapped a shaft like this?? Was playing yesterday and when I started my downswing it snapped right between my hands. Anyone ever dealt with KBS warranty? They already responded to me saying it should be covered but I was also hoping to switch model to $-Taper Lite
  3. HI there WRX, New to the forum. Just a quick one. I bought a set of used Taylormade MC irons with KBS shafts and I just noticed the 6 iron shaft sticker is different. They are all KBS Tour by FST but all the irons have an "X" on the top right corner of the KBS sticker except for the 6 iron shaft. Are these the same or is the 6 iron shaft a different flex? Thanks to all!
  4. Sup everyone, just wanted to recap my last iron fitting. I see a guy who is trackman certified, expert fitter, yada yada. He studied under Scott Hamilton and is big on the GEARS system. TLDR: I got fitted, was really surprised, learned some more, ordered clubs. Prior clubs, fitted by this guy, who I also take lessons with. all clubs were 2* upright and 4* gaps from 48pw on down. basically 2* weak. Shafts were used to raise launch and lofts were weakened to improve spin. I was probably a 5hdcp when I was fitted, down to a 2.4 today. Cubs are ok, definitely raised launch and spin. the only probl
  5. I recently got fitted for irons and was talking to a guy at the golf shop who mentioned that the shafts in wedges were usually sub par. I was curious if anyone here has swapped their stock shafts in their wedges for an after market shaft or did a fitting in that regards and if it was a big difference or not?
  6. Anyone have reviews on the new KBS Tour Driven wood shafts? I will be getting one in my SIM 9* and am curious if anyone else has used them!
  7. Someone shed some light on this comparison please, has anyone ever tried them both? how did they perform? how did they feel? i personally have Oban CT 115 with the srixon z585 z785 combo but i have an opportunity to make a trade with money on top of it.
  8. Hi All I have gone through investigating the differences between not just KBS but Dynamic Gold along with some other makes. Conventional Stiff Shafts were similar to to the KBS Tour's, but I found a big difference for me anyway with Stepless C-Tapers.... Brief history.... I purchased a new fitted set of ‘George Nicoll Precision’ Forged Irons (4-GW) 1025c Milled, made in Scotland, beautiful clubs, similar to Callaway Apex and Mizuno JPX. Originally Fitted with KBS Tour 110 Regular Shafts. At 62 my swing speed has slowed and at the time of fitting, and initially, the Regulars were very g
  9. Moving to the new MP20s so... All pricing including shipping Drivers & Hybrid include head-covers. 1. King Forged CB/MB Combo 4-PW KBS $ Taper 125 Shafts Align Standard Grips $750 shipped 2. King Wedges 50 54 60 KBS $ Taper 130 Shafts Tour Velvet Grips $300 shipped 3. F9 Speedback Driver Heads Only 9* is slightly used - $200 10.5 Avalanche is Still in Plastic Face - $250 4. F9 Hybrid Head Clean 19 Degrees $150
  10. I am currently playing the KBS Tour V 120x and sometimes find the ball flight to be "floaty". I love the dispersion and thus, it has been hard to change shafts even though the "floaty" flight is hard to watch. I have read similar comments from other users about the ball flight. For those who play the Tour V 125 S+ shaft, do you sometimes get that same "floaty" flight? Thank you for your insights.
  11. Currently game the DG X100's except for my 3i 790, which has a Tour Issue X100. I bought a Hi-Toe and put a PX 6.0 in it and it feels the same or even more stiff than my X100's. My question is, do I go to PX 6.5 for all my irons or do I go to KBS C-Taper X? SS hovers around 110-115. Play the Kurokage XD 80TX in my 3W Play the CK Pro White 70TX in my Driver Thanks!
  12. Gentlemen, I have for sale today a gamed set of PXGs. They are Gen1 with the 3 Iron being the 0311 model and the 4-PW in the 0311T. These are shafted up with KBS Tour-V 120X and gripped with Golf Pride New Decade Multi-Compound White/Black. Yips are forcing me out of the game so I am getting rid of my "expensive" equipment. I love these irons and hate to see them go, but no reason to keep them if I barely play. You all can judge for yourself on the condition from the pics. 8 iron is in the worst shape because that's what I used mostly on the range, 6 Iron which is also pictured is in the
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