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Found 13 results

  1. Hey Folks The last few weeks I have been poor with the driver and three wood off the tee. I played in a scratch cup here in ireland over the weekend and shot one over my handicap and that included a treble bogey and double bogey due to lost balls off the tee. I have got numerous lessons and have gone from 18 to 11 handicap in less than two years with little play last year. I have been hitting my irons and wedges well but i feel i may be swinging a little inside with my driver and results in a hook I have purchased alignment rods and I have tips for my swing from my coach , would it be wise for me to spend a few evenings on the range with my driver and three wood I normally only hit irons and wedges on the range and mess around the practice greens as they used to be my weaker areas and I kinda neglected practising my woods Any practice drills would anyone suggest for driver practice Greetings from Ireland
  2. I have been spending a lot of time practicing chipping because it's a particular weakness in my game. But I am finding it hard to quantify/measure objectively if I am improving. The one method I use regularly is to chip 10 balls to a flag and score all balls holed as 1 point, balls within 3 feet as 2 points, btw 3-6 feet as 2.5 points and everything farther away as 3 - and then summing for an overall score (sadly, from 20 yards I am generally in the 25-30 points range). Does anyone have other/better ideas for producing measurable estimates of short game accuracy?
  3. Hey, I'm interested in the swing caddie and mobile launch monitor and considering it for my practise sessions. However, i'm not sure whether i'm able to gain any useful information and improvements from the data, or if it's only really going to benefit fitters, pros and peope who in depth understand the numbers it's producing. Does anyone have experience with the swing caddie and being able to self improve your swing, dispersion, consistency etc? I've never taken a golf lesson before, recently i enjoy finguring out for myself what i'm doing wrong or taking on board the occassional input from people i play with or some passing comments. I'd like to continue to improve by myself, but i'm not sure whether it's worth investing 500EUR to get the SC300, or if the cheaper 200EUR SC200 could also be a benefit. It could also be that based on feedback i don't need one at all and just need to practice and figure out my swing. I'm anticipating or expecting that from the numbers, i'll be able to determine if i'm hitting the ball well, if i'm swinging from the outside in, from inside out, or if i'm coming down too steep on the ball or too much round with the body, for example. The mobile launch monitor also looks ideal, with built in swing recorind, but it's not yet developed for Android until the middle of next year.
  4. I'm new to the forum. I've been golfing on and off since 1993. I have about 4 days per week I can practice for 30 min. and I play 9 holes per week in a league plus 3 to 5 outings a year. I've shot even on the back at my home course and plus 2 on the back. I also balloon to plus 9 at times. What's the best use of 30 minutes of practice/stretch time you know of? Also, I here's my frugal golfer gear: (It's good enough for what I do) Cleveland Launcher 400, 3 wood, 5 wood stock stiff (paid $85) Nicklaus progressive ironmax 4-gw stiff (paid $80) Cleveland 588 56 and 60 (paid $30) Ping pal putter (paid $18)
  5. I'm looking to get a mirror for the garage to aid with swing work this winter. My parents own a custom framing business, so I have access to mirror glass and can cut to whatever dimensions I want. I'll likely go that route and just cut to an appropriate size unless I get some great alternative recommended. What would be an appropriate size? I'll be moving it around and probably just lean it against the wall so being durable and not terribly fragile would also be a bonus. What's everyone using?
  6. tl;dr -- hit a shot, walk (anywhere and back) the equivalent distance, then hit your next shot. has anyone tried this? results/observations? ---- watching a sir nick faldo clinic on youtube and he mentions something (paraphrasing) about range rats hitting a shot every 15 seconds. obviously this doesn't translate to real golf unless your name is mark wahlberg. so making a logical leap, is "walking off" shots a better way to practice when you're not working on technical stuff that needs to be grooved? other thoughts?
  7. Yeah the full swing is much more glorious, but judging by how many putting highlights we see, it's actually very important to master and most of us don't take a scientific approach to it. Recently been starting to use my Blast Golf sensor after it's been sitting there for a long while LOL. Very interesting metrics and also some revelations that corresponded to what the sensor and drills do. 1) Consistent tempo. I always just pulled it back further for longer putts. But then it would take longer for longer back strokes, and then I'd have to guess at how fast I needed to hit it. Obvious way I totally missed is to always have the same backstroke and frontstroke time. It's not easy to do, but at least something I can strive for. Pro's are very consistent in their tempo and times. I like to warm up and get to the proper tempo and time, and then vary the length of putt, and also walk around and come back and hit a putt see if I can replicate the good tempo. 2) Speed and length of stroke - Saw somewhere that it's an inch for each foot. Haven't tried that, since I've done it mostly by feel. And you can't quantify feel. 3) clubface rotation. Basically hitting the ball straight. A degree makes a big difference! Also center striking as well as hitting it level or below the equator. I've just started to use the ball marking both the line and a perpendicular so it's a cross. Helps give me direction and an aid to square my clubface at impact. It's so important and really helped my putting on the course. It's a quick way to knock a few strokes off your game, as I think most players don't actually practice it right. I don't know if this is "right", but at least matches what I see from Blast (Brad Faxon who was a pretty good putter himself). Saw somewhere that you roll it better by hitting it lower on the ball. Actually tested results, and also works for me too on the greens. Curious to hear how everyone practices their putting, as this seems like something we can all work on at home with measurable results with any of those training aids that measure speed/time/rotation of club. I find the Blast to sometimes be a little off, though I don't know if it's me, strike, clubpath (which I think is part of the face angle equation anyway), but sometimes say for face angle I will try closing it slightly and it says open, yet sometimes it works. Same for the time, but then it could just be me. Regardless, it's better than nothing and way cheaper than a SAM at home.
  8. Wanted to see what folks think about practicing short game with a different ball than your gamer... I play ProV1s but just bought a bunch of PRACTICE ProV1s (https://www.amazon.com/Titleist-Practice-Balls-White-Dozen/dp/B002UHQ0C8/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=prov1&qid=1562163127&refinements=p_85%3A2470955011&rnid=2470954011&rps=1&s=gateway&sr=8-7) and they're all ProV1x balls. The box and product description says expect a mix but i ended up with 36 Xs and from what I've read in product review comments is they're pretty much always Xs (at least in any recent orders). My goal was to use these in my backyard and when i go to the chipping green on quieter days where I'm the only one out there and basically have a basket of my gamer balls (but PRACTICE versions so cheaper) to get some good practice in. Wondering what people think about practicing with an X for short game, etc. given that it is the higher spin ball and I play a ProV1 which I use b/c I need a softer ball and distance over spin given my skill level (14 handicap). I'm assuming at my level it probably doesn't matter and at a minimum, practicing with the Xs is better than range balls...but just curious and at what people think. I'm probably overthinking, but wondering if I do tons of repetitions and get use to hitting a higher spin ball around the greens if it will feel different with my gamer...
  9. I accidentally did an experiment with a bunch of my kids where they were trying make as many putts as possible down a 4 foot metal ruler. They first did their test in December where they recorded their best streak and total putts made out of 50 but what happened recently was interesting. Last week, everyone failed to improve because I simply asked them to just hit 50 putts and see if they could do better. Last night I asked them to beat their streak first and then with the remaining putts go to 50 and see if they can improve their total made as well. To my astonishment every kid did better last night versus last week. Food for thought before you assign practice goals.
  10. As the core part of my daily practice routine, I play the game 21. To play 21, I just choose nine shots inside 70 yards--three easy, three medium, and three har. Play each ball into the hole and count your total strokes. Try to score 21 or lower. I've been working for about three months now to design a procedure to optimally choose the nine shots to hit each day. I compiled the result into a short, 36-page workbook containing 99 games of 21 (that's 99x9=881 shots to hit). While I designed the workbook for my own use, I also put it on Leanpub.com for others. You can get it for free. The URL is leanpub.com/99gamesof21. I play 21 often. Even on busy days, I usually get out to the course for 20 minutes and play a single game of 21. Why? First, it helps me maintain my performance skills, such as visualization and decision-making. Second, it forces me to rehearse shots that I encounter on the course (i) often enough to affect my score but (ii) too rarely to maintain my skills. Examples include short pitches from the heavy rough, long bunker shots, and lag putts from the fringe. Coach James Sieckman recommends that tour players play 21 twice per week during competitive weeks and every day during non-competitive weeks. See his book *Your Short Game Solution* for the details. But what's the right mixture of shots? How many should be close to the green? How many should you hit from the rough, fairway, fringe, and sand? What's an "easy" shot? What's a "hard" shot? To answer these questions, I reviewed data from Sieckmann, Mark Broadie's Every Shot Counts, and Shotlink data from the PGA Tour. I developed, tested, and refined a procedure to systematically compose a series of games that honors the following principles: - Each game should feature nine shots of varying... 1. difficulty, from one (easiest, e.g., putt from the fringe) to nine (hardest, e.g., 40-yard bunker), 2. distance (from 70 yards to the edge of the green), and 3. lie (fringe, fairway, different types of rough, and sand). - Shots should occur in roughly the same frequency that good players would encounter them during an actual round of golf. - Subsequent shots should be as varied as possible (e.g., a 10-yard pitch from light rough should not follow a 12-yard pitch from the fairway). I used the procedure to compose 99 games. This book contains those games: leanpub.com/99gamesof21. It's a golfer's crossword puzzle. Have fun! --Carly (Long-time luker, first-time poster.)
  11. So the driving range I go to just changed owners and the range got a big upgrade! Each hitting station is now enclosed and heated and they installed Toptracer range! So I know that I can not expect to produce my normal yardages (-2 yards for every 10 degrees) with my driver/irons. BUT This winter I am really trying to dial in my wedges 1/4 swing 1/2 swing and 3/4 swing avg carry yardages. Do you think that cold temperatures (30-40 degrees) effect the yardages on these easy swings or will it remain constant even in warm weather?
  12. Haven't seen any threads dedicated strictly to North America's best practice facilities, so I thought I would start a thread. Basically any facility with competent facilities (Large tee deck, short game area or areas, multiple putting greens etc). I've been to David Toms 265 Academy in Shreveport, Louisiana and was very impressed with the layout and room to practice. Felt like I had the proper room to dial in each club. I know World Woods and Orange Tree National would be in the discussion but hoping to shine light on other places around the country that may be under-appreciated.
  13. Does anyone have experience with any of the swing groover training aids? Does anyone have a recommendation from the ones I've listed below? I can see where they would _theoretically_ provide a good training mechanism since you can judge impact on full shots anywhere you like. That particularly appeals to me because I work long hours and have a wife and kids, so I need a convenient, low prep time training rig to work on my swing. **GolfTool SG3000** ($260-290): https://golf-tool.com/ **WinnerSpirit Real Swing 300** ($125): https://www.amazon.com/WINNERSPIRIT-Training-Adjustable-Construction-Portable/dp/B07QD4S17V/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?keywords=winnerspirit+real+swing&qid=1560992453&s=sporting-goods&sr=1-1-spons&psc=1 **Club Champ Swing Groover** ($40): https://www.amazon.com/Club-Champ-Indoor-Outdoor-Groover/dp/B0006SJ52U/ref=pd_sbs_200_8?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0006SJ52U&pd_rd_r=dc3742d9-92f6-11e9-af4f-6dada0ffc502&pd_rd_w=BSyEz&pd_rd_wg=wnx6o&pf_rd_p=588939de-d3f8-42f1-a3d8-d556eae5797d&pf_rd_r=2292QPBWZ2PVHXDP2C5R&psc=1&refRID=2292QPBWZ2PVHXDP2C5R
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