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  1. I haven't seen a thread with an extensive list of these kinds of shafts, and besides the buzzy and newer options I don't know what else is out there to consider. I assume there may have been shafts from years past that would fit the bill as well, just don't know many. Can I get some insight from folks on a list beyond what I have listed, I am looking to experiment with a lighter option[60-70gm range]: -Hzrdus Yellow -CK Pro Orange -T1100 -Pro 2.0 -Xtorsion Copper -Aldila RIP Gamma -........... Thanks for any info you can add.
  2. Anyone have experience with these two shafts side-by-side? I've got a Kuro Kage XD TX tipped .5" currently and love it. But, given the buzz surrounding the Ventus I can't help but wonder. Curious if anyone's hit them together and see much of a difference in numbers?
  3. Anyone else ever snapped a shaft like this?? Was playing yesterday and when I started my downswing it snapped right between my hands. Anyone ever dealt with KBS warranty? They already responded to me saying it should be covered but I was also hoping to switch model to $-Taper Lite
  4. Hi all, I was fit into the Atmos Blue TS 6S a few months back at my local club champion and have been loving the straight, mid-flight BOMBS. Last weekend, I convinced my friend to finally (after 6 long years of playing generic, beginner clubs) get fit for proper clubs, and ended up getting a free driver fitting on the side while I was waiting. The fitter present at the time fitted me into a Ventus 6S at the end of my session as my carry and ball speed increased with the shaft, and now I'm a bit conflicted. What would you say are the similarities / differences between the two shafts? Should I be considering the Ventus as well? Also, any thoughts on the Tensei Pro Orange? _On a side note - friend has since received his spanking new set and is in LOVE! _ **TL;DR - Always get fitted for your clubs if you're going to be dropping $$$ one way or another** :D
  5. Recently went to TrueSpec and the best driver shaft for me was the "Graphite Design Tour AD TSG Blue 65 X". I was told this was a shaft that's proprietary to TrueSpec and the profile falls between a Tour AD DI and BB. Does anyone know more about the proprietary TrueSpec shaft? Appreciate it
  6. Right now I am gaming a Vapor Pro 8.5 head the green one. With a RIP tour Phenom low torque 80 gram X Stiff and I love it. But it does not go anywhere. I have a M1 13.5 with Flowerband Whiteboard 83 X stiff and hit that about 10-12 yards shorter than my driver. I am trying to figure out if getting a new head or shaft will give me the distance I should be getting. I was told maybe an Oban 80 gram shaft but I am not familiar with Obans. I have always played Diamana blueboards and whiteboards.
  7. Hey guys! I am a beginner and I got a cheap set of Ping i3 o-size irons for U$S 40 plus other clubs. The thing is, they're an inch longer from standard (I am standard size since I am 175 cm tall), and the lie angle is a little bit upright. I was wondering if I shall get the shafts cut or could I fix the thing by choking down the club. Furthermore, I want to know how choking down the club would affect playability. I still do not hit the ball properly, that's why I do not think I shall be spending lots of money getting new irons or fixing this.
  8. 5 iron uncut is 39" **>>>** Trim 1.25" **>>>** 39" - 1.25" = 37.75" **>>>** 37.75" shaft + 5 iron head = 38" **>>>** 5 iron 6 iron uncut is 38.5" **>>>** Trim 0.75" **>>>** 38.5" - 0.75" = 37.75" **>>>** 37.75" shaft + 5 iron head = 38" **>>>** 5 iron
  9. I currently have the PING Tour 75x in my fairway wood. I feel like it's a little spinny at times which is one of the complaints I've read about the G400 fairway woods in general. For those that have the G400, what shafts have you had success with? I'm a plus handicap with a driver swing speed of 110-112. Usually carry 3 wood around 245 or so.
  10. To start this year, I have noticed that when I'm striking and compressing it my best, I look up in the sky and find the ball starting fairly wide outside of my target and curving probably 40 feet (About the width of a small green) and not usually drawing-past the target of course it would the odd time. That's without changing anything that's comfortable or normal for my stance (square), clubface (square), and grip (A fraction strong). Couple weeks ago when I was on the Quad I was tending to be around 3* In to Out. If I weaken my grip and open my stance, I can reduce curvature on command - but it doesn't feel like I'm squishing the ball the same at impact. I am looking for what a fitter would do in their process to reduce the draw curvature. (Whats prioritized first? Shaft, offset, grip, others? ect) I am playing PX 6.0 right now because I enjoy the feel I get from it, even though I would fit into X categories (94ish mph 7i Swing Speed). Next up, I play with the regular Multi-Compound grips (But I do like the feel of +4's). My irons are old Mizuno MP-58's. (.13 Offset in 7i) Fitters and Golf Nerds alike, thank you for your time! -DJ
  11. Hi guys, are there any counter balanced hybrid shafts about? Im looking to keep my hybrid the same length but knock a few sw points off. Currently at d5. Thanks in advance ?
  12. When looking back in the last 5-10 years, it goes without saying that the orange light saber is popular on tour. Guys have used the Graphite design Tour AD DI for years and seems to still have an extremely loyal fan base. Looking through what seems to have just as much buzz recently is the Ventus lineup. I currently have a Ventus black in my driver and cannot say I would even be interested in trying other shafts at the moment because I love it so much. Take that devout following of equipment and mix it with on of the the most finicky clubs in the bag, the 3 wood, and I feel like decisions can become very personal. I wanted to ask if there are any out there with experience with either of these shafts in the 3 wood and ask... is there a winner? Curious what other have felt have been the top 3 wood shafts aside from these 2. Some guys like to tinker and swap clubs in and out but the 3 wood has to be one of the hardest in the bag to replace. Whats the go to shaft for everyone out there?
  13. I bought a set of used 2016 Taylormade M2's with REAX 65 Graphite shafts on ebay last summer and found that the shafts have been shortened by about an inch and a half on each club (likely to accommodate a shorter-statured or younger player). This equates to about two clubs difference in length or more. My local pro told me if I add a shaft extender, I would lose some stress/flex of the shaft. Re-shafting is not in budget; I don't want to invest that much in a 2016 set of irons. My question is: Is stressing the shaft more important in the swing than the length of the shaft itself? Meaning, if i add the extenders I will gain the length (and the accompanying additional club head speed due to is length), but lose the benefits of the flex. What's your advice? Here's a comparison to a standard 5 iron:
  14. I found only the black one with yellow character spec, so wondering are they the same shaft?
  15. Hoping somebody may be able to offer me their experiences of a comparison between these two shafts? Searched and found plenty of talk about the Tensei pro but not the 'non-pro' version. I currently flip between playing an original Diamana Whiteboard 73X and a Kuro Kage Silver TiNi DC 70X but I'm not 100% happy with either ....(ever the club ho). The Whiteboard is great when swinging well, but abit too much when not quite on it, whilst the Kuro Kage gives me abit more launch and is great when it's still but as soon as the wind gets up it seems to spin abit too much and gets knocked out of the air by the wind. I was interested in the Tensei White 70X as it follows the whiteboard low/low launch but has more torque and supposedly a smoother feel which would hopefully give me abit more feel and forgiveness than my 73X whiteboard? Other option I thought was maybe a W Series 70X if I can find one cheap? Have hit a Tensei AV Blue 75X in my 3 wood (tipped 0.5") and like it but think it'll spin and balloon too much in my driver. Can anybody offer me any info? Cheers
  16. Hey guys - i hope I can leverage your collective experience to answer some of my questions. I have a RBZ Stage 2 Tour 3 Wood 15* and 3 Hybrid 18.5* both with the same Fujikura Motore Speeder Tour Spec shafts (red). The hybrid has a cracked face and so I figure I would upgrade my fairway wood at the same time. **Questions** 1. Can I swap out the shafts (remove the tip since M4 models don't offer adjustability) and put them into Taylormade M4 Fairway and Hybrid heads? I think both models were .370 bore with the tip in RBZ Stage 2 and .370 no adapter tip in M4? 2. Would I lose about an inch without the adapter present? Thanks in advance
  17. Hi all. I currently play an old Speeder 757 Tour Spec S-Flex shaft, as pictured. I still absolutely love this shaft in my driver. My question is, what is most comparable to it today, or that I could purchase in the last few years, not only for driver replacement, but also 3 wood, and 3/4 hybrid shaft options. Not looking to replace the driver anytime soon, but if I had to. Also, if anyone knows the specs on this shaft, would be great to know for comparison down the road. Appreciate the help.
  18. Hi all I spotted a few previous threads around this but couldn’t find a definitive answer so apologies for asking again. I have a set of XR Irons and managed to snap the shaft of my 5 iron over the weekend ?. The shafts are TrueTemper XP 95 Regular but after looking to purchase a replacement it seems there are two different shaft tip sizes. Can anyone tell me which tip size is needed? Also, I have seen some shafts for sale without a designated iron number and some with. Am I right in assuming that one advertised as a #5 would be pre cut to the standard length for a 5 iron? Would there be any difference in buying an untrimmed one and then trimming it down to the right length? Thanks all
  19. Please do buy with confidence as I did have a high feedback rating under the old system. Pictures are the indicator of condition, and I try to show anything that could be of concern to the buyer. I’d rather you be in the know than get a surprise. PayPal only please. I ship USPS priority as soon as I can, usually next business day to ship. I ship to CONUS only. Shipping up north has gotten completely out of control for cost, so I regret that it won’t be happening. Add $10 west of the Mississippi as USPS gets their cut. I’m not impatient, but I do try to communicate adequately and timely for us both to know what is happening. Comms by PM please. If you think a price is too high or too low, let me know and we can try to work it out. Package deals appreciated. I am, as always, negotiable within reason. Cannot hold gear, so first to PayPal acquires the item. Due to circumstance, no trades at this time...I am trying to fund a purchase. On to the goods: 1. Accra FX2.0 300H M5...Ping G410H adapter installed...length per pic, plays barely over stock length for a 2H. Nothing wrong with this beauty. Fabulous feeling and performing hybrid shaft. **$150 OBRO** 2. Accra FX 300H M4...Ping G410H adapter installed...length per pic, plays about stock length for a 3H. Can't find a thing wrong with this one. Really a great feeling and performing hybrid shaft. **$150 OBRO** 3. Project X Evenflow Black 85g 6.5...Ping G410 adapter installed...length per pic, built to play stock length for 3W. Again, just about perfect shape. **$125 OBRO**
  20. I've got the G400 LST driver with a Kuro Kage XD TX. I love the shaft and thought I'd love it in my 3-wood. Turns out, I don't. It's a fairly stout low-launching, lower spinning shaft. It's just too much for me, I guess, to get any kind of consistent performance out of it. The G400 fairways are supposed to be extremely easy to hit but with this shaft, it's not. It's a liability right now and I'm looking for something to replace it. Who's got a G400 fairway and what shaft are you using? Preferably something that won't break the bank but I'll likely be selling my XD soon, so I'll have a little to spend on the replacement.
  21. so i got fujikura speeder evolution V 661 and 757 in stiff flex that i just purchased used with a sticker that claims to be pured. i bring them over to the golf pro shop and to get a reshaft so i can test these new shafts out on a epic flash fairway and a rogue heavenwood. When i pick them up i go straight to the driving range and noticed something odd about them. I normally dont have any issues hitting the ball off the deck with either club. but when i swung i was just missing the ball completely like not even touching it, so then i realized that when i swing the club it had this interesting tendancy to just pop up or when i swung it wouldnt get close to the floor as if it was only meant for a certain swing plane. is this normal for the these shafts? or is it because of improper installation? or is it just me? or maybe the pureing is off? or maybe these shafts are fake ones? i dont know what it is. but i i normally play a speeder evolution II 661 for my driver and it has never felt like this before.
  22. 3-PW pulls from ping 210 irons that played 1/2 inch longer than standard length for Ping. 6 iron measures 36 3/4 inches without a grip, if that means anything to you. No grips, will remove grip tape before shipping. Asking $125 shipped.
  23. Hi - First post here despite being a regular lurker for information. Hopefully you guys can help with what might be a simple question if anyone has been through a similar decision before. I am inches away from pulling the trigger on a set of Sub70 699 irons but need to decide on shaft. For background I am based in the UK so cant use their demo program and a bit too polite to waste time at a shop fitter. I'm a 15hcp (hopefully going down), currently play Wilson D7's with KBS Tour 105 stiff shafts, i'm hitting a 7 iron about 160-165yrds with a swing speed of 85-88mph. i'm 6'4" so need longer custom clubs (+1.5" in the WIlson, 2" in Sub70). I find the the Tour 105s are a nice weight but definitely find shorter irons go very high (partly my height, partly my swing but must also be club/shaft too). I'll probably choose the KBS Tour in the Sub70s (due to the import tax jacking up the prices on custom options), but wondered should I go regular flex to match the WEIGHT of the 105s (both 110g, 2.5 torque in 105 vs 2 in Tour) or match the FLEX and stay in stiff and therefore how would this feel (110g vs 120g)? TIA
  24. Got a Ping g410+ this summer and have really liked the forgiveness, but the ball flight is fairly spinny and I seem to be losing yards from my previous driver. I'm looking to experiment around during silly season with a couple shafts to try and knock the spin down and possibly help with strike location (clubhead feels like it lags open if I take an aggressive pass and I end up making contact high on the face, and/or toe). Any recommendations? Been thinking about picking up a Kuro Kage XT, DCXT, or XD to try but not really sure where to begin.
  25. I just came from a fitting at Club Champion where this shaft showed the best results of the several we tried. When I told the fitter I had never heard of it, he told me, "It's a new shaft for them." Ok, good enough, of course it came out to be one of the premium higher cost shafts ($90 installed) So last night I wanted to research this shaft and find out some things about it. Lo and Behold, what comes up, this thread https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1009613/ns-pro750gh-wrap-tech/p1 from 2014!! WTF...How is 5 years considered a new shaft...ha Then the more I read, it appears this shaft has been "replaced" by the Zelos 7 and 8 shaft, basically fitting the same profile of golfer but just newer technology etc. So, this really made me question the fitting, I can't really dispute the numbers were better than some others we tried, Atmos and SteelFiber among them. But it really through his credibility into doubt for me. So I guess I'm asking, why would a PGA Professional, Master Fitter not know something like that, or worse yet try to deceive me into thinking it's a new model. Also from what I read the Zelos is not only newer, but less expensive and basically performs the same. Thoughts?
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