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Found 9 results

  1. I just picked up a Sigma 2 Wolverine H. Amazing putter! The sigma 2 is so soft. Anyways, in general does anyone know the size of this head/ a cover that would fit it. I don't have the putter in hand yet and would like to get this cover asap. Thank You
  2. Three Scotty putter covers for sale and one Golf Iconic cover. Prices include shipping (conus) and paypal fees. 2009 Cinco de Mayo Bandito Bulldog cover - $150 now $135 2017 Cinco de Mayo Masked Scrapper cover - $150 now $135 2012 Cinco de Mayo Worm Burner cover - $SOLD Golf Iconic serape cover - $SOLD Ping 1966 TR Anser 2, 33" with custom paint scheme, PP58 grip. Great shape with very minor wear. Looking for $120.
  3. I have recently acquired a Tess SIgma putter. I like it a lot but find the insert incredibly soft with Pro V1s. Is the SIgma 2 and/or Vault 2.0 softer or harder in your experience? And how big a difference is it?
  4. Does anyone know the Butt size of the shaft in the 2011 Ping Anser Milled series like? I just recently picked up an old Anser 1 and need to extend it 1 inch to get to my desired playing length. Anyone know if it is .580 or .600? Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  5. Hey guys, I just got a new B60 on Ebay to have as a backing putter at home (I putt with a lovely B60 becu), and I just noticed it has not patent numbers, just a pat pend. I was wondering if any ping historians could tell me a bit more? Is it one of the first "slew" of B60? I guess it is not rare, and honestly I don't really care. I just like to know how old my stuff is, for history sake :D Anyway, the postcode is 85068, so it's a necessarily post 1973 Thanks guys
  6. Aside from the Ping website, does anyone know of a good seller for Ping putter headcovers. I'm looking for this one: https://ping.com/en-us/shop/onlineexclusives/stars-and-stripes-collection/all-american-putter-cover I've posted in the WTB section, but if anyone has one to sell, please send a DM. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, If you're a Miura lover as am I, this post is for you! ** Miura MB101 1- PW ** Irons are brand new 9.999 out of 10. Lil' Tiffany BB & Co. Ferrules. Project X 6.5 shafts measuring 0.5" over standard (38" 6 iron). Swing weight ~3.5. 3-PW 1 degree upright and 1 degree strong. 1 and 2 iron are standard loft and lie. Grips are BCT cord installed logo down. Asking $2500 Shipped (including insurance). NOT BREAKING UP THE SET- Thanks! ** Miura 1957 Baby Blades 2-PW ** Irons are brand new 9.5 out of 10 Project X 6.0 Shafts with measuring standard length (37.5" 6 Iron) Shafts are spine aligned therefore shaft bands are not all aligned on back of the shaft Will ship with extra PX 6.0 Shaft bands Irons are 1* Flat (show slight bend marks on 2-3 irons- see photos) Grips are New Decade Limited Platinum grips- Navy and Grey Installed logo up Asking $2600 Shipped (Including insurance) NOT BREAKING UP THE SET- Thanks! ** Miura 1957 KM-008 Putter- Special Edition Black Boron ** Mint Condition 10 out of 10 Shafted with a C Taper 7 iron shaft cut to 34" playing length Standard loft and lie Blue and White Ferrule Miura Tapered Putter Grip Comes with original Miura Km-009 head cover Asking $1050 Shipped (Including insurance) * Miura 1957 Wedges 51, 55, 59 Y Grinds- Special Edition Black Boron ** Mint Condition 10 out of 10 Project X 6.0 Shafts Standard Length Standard loft and lie Grips are New Decade Limited Platinum grips- Navy and Grey Installed logo up Asking $1100 Shipped (Including Insurance) ** PING ANSER 2X Long Neck Putter ** Condition 7 out of 10 Standard shaft Measures around 35" Original Ping Grip No Head Cover Asking $105 Shipped
  8. Will be tough to let this one go, but I need the money more than I need a fancy putter. My loss can be your gain. **Ping Vault 2.0 B60 Copper** with a custom black shaft from Putter Lounge (installed by me). You'll be hard pressed to find another putter like this with a black shaft because Ping uses such an awkward tip size in their putters. A tedious amount of hand sanding was involved! This putter is very eye catching with the copper to the black. Just taking these pictures is already making making me nostalgic. * _Grip:_ Black SuperStroke Traxion Pistol GT Tour - Despite the markings on the white portions of the grip, this thing is only 3 weeks old and has been used for 3 rounds of golf and a few practice sessions. * _Shaft:_ Black Putter Lounge shaft with no significant nicks, scratches, or marks * _Head:_ Copper finish in great shape, light brush markings on bottom from being used, no significant nicks or dents * _Loft/Lie/Length:_ Ping Standard (Black Dot), measures a tad over 33.5" from end of grip to the middle of the putter face when soled * _Headcover:_ NOT the original Vault 2.0 headcover. Will ship with the standard black Ping Headcover shown which is in perfect condition FULL DISCLOSURE: the black shaft has paint chips and marks underneath the grip from a previous grip removal. This is obviously not visible with a grip installed and really should only be a factor if you are considering adding an extension. ## Price: ~~$210~~ ~~$200~~ $188 shipped east of the Mississippi; add $5 for shipping west. SEND OFFERS
  9. I’ve posted 3 witb. Yes, you heard that right. 3 WITBs. Now, my last witb for this season! I will no longer buy any new clubs! Here she is: *drumroll please* These are a set of ping blue dot eye 2+ beryllium copper 3-lw. I bought them from a lady for 100 dollars cad! Super cheap and to top it off, they have stiff sandvik titanium shafts! Ping pal 4 becu putter 32 inches and a graphite shaft. Used this putter most of the year. Great on 20+ footers. Callaway great big bertha original fairway 2&5 woods. 2 wood is perfect for par 5’s and laying up off the tee. Firm flex Taylormade r7 limited 10.5 degrees regular flex.
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