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  1. Anyone have experience with these two shafts side-by-side? I've got a Kuro Kage XD TX tipped .5" currently and love it. But, given the buzz surrounding the Ventus I can't help but wonder. Curious if anyone's hit them together and see much of a difference in numbers?
  2. ...how did you know when you arrived at the right flex for you? like many amateurs i could probably unwittingly adapt a swing for shafts as stiff as rebar or an alignment stick and everything in between. not saying it would be ideal, but like a lot of people i've simply learned to make do with what i have instead of honing in on the perfect flex. now i want to change that. for those of you who've gone stiffer, would you please share your experience? what did you learn or notice that was unusual or unexpected? what would you recommend to others going down a similar path? thank you!
  3. Hi, all. I was wondering if anyone knew of a driver shaft with properties similar to the KBS $-Taper iron shafts. I've had great success with the $-Taper iron shafts and would love to replicate that performance in my driver. I play X-Stiff in all my clubs, so I would need a shaft with an X-Stiff option. Thanks for any help.
  4. Hi - First post here despite being a regular lurker for information. Hopefully you guys can help with what might be a simple question if anyone has been through a similar decision before. I am inches away from pulling the trigger on a set of Sub70 699 irons but need to decide on shaft. For background I am based in the UK so cant use their demo program and a bit too polite to waste time at a shop fitter. I'm a 15hcp (hopefully going down), currently play Wilson D7's with KBS Tour 105 stiff shafts, i'm hitting a 7 iron about 160-165yrds with a swing speed of 85-88mph. i'm 6'4" so need longer c
  5. Guest

    Project X flex

    Due to coronavirus, I cannot go get my exact swing speed measured. I looking at getting some new I210s and was wondering about the flex I need in a project x shaft. I hit my 7 iron about 170 and my driver about 280. I hear that the 5.5 is like a regular + but I was wondering about the 6.0 . My launch is mid as well and handicap is about an 8. Thank you !
  6. Hey there guys, just got a U500 3i with stock HZRDUS Smoke Black. Picked up, but i need to switch the shaft to a high launch. What do you guys recommend with no up charge? Thanks in advance
  7. When looking back in the last 5-10 years, it goes without saying that the orange light saber is popular on tour. Guys have used the Graphite design Tour AD DI for years and seems to still have an extremely loyal fan base. Looking through what seems to have just as much buzz recently is the Ventus lineup. I currently have a Ventus black in my driver and cannot say I would even be interested in trying other shafts at the moment because I love it so much. Take that devout following of equipment and mix it with on of the the most finicky clubs in the bag, the 3 wood, and I feel like decisions can
  8. I’m playing a g15 3-wood and love the club. However, the shaft (stiff TFC 149F stock shaft) feels “whippy” and I hit the club with too much spin. Since I really like the club head I thought I might replace the shaft but I have no idea of what shafts I should consider. My avg. score is 74 and I hit the 3-wood on average around 240yds, driver 260-270yds and 7 iron 165. I’m looking for a shaft that gives me less spin than the stock shaft and I generally don’t like shafts that are “too heavy”. So, do you have any suggestions?
  9. 3-PW pulls from ping 210 irons that played 1/2 inch longer than standard length for Ping. 6 iron measures 36 3/4 inches without a grip, if that means anything to you. No grips, will remove grip tape before shipping. Asking $125 shipped.
  10. I am looking to purchase a new shaft for my Taylormade M4 driver head. Can a .335 tip be used for the Taylormade M4?
  11. Anyone else ever snapped a shaft like this?? Was playing yesterday and when I started my downswing it snapped right between my hands. Anyone ever dealt with KBS warranty? They already responded to me saying it should be covered but I was also hoping to switch model to $-Taper Lite
  12. What's up everyone. I'm currently looking into reshafting my irons 4-PW. I have currently have the 6.0 px rifles, and I definitely need new shafts at this point. I have gained a lot more club head speed, and I don't have the control I used to feel with the irons. I fight a hook when I swing confidently, and I struggle to shape the ball. I recently got fitted for new wedges, and got my iron shafts checked out as well. I ended up going with px 6.5 rifles in my wedges and the difference is like night and day, I feel like I have control of the club head through the downswing, and I'm not worried a
  13. I bought a set of used 2016 Taylormade M2's with REAX 65 Graphite shafts on ebay last summer and found that the shafts have been shortened by about an inch and a half on each club (likely to accommodate a shorter-statured or younger player). This equates to about two clubs difference in length or more. My local pro told me if I add a shaft extender, I would lose some stress/flex of the shaft. Re-shafting is not in budget; I don't want to invest that much in a 2016 set of irons. My question is: Is stressing the shaft more important in the swing than the length of the shaft itself? Meaning, if
  14. Hi - i've been looking over the MPF ratings but can't work out what this part is? To begin with i assumed it was weight but it doesn't correspond to manufacturer weights it would seem e.g. Dynamic Gold S300 has a Pg of 109, but i thought was 130g?
  15. Has anyone made a shaft change and seen a change in their AOA as a result? If so, what shaft were you using and what shaft effected your AOA? Feel free to include your AOA numbers for each shaft if you have them. Thanks!
  16. Dear all, I am looking for iron and hybrid shafts which suit the following swing characteristics: - slow backswing with little wrist loading - pause at top - downswing with medium tempo and increasing wrist load / lag I do need help with speed so less than 100g weight would be preferred. Which models would you recommend? I am considering Ping i500 irons which come with the Recoil 780 - would this be a viable option? Thanks SD
  17. Hi guys, I’m currently gaming 120S. Everything is going fine for me on this shaft. But I have got a wrist injury recently so I’m thinking to change to lighter shaft (105s). Does it makes any sense? Would you guys recommend me to change or stick to the current set(around 2 years old shaft)? Or any other recommended iron shaft? FYI I hit 7 iron around 170-180 yards. Thank you so much guys! Cheers!
  18. I currently play the Diamana D+Plus Limited 70tx in a SIM. I've been tinkering with my driver shafts the last year and have gone through - Tensei Pro Orange 70tx - Tensei Pro White 70tx - KK XD 70tx - Diamana D+Plus Limited 70tx Of all of them I liked the Pro Orange the best, it seemed to spin the lowest and produce the best drives. The KK felt the best, smoothest. The Diamana is my current gamer and I'm still getting used to it, it seems to launch a little higher than I thought it would but I'm working on it. I've read that the Rogue 130 White TX is as close to the CK Profile as you can
  19. I'm recently getting into club making and I have a set I'm trying to put together. The shafts I have, already had ferrules on them. When I put them in the hosel there is some very slight play and the shaft tip does not reach the bottom of the hosel. Is this a problem? I have new ferrules but if the old ones can be used it saves a step, but I am not opposed to taking them off and putting the new ones on. Want to make sure things are done correctly. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Evan
  20. Hey all, I'm just looking for some help on deciding which shaft option to go for. I had the Tour 65x in my G400 LST, but the crown ended up cracking on me over the winter. Ping was nice enough to replace it with a G410 LST and I thought I'd give the 75x a go. It's been working well, but I've noticed my consistency of strike has gone a bit. I think when they accidentally sent me the 75S they had swing weighted the head with that and no grip and sent it to me at D0. The strike has come back a bit with the swing weight up only a little, probably around D1.5. noticed a drop off in distance even
  21. Hey guys I have a shaft in a crappy 1 iron head I got from a former teacher I was wondering if I could get any sort of help identifying the shaft it's a true temper release URLSIM
  22. Wondering if this can be done? Would I use the bottom of the shaft in my brick, anyone done this?
  23. To start this year, I have noticed that when I'm striking and compressing it my best, I look up in the sky and find the ball starting fairly wide outside of my target and curving probably 40 feet (About the width of a small green) and not usually drawing-past the target of course it would the odd time. That's without changing anything that's comfortable or normal for my stance (square), clubface (square), and grip (A fraction strong). Couple weeks ago when I was on the Quad I was tending to be around 3* In to Out. If I weaken my grip and open my stance, I can reduce curvature on command - bu
  24. Hello I know everyone will get on me and say go get fitted and all that, but wanted to just get some feedback. I have a Cobra f9 driver, stiff shaft (Atmos Black 6s) and sometimes when I swing regularly, about 103-106, it can go pretty left when teeing off. Sometimes I kinda slow my speed down to maybe 99-101 and can hit it fairly straight, but the slowness kinda throws me off a little, out of rhythm. If I were to try an x-flex, would that make the ball go more straight or a little more right when I swing my normal speed? I know sometimes whippy shafts can tend to make drives go left, or somet
  25. Has anyone seen any major improvements between the 2017 Taylormade M2 and the M5/M6? I am currently gaming the '17 M2 with the factory stiff shaft and trying to decide if I should spend the money on the new driver head or invest in a better shaft. I am leaning towards the M5 as the reviews seem slightly better than the M6. The M5's have the option of coming with the Tensei CK Orange 60 Stiff - I feel like this shaft alone is an update over the Fujikura Pro 56 that I currently have. Is the Tensei and M5 combo a good one? Or would getting an aftermarket shaft for the M2 put it in the same bal
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