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  1. Does anybody know of any easily available alternatives that are cord and a similar shape to replace the original Scotty Cord putter grips? Any of the Scotty grips seem to go for crazy money and other cord grips are only available in midsize or jumbo. I am currently using Golf Pride Tour Traditions which are great with a similar shape but I'd like something like the Scotty cords that are slightly firmer and cord but with the same shape. Any thoughts/help?! Cheers
  2. Up for sale is a 34’ Scotty Squareback in great condition. Looking to get 250.00 shipped OBO. Just looking to sell at the moment
  3. I thought I’d start a thread dedicated to the Fastback. Post pics, reviews, and stories on the SC Fastback, or similar putters. Post away! I didn’t want to like one. Hell, I didn’t need one I thought. But I kept lurking...and lurking...and I finally caved. Bought a 2018 FB with a heavy head. For me, it has been a revelation in putting. It sits perfectly square. It has (to me) perfect lines. And I love the distance control. .
  4. Club Cameron 2019 Backpack $80 shipped: Pathfinder Putter Cover $115 shipped: Pathfinder Driver Cover $115 shipped: Club Cameron 2019 Putter Cover $40 shipped:
  5. I won a Scotty Cameron Prototype J.A.T. in a police auction. It was in horrific shape when I got it, so I decided to do by first ever refurbishment of a golf club. I think it's ok! Not perfect, but I am definitely not a pro! (I forgot to take pictures of it when I first got it, so the before pictures are after CLR treatment). Before: After:
  6. Hey Everyone I have a few miscellaneous items I am looking to clear out. First is a Scotty Phantom X Mid Size Head Cover - Right Hand. Fits models like the X7, X5.5m, X5w and X7m. Does not fit the X6STR and X12. This is used in VG to LN condition. $30 shipped and paypal'd USPS Priority in the CONUS. Second, I have an Upside golf rangefinder. Comes with everything as new and used less than 8 rounds. I bought it for a golf trip as my SL1 was getting repaired, and I missed my return window @ Amazon. It has slope/non-slope and a built in magnet (very strong, holds on golf cart of club head securely. Comes with quick access carry case and extra battery. You will get everything as new. Happy to include receipt for warranty purposes if you would like it. $150 and sold out quickly, just coming back in stock. Asking $110 shipped and paypal'd USPS Priority in CONUS given use and condition. Let me know if you have any questions. Only trades I am really interested in would be towards LH Mavrik Drivers/Woods, LH Jaws 54 or 58 degree wedges or maybe a LH Scotty or Evnroll Putter.
  7. I'm a 5 handicap who definitely loses most of my strokes from putting. I haven't bought a new putter in 15 years... and I am being fit for a new putter on Wednesday (assume mallet putter). What are the most popular current models of mallet putters? Out of curiosity (not necessarily for me), what models are the tour guys using?
  8. While the PGA tour coverage is on rain delay I figured I might as well clean my clubs before tomorrows competition, and while cleaning the clubs I figured I should problably snap some photos and create a WITB while the sticks are clean. So here's my WITB. most specs should be in my signature, but feel free to ask if you wondering about anything! Threw in some pics of my soon completed recreational set and some putters as well. Enjoy!
  9. Just wondering if someone with some equipment experience can tell me if the hosel on this Scotty looks bent forward? I feel like it should be a 90 degree angle where I drew the red line in the first pic and can't really find a similar picture online. If so, is there an easy way to adjust it without taking it somewhere?
  10. Hello, a few odds and ends. Sorry pics are not perfect but if you need more or different angles please let me know! I will do my best to describe them as well! Prices do include shipping, bag cost a tad more to ship for me but is still included in price! ~~ I do love trades, nothing real specific but i LOVE cool irons like Bridgestone J15s, Mizzys, Srixons, any real CB or MB blades im sure i can't hit anyways lol. Scotty Putters and memorabilia is also a favorite! just let me know, i like cash a little more but worst i say is no thanks! 1) Augusta Travel Bag BRAND NEW in box. I will probably ship it in this box, so it may get a little beat up(the box that is) so if you want the box to stay nice tell me before i ship and ill put in bigger box. $175 shipped to you(if price is way off let me know, i am just pricing it the same as ebay for used ones...) 2) Taylormade Speedblade Iron set ~ 5i-SW (8 clubs) Set was used for a couple seasons, always in a 14 club holding bag. They still have plenty of life and pop left! SW shows most wear, also the SW head is loose will need to be put on. Ferrule is riding up 6i and a tiny on 8i. Shafts are R KBS 90, the 5i and SW were re shafted by Taylormade because they broke on me a couple years ago but no label on them, i assume the same as others tho, i never felt a difference! Grips still plenty of life left! Mid Size Lamkin Crossline Blk These did sit for a while so had a tiny bit of little rust dots but i used some scotch brite and they came right off! $250 shipped to you 3) Callaway SteelHead x-14 Iron Set ~ 3i-PW (8 Clubs) Set was used before the Speedblades by me, absolute bombers still the longest iron by a full club i've hit! Once again in good shape, grooves still very nice and the only stand out is a rock gouge on 5i hosel. Shafts are Rifle Stiff Flex. Grips probably need a change(3i and 4i were never used for more then a couple shots, grips are original! These also had some rust dots on them and they also rubbed off easy with some scotch brite. I didn't get around to clean grooves before pics sorry! $160 shipped to you 4) Taylormade M2 19* (3H) Hybrid. Overall good shape again, some light wear on bottom and a couple little scratches on top. Shaft is 55 M Flex. Grip is Tour Wrap Midsize, like new grip. $60 shipped to you 5) Callaway backpack. BRAND NEW WITH TAGS. Really nice quality, lots of zippers. A very clean light grey color. $40 shipped to you ** ONCE AGAIN, MESSAGE ME ANY QUESTIONS, PIC HELP, TRADE OFFERS, COMBO SHIPPING!!! THANKS, HAD PERFECT FEEDBACK HERE BEFORE CHANGE AND ALSO ON EBAY STILL! IF I MISSED SOMETHING PLEASE LET ME KNOW ! THANK YOU!
  11. Hi all, I have a recently restored Scotty Cameron Newport Tel3 Sole Stamp. It was just restored by Scotty's custom shop. I have another Sole Stamp with mint original grip and all shaftband stickers. I was thinking of swapping this original shaft into the restored head, and vise-versa. Thoughts? I have no problem taking to Club Champion or something to have it done however I want to make sure there will be no impact on the clubhead finish.
  12. You know you want this. 33", 365g headweight, original Piretti grip and headcover. In awesome shape, but used this summer. Has one nick on the toe, but that's it! Have my eye on something else that I've been after for a while, but I might trade for the right Evnroll (355g preferred), Toulon, Scotty or Betti. Toe hang required on trades. $250obo - if I'm way off just let me know!
  13. I need help determining whether this putter is real or fake (see images in the link). I am thinking about buying this putter from somebody locally. I would really appreciate your thoughts. https://imgur.com/gallery/kp4PID5
  14. Does anyone know anything about the 2019 Global Release? I've been collecting these for the past few years and can't figure out if this is still coming, or if the T22's were supposed to be that for this year. Any insight would be much appreciated!
  15. Not sure if this is more of a discussion or just a gripe but where are all of the center shafted putters going? Before I continue, keep in mind I have had a Scotty Golo S since it was released in 2012. I know, I know, there are CS putters out there but not as many as there used to be or at least in my eyes not as many as before. I guess the market isn't there? But I find myself every year getting the winter-WRX bug* when seeing the 'prototypes' on tour and seeing a new CS mallet putter and thinking "sweet baby yoda, I'm in!"; only to be disappointed when released to the public that they're not offering it. As much as I love my Golo S, I've always had a thing for the Odyssey 7 CS, the true CS. But I haven't seen any styles like it that I've liked. Any others out there that feel the same way or have seen new CS putters that they may want to share. *it's warm enough to not snow but cold enough to keep me off the course. I'm just being whiny
  16. First beauty up is a Piretti Classic Series Oil Can, brand new head and grip still in plastic! 365g and 35" comes with brand new classic series headcover as well. Would be my gamer if it didn't have a sight line! Thing is gorgeous in the sun and it is still in plastic! Asking $525 OBO or trades for other Piretti/Lajosi/Scotty/Byron/Swag putters Lastly is another drop dead gorgeous putter. Last buyer backed out! Scotty Cameron Circa 62 #3 refinished from Scotty Custom Shop in the pro platinum/silver finish. 330g and 35.75" pretty much brand new except for a few sole marks. Comes with used original red circa headcover. Has not seen a course since refinish! Asking $475 OBO or trades for other Piretti/Lajosi/Scotty/Byron/Swag putters
  17. Del Mar 3.5 Tour 340G. Just got it back from the Cameron custom shop. Jackpot Johnny stamp 2 circle T shaft bands Fresh baby T grip 34.25 inches Will ship with a golo cover 1499.00 OBO Scotty Cameron circa no.3 rare 340g with a charcoal mist finish. 34 in with red baby T grip. 275.00 shipped Scotty Cameron Tour Rat beached. Beautiful putter with 2 circle T shaft bands. Comes with Tour Rat cover. 34 in no dings 1800.00 shipped. That’s low as I want to go. Priced to sell today
  18. I've seen a few of these floating around. Previously owned one and was never able to find any information on who made it. They all seem to replicate Scotty's models so not sure if they are Cameron with no branding. Anybody out there know who made them?
  19. I recently purchased a new (to me) 2014 Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter off of eBay for $250. The seller has good reviews and everything seems legit, but with the counterfeit market out there I would love some peace of mind. I've heard this is the place to go for this type of thing! Thanks in advance!
  20. I'm new to the refinishing game as a result of COVID boredom. I found some beat up Scotty Camerons for cheap online and wanted to give a black oxide finish a go on a carbon steel Scotty Cameron Pro PlatinumNewport Two. I followed all of the steps from a DIY article I found that used Perma Blue Liquid Gun Blue. As you can see in the photos, it's not exactly taking in some areas and looks absolutely awful. I'm not sure if I should try and strip the black oxide at this point and try a regular polish finish, or if its worth salvaging. Any advice on the best way to do either of these things would be greatly appreciated. a) strip the black oxide effectively b) get the black oxide to take I've seen that sanding down the nickel more can allow the Perma blue to be more effective, but I don't want to sand the milling of the face either. So not sure how to go about that if that's the resolution.
  21. Brand New CONUS shipping only $650 shipped - NO TRADES https://www.scottycameron.com/archives/accessories/golf-bags/carry-bag-wanderer-camo-green-black/ ![](https://i.imgur.com/pMzYLVrl.jpg "") ![](https://i.imgur.com/LoaUMxul.jpg "") ![](https://i.imgur.com/Nj61zzwl.jpg "") ![](https://i.imgur.com/lOf1tbcl.jpg "")
  22. A 33" lefty Newport 3 I had re-done a few months ago. I kept the insert unchanged because I love the feel and I was afraid to change it. Mod by Putter Lounge.
  23. Got into golf about 5 months ago and taking it more seriously so buying equipment to build my bag. The next thing I see to buy is a putter and been looking at Scotty Camerons, would you guys recommend purchasing one now or waiting until next year after the PGA Show?
  24. Afternoon folks, I got a new Scotty Squareback this year after a fitting and absolutely love the thing. Thing is, I practice putting at my office quite a bit but keep my clubs at the house or at the club. I’m looking to pick up a 2nd putter to keep at the office but can’t quite justify the price of a 2nd Scotty. Can someone point me in the right direction for a decent cheaper option that is similar to the squareback? I really like the ER2s but their still pretty pricey as well.
  25. Selling a 34" refinished Scotty Newport 2 TeI3 Long Neck (Face Balanced) RH putter. The putter is in next to perfect condition with a blued/torched finished and black out lettering. Also has a brand new black and red leather grip master grip. No hardcover, asking $400. Shipping in Canada will be covered by me but should you want it shipped to the US you will need to cover the cost of shipping.
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