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  1. (Putter Service Announcement) Need to practice your alignment while at home. Take a look at this throw-back video. https://www.seemore.com/info/video/ - hide the red dot and seeing the two white lines) at address you are able to "look" down your intended line and "train" your eyes and body to what your alignment should feel like. Having the line on the ground will ensure that you are set-up and square to your target line. A SeeMore putter is the only putter that offers you the ability with RST to set up in the same posture, same set-up, same ball position, same loft and learn to make the same
  2. 2 Putters for sale today. Prices are OBO, Paypaled and shipped CONUS. Ive been selling on this site for years with tons of positive feedback on the previous site. PM any questions or offers. Thanks for looking! EVNROLL ER2 - 34" in mint condition with GP Tour Classic Grip. Includes headcover with missing ballmarker. $285 Machine M10A (Adjuster) 34" Carbon steel. Shafted with C-Taper 130 and gripped with GP Tour Tradition STD. Grip has a hole in top to fit a counterweight. Counterweight is not included. Putter is in great condition with a nice patina showing. You can remove the patina with
  3. Hi there...so a moderator deleted my first post ever because I asked about the value of the putter. Lesson learned. Not allowed to ask. So i'll start again... I bought this putter from a guy today and I can't find it online anywhere. He told me it was ONLY available to purchase during a Bettinardi Convention or Event of some kind and that it wasn't available from Bettinardi directly or retail, only from the convention. This could be a reason why I can't find it on the Betti website or anywhere else. I was able to get get it for pretty darn cheap so i'm wondering if I have a gem on my hands.
  4. I'm new to the refinishing game as a result of COVID boredom. I found some beat up Scotty Camerons for cheap online and wanted to give a black oxide finish a go on a carbon steel Scotty Cameron Pro PlatinumNewport Two. I followed all of the steps from a DIY article I found that used Perma Blue Liquid Gun Blue. As you can see in the photos, it's not exactly taking in some areas and looks absolutely awful. I'm not sure if I should try and strip the black oxide at this point and try a regular polish finish, or if its worth salvaging. Any advice on the best way to do either of these things would
  5. I recently bought an acushnet bullseye putter. It is a wide one, which I have never seen before. If any has done any research on the different styles that were made, or could fill me in on some of the history of this putter, it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Just received the Totally 80's Betti that dropped on the Hive store last Tuesday. Thought I'd share the unboxing. This thing is so sick... only 300 made. Unfortunately it's "34 and too long for me so I'll be putting it on the wall for awhile and presumably selling it at some point in the future. Wonder how i'll do if I wait a couple years and put it up for sale? It cost an arm and a leg with Can$ to $US conversion and the shipping and duty etc. Anyway, here it is.
  7. I'm a 5 handicap who definitely loses most of my strokes from putting. I haven't bought a new putter in 15 years... and I am being fit for a new putter on Wednesday (assume mallet putter). What are the most popular current models of mallet putters? Out of curiosity (not necessarily for me), what models are the tour guys using?
  8. Hi, I am looking at a new putter, so I went to my best and nearest retailer. They had the putters I was interested in, but I could not test them without the plastic wrapping. And they did not have demo putters without wrapping. Is this normal? Is it wise to try out a putter without getting the feel of the ball hitting the club? Thanks for any advice!
  9. Beautiful 5-p PXG 0311t gen 2 irons that were used with care the 9 and the pitching wedge have more wear on them than the rest! See pics for these clean irons with very cool paint fill! 1/4” short 1 degree upright Elevate tour stiff shafts Excellent z cord align grips! $950 OBO Pxg 0317 gen 2 hybrid some wear on the bottom but crown and face are in fantastic condition Tensei blue stiff shaft 1/4” short Excellent Z cord grip No headcover included $200 obo PXG 3 wood 0341x 15 degree little wear on bottom but face and crown both are very good Special PXG Stitch headcover included This thing
  10. I need the piece that goes on the top of the Odyssey Works 360g putter. I have inserted a picture showing the piece I need and another picture showing what the piece looks like. I have search and searched the internet and thought maybe I would try this forum for the help?!?!?! Thanks in advance for anybody that is able to assist me!
  11. Bettinardi Antidote #1. Used 3 rounds, caught the Bettinardi bug and bought a BB0 from the Hive. 34", weight kit is crazy cool, and easy to use. I believe it's on 340grams now. Headcover was never used. Putter is in superb condition. Asking $275 pp and shipped. Not interested in trades at this time as I have the BB0. Thanks, Jeffrey
  12. Hi - i've read about some Evnroll putters suffer from this. Can you tell me which ones? I've seen the comments especially in relation to the 5 but also someone mentioned the 7? Comments from experience would be very welcome. Thanks.
  13. Is there a difference in the heads of the 2015 Newport 2 Dual Balance and the 2013 Newport 2 Mid? They look identical other than the color. If anyone could share some dimensions for comparison, that would be great!
  14. Would any of you be able to see if my Scotty Cameron is real or a counterfeit? I got it from an old friend a very long time ago. I would rather not pay the $75 it costs to send it to Scotty Cameron to authenticate it. I would greatly appreciate any help or advice you can offer.
  15. Up for grabs today is like new, 34" Odyssey O-Works Tour R Ball. Satin model. From what I've been told this was a Japan Release putter. Can't find much information about it online so leads me to believe it's hard to come by. I have a Super stroke 3.0 Slim grip on it. No weight included. Complete with head cover as well. Thought I'd give mallets another go, but realized I'm better off suited for a blade. This putter is in mint condition, grip has a years worth of play on it. Putter a handful of rounds. I hope the photos show the type of condition this thing is in, otherwise let me know and I ca
  16. Looking to unload my Bryon Design 365 X-Proto head. Specs are in the pic on the sole of the putter. Pretty good shape overall, one ding around the hosel shown in pics. White alignment line is a little dirty and there seems to be some rust in the back cavity maybe? I cant seem to find much info on these things at all so I don't really know where to start with pricing, lets say $350 obo? If I'm way off throw an offer my way.
  17. Does anyone know who makes the standard drip that comes on a SIK putter? Just picked one up and love the grip but can't stand the feeling under my thumb where SIK is etched in the grip. Thanks in advance!
  18. Looking to get my TP Juno refinished but the guy who would refinish it said I would need to find a new insert to replace the one he would need to remove to refinish the club. Does anyone know where I could get one or do I need pull one from an existing club? Thanks!
  19. Anyone know of someone that would be able to remove the plumbers neck on my Scotty Cameron Special Select Squareback 2, and replace it with a port for a double bend shaft? Trying to get something similar to the dual balance newport in the new special select squareback 2 head.
  20. Happy Friday! All prices are shipped CONUS. Not looking for anything particular in trades but always willing to listen. Thanks for looking! Bettinardi Headcover - $35 718 T-MB 3 Iron TT AMT Tour White S300 Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Standard size - $90 Callaway Apex 3 20 degree Kuro Kage S 80HY Lamkin Crossline Oversize - $75 Odyssey oworks 7 tank 38 inch counterbalance -$120 Pay asking and pick any grip shown
  21. For the vast majority of you club rats, would you be willing to shell out $140 to test out the K-sig putter?
  22. Anyone have a good recommendation of a good face balanced blade putter?
  23. Hello all, up for grabs is a one of one in brand new condition. I've had this for a few years, it's never seen the outside. It's made of damascus steel with a stainless steel long pipe neck. The finish is Byron's blue oil acid. It has a hand milled tuna face. Current length is a little over 33" weighs in at 350 grams and is stock loft and lie. It has a brand new tan leather stitchback and comes with the bombs away Byron headcover. Shipped tyd $1200 obo.
  24. Interested in this Piretti, but can't find much info on it, and the Piretti website only has listings for 365G and 375G, not 370 like this one. Any think this might be fake?
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