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Found 15 results

  1. Selling my Toulon Odyssey Memphis Stroke Lab putter. It is 34 inches and has the oversize factory grip. It was bought new from Callaway and has been used for two rounds and is in mint condition. Also comes with the factory head cover. $299 shipped CONUS. No trades please, trying to get rid of some of the excess clubs I have right now.
  2. Not sure if this is more of a discussion or just a gripe but where are all of the center shafted putters going? Before I continue, keep in mind I have had a Scotty Golo S since it was released in 2012. I know, I know, there are CS putters out there but not as many as there used to be or at least in my eyes not as many as before. I guess the market isn't there? But I find myself every year getting the winter-WRX bug* when seeing the 'prototypes' on tour and seeing a new CS mallet putter and thinking "sweet baby yoda, I'm in!"; only to be disappointed when released to the public that they're not offering it. As much as I love my Golo S, I've always had a thing for the Odyssey 7 CS, the true CS. But I haven't seen any styles like it that I've liked. Any others out there that feel the same way or have seen new CS putters that they may want to share. *it's warm enough to not snow but cold enough to keep me off the course. I'm just being whiny
  3. Received this putter in trade a couple weeks ago...have never been a huge fan of the color scheme and that includes the two tone head. But the feel of these things is amazing! Best Odyssey putter in a long time. I’m super OCD and it didn’t take long to get the best of me. Here she is after a day at my “spa”. Now to track down a headcover cuz the stock yellow accented ones are hideous.
  4. Odyssey stroke lab 35” double wide. Played once. I’m excellent condition. $150 Callaway Heavenwood with Hzrdus 5.5 t800 shaft and gp2 wrap grip. Played one season and still in very good shape. $100
  5. Odyssey Works 7 CH Mint condition Used 1 round Asking 130 OBO
  6. 34" Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven with head cover. Putter has been used for a couple practice sessions and one round. Like new condition as can be seen by the photos. Asking $215 shipped CONUS
  7. Up first is a 2016 M2 10.5 with an Accra Dymatch M5. I don’t have a ton of info on this club as I got it from a mini tour friend that got it from another player. It’s in great shape and is a great mid spin setup. Hasn’t been hit for maybe 6 months so it’s ready for a new home. Looking for $150 for the setup. Will ship with a G400 headcover or for $20 extra I will send with the Rose and Fire headcover pictured (mint condition) Next is an Odyssey 7s black. 36” with a Superstroke 2.0 grip. Used a handful of rounds but I prefer my Piretti blade. Looking for $140 for this flat stick. I will look for the stock headcover but for $30 extra I will include the Rose and Fire mallet cover pictured. Also in great shape. PM me for any additional pics!
  8. Up for sale, very lightly used (1 Round) Custom ordered 2019 Stroke Lab #7s. All changes from factory. * 33.5 Inches * 2" Flat * Stock Stroke Lab Oversize Grip * Stock Headcover Putter is super clean, I can't find any blemishes, but it has been rolled for one round and on the putting green. Asking $200 CONUS via PayPal.
  9. Has anyone experimented with painting the steel section of their Stroke Lab shaft black?? My entire putter is black from the grip to the head (i filled in the line up line on my 10s with black paint) and i want to complete the "blackout" look but i'm not sure how to go about painting the steel section of the shaft. Has anyone painted their entire shaft black? And if so, how did you do it?
  10. Selling used Odyssey RSX V-Line fang putter @ 33" long and includes original headcover. I put on a new GripMaster pistol grip and inserted a Superstroke counter core weight in grip. Also, you can see I've glued rubber coated lead squares for a very smooth swing weight; lead squares can easily be removed. I was told this was 3 degrees flat when I bought it, however I never had it measured. **$140 **shipped in CONUS.
  11. I need the piece that goes on the top of the Odyssey Works 360g putter. I have inserted a picture showing the piece I need and another picture showing what the piece looks like. I have search and searched the internet and thought maybe I would try this forum for the help?!?!?! Thanks in advance for anybody that is able to assist me!
  12. Up for grabs today is like new, 34" Odyssey O-Works Tour R Ball. Satin model. From what I've been told this was a Japan Release putter. Can't find much information about it online so leads me to believe it's hard to come by. I have a Super stroke 3.0 Slim grip on it. No weight included. Complete with head cover as well. Thought I'd give mallets another go, but realized I'm better off suited for a blade. This putter is in mint condition, grip has a years worth of play on it. Putter a handful of rounds. I hope the photos show the type of condition this thing is in, otherwise let me know and I can send some more across. $160 SHIPPED to CANADA & CONUS. Open to all offers as this is just sitting collecting dust right now.
  13. Hi everyone. I have a jailbird mini in the bag at the moment. It rolls great and i love the stability of it ( coming from an anser). Anyway i would be interested in ordering a custom spiderx with the same slant neck style. Did anyone tried both and can share his or her thoughts on how both compare? Thank you
  14. Happy Friday! Only one item today, please message me with all offers - low ball offers will be ignored. Not interested in trades and PayPal CONUS only. I have perfect feedback here and on eBay so buy with confidence! For sale: 34" Odyssey Toulon Las Vegas with a new SuperStroke X Traxion Pistol GT 2.0 grip. Original headcover included. The putter is 9/10 condition wise. Asking $350 as that is what I have put into it.
  15. $115 shipped Odyssey O-Works 2 Ball Fang Putter -- Play length 34” -- Includes headcover Has been used for a year. In excellent condition. Just put a brand new gravity grip on the putter ($30 retail).
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