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Found 23 results

  1. Hey Guys, hope this Covid-19 thing is going well for you all, and if not im sorry....lets just enjoy golf! Anyway, I havnt heard much about these irons and when I found them on OfferUp for $175 I pounced on then right away. Does anyone Know more about these irons? Or have any information? The specs I have(ill upload on here for everyone?) I just want to know the marketing that went behind this club and what other information about the club there is ( what went behind the forging techniques and etc). thanks for reading and happy golfing!
  2. While the PGA tour coverage is on rain delay I figured I might as well clean my clubs before tomorrows competition, and while cleaning the clubs I figured I should problably snap some photos and create a WITB while the sticks are clean. So here's my WITB. most specs should be in my signature, but feel free to ask if you wondering about anything! Threw in some pics of my soon completed recreational set and some putters as well. Enjoy!
  3. Hi Everyone, For next years golf season I'm looking to get rid of my 2016 Callaway Apex pro's. I've hit the Srixon Z 785's and they were BUTTER! Wanted to get some feedback on irons to get i'm looking at the Srixon's, Mizuno's and Bridgestone's. Also I'm looking for extra stiff shafts with really good feed back.
  4. Srixon Z545 iron set for sale. Used but not abused. Pics tell the story. Had them up for sale but took them down with the intention of gaming them... then I got another set of irons so these are back up for sale. -Standard L/L/L -True Temper Speedstep Stiff shafts -Golfpride Velvet grips Price: $290 shipped OBRO
  5. Have a UST mamiya attas coool 6s w/ Callaway tip. Used in my epic flash sparingly 44.5" grip to tip. 160$ Srixon z785 4-pw w/ tour elevate regular shafts. 112g shaft and they have been pured. 525$ Callaway razr muscle back irons 4-pw w/nippon modus 120 regular shafts. Was experimenting. SOLD Tried updating and can't get that top pic rearranged. Anyhow, that pic and the last pic are the faces of the Callaway razr's....
  6. I was looking for any tips of advice for getting a combo set together. I'm looking to add 7-PW blades to my Srixon Z765 that I have now. What do I need to look into in order to not have large gaps for yardages in my bag. What would be a good option as far as blades go? Any feedback would be great!
  7. Srixon lefty set of 565 irons 4-PW like new standard loft , lie and length. With Modus Tour 120 stiff shafts and golf pride tour velvet midsize grips. $450 shipped
  8. Guest

    Srixon Z785 Irons

    Thoughts on the Srixon Z785 Irons? Awesome looking clubs, but how do they compare to Mizuno and also the Callaway Apex MBs
  9. I've been playing Pro V1 and got two dozen Z-Star for Father's Day (they had a two for one special). I absolutely LOVE the Z-Star. It feels softer of the club than the ProV1 and even feels better on the putter. BUT, My drives seem to be 10-15 yards shorter. Can this be for real? Both balls have similar construction. Anyone else notice this? TIA. Bob in New Hampshire, GHIN=8.0, swing speed with drive = around 95
  10. Was doing some sleuthing to see if there was more information out there beyond the approved list USGA news from last week. Came across a link on the Srixon site that I hadn't yet seen posted anywhere else, so figured i'd share here for folks who are interested. Hard to say definitively, but looks like a slightly thinner v sole, removed the black from the cavity, and added a splash of red to the badging at the toe. Looks really nice. Wish I knew when they were going to be released; getting fit for 585/785 combo set this week but might hold off... Curious to hear what others think of the looks. I know the first impression was sort of mixed.
  11. I recently got a set of z785s 4-PW and love them. Yet I struggle w hitting the 4 iron. I have thought about adding the z585 in both 4 and 5 just to make them a little easier. Was wondering what are your experience using combo sets. How much you guys liked them. Also how closely did you match up the lofts. Combo sets seem like a great idea, maybe even a bit underutilized, but wanna make sure it is worth my money (poor college student here).
  12. I just saw that Srixon is selling their golf balls this week two doz for the price of one in honor of Father's Day.
  13. Hey WRX'ers. Hopeful for a trade here - I have a Srixon Z785 4 Iron in excellent condition. I'd love to trade it for a Srixon Z585 4 Iron in similar condition with a similar shaft. Since price is required let's go $130 to buy outright. Over 140 positive feedback on the old site. Thanks as always. Please PM with inquiries. 1. Srixon Z785 4 Iron. Excellent condition, as seen in photos. KBS C-Taper Lite 115X shaft with Lamkin regular crossline. Playing length is 39.5 in. $130/Trade for Z585 4 Iron.
  14. Can anyone compare these 2? Looks, feel, offset, etc? I'm looking at these as I can get them for cheap. I'm leaning towards the cobra because i can get x7 for shafts through cobra. Thoughts, and thanks in advance!! Hope all is well.
  15. I saw another thread on this topic, but would someone mind sharing this process? Not familiar with reshafting. Replacing stock shaft with a Aldila Tour Green X stiff hybrid shaft. Tip diameter is .370 Do I have to sand down the shaft at the tip to make it .365? Also, how in the world do I remove the adapter from the club and shaft and make the new shaft compatible? Again, I don't have experience in this field so don't roast me for asking this lol
  16. Srixon Z 585 9.5* Driver Club Head Only. Excellent condition with next to no wear and I have the brand new, matching red Srixon headcover. Asking $150 shipped
  17. Excellent condition, no scuffs, scrapes or dings. Was told it was hotmelted neutral but never weighed it. Great feel with this combo! Shaft and grip set to -1* setting. Never bothered to get a wrench since they’re different than most. Grip is standard, headcover included. PayPal only, shipping included CONUS only. Thanks!
  18. Looking for a maintenance tip to replace the screw in my Srixon765 driver head. The head torques on and off the head fine but when attached there is a gap between the shaft and the top of the hosel. I talked to Srixon/Cleveland and they suggested replacing the washer set (which I have) BUT I can’t get the screw removed from the driver head…just spins. I’m pretty sure it’s not threaded but is it as simple as just ‘popping’ the screw out with some force from the down side? (hammer and punch?) Or is there a special tool I need to remove this screw? This seems like an easy fix...I just don’t want to wreck a great driver. Thanks for the assistance!
  19. For sale/trade is a Taylormade Juno Black Copper Putter - Same one Tiger went to for awhile before switching back to his Scotty - Standard Loft and lie - 34 inch with SuperStroke Grip - hasn't seen a round of golf or been used outside. W/matching headcover. Sell it for $200 but I would prefer to trade it for a TM Spider X w/single bend. Also for sale are two dozen Brand new Srixon Z Star XV Golf Balls- never been out of the box - They have the XL-Align in red on them. I'll throw in a sleeve of the Z star as well, never been used either - 50 bucks ![](https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/editor/mx/u32ztz4o05ou.jpeg ""
  20. Decided on an iron fitting out of curiosity. Had the 745's in the bag for a few seasons and was curious about the new options out there. Was originally thinking something like Apex Pro would be a good choice due to tech, but walked out with Z-forged. Just wanted to let folks know that for a blade these things are really not that punishing. Apex Pro was nice, but I had a couple of unexplainable 10 yard jumpers in the fitting that both myself and my fitter were worried about, and I wasn't prioritizing length anyway. Nothing else with a cavity was any better than the 745's (tried TM760, Apex Pro, AP2, 785's, MP-18 MMC). The blades were all stunning (tried Blueprint, Apex MB, MP-18) but super unforgiving. Z-forged was different. Very similar distance and forgiveness to 745's, slightly better spin, launch and land angles, great feel. Very consistent and tighter dispersion. I also very much like the less pronounced V-sole. I don't like that on tight lies the 745's look like you might blade it at address. But to be honest the gains were fairly marginal, and I'd happily game the 745's (Just shows what a good club it is), but the Z-forged are so shiny and new and beautiful. I don't really worry about long iron performance as I switch to hybrid at 4 anyways. Played a quick 9 with them and was loving the ability to control flight high/low with the short irons. If the 5 and 6 irons start to feel like too much, I'll replace with 785's at some point in the future, as they seem to blend very easily. Still in the honeymoon period, but I think Srixon have a winner on their hands with the Z-forged.
  21. I go back and forth between wanting to play a combo sets and full set of irons. I have had a combo set of CB/blades from KZG, and perhaps my favorite combo set, the J33 combos. A couple of years ago I went from a 3-PW set of Mizuno MPH5s to a combo Srixon 765/565 . Really like the Srixon's but developed elbow problems and went away from steel shafts, and ended up with a full set of i200s, and went with Recoil F5 110s. I did not get along with the Pings, and after some rehab, I thought my elbow was better, tried a set of Rouge Pros with Tour Vs, but ended up with sore elbows again and finally gave up on steel for good. Found a great set of 945s 4-PW last year cheap, had them reshafted with Recoil Proto F5 95s, and they do feel great. Have played well with them at times, but I miss some of the forgiveness of a players cavity in the mid and long irons. I'm thinking of putting the Srixon U85 4 iron in the bag, getting a 5 and maybe also a 6 iron in the 585, and then some 785s in maybe 6-7 and 8 iron, and then keeping the 9-PW in my current 945s in the bag. I could also go for 785s from 5-6-7, maybe keep the 8-PW in the 945s, or some other similar combo. I would put Recoil 95 F5s in anything new, I think this would work. Anybody mix up the bag that much between models?
  22. $275 Shipped Trade interests: Vokeys, Diamana Blue profile shafts, Cameron putters 4 - PW You see the PW is ported. I had this set MOI matched with 3/8" differences in length. PW was very heavy and had to take some weight out.
  23. Selling my backup set of Srixon Z765 4-PW irons with Modus 120x shafts, standard l/l/l. Brand new Tour Velvet 360* grips that have not been used. The clubs are in very good shape, probably have 10 rounds total on them. $425 shipped.
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