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  1. lucas_tb


    Recently purchased a sink , uk based putter guy. The best thing I've rolled for a long time. Got to customise it and delivery was only $18 from the uk . Only $300 for a custom milled putter. Very happy. Will get the guy to get himself on here and start talking more on sink putters. :) Lucas-td :)
  2. Hi All, Any news whether TaylorMade will release a new Spider putter for 2020?? What is the life cycle for these Spider putters?? I love the feel of the putter, but not a fan of the blue or copper.
  3. Stay tuned! 11.14.19![] (https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/editor/0w/1o6orlfqozaq.jpg "")
  4. I wanted to build brysons putter since i sucked at putting and its really helped me so I tried to find another one with no luck.
  5. As the title states, curious to hear if anyone of y’all have tried these putters and what you think of them / which one in your opinion is better. I am also curious in the Toulon putters. Been hearing good things about them. I know I need to go to the store and try them myself, but what works for you game?!
  6. So Lamb putters seem to be untouchable price wise on the re-sale market and due to his process, rare to get your hands on. What is the difference between that and any of the other milled putters out there? Obviously the small guys are more precise, are making one at a time -- but from a feel perspective...does the price tag validate the product? Just making an observation - I'm a fan of all of the above. I just know a re-sale Lamb is closer in price to a Tour Scotty than anything else.
  7. I've gamed the Spider Tour for 3 years, but I've never gotten 100% comfortable with it. Despite this, I've stuck with the Spider because my speed is very good, and I do well enough inside 10' that I haven't tossed it in a pond yet. With that said, I've been looking to close up the "holes" in my bag before the season kicks into high gear, and right now, the putter is in my crosshairs. Unfortunately, the putter I've grown most comfortable with over the past couple weeks is the Piretti Matera Elite...but the SOB is $550. Typically, I focus on neck style, comfort with alignment, and the ease with which I can get the ball started on my intended line. • With plumber's necks, I tend to miss left • With slant necks (like the Spider), I never feel comfortable with the alignment and often miss right when the stroke feels solid • I've had some success with double-bends and single-bends, but these necks typically set up too upright and leave me uncomfortable • Center-shafted putters are a big no for me, dawg • The Piretti Matera Elite has a flowneck with 5:00 toe hang, and after thinking about it, I don't really have a lot of experience with this style of neck. So my question is this— Are y'all aware of any flowneck putters from the past ~5 years I should explore before pulling the trigger on a freakin $550 putter? I'd love to try any and all suggestions!
  8. I've noticed in the US there's lots of interest in hard to find Japanese brands, or companies that make bespoke or limited addition putters (Swag Golf, Byron Morgan etc). I haven't seen much interest on the subject first hand here in the UK. People seem to buy the usual established golf brands such as Scotty Cameron, Ping, or Odyssey. Are UK golfers interested in this but it's just not available? What are the benefits of a more unique putter experience & what are your favourite brands? Cheers
  9. Interested in a custom Bettinardi putter? Our custom putter page helps guide you through the steps to kick-off building the putter of your dreams. You can learn more about the process by visiting our new custom putters webpage here - https://bettinardi.com/pages/custom-putters Our concierge team is here and ready to help guide you through creating your next custom putter! - Bettinardi
  10. Sorry, WRXers - I feel stupid for asking this question but here goes... I was watching a TXG video thisi morning (about the stability shaft) and they kept talking about trying to strike the ball slightly on the heel side (of an Anser like putter) for the best true roll - because it was presumably something with some toe hang and heel side of the alignment line would be on the center of gravity / axis. Is this correct? I alternate between two putters - a YES! Pippi 12 (center shaft blade, some toe hang) and a Stroke Lab 7 (fangback mallet, face balanced) depending on how I feel on the putting green. I have always tried to hit the ball dead center on the putter face, but do I need to adjust that a little based on the putter in my hands? I am a middling putter, and whether it's through bad alignment or an in-to-out stroke, I tend to miss more on the right than anything (unless I get handsy). Also tend to leave putts short more often than not. The only putting drill I do is with a mirror that has goalposts, in an effort to hit my starting line. Any advice is well appreciated. thx
  11. Pretty happy with how it turned out. I have another mil-spec I may try to refinish to something closer to Spieth's 009 M
  12. CNC milled by Logan in California, laser milled by me here in New York. Head weight is 345 grams. Asking $1,350 / OBO. First to offer full price bags it, all other offers will be evaluated after a day or so. Happy to answer any and all questions! **PUTTER INCLUDES** 1) Assembly to your specs 2) Your choice of head cover and grip (serious offers will be provided with options) 3) Matching Ball Marker (cut, hand polished, laser milled by me) m
  13. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place, my last putter was the odyssey stroke lab 7, but I normally play with a blade type of putters before I picked up the odyssey. I just recently got rid of the Odyssey leaving me with no putter! I have been searching for hours on what is best to invest in. I had my eye on this Scotty Cameron squareback putter 33.5 inches. I was just about to buy it when I saw in the corner of my eye someone using a mini spider putter from Taylormade. So I asked him if I can try a hit because I have always wondered why these weird mallets are so popular. after one putt I was simply amazed, I have never had a ball roll so much, there was no dragging, there was no sidespin, it was just a pure beautiful roll. The issue is, I only asked the guy to try for one putt, I don't want to leave my decision based on one putt, and especially if it was only the mini version spider, I can only imagine how the new spider x must feel and perform compared to the Scotty squareback or the newports. Can someone you guys just post some thoughts or statements on what you would prefer and why? what makes these two putters so great?
  14. Bought this on a whim but decided it wasn’t for me. Hit putts outside once and it’s basically mint. No dings or scratches on face or top line. Has a SS Pistol GTR grip and plays 35 inches. $90 shipped. I would consider a trade of Odyssey No 7 style putters. Would add cash to even out trades if needed.
  15. What would you like to see in a SeeMore Putters custom shop and what would you name it?
  16. Have a beautiful setup here that I would prefer to keep together if possible. Cash is king but will also consider certain trades for Bettinardi/Swag putters/gear. APC made Custom Oak Dale Silver Satin finished stainless steel putter with a welded neck. Believe the head is 356g. Length is 34". Has only been carpet rolled. Nice deep milling, clean engravings and blank sole. Has a perforated black leather grip with yellow stitching and cap. Also included are 5 leather head covers. All have magnetic closures and are very high quality. The inside of the quilted cover is a tween material. Magnets are very strong and in a stitched strip so they won't dislodge. And finally a handmade ball marker torched on one side and a welded heart on the other side. Asking $500 OBO. All made in the US as I understand it. Beautiful work showing it doesn't take $4k to make a nice flatstick.
  17. Up for sale, very lightly used (1 Round) Custom ordered 2019 Stroke Lab #7s. All changes from factory. * 33.5 Inches * 2" Flat * Stock Stroke Lab Oversize Grip * Stock Headcover Putter is super clean, I can't find any blemishes, but it has been rolled for one round and on the putting green. Asking $200 CONUS via PayPal.
  18. Scotty Cameron T22 Newport 2 35" Brand New, only opened bag to take pics. $825 shipped and insured to the 48. No trades.
  19. Concept X CX-01 - $550 35" 10g weights Gray Pistolero Grip this putter was only used for 3 rounds. MOTO Squareback - $500 This was one of my gamer for a while. condition is good and has a knick on toe side, but nothing major. please look at photos closely. 34" 20g weights Black Matador grip Junkyard Dog Headcover
  20. Was wondering how different these two models are.
  21. Without Weight - comes with a classic black grip. With weight - comes with counter balanced super stroke grip. I understand the thought behind it. But, what is the total weight of the putter without the option to interchange weights? What if that putter needed to be shortened? Which model is newer?
  22. A 33" lefty Newport 3 I had re-done a few months ago. I kept the insert unchanged because I love the feel and I was afraid to change it. Mod by Putter Lounge.
  23. Thomas_Derek_001_06-09-2018.pdfHad a putting session in West Des Moines, IA and was looking for a recommendation for a putter based on the results. I noticed I tend to hit the putts on the top quarter of the putter blade. Currently putting with a Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5. Any and all suggestions would be helpful. Thanks everyone.
  24. I have an old TM-770 Ghost putter I am looking to repaint as my first club. I first want to take the insert out of the face so I can strip the paint. I've seen a few tutorials and was wondering if all inserts are heat released? There is no screws visible just a few weights on the sides. Thanks!
  25. Just picked up this old bettinardi bb8 putter for $170 at a local golf shop. What are your thoughts? And does anyone know what year this came out?
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