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  1. Anyone have any recs for a place on Oahu that can do a proper putter fitting? I got fitted for irons at Aloha Golf Center, but it didn't look to me like they have any putter fitting tech. I could be wrong about this. Thanks.
  2. Up for grabs is my beloved (joking) Bettinardi Camo Head Cover It is made of canvas material, high quality/heavy duty feel I have never seen a 2nd one of these..I frequent Bettinardi HQ in Tinley Park and have yet to hear about another one. That being said..it isn't made of gold, just thought I would share my thoughts. Condition 8/10 No trades, $175 firm (if I am crazy then i'll continue to game it, oh well!) I have a husky so blame the dog for hair in the pictures. I'll ensure no hair gets shipped with the cover. Thanks!!!
  3. Good morning folks, I purchased a Scratch putter the other day and just received it in the mail. Love the design and look to it, but can't seem to find any information on it's rarity, who made it, what metal it is, etc. Any insight would be helpful. It's stamped 013/100 on the bottom of the toe, and seems to have a little bit of green patina in spots.
  4. I'm a 5 handicap who definitely loses most of my strokes from putting. I haven't bought a new putter in 15 years... and I am being fit for a new putter on Wednesday (assume mallet putter). What are the most popular current models of mallet putters? Out of curiosity (not necessarily for me), what models are the tour guys using?
  5. 2 Putters for sale today. Prices are OBO, Paypaled and shipped CONUS. Ive been selling on this site for years with tons of positive feedback on the previous site. PM any questions or offers. Thanks for looking! EVNROLL ER2 - 34" in mint condition with GP Tour Classic Grip. Includes headcover with missing ballmarker. $285 Machine M10A (Adjuster) 34" Carbon steel. Shafted with C-Taper 130 and gripped with GP Tour Tradition STD. Grip has a hole in top to fit a counterweight. Counterweight is not included. Putter is in great condition with a nice patina showing. You can remove the patina with a little elbow grease. $285
  6. Being quarantined has me all over eBay and the classifieds on here and I have started to build up a "new to me" WITB. If you had $500 to blow on a putter what are you buying?!
  7. I need help determining whether this putter is real or fake (see images in the link). I am thinking about buying this putter from somebody locally. I would really appreciate your thoughts. https://imgur.com/gallery/kp4PID5
  8. Does anyone know anything about the 2019 Global Release? I've been collecting these for the past few years and can't figure out if this is still coming, or if the T22's were supposed to be that for this year. Any insight would be much appreciated!
  9. Not sure if this is more of a discussion or just a gripe but where are all of the center shafted putters going? Before I continue, keep in mind I have had a Scotty Golo S since it was released in 2012. I know, I know, there are CS putters out there but not as many as there used to be or at least in my eyes not as many as before. I guess the market isn't there? But I find myself every year getting the winter-WRX bug* when seeing the 'prototypes' on tour and seeing a new CS mallet putter and thinking "sweet baby yoda, I'm in!"; only to be disappointed when released to the public that they're not offering it. As much as I love my Golo S, I've always had a thing for the Odyssey 7 CS, the true CS. But I haven't seen any styles like it that I've liked. Any others out there that feel the same way or have seen new CS putters that they may want to share. *it's warm enough to not snow but cold enough to keep me off the course. I'm just being whiny
  10. Hi, I work shifts and often have abit of spare time during the week when everybodies busy so fancy a challenge of having a go at renovation of old putters (I aren't trying to make money out of this just something of interest) I was thinking of heading to the most popular auction site for instance buying an older model spider to strip paint and renovate for me to use etc. Anybody do stuff like this who can help out with either previous threads or just abit of general advice. I aren't doing this for financial gain! Thanks for taking time to read Rob
  11. Recently, I’ve been slightly obsessing over my putting. I want to work on making sure that the putter face is properly aimed at the target to the nth degree. I don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars for an expensive laser. What did they use before we had lasers? What are some other methods and tricks that work?
  12. Hi there...so a moderator deleted my first post ever because I asked about the value of the putter. Lesson learned. Not allowed to ask. So i'll start again... I bought this putter from a guy today and I can't find it online anywhere. He told me it was ONLY available to purchase during a Bettinardi Convention or Event of some kind and that it wasn't available from Bettinardi directly or retail, only from the convention. This could be a reason why I can't find it on the Betti website or anywhere else. I was able to get get it for pretty darn cheap so i'm wondering if I have a gem on my hands. So without asking the forum the value, can you tell me how you would go about finding the value of the putter somewhere else?? Anything you can tell me about this putter would be appreciated!
  13. Mint Evnroll ER2 Black Midblade Putter for sale! This thing is beautiful and has not even been gamed! I have practiced on our Putting Green, but it hasn't seen the course. I am sticking with my Mini Gunboat as the Mallet suits my stroke more than a blade. Original Gravity Grip and Head Cover included. See Pics for verification of condition! $295 which includes USPS Priority Shipping to 48 US only. Paypal payment only,
  14. I recently purchased a new (to me) 2014 Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter off of eBay for $250. The seller has good reviews and everything seems legit, but with the counterfeit market out there I would love some peace of mind. I've heard this is the place to go for this type of thing! Thanks in advance!
  15. I'm new to the refinishing game as a result of COVID boredom. I found some beat up Scotty Camerons for cheap online and wanted to give a black oxide finish a go on a carbon steel Scotty Cameron Pro PlatinumNewport Two. I followed all of the steps from a DIY article I found that used Perma Blue Liquid Gun Blue. As you can see in the photos, it's not exactly taking in some areas and looks absolutely awful. I'm not sure if I should try and strip the black oxide at this point and try a regular polish finish, or if its worth salvaging. Any advice on the best way to do either of these things would be greatly appreciated. a) strip the black oxide effectively b) get the black oxide to take I've seen that sanding down the nickel more can allow the Perma blue to be more effective, but I don't want to sand the milling of the face either. So not sure how to go about that if that's the resolution.
  16. Has anyone played a Royal Payne putter before? I found them on Instagram and purchased the putter below as I am loving the "Joker" feel to it. Hoping that it plays as good as it looks!
  17. Hi there. When my baby girl was born, i ordered a custom dd201 from lajosi with her name on it. I love that putter and will never leave my possesion. However, i gradually moved toward a mallet putter ( a jailbird mini at the moment is in the bag). And i started 2 years ago a return to school in electrical engineering and it has been a real challenge to deal with school, 40hrs work, family and the house. And we would like an other kid. So to celebrate the future success of the school, family and everything, i would like to treat myself with a new custom putter. Would like something in the shape of the odyssey jailbird, some stamping and others cool things. Any idea where i should look golfwrx community?
  18. For Sale: No trades as of now please. 1. Spider Tour Black: 35 In, Jumbo Max Flat grip installed sideways to face the palm. Improve face control. $145 2. Taylormade TP Chaska Brand new, never seen the course. 35 in, Tour Snsr Pistol Grip. $100
  19. First up we have an original Scotty Cameron Newport TeI 3. This has been re-finished by the Custom shop (original finish, no sight lines) and has new shaft band sticker and USA Custom Shop nylon headcover. Blue Iomic midsize grip. Length is 35", standard loft/lie. Asking $350 shipped. Second, we have the White Hot Pro #3. This is the second generation model. plays 35" and has the same Iomic midsize grip (in black). Stock Odyssey headcover included. Asking $100 shipped. M6 9.0 Driver Head - used for 1/2 season. Great condition, no sky marks / scratches, as seen in the pics. Asking $200 shipped M6 5w (18*) - used for 1/2 season. few more scuffs on the face given that its a fairway wood, but in good overall condition. Asking $150 shipped.
  20. (Putter Service Announcement) Need to practice your alignment while at home. Take a look at this throw-back video. https://www.seemore.com/info/video/ - hide the red dot and seeing the two white lines) at address you are able to "look" down your intended line and "train" your eyes and body to what your alignment should feel like. Having the line on the ground will ensure that you are set-up and square to your target line. A SeeMore putter is the only putter that offers you the ability with RST to set up in the same posture, same set-up, same ball position, same loft and learn to make the same putt for EVERY putt. If you can't be on the putting green to practice, WATCH this to help SEE your line and make your own at home. ENJOY and stay safe. #sharethis with your friends and make a video to send to us! Find your SeeMore triangualtor here - https://www.seemore.com/accessories/training.html
  21. Just received the Totally 80's Betti that dropped on the Hive store last Tuesday. Thought I'd share the unboxing. This thing is so sick... only 300 made. Unfortunately it's "34 and too long for me so I'll be putting it on the wall for awhile and presumably selling it at some point in the future. Wonder how i'll do if I wait a couple years and put it up for sale? It cost an arm and a leg with Can$ to $US conversion and the shipping and duty etc. Anyway, here it is.
  22. I have 3 Putter head covers for sale. I will have OBO on each item and if it doesnt sell by a week i will grant the best offer. Will sell all three for $80 First one is a USA 911 Custon Shop headcover. Red, White, and Blue. velcro. The flag red is kind of pinkish due to the rest being Red - $30 Next, A scotty Cameron Studio Putter in excellent condition. velcro - $35 Last, A Made in the USA Bettinardi in good condition. - $35 Please ask question.
  23. Got into golf about 5 months ago and taking it more seriously so buying equipment to build my bag. The next thing I see to buy is a putter and been looking at Scotty Camerons, would you guys recommend purchasing one now or waiting until next year after the PGA Show?
  24. Yeah the full swing is much more glorious, but judging by how many putting highlights we see, it's actually very important to master and most of us don't take a scientific approach to it. Recently been starting to use my Blast Golf sensor after it's been sitting there for a long while LOL. Very interesting metrics and also some revelations that corresponded to what the sensor and drills do. 1) Consistent tempo. I always just pulled it back further for longer putts. But then it would take longer for longer back strokes, and then I'd have to guess at how fast I needed to hit it. Obvious way I totally missed is to always have the same backstroke and frontstroke time. It's not easy to do, but at least something I can strive for. Pro's are very consistent in their tempo and times. I like to warm up and get to the proper tempo and time, and then vary the length of putt, and also walk around and come back and hit a putt see if I can replicate the good tempo. 2) Speed and length of stroke - Saw somewhere that it's an inch for each foot. Haven't tried that, since I've done it mostly by feel. And you can't quantify feel. 3) clubface rotation. Basically hitting the ball straight. A degree makes a big difference! Also center striking as well as hitting it level or below the equator. I've just started to use the ball marking both the line and a perpendicular so it's a cross. Helps give me direction and an aid to square my clubface at impact. It's so important and really helped my putting on the course. It's a quick way to knock a few strokes off your game, as I think most players don't actually practice it right. I don't know if this is "right", but at least matches what I see from Blast (Brad Faxon who was a pretty good putter himself). Saw somewhere that you roll it better by hitting it lower on the ball. Actually tested results, and also works for me too on the greens. Curious to hear how everyone practices their putting, as this seems like something we can all work on at home with measurable results with any of those training aids that measure speed/time/rotation of club. I find the Blast to sometimes be a little off, though I don't know if it's me, strike, clubpath (which I think is part of the face angle equation anyway), but sometimes say for face angle I will try closing it slightly and it says open, yet sometimes it works. Same for the time, but then it could just be me. Regardless, it's better than nothing and way cheaper than a SAM at home.
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