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Found 17 results

  1. Just trying to grab a pair of Kobe’s that I’ve been wanting but could never get. Trying to pay respect to the late GOAT. all prices are shipped CONUS ONLY. Only trade interests would be cash lol but feel free to offer up (no accessories or clothes) 1) Mizuno MP18 MMC/FliHi 4-PW w/PX Catalyst 100cw 6.0 Set is built 4 iron MP18 FliHi and 5-pw mmc with project x Catalyst 100cw 6.0 with a spare GW shaft uncut that I will throw in. Will blow on brand new golf pride tour velvet 360 (new gen version) grips. Overall condition is great with the exception of the 6 iron that has the most bag chatter on the sole and the 7 iron that has a small ding on the sole/leading edge (not visible at address). Would grade these 8-8.5/10. Shafts are amazingly underrated for graphite and play quite similarly to most step less shaft. Exception is no soreness AT ALL after playing, due to the graphite. Honestly couldn’t tell the difference between steel. Raw cut weight was around 95-98g, so I threw on about 20g lead tape at each shafts raw middle balance point to get the cut weight up to ~110g range. Built the set with the intent to MOI match them @ 3/8” increments, but decided I couldn’t handle these heads. Lengths start from 4iron 38 3/8” to PW 36 2/8”. If more pics needed feel free to pm asking $390 $375 $360 shipped 2) Shot Scope v2 GPS watch Upgrading and will no longer need this. In good shape but lost 3 of the 20 sensors. Also, the LW sensor is disfigured but works perfectly. Comes with the box and all the goodies. Battery life is still great and easily gets me thru my long 5hr+ rounds lol (user error haha) asking $80 shipped SOLD!
  2. I currently have an M3 Driver with a HZRDS Yellow 6.0 60g shaft and an M4 Tour with HZRDS Yellow 6.0 70g shaft. Looking into also getting an M4 Tour 5 wood head, but not sure what shaft to get as there isn't a HZRDS Yellow 80g shaft. What shaft could I get in 80g stiff that would be similar to HZRDS Yellow? Thanks for the help
  3. Few things trying to get rid of here to make room for more stuff. All prices include shipping, and are always open to the best offer. Would really prefer cash. Only trade consideration would be for a Tei3 Santa Fe. (if you have one let me know anyway) 1.) Titleist U500 2 Iron. Shafted up with and Even Flow 6.5. This is about as brand new as used can get, I hit it 5 times. Shaft is too light, and spins too much for me. Looking to get 200 out of it. 2.) Next up is a LEFT HANDED 712 U 4 Iron. Project X LZ 5.5 shaft In very good shape, hit maybe 10-15 times. Looking to get 125 out of this one. 3.) Scotty Cameron Camp Hybrid Headcover. As you can see in the pictures, headcover is still new in the bag. I have too many of them so this one has to go. How about $. 4.) Scott Cameron Santa's Helper Headcover. This is a pretty sweet headcover, again just have too many. Still in the bag as you can see. $.
  4. is anyone playing P790s with project X shafts? I am looking into buying a set and am a relatively high spin player with my 716 ap2 which have dynamic gold amt s300. My major concern is that the project x shaft will take away too much spin with the stronger lofts and possibly not have the stopping power to hold a green.
  5. What are the most current wedge models for low handicap players? What about shafts? My irons are project x 6.5, what would the right wedge shaft be? Grew up playing Cleveland wedges.
  6. I recently had a fitting done at Club Champion and the results of the shaft comparison were non conclusive. My 6 iron swing speed is ~100mph, and I am pretty steep (frequency take big divots). From a stiffness profile standpoint (butt, mid section, tip, etc) is there anything to consider for a steep swinging player? My miss consistently Is an over-draw / sometimes double cross. I also tend to hit irons pretty high and straight (I don’t work the ball too much). I’m in my late 20s and have been playing with MP60 project x6.0 since I was 15. They’ve felt boardy to me over the years hence why I wanted to give DGx100 a try. I’m scared that leaving project X is a mistake because I will miss the stability. I hit the shaft optimizer today and swung the different irons outdoors. Looking for guidance on my numbers. I will say I liked the feel of project x the best (straighter, more consistent ball flight). Do the metrics support that this decision is okay? Head Speed - 105.67 Tempo - 8.0 Toe Down - 5.33 Kick Angle - 6.67 Release Factor - 3.0
  7. What's up everyone. I'm currently looking into reshafting my irons 4-PW. I have currently have the 6.0 px rifles, and I definitely need new shafts at this point. I have gained a lot more club head speed, and I don't have the control I used to feel with the irons. I fight a hook when I swing confidently, and I struggle to shape the ball. I recently got fitted for new wedges, and got my iron shafts checked out as well. I ended up going with px 6.5 rifles in my wedges and the difference is like night and day, I feel like I have control of the club head through the downswing, and I'm not worried about having to lay off the power when I swing. I'm not saying I try and mash the ball every time, but I can't swing confidently without being worried about a spinny, uncontrollable hook. When I was fitted for shafts, the recommended shafts that I got were px 6.5 and 6.5lz's. I loved the way the 6.5 Lz's felt as I could shape my shots without having to make crazy adjustments to my swing. Price is a factor and I don't want to go overboard reshafting my clubs. I was wondering if I could even go for the 7.0 flighted instead since they play a little softer and are much easier on the wallet. Let me know what y'all think.
  8. Complete set of PX 6.0 pullouts, 4-PW. These shafts are in perfect condition and are ready for installation. Lengths may be modified prior to shipping by request. Raw lengths (inches): 34 34 3/8 35 35 5/8 36 36 3/8 36 6/8 Asking $159 OBO. PM any questions.
  9. Guest

    Project X flex

    Due to coronavirus, I cannot go get my exact swing speed measured. I looking at getting some new I210s and was wondering about the flex I need in a project x shaft. I hit my 7 iron about 170 and my driver about 280. I hear that the 5.5 is like a regular + but I was wondering about the 6.0 . My launch is mid as well and handicap is about an 8. Thank you !
  10. Hi all, i am a scratch golfer who is looking for a temp set to play until i can save enough to get fitted. i had a set fitted previously but traded it in after getting shoulder surgery and have been playing a used set since. i have always played titleist ap2 and currently have the 710 ap2 with a project x rifle 5.5 shaft. recently have had some wrist pain which feels like the product of the shaft being a bit too heavy. I want to step into a slightly lighter/smoother shaft without losing any performance or distance. The Nippon 120 pro modus has been recommended to me so i wanted to see how the two compare and if i should be looking at anything else. I hit 7 iron about 170-175 for reference. Thanks!
  11. Currently play DG X7's in my irons like them but I play PX 6.0's in my wedges. I am considering changing to 6.5's in my irons. The 6.0's feel better to me than the X7's. Prior to the X7's I had TI X100's which I also like they just spun a little too much for my liking and ballooned up on mishits. Anyone have any input on the 6.5's or even the 7.0's? Thanks!
  12. I found only the black one with yellow character spec, so wondering are they the same shaft?
  13. Hey, I see the older Project X 7A3's/6A4's (blue ones) for cheap now and I am wondering how they play compared to the .3 Motore Tour Spec's which are also very cheap now. Specifically the tip stiffness/overall stiffness of the shafts. Also how they compare to the newer Handcrafted LZ's and Hzrdus shafts. Anybody that has tried any of the PX 7A4/6A3 etc. please chime in. Thanks
  14. Am I the only one that is excited to see a new project x shaft coming in a low spin variant! My steep attack leads to a lot of spin and can't wait to try this option! Link: http://www.golfwrx.com/615226/project-x-debuts-new-ls-low-spin-steel-shaft-at-rbc-heritage/
  15. Currently game the DG X100's except for my 3i 790, which has a Tour Issue X100. I bought a Hi-Toe and put a PX 6.0 in it and it feels the same or even more stiff than my X100's. My question is, do I go to PX 6.5 for all my irons or do I go to KBS C-Taper X? SS hovers around 110-115. Play the Kurokage XD 80TX in my 3W Play the CK Pro White 70TX in my Driver Thanks!
  16. Just wanted to pass along a deal I saw: Golf Deals and Steals has new uncut PX HZRDUS (not Hand Crafted) Red, Black, Yellow, & T800 models available in various weights and flexes for $70. You can get them with TM tips or no tip.
  17. After testing different sets of irons and shafts, I notice that I prefer the feel of non-stepped iron shafts. I am not sure what it is, but when swinging stepped shafts I feel like I lose the club in the back swing and have to be very deliberate in transition to find the feeling again. Non-Stepped shafts have a much more solid feel, and I feel the energy transfer through the shaft and into impact better. Would love to hear anyone else's feelings about these types of shafts. For reference, the stepped shafts I have been testing are S300's, S400's and X100's. Non-stepped shafts I have been testing are CTapers, Project X 6.0/6.5
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